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12 hour before dinner started *

beatrice was get ready for dinner with hero when her son Benjamin come in and is half naked.

"darling do you mind getting undressed in the bathroom instead of here that is very inappropriate" beatrice said scolding her child in front of hero.

"I'm sorry mother next time I will cover up " Benjamin said trying to calm her mother down.

"So what did you want Benjamin?" hero said in her sweet voice like snow white.

"I want to take a shower before the dinner started " Benjamin said looking at his mother.

"Yeah but all the shower are taken just because men's have to take a shower there making two people per shower " beatrice said getting all red and mad .

"While the bad thing is the only person that doesn't has another person with them is don john?" hero said biting her lip just as she was saying his name.

"Alright , he might be fairly easy!" Benjamin said turning around and walking off to the showers.

then beatrice and hero stood there for a minute then closed the door and when back to what they were doing.

4:30 Benjamin got to the showers *

as Benjamin layer his clothes down on the sink and then throw his clothes down a garbage disposal he could feel the air hit his cock as he look up he saw don john with his hot hair and golden abs no wouldn't want to resist him. as I slow start stare at him he didn't smile but open the door for me then I got in and closed it . a few minutes when passed and there was still no talking intill don john spoke :

"So you a virgin?" Don john said walking closer to me and was smiling as he move his finger down my stomach.

"y-yess I'm a virgin " Benjamin said tensing up his body as Don john make it down to his hard cocks.

then don john pull me in for a wet kiss as I felt his grab my ass i tense up as he broke the kiss I felt his warm mouth hit my neck biting down on my sweet spot as he keep stroking my cock after he finish chew on my neck like a dog he then slip his hard cock into me and when in and out all I want to do was moan.

dinner time *

everyone is sitting down when they realize that beatrice and benedick son is not in here yet and neither is don john.

beatrice mind :what is going on in there.

back in the shower*

don john was still going in and out of Benjamin body when he started to moan a little.

"Don john!"Benjamin said moaning very loudly.

don john whispered into Benjamin ear : good boy that it say my name.

"Don john ... I'm going to cum" Benjamin said holding onto the wall.

they both cum and then they get out of the shower and put there clothes on then walk out of the bathroom together to the dinner room then before Benjamin could get into the door fast enough don john stop him and said:

"now your not a virgin anymore " Don john said grabbing his ass then walking into the kitchen.

Benjamin just blushes then go inside and everyone looking at him as he grab his plate and sat down then they all started holding hands and then leonato started to blessed us then we ate in silence for a couple of minutes then hero broke it and said:

"What took you so long in the shower "hero said eating her piece of bread and drinking her wine.

after hearing what she said don john then spit bread and it flow across the table. then Benjamin looking up and spoke:

" trying to get soap out of our hair" Benjamin said laying.

"Alright "hero continues eating her rice and drinking her wine.

then don Pedro look over then in his head he said to himself so no one could hear him:

don Pedro mind :likely story ?

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