"Howdy! You have fallen down, haven't you?" a familiar voice said. "Here get up. What is your name?" My name? What is MY name? Why am I here? Why can't I see anything. "... huh. That's a nice name. My name is..." His voice was fading until it was not heard again. How did I know that he was a boy? Do I know him? Now I'm stuck in this cold and dark place alone.

"Please don't go!" I shouted. To my surprise, it was just a dream. I woken up in a bed of golden flowers that I find familiar. "Where am I?" The room was dark. The only light was coming from a hole on the ceiling. It was illuminating the golden flowers that I was on. It's light gave the flowers a more beautiful and vibrant appearance. It was warm to the eyes.

"Is anyone here? Please answer me." I was scared. I am only a child. Any child would be afraid to be alone in a dark room.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Thankfully somebody answered. It's voice sounds like it came from a child. It approached me. As the light illuminated it. It was an another human being. It was a child.

"Who are you?" the child cheerfully asked. "Who am I, I-I-I... I don't know." What is this kid doing here? Where am I? "My name is Frisk." the child said cheerfully. "Did your parents said not to go near strangers?" I asked curiously. "No" This child is interesting.

The child seem to be a boy based on it's clothes. But Frisk's hairstyle looks like it was for a girl. More specifically, Frisk's hairstyle looked like Dora's. "What is your gender?" I can't seem to identify Frisk's gender. "I don't know. My parents never told me about my gender." Did their parents even cared for them? I would just refer them to 'they'. "How old are you?" I instead asked. "I also don't know. I don't even know my birthday. My parents never celebrated my birthday. I don't even know if they love me." How cruel. Why would any parent do that.

As they approached closer, I noticed they were filled with bruises. Frisk started crying. It looks like they were abused by their parents, or they just... I don't know. "Please stop crying. I was just asking." I started comforting the child but it didn't work!

Until an idea swirled in my mind!"Umm... Let's play a game then!" "My parents never gave me the time to play. They just..." Frisk started to cry again. "Um... Let's play hide and seek!" I was worried. This child has a lot of issues. Luckily the child didn't cry anymore. "OK." "Well then! I will start counting!" Frisk started running. "One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Ready or not here I come!" I can't find them. Where could they be? As I searched the room, I found a doorway.

"Found you!" Frisk ran again giggling. "Gotcha!" As I tried to touch them, my hand just phased through. "W-w-wait. what just happened?" Frisk looked at me, worried. Not for their sake, but for mine. I could feel it.

I must find more about my past. What have happened, who am I, where am I, and why am I here, will be answered. If I just...

This journey could be a great adventure or the worst time of our lives. Who knows what dangers lurks in the shadows. Who knows what treasures and memories this journey will hold. A new adventure will start. A tale of a great hero or a tale of a genocidal maniac.

Author's Note: Here it is. The first chapter of my very first story. Please read and review. Tell me what's wrong because I'm a bit new at writing stories. Thank you!