While watching the 'Danny Phantom' I noticed something interesting about the ghost of the ghost zone so here I am going to tell what I believe is right.

Ghost are our History

It is a known fact that in the show of Danny Phantom there are many types of ghosts. But there are also many ghosts that look like monsters, so what if they were?


In the 'Danny Phantom' show there are many ghost that resemble monsters from stories, such as 'Wulf' resembling a Werewolf, or 'Desiree' as a Genie. This got me to think of something.

What if all monsters, legends, and 'god', were actually ghost?

It is no secret that 'Pandora' is a ghost and her box is a ghostly artifact. But if you look closely in the show there are specific characters that are ghost but look like monsters or supernatural beings. Here is a small list.

Ghost That look like Monsters or Supernatural Beings.



Clockwork-Father Time



Pariah Dark-Necromancer




And these are only the characters in the show. There are many background characters and ghost that resemble monsters.


In the episode 'Box up Fury' Danny goes to see Pandora at her realm. When he gets there Danny encounters many ghost that are from Greek legend, such as Medusa, a Cyclops, a Centaur, Cerberus, and even Unicorns.


All this proves is that ghost from the Ghost Zone have had a hand in making history in the 'Danny Phantom' world, from posing as gods to being terrifying monsters.

But this is not all bad as Ghost may have had a hand in making the cutler in the 'Danny Phantom' world.

Another example is Hotep-Ra, a ghost mummy who was the assistant to a actual pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

So to conclude, most, if not all, legends of supernatural beings are actually ghost from the Ghost Zone and helped make history in the 'Danny Phantom' show.

Sorry there is so little on this chapter, but there was not a lot on this subject.

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