"Hey Frisk. What are you doing?" Frisk was leaning on the pillar looking at their cellphone. "I am waiting for Toriel." Frisk answered but is still looking at their cellphone. "I mean why are you looking at your cellphone?" "I am waiting for Toriel to call." Frisk is still looking at their cellphone! Frisk is looking tired. This day has just too many things to be done. "Why don't you just rest. Take a nap." "Okay. Maybe I'll take a nap. Can you look for the cellphone for me?" Frisk was already yawning. Frisk is really tired huh. "Okay. Just for you Frisk." Frisk gave me their cellphone but just phased through. Because of tiredness, Frisk didn't even notice. I'll just look for it. Frisk comfortably leaned on the pillar and took a nap.

Minutes later, Toriel started to call but I can't answer it. Frisk is deep asleep! Luckily, Toriel didn't notice that there was no one talking on the phone. Toriel just said random sentences that is nothing important. More minutes later, Toriel stopped calling. Later, Toriel called but I just hear snores. Is Toriel sleeping? Toriel called again and I hear her calling for a dog. Why is she doing this? The phone rang again and as it turned on, I hear more snores. Nah. I'll just take a nap.

"Hey Frisk. We should get going now." Frisk woke up. Their eyes was still tired. Maybe the nap is not enough? "Huh? What?" Frisk looked around, confused. "I said we should be going now!" "But Toriel said that we must wait here and yeah, what did Toriel say on the phone?" Oh yeah. The phone. "Hey Frisk. Check the phone 'cause I can't check it 'cause I'm a 'ghost'. Am I really a ghost?." "But you did hear what Toriel said in the phone right?" Frisk looked at the phone. It was just okay. After they dropped it, it seems okay. Huh. That's a very sturdy phone. "I was just random chit chat. (Chuckle) And I heard some snoring." "What? Well looks like Toriel seems to leave the phone all over the place." "And Frisk. What should we do?" "Just wait here." Well. Looks like another hour to be wasted.

"Friiiiisk. I'm bored. Oh yeah! We should play a game." I suggested. Looks like Frisk has fallen asleep again. "(Groan) This is so boring! Why should we wait here. Oh yeah! Frisk is another person. I can leave on my own." There was suddenly a pang of guilt in my heart. Who would look for Frisk. Umm... I'll just stray a little bit.

"The ruins is big! And surprisingly clean and still sturdy for a ruin." The other room was filled with red leaves. It filled me with determination. There was another room on the north of this room. "I wonder what's in it." There was a bowl of candy in the middle of the room. There was a sign beside it. "Take one. Don't mind if I do!" I tried to take a candy. My hand phased through. "Oh yeah. I forgot."

I came back to the other room and started to wander some more. As I walked a bit farther, I suddenly stopped. It's like there was an invisible rope tied on my back. "What? What happened?" I was suddenly pulled by a mysterious force. I was pulled towards Frisk.

What was that? Why can't I go far. Why was I pulled towards Frisk? Do we have any connection? If there are, what could it be?

(A/N: Sorry for the late update. I was having some writing issues and I forgot the flow of story on the ruins part. For everyone that is reading my story, thanks for the support. Bye!)