It's been two years since I went back to Fairy Tail and in that time I have gone on jobs with most of the members and learned their names and almost everyone in the guild are nice people. Except for Laxus but I just ignored him usually I forget he exists and when ever he announces something I always say "do I know you because you seem familiar" and usually that would tick him off but I would just phase away. Mystogan is weird because he always puts everyone to sleep when he comes to the guild to get a job and he smells familiar to but I can't remember why. Anyway right now I am in my mountain mine digging in that spot that keeps drawing me to it so I have been nonstop digging for two days straight. And while digging I have found a massive deposit of Hive stone in the direction that I am going so it has been progressive there's enough Hive stone here to last me another few hundred years. And it's been really quiet with those green creatures gone from Silas and Adam killing them all but whatever the guild is loud enough for me, my ears sometimes bleed whenever I am there.

But right now I am still digging with my Notch Pickaxe and hitting the wall in front of me with it when the Pickaxe gets stuck all the way in the wall. "Fuck." I then put both my feet on the wall and start pulling on it with all my strength. "Man that things stuck in there." I say as I pull harder until it comes loose and I land on the back of my head. "Damn that hurt." I rub the back of my head as I get up and see that a purple light is shining through the hole as I run up and put my eye in front of the hole only to take it out again. "Fuck blind in one eye." I hold a hand up to my eye as I grab some Hive stone on the ground and take a bite out of it as my eye regenerates so I can see again. "What's behind this wall, well only one way to find out." I go to swing at the wall but an explosion goes off behind me as I turn and start running towards it leaving my Pickaxe as I undo the seal and fade into the shadows. As I near I see a dark guild has infiltrated my mine so I sneak closer. "Look men we found it the mine of the gods now go and find every mineral here." "Yes sir." Two go into a separate tunnel I follow and devoured them as they scream in pain. "Um sir I heard a rumor that a dragon of death lives here." "What type of bullcrap is that they probably saw a skeleton or something."

I crept closer while upside down on the ceiling right above the leader and dropped down as I landed on the leader as I started eating and tearing him apart as his men could just watch in horror. As I finished I slowly stand up from the bloody corpse on the ground as they all look at me in shock as blood drips all over me, I then pull my scythe out of my cloak and with one movement cut all of there heads off. With them all dead I close up the way they got in and start eating the body's, after I have picked the bones clean I collect them all up and put them with the rest as I go to blow that wall open. When I get there I put my right hand against the wall as it starts turning to dust from my touch until the walls gone and in the room that I opened up are millions and millions of gems, stones, and crystals covering the walls and ceiling. But in the center are two spikes coming from the ceiling and floor as they meet in the air and in between the spikes is a glowing purple crystal. "The hell is that I've never seen it before." I say out loud as Nokris replies. 'That there is a Void Crystal there extremely rare and powerful but for it to be calling you can only mean one thing.' I walk forward towards the crystal that looks like it could pull you into it and be lost forever in the void. "What do you mean?"

I hear Nokris ponder over something in my head for a bit before responding. 'It means there's a Void Dragon in Fiore and that you're destined to meet it so take the crystal.' I reach out and grab the crystal and the moment it's in my grasp a vision flashes through my head and in it I say a girl looking away from me with long beautiful sky blue hair that flapped in the wind, then it was gone and I was laying on the ground panting and as I look to my left hand the Void crystal is there in my grip. "Wha, who was that?" I say as I lay on the floor trying to figure out what I saw and who I saw, I then sit up and look at the crystal and it reflects my face in it but in it my eyes are blue. "What the?" My eyes haven't been blue in a long time not since I met Sky all those years ago. 'You ok?' "Ya, it's about time to head for the guild." So I get up with Pickaxe and Crystal in hand and head back towards the portal that no longer puts me thousands of feet in the air and now puts me right in front of the guild. So I equip my Ahamkara armor and three eyed helmet as I walk through the portal and come out in front of the guild but even before I opened the doors I new something was wrong.

When I went inside the air was heavy with everyone was either crying or had a sad expression on their faces as Mirajane was crying the most as Elfman sat right next to her looking grim. Both were heavily wounded with bandages on them I didn't see Lisanna though so I looked into Elfman's and Mirajane's memory's and what I saw shocked me I saw them going to a S-class quest with a town on fire and a big beast there destroying everything. I saw as they fought it and how Elfman tried to take it over with his magic but ending up being taken over by it. Mirajane tried to snap him out of it but just got hurt, then he hit Lisanna and her disappearing in Mira's arms 'could she have gone there, hmmmm, I'll have to check on that and I know she's not dead I am aware of everyone who dies here and there'. I walk up to Mira as she looks at me with tears in her eyes as I take my helmet of and look at her with a sad face. "It never gets better, but she would want you to move on but to always remember her." This brings more tears to her eyes as I walk over to Elfman and put a hand on his shoulder as he looks at me with pain and regret in his eyes and on his face. "It wasn't your fault, it never is anyone's fault." I then walk to the bar and sit down near master Makarov as we both sigh. "It never is easy dealing with the ones we have lost." I nod just nod my head as we sit in silence until the doors open as I turn to look it's Natsu, I new he and Lisanna were close as I remember the time he told me the time they hatched Happy his blue cat. I sigh again as I jump over the bar and find something to drink as I sit back down and start chugging it down.

A few hours later Natsu leaves to go somewhere after comforting everyone so I go to follow him as I put my helmet on. As I pass by Mira who's still got some tears in her eyes I drop a big bag of gems and jewels. "That should pay for the hospital and grave stone." I say as I walk past them following Natsu's sent as it leads me away from the guild, a few miles later I come to find him making a gravestone in front of a little grass hut in the middle of a field. I wait and watch until he's done making the gravestone as he then sits down and looks at it unmoving with a neutral expression on his face. I decide to walk up to him as he keeps staring at the gravestone. "First time someone close to you died?" He just lightly nods his head as I stay a few feet away from him. "Never is easy and the pain of knowing you could have done something never goes away and the pain of being right there and not being strong enough to do anything will tear you apart." My voice sad and low with a tear at my eye. "Who have you lost?" I remember all of my family and friends who died in front of me. "My mother, father, wife, and daughter, friends and family all gone." When I said wife and daughter he looked at me shocked. "You were married and had a daughter?" I nod my head silently as Natsu turns back to the Gravestone as I think of all the good times I had with Sky and Scarlet Rose.

Then another vision flashed before my eyes making me fall to one knee with a hand on my head as I saw the sky blue haired girl from before, but this time she turns to look at me and I can see her beautiful face with purple eyes that stare into your soul, she then smiles for some reason then it's gone and Natsu's looking at me as I get up. "You ok?" "Ya I am fine just some stuff going on." He doesn't press for information and goes back to looking at the Gravestone as I sigh. "I could train you." This makes him look at me wide eyed. "So no one you love will ever die again." He stands up and looks at me in the eyes as I look back at him. "Please teach and train me." I sense his determination as I walk up to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "I will." My voice full of compassion as I lift my other hand and he shakes it. "Thanks." He says as I smile and start walking away. "Your training shall begin tomorrow so go to sleep you'll need it." "You got it." Natsu says back to me as I walk away.

A couple hours later during the night I am walking around the place we're Lisanna disappeared from what I could see in Mira's memory. I soon find the place where she landed from being hit as I investigate the spot by sniffing and trying to sense anything to prove my theory. I then look straight up as my eyes can see the rift in space above this very spot as I look back down and close my eyes as I stand up and breath in and out. "Come on out already I know you're there." I hear footsteps approach then stop a little bit behind me. "So you knew I was there, and what do you know about that place." I turn around to see Mystogan wearing his mask as usual with those weird staffs on his back. "You mean Edolas I know of the place went there once, but you originally came from there and your of their royal blood." What I say surprises him as he take a step back. "How do you know that?" I smile behind my mask as I laugh a little. "I would recognize that smell anywhere, while in my short time there I gained the taste of the royal blood of Edolas, and we both know that Lisanna ain't dead but that she got sucked through that big hole in the sky." I say while pointing at the sky as Mystogan just nods, I sigh. "I ain't going to tell anyone about this so for know let's go our separate ways and deal with this problem at a later time because right now I have someone to break." I say with a hint of sadism which makes Mystogan shiver a bit. "See you later." He nods as my wings for on my back and I launch into the air as I circle around before flying to where Natsu lives as I think of all the ways I can break him 'thanks dad for such hardcore training that I can know use on someone'.

Soon I land in front of Natsu's door as I open it and walk in and look around trying to find him until I do. He's sleeping on his bed and I look at him with a evil glint in my eyes as I pick him up and slung him over my shoulder, and he doesn't even wake up as I walk out close the door. When outside I take to the air and measure the distance of seventy miles away from the guild as I land and drop the still sleeping Natsu and use my Arc magic to electrocute him awake as he jumps up looking around until his gaze lands on me. "Where the hell are we and how did we get here?" I just smirk at his confusion. "Right now we are seventh miles away from the guild and I flew us here, but that's not important what's important is that your training has began, you will run all the way back to the guild before the sun comes up or…" "Or what?" I grin as I think of what to do to him if he doesn't make it. "I will let Erza punish you in anyway she deems fit." I say with a wicked smile on my face. "And I'll help her." And with that out and in the air Natsu turns pale as a ghost. "And you might want to hurry the timer has already started." Right after I say that he takes of like a rocket in the direction of the guild as I laugh evilly with my hand in a fist and my pinky finger at the side of my mouth.

When I am done laughing I take out my timer and look at it. "Looks like I should go wait for him." So I sprout my wings and take to the air and fly at light speed to the guild and I'm there in a second as I land in front of the guild and turn to the direction Natsu will be coming from and I wait. And to my surprise a few minutes later he comes running straight towards the guild faster then when he took off but it kind of looks like he can't stop so when he gets close enough I stick my foot out and trip him. "What th-. AHHHH. BOOOOM!" When I tripped him he went flying through the guild doors breaking them down. I calmly go inside and walk past Natsu without even looking at him as I jump over the bar and find a bottle of alcohol then jump back over the bar. I start walking towards Natsu's unconscious body while chugging the bottle and by the time I am standing over Natsu I had already drank the whole bottle. I look at Natsu as I kneel down and then I smash the bottle over his head causing him to wake up and jump up. "Did I make it?" He asks worriedly as I look at him and blink a couple times before answering. "Ya you made it back with a lot of time to spare." This cause him to sigh as he relaxed from hearing the news that me and Erza won't beat the crap out of him, but I grin before saying. "Don't relax yet your training is far from over, so come on."

I grab him by the collar and drag him out of the guild but leaving a note saying we're sorry that Natsu broke the doors. Then we head to a big open field where I sit down in the middle. "Ok Natsu now onto your next step of training you have to dodge all my attacks and if you get hit we will start over until you can dodge all my attacks without getting hit." "Um ok I am ready." He says as he gets into a fighting stance as I grin. "You sure that you're ready?" He just nods as I snap my finger then a lightning bolt shoots out of nowhere and hits Natsu which makes him stumble a little before shaking his head and glaring at me. "The hell was that!?" He yells at me in anger as I just hold up my hand shrugging. "You said you were read, now dodge!" As I snap my fingers again as another lightning bolt goes to hit Natsu but he's able to dodge. I start snapping both fingers as more and more lightning start falling from the sky aimed at Natsu. He's able to dodge a great deal before getting hit, then we start again, and again, and again, until he's finally able to dodge all my attacks. "Well done it seems you are improving." I say while clapping and walking to the sweaty and panting form which is Natsu. "Here eat this." I hand him a Fire stone and he eats it without complaint as he then sits up with surprise in his face. "Wow I feel like I could do all that again what was that you gave me?"

I smile. "It was a Fire stone imagine an entire inferno packed into a object the size of your hand." This causes his eyes to sparkle in amazement. "That's awesome!" I laugh a little from his enthusiasm. "Now you shall fight a two Hive Knights." He gets confused on what a Hive Knight is. "A what?" I just shake my head. "Let me show you." Then I summon the door to the Hive Overworld, as it opens to two three eyed Hive Knights one with a sword and the other with a Boomer cannon. "Whaaaa!?" Natsu says in his confusion as the Hive Knights come to stand in front of me facing Natsu. "Ok Natsu you have to fight and defeat these two then your training is over for the day." I grin wickedly as Natsu gains a serious face I then snap my fingers and the Hive Knight with the sword dashes forward with its sword pulled back aiming to cut Natsu's top of but Natsu jumps over the blade as he punches the Knight in the face. "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu manages to knock the Knight back and goes to hit it again but stops and jumps back right before being shot by the Boomer Knight as were it shot leaves a small crater. "Woah." Natsu whispers in amazement. "Keep your head in the game!" I shout as the sword Knight tries to chop Natsu's head off but he ducks in time. "Literally!" I shout again as the sword Knight keeps swinging at Natsu as he gets a few scratches from close swings.

Natsu then punches the Knight in the stomach before kicking it away and then jumping to the side and dodging the shots from the Boomer Knight. "Fire Dragon's Roar!" Natsu fires his breath attack at the Boomer Knight effectively knocking it over as he's forced to dodge again from sword swings before jumping back and jumping in the air and bringing his heel down on the Knight's head. "Fire Dragon's Talon!" He is able to smash the knights head into the ground knocking it out he then turns to the Boomer Knight as its starting to get up. He launches forward dodging shots from the Boomer as he gets closer and on instinct bursts into flames with wings and a tail of fire and summons a flaming sword. "Fire Dragons Dawnblade Slash!" He swings the sword slashing through the Boomer Knight as it explodes behind him as the fire and sword disappears and he falls to one knee panting from using so much magic energy. "Woah what did I do?" "You grew stronger Natsu." He looked at me as I came up to him. "You have unlocked Dragon Blade ability were you summon a sword to cut down your enemy's."

Natsu looked excited about this new ability as I give him another Fire stone while we're walking back to Fairy Tail. When we got there I forgot we broke the doors to the guild as when we walk in Makarov walks up to us with angry more than present on his face as he's holding the note I wrote behind his back. "Which one of you two broke the doors?" I point at Natsu the second after he asked us and Natsu took offense to that. "What do you mean it's my fault you tripped me!" Natsu yelled at me. "Actually if I didn't trip you you would have caused more damage than when I tripped you so it's your fault, sucker." I say the last part in a whisper but Natsu catches it and blows his top. "You bastard I'll kill yo-!" Natsu was about to attack me but Erza hit him on the head with a deadly aura around her and she some what knocked him out. "Natsu you will pay for the doors and that's final!" "Yes ma'am." He says still a little knocked out as Erza turns to me. "Why was Natsu running at the guild so fast that he couldn't stop?" I just shrug and walk towards the bar. "Beets me." I say with a wicked grin hidden behind my helmet 'oh I am going to have so much fun here' I think in my head as I get a bottle of alcohol and started chugging.