As I lay on the ground in pain and sadness I her flaps of giant wings coming closer but I don't move for I don't care. The flapping gets closer until I hear something big land on the ground a ways away. I can hear and feel the massive foot steps as the giant creature approaches yet I don't care for I can't move and keep staring at the blue sky. "I'm surprised he let you live boy." A deep voice that shook the earth said towards me. I do not answer for I am to weak. "You know it's very rude to not even talk to your own father." The voice says. "Some father." I mumble even though it hurts to even to whisper.

The creature decides to look down at me so our eyes meet. What I see in his dragon face and eyes is anger. "Do you not think I wish I was here to stop him from killing the person I loved most." The Dragon yelled at me. I try to look away but I grunt in pain from turning. I then say "then where were you." "Off fighting a war to keep you and your mother safe." "Well fantastic job doing that." I said Sarcastically after he gave his reason. We just stare at eachother after that for a couple minutes.

The dragon sighs and then picks me up with his claws as I grind my teeth in pain from him moving me. He then takes off into the sky leaving the destroyed house that used to be my home. "Where are you taking me?" I say to my father. He replies back in saying "I am taking you with me into the mountains to train you of course." "Why in the hell?" I say. "Don't you want to avenge the ones that you have lost?" He says to me while flying towards some far away mountains. "No." I say weakly. "And why would that be?" "What does revenge does it bring back those that you have lost no what does it do, nothing." I tell him right as I fall into unconsciousness.

When I awake Ian laying on a blanket in a cave with a Dark Green fire near by. I can tell it's dark outside so I have probably been asleep for awhile. "So you're finally awake." I turn my head to see my dad laying down in the cave near by. "How long have I been asleep?" I ask him. "Five days." He says to me. Five days I think to myself well that's the longest I have ever slept before. "You should be fully healed from your near death experience." I look up and close my eyes thinking about what to do now he said he was going to train me. why? I decide to ask. "Why did you say you are going to train me." I say as I get into a sitting position and look up at him he looks at me and sighs. "Because I can no longer protect you so I am going to teach you how to teach yourself." I stare at him for a while longer before getting on my feet and start walking towards the cave entrance. "So let's get started then." I say as I look back at him he smiles and gets up and follows me out and takes the lead and says. "Follow me." Looking ahead.

I follow walking at his side for about 10 minutes we come to what looks like a open area next to the side of a cliff with a view of other mountains which was just a beautiful image to behold even at night with the moon out. "This will be where we will train." He said snapping me out of looking at the mountains. "So what are you going to train me to do?" I ask him as he walks a little away then faces me and says. "To teach you magic." "What type of magic is that?" I say as I raise my eyebrow at him.

"Hive Dragon Slayer Magic." He says in delit. Then I ask "what's that?" "It's a magic that only can be taught to humans buy a dragon or having a dragon lacrima put in your body, it will give you the power to take on the aspects of a dragon and because you are part dragon you will be more powerful than most humans that are taught this magic." "Also Hive Dragons use Dark Green fire which causes an effect on anything it touches, this effect is that it will destroy the object entirely turning it to dust that's why they they call this magic the flames of death or decay." He explains to me. I nod in understanding then say to him that I am ready to learn. He smiles and says. "Good know eat this dead human corpse."

As he throws the dead body of a girl on the ground in front of me. I look at the body then to my Father and back again then say. "Thirst off where did you get a body and why do you want me to eat it?" He just grins like a dick and says. "I got the body a little while before you woke up from a nearby town and you need to eat it because it's how you are going to get magic energy." "Ok but why does it have to be a girl?" I say to the dragon who is still grinning like an idiot. "Well to answer that question it's because female flesh tastes better than male flesh."

He answers with a hint of pervertedness i just stare at him before saying. "This is going to rub off onto me isn't it?" I say to him as he starts laughing. "Probably." He respondes still laughing like a bitch. I just sigh and get on my knees and look at the dead body of the girl. I decide just to do as he says and starts eating it. After tasting the flesh and blood in my mouth I look up at my dad with a confused face covered in the girl's blood. "Why does it taste so good?" I ask him he replies by saying "it's the dragon in you my boy."

He tells me still smiling that smile that's starting to annoy me so I glare at him before going back to finish eating the corpse. After i'm done eating I get up and wipe the blood from by face and lick my hands clean feeling energised and ready for action. I turn to the dragon who has been waiting patiently. After looking me up and down then looking at my eyes for a moment he smiles satisfied and stands up. "Why were you looking at my eyes?" I asked. He answers by saying. "Look for yourself." He then holds up his hand and makes a mirror. As I look at my eyes I notice they aren't blue anymore there dark green with slits as pupils just like my dads. "Dragon eyes?" I say in curiosity my father just nods his head in yes. He then dissipates the mirror.

"Now it's time to show you the Hive Dragon Roar." He says to me. "Watch closely now." As he starts collecting magic in his mouth he cocks his head back breathing in before yelling. "Hive Dragon Roar." Once he says those words a dark green magic circle appears in front of his mouth as flames the same color shootout hitting the center of a mountain and exploding leaving a giant ass crater where the mountain used to be. "Wow that was incredible." I yelled in aw at the power my father has. "Now it's your turn my son." He said with a big smile on his face. "Ok I'll do my best, ready." I ask he nods and I get ready to use the spell. "Hive Dragons Roar." I yelled as the same magic circle and flames shoot out off my mouth towards another mountain. As the flames hit it makes a not as big explosion but still impressive. As the dust clears there's a big hole in the mountain.

"Looks like you blew up the front side of the mountain good job." He says smiling at me. "Thanks dad." I say a little out of breath. "Now we will stay here and you will practice that Roar for another five hours." He says to me with a grin. "Fine but when I am done I have done better than you." I say as I point at him he just laughs and says. "Like that will happen." "Watch me." I say grinning like a maniac as I get ready to blast the mountains again.

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