So I was studying for my exams when this idea popped into my head just begging to be written... it's extremely dark. And i should probably warn you all. This Harry is... about as dark as I'm comfortable with going.

Trigger Warnings for highly graphic Blood Rituals, for Love Potions and Imperious on women. (Not by Harry)

And of course for murder, torture and general de-stressing during study time. xD

Bashing... eh... everyone? I think the only people not getting the aurors back hand in this story are those part of the pairing. Oh... and Luna. Cause Luna.

I know full well Hermione would never leave him like that, i love the girl. I do. But i needed something to pull Harry's trigger. She was readily available. Please don't cruzify me.

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The Darkest Day

Harry Potter stared at his so called male best friend who had just now thrown the Horcrux to the ground in anger. Ron looked at Hermione Granger holding out his hand for her to join him.

"Are you coming or what?" He asked expectantly.

Unknown to most everyone not only on the British islands but also around the world. A ripple of choice drew it's path through magic. There were only a handful of chosen few with the ability of True Sight. All tuned in on a single destiny that might just be able to shape the course of history. For better or worse.

All of them let out a collective gasp as the tale and destiny of one Harry James Potter turned in on itself. It was no longer the story of a savior.

Luna Lovegood suddenly fell to her knees on her way to her bed when she was overcome by grief. She could see it, the Harry she knew was about to die. "The black Raven is coming." Her voice echoed freezing everyone in the common room of Ravenclaw around her.

The Tent

As if he was in a trance he watched the girl... his best friend, for the first time ever. Choose Ron over him. She never had, never would. He'd been sure, had come to relay on it... trust in it. But Hermione reached out her hand slowly to Ron who was clearly eager to leave.

"You can't... leave me here." Harry breathed heavily. "You promised, you swore." It was starting to bubble then, all he had filed away, all he had locked deep inside for no one to ever find. The Rage, the hatred and jealously towards the people that had taken his life from him. Towards those who expected him to deal with this alone. The longing for things he'd never had. The fate of an entire country on the shoulders of a 17 year old boy who honestly couldn't care less.

His eyes flickered towards them both, pleading with them without a word spoken. Asking them to stay. He needed them, more than he'd perhaps ever told them. So he tried.

"I can't do this alone. Please... please..." His breathing was becoming more and more ragged as his hand shakily moved towards his inner right chest pocket. His sanctuary and sanity was hidden there.

"Ron is right Harry, we never knew enough to do this. There are other ways. We can petition the ICW." Her voice was barely more than a whisper. She was talking herself into it, why would they when they hadn't before?

"We're going to go away Harry. I suggest you hide somewhere. Maybe stay here. Some day, somehow this will end. Until then people just need to keep their heads down." He listened to Ron, he'd done this all for them. For that piece of shit Dumbledore who'd left him to be tortured year after year. Harry knew now he should have never stayed behind. He should have run with the rest. Ron was alright with people dying? Just stay down? That had worked so well with Ginny... or his father. Just stay fucking down indeed.

"I'm so sorry." Hermione said sadly. Harry reached out for her but she turned away, for a moment he wasn't sure what he would do if he actually managed. He could have just closed his hand around her neck and squeezed. That would have let the treacherous bitch know what he thought about her.

The monster in his chest that had opened it's eyes only once before when some peasant had kissed Ginny, was now awake well and good. Back then he was fiercely protective of the girl. More because she was part of his 'family' than anything else.

He managed to grab onto something, yanking it back. The chain broke while the girl screamed in surprise as the chain dug into her throat. Harry looked down at it, he remembered what it was and looked back to his two 'friends'. Ron was furious and cocked his fist back, his intention to punch Harry, clear for anyone with half a brain.

The chest pocket was forgotten and instead Harry went for his wand. A survival reflex... the boy was no Basilisk nor was he the Dark Lord. "Diffindo, Depulso." He intoned with a flick and poke of his wand slicing off the middle and ring fingers on Ron's right hand before blasting him out of the tent. The boy screamed from the pain as Hermione quickly hurried over to him trying to help.

"What have you done?" She asked in exasperation and shock. Harry simply looked to his hand and towards her again. Allowing the remains of the chain to dangle from his hand. What had he done? Not enough... not yet.

"You had this the entire time?" His voice was sharp and in cold contrast to what the previous book worm of Gryffindor was used to from him. She'd only heard this tone twice. Once addressed to Rufus Scrimgeour and once to them just after he'd been brought to Grimmauldplace for the first time just before fifth year. "You had this... and didn't think of mentioning that you still had a FUCKING TIME TURNER?!" The bright emerald colour of his eyes had now dimmed to a cold dark jade.

It was clear by now that both Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were terrified. This wasn't a temper tantrum. This was something more.

"Listen Harry, you just cut off Ron's fingers. I'm sure you didn't mean it, but we need to make sure to find them."

"Right." Harry said nodding his head retaining the cold tone of his voice. "2 fingers of a traitor. Coming right up. Accio Ron's fingers." They immediately snapped towards him and into his hand. Harry squatted down next to them opening his palm towards Hermione. When her hand was about to grab them Harry dropped them into the dirt and without a single word they caught fire and burned much more quickly than they should have, that... was the power of true intent. "Looks like you should have kept your head down." Harry hissed at them coldly.

"NOOOO!" Ron screamed looking at the remains of his fingers that now resembled two grilled sausages.

"Go, get out of here and never come looking for me. You better pray the next time we meet I feel merciful. I do not forget. I do not forgive." Hermione stood up Ron as he turned his back to them. Daring them to shoot a spell into his back. It never came. The bushy haired Hermione didn't ask for her time turner back. She didn't feel like asking anything of this Harry would be good for her health.

He heard the crack of their disapparition before finally reaching into the pocket and pulling out a small piece of parchment. It looked like an old grocery list until Harry carefully tapped it with his wand and declared: "I'm angry." It changed and soon revealed his life line. And the thing solely responsible for what Hermione called 'His saving people thing.'

A set of rules he had made himself to follow, a set of rules that went against his first instinct to dominate and assert strength, or self preservation. An abused young child, left to the cruel world around it. They were right, all of them. Dumbledore and the sheeple of the country. Tom and Harry had a lot in common. And just like Tom, Harry had found solace in magic. Only unlike Tom he'd played the fool sooner. He'd attempted to fit in instead of taking charge. That would change. He was not going to be a tool for lesser creatures for a moment longer.

Harry's Rules

-Keep your head down-

-Be obedient-

-Don't argue or fight-

-Be Friendly and help-

-Don't hurt or injure-

-Suck it up-


"Fuck the rules." He growled throwing it to the ground watching it catch fire with a spark of his eyes. He'd tried it their way and it wasn't working. 'Love' his rose coloured ass. Backstabbing trash, the lot of them. At least Slytherins were up front with their hatred. Unless of course they really wanted you dead in which case you'd notice a bit too late.

Now it was time for his way. Which was to kill every last of the fuckers against him and mount their heads on a spike. He knew enough dark curses to manage that much. But it was always good to know more and what better way to get started than Hogwarts. Maybe he'd even break reality while doing it.

Hogwarts Library

"Imperio." The womans eyes glassed over immediately. Harry simply didn't want to take any more time than strictly necessary. "Tell me where I can find your books on blood rituals, then forget about this conversation." Madam Pince gave a nod and moved forward into the forbidden section. She held out books and one after the other disappeared in mid air being grabbed by a couple of hands. Soon nearly the entire shelf was empty. It would just about do, to augment the books of Slytherin in the chamber.

Chamber of Secrets

"I'm back, old man." There was a long silence before a deeper voice came from the back of the great statue of Salazar Slytherin.

"What are you doing back here? I thought..." His voice was full of concern. The old potrait had wanted to teach his descendant so much but had always been rebuffed. He'd been sure that the next time he heard of Harry would be through the paintings in the Headmasters office discussing the boys death.

"You were right. I'm ready now." Harry had a plan, every hour he'd use the time turner to go back by five. Before the hour was done the newly bound elf Dobby would have found someone to render the Basilisk. During that Time Winky would also provide fresh robes and some food as Harry would take a bath in the pools filled with serpents. They would rip and tear at him in the beginning. Before finally realizing that their poisons had no effect on Harry as the Parselmagic protected him. He had not known this second year. Fighting the basilisk would have been much easier knowing he was immune to it's gaze.

Over the coming weeks Harry drank an assortment of snake venom, ate different organs from magical and non magical creatures in their rawest form throwing up numerous times in the process while sacrificing anything from foods, to magically imbued wood to creatures and blood.

Crabbe and Goyle senior were quite vocal about not wanting to die. Sadly as their blood ran it's course down along the side of their exposed naked bodies, a sight Harry didn't really enjoy all too much, their pleas for mercy and life were ignored.

Instead they found the so called savior stood inside a rune circle that powered up the more blood was spilled on it. "Wake the blood." Harry said chuckling as the red liquid steadily drew into his body. Magic flared around him as his body was suddenly covered in bright runes all making their way to his forehead. "Yes!" Harry breathed licking his lips in extreme arousal as the magic took hold. No wonder Tom couldn't stop. No wonder he took things farther and farther. This was the best thing he'd ever felt. Harry could feel himself getting stronger, he could taste the sweetness of magic in the air as if he'd just taken a bite out of the juiciest apple.

He needed another sacrifice he needed more of this, both for himself as well as for the staff he needed to create for himself. Staffs were much more powerful focii than wands. Also, if he was right and the feeling in his forehead just now was what he thought. Then he'd need a magical focus crystal. And creating one from naked magic would be fairly difficult.

Toad Home, 1 Month later

The fat little woman had grown somewhat since he'd last seen her. She didn't suspect anything, simply put the keyes to her home onto a bowl next to the door and went to search for her cats. Now Harry wasn't a total psycho. He released them as there would have been no point in slaughtering them.

"Ohhhh Dolores ~." He drawled from the corner of the room making her freeze.

"Potter?" She asked carefully reaching for her wand that quickly zoomed towards Harry with a flick of his own.

"I prefer Slytherin these days. And... well how do I put this delicately? I need your help." The woman laughed coldly as she regarded him with distaste and dare he assume, hatred.

"And what makes you think I would ever help a pitiful halfblood like you?" A savage smile spread across Harry's face before he threw a red looking curse from his wand that made all the muscles in her body suddenly spasm for a moment before she crumbled to the ground unmoving.

"And what makes you think I'm giving you a choice?"

"I'm a ministry employee Potter. I'll have your head for this." Harry laughed coldly as she noted the Emerald eyes having darkened. They seemed to have been lined with gold. He had dabbled in the darkest arts and changed his magic.

"Believe me, I'll have yours first." He flicked a knut at her and watched the Portkey take her away. "Look at that. Whoever said this transportation bullshit was hard?" He contemplated before he followed her apparating back directly into the Chamber.


"Do you like what I've done with the place? You know I thought it was creepy the first time around but to be honest... it's really starting to grow on me." Umbridge paled when she saw her two fellow Death Eaters Crabbe and Goyle with their throats slit hung up on the side of the wall. Most of their legs were gone, their arms too.

"The serpents here like fresh food. So I figured why not." Harry noted with a leisurely shrug while taking off his new Basilisk Hide robes. "Better than to let the meat rot, right?"

"Are you going to rape me?" The toad face woman asked with fear and maybe even a little hope in there.

"Please don't make me vomit. Let's be honest here, you're one fugly old bitch. I doubt there's anyone who can get it up seeing you. Oh no, I'll leave your body bound and draw your blood to use for the creation of two magical focus crystals." Tears now streamed from her face. If because she was ashamed or angry? Who knew. Her clothes quickly withered away as Harry took his time to arrange her how he needed her along the wet chamber ground.

The last thing Dolores Umbridge ever saw was a naked Harry Potter stepping over her as the magic around her activated. A spell slashed across her throat opening up a main arterie. And thus she bled out and quickly too. She didn't feel much pain at all even though Harry truly thought she deserved worse for what she had put him through. But this was payback enough. He'd use her magic to become more powerful. Stronger, faster. And in the end... he would use her magic to kill Tom Riddle. "Creare Vitam." He declared focussing his magic into not one but two points as Umbridge's magic joined his. The magic condensed more and more forming a natural organic dark Jade and a midnight blue crystal out of the purest violet magic. Putting the Jade Crystal to the side Harry took hold of the blue one with both hands and declared. "Parasitus Auferat."

He quickly fell to his knees now straddling the corpse of the old toad lady as a dark vapor was quickly drawn from his head with audible screaming. "I'M LORD VOLDEMORT! CEASE THIS AT ONCE!" The wraith demanded before he was quickly shut up and locked into the crystal.

"Hot damn. Oh this is new." He said taking a deep breath. Just after Harry had finished his body began exuding a clear and powerful magical aura. "Thanks deary." He patted the old womans cheek before getting to his feet and banishing her towards the others. A stasis charm later he put the cloak back on and walked past the statue into Slytherins study.

"Now absorb it back into you and with it, all it's remaining knowledge. There may not be much there... but it will give you an edge." Salazar told him from his portrait on the wall.

"You! How dare you betray your only blood!" Voldemorts voice echoed from it's crystal.

"Betray? Oh please, you were a promising student and heir once, now look at yourself. You could have had the world in your hands instead you destroyed yourself."

"Trai..." He didn't manage to say anymore as Harry quickly broke the focus crystal and absorbed it's magic back into him. The young man let out a long breath of relief before opening his eyes again. The gold lining had strengthened.

"Dobby, Winky. I have a task for you." He called watching them appear instantly.

"Yes, Master?" Winky asked dutifully.

"Yes, Lord Slytherin, Sir?" Harry allowed himself a quick laugh before hugging them both making them blush. They were probably the only two people he cared for then.

"I want to update my robes with some things Tom has done to his. I want the basilisk hide strengthened with Dragon Hide, woven with Unicorn hair and Acromantula silk." The looked at each other nodded and popped off without another word, so Harry turned to his ancestor. "Now... what the fuck is a Chaos Trial?" The old mans eyes narrowed in distrust. Tom had failed them, so naturally he feared Harry going down the same dark path. And yet... he was bound to answer any questions his descendants had.

"The Trials are... rituals. Some for the blood and body. Others for you mind, your magic. They change and strengthen you in frightening ways. But they are dangerous. Tom failed at completing all seven and was driven mad by them." Salazar explained.

The Lord Slytherin really didn't like the look on Harry's face. The determination to one up his predecessor was strong especially now that the world had proven that it wasn't worth all the effort he'd put in it previously. "Shall we see if I can do better? Maybe it's time I left you again. There's much to do."

"Take me with you. Shrink the painting if you must." Salazar pleaded not wanting to remain in the chamber for another 50 years. Especially not with the Death Eater corpses. To finish them he would need to travel, to travel he would need time...

Tonks family home, 24, December

Andromeda Tonks was humming happily preparing dinner and of course the Yule feast for the next day. Her husband might have been on the run but nobody had come knocking which meant the secret and thus it's keeper was well and alive. Her daughter while highly pregnant wasn't as hormonal as she'd feared which added to the christmas cheer. Andy remembered with a certain horror how she'd become a right bitch while pregnant with Nymphodora and had not looked forward to her daughter imitating her. Luckily her fears had been unfounded...

The woman never noticed the black cloak fluttering next to her window or the eerie violet glow of magic that accompanied it. A knock on the door however brought the woman to a sudden and complete dead hold. Everyone who was in on the secret was currently in the house. That was excluding her husband of course. The knocking happened again and at this time both Remus and Tonks came down and took out their wands. Ready to defend their home

"Whose there?"

"Father Christmas, and I bring happy tidings." Nyms eyes widened as she dashed for the door before coming to a sliding hold.

"What did I call you in your first year of school?" There was a sigh on the other side of the door before the deep voice answered:

"You called me squirt. I gave you permission and in turn called you Nymie." She pulled open the door and nearly jumped back.

The man who stood there was not the Harry she knew. This man was barefoot, although wore both dress pants and a nice white shirt. Over it, there was a black green shimmering cloak that seemed to be hanging leisurely from his back. His black hair was still as untidy as ever though seemed to have recently seen a good cutting. The scar was barely visible anymore. He looked so much older, 2 years? 3? It could have been more. But the most profound difference were the eyes. The bright warm Emeralds were gone and replaced by a dark Jade run through by strong gold lines. The most disturbing of the changes however, was a thin rim around his irises, violet in colour that seemed to be pulsing with her heart beat. The baby fat was gone, his facial features seemed sharp with strong high cheek bones.

"No hug? I'll be disappointed." He growled lowly as his eyes flickered towards both Andromeda and Lupin. Andy saw it immediately, she wasn't pureblood trained for nothing. He regarded her with distrust but Remus... it was pure undiluted hatred.

Tonks was careful with her belly when she hugged the younger boy... man affectionately. He squeezed her as tightly as he could, which she enjoyed. Harry had always been good for a hug. Sometimes he was the one needing one, sometimes she'd been. The only thing she regretted was that they'd lost contact after getting to know one another in first year.

"Hate the hair." She cringed at the accusation. She'd lost the brightness after she'd begun to see Remus. "We all need to grow up." Harry snorted without letting her go before bringing his lips closer to her right ear.

"You should know, that I'm profoundly sorry... for what you're about to learn." She had no time to contemplate this before he intoned: "Somnus."

Andromeda Tonks was about to rain a very special brand of 'Black' unholy vengeance down on the imposter her daughter had so very clearly, wrongly thought to be Harry Potter when her Husband suddenly moved past the man with a fire in his eyes she'd only seen once before when they had told her family she was going to marry him. The day they had confronted. Pointed his own wand and yelled: "Argentum Salvete!" Remus Lupin was quickly screaming from being impaled by a dozen magical silver arrows and was now lying on his back steadily twitching. Ted Tonks however was not done, straddled the man and began punching him.

"Ted?! TED!" Andy pulled him off of her daughters husband quickly. Not wanting to see him killed. The man looked at his wife before gathering her in his arms.

"Andy, this was Harry." Harry smiled while placing Tonks gently on the couch.


"Great man are forged in fire Mrs. Tonks. And I've walked it, bend it to my will. Harry James Potter was a mask I wore so people would not see what I really was... what I am."

"Which is?" The woman asked carefully.

"Throughout my young life, I've had precious few moments where I truly felt anything. Your daughter, can claim to be the cause of one such moment. Contrary to popular belief. It was not Hermione Granger that gave me my first hug. So you see, I am, and have always been. A monster at heart. Only this monster realized that it didn't want to be like the others. This monster decided to scare the other monsters. Like I said before, great man are forged in fire, lesser man have the privilege to light the flame. And that's exactly what the rest of the people on this planet are. What Dumbledore was. Lesser man, with only few exceptions." She didn't really understood so he went on. "I found your husband about a week ago in the forest of Dean. I was out for..." His face suddenly turned savage. "A night stroll. When I came across a group of campers. I glamoured myself up, and joined the group as another refugee. Your husband is very fond of his daughter and likes to tell stories. One of which was the change Nym went through while dating Remus. I revealed myself to him and here we are. Back for Christmas. Now... I suggest you administer flushing potions to your daughter while I'll attempt to remove the compulsion charms and the Imperius." Andy paled and looked down to Remus who was groaning in pain, bloody and barely moving.

"Who are you then? If not Harry Potter." His eyes narrowed at her.

"For you? I am Lord Black." A shiver ran down her spine, so she did. A flushing potion wouldn't do much. Her daughter would be up within the hour.

It was two hours later that saw Andromeda Tonks sob into the chest of her long time husband Ted as he held her comfortingly and tried to reassure her that they had been fooled by an excellent actor. "How did you know?" The elder woman asked Harry who'd been staring at Remus Lupin for nearly the entire time they'd had nailed him to the wall.

"A man who ignores the son of his so called best friends for 13 years, a man who then upon meeting that son doesn't tell him about his friendship with the boys parents, nor attempts to reconnect with the boy... a man like that. Is no man at all. Remus here likes to throw himself a pity party because of his illness. But there is one thing we all crave. A family... that special connection that makes life worth it. But more than a child, Remus wanted a woman. A mate. Young, healthy. Excuse the term... eager, to please." Both parents shivered at the magic rolling behind Lord Blacks eyes. "If there was a child, what would he care? Most Werewolves don't live to see 50 as the change takes more and more of a toll on their bodies. The great play... that was his refusal to date your daughter... was just that. A play, to really allow the compulsions and potions to work their cause. I've noted this last year when Nym stopped colouring her hair. When she became little more than a wallflower. I didn't see it then. But it was her health deteriorating over her inability to follow the calling of the potions and magic in her system."

"What are we going to do now? The baby..."

"I could kill it if you like." Harry offered. They looked at him, no this was truly not Harry. "It would cost your daughter the ability to ever conceive life again... but I could manage without killing her. Which is more than most healers can say." They know that he was right. Magical children couldn't be aborted. Their magic would lash out and kill not the one attempting the operation but also the mother. It had been done a handful of times during the last war, where so many young women had been raped by unnamed death eaters who knew how to cover their tracks, that it was only natural some of them wouldn't want to go through with it.

"The child is innocent." Andy argued but realized that if she were in her daughters shoe's she wasn't so sure she'd still find that argument as compelling as she did in this moment. For now they simply had to wait.

They did so... for nearly four more hours. Harry sighed finally and got up before walking over slowly to Nym. "She's waking up."

The young woman simply stared at him. "It's my fault." Harry gave her a nod.

"It is." He simply said nearly earning him a slap from the girls mother, Andromeda Tonks heard a rattling sound from underneath his robes but was stopped by none other than her husband, who simply shook his head towards his wife, his eyes projected understanding but also... a warning. Both of which the older woman understood. "The world is not kind, to anyone. And you should have known better than to trust a low life like Lupin. Constant Vigilance... remember?"

Tears streamed down her face while she gave Harry a nod of her head, acknowledging his statement. "I broke Moody's number 1 rule to reach retirement. I got sloopy, and didn't check my food and..." Harry sat with her as she closed her arms around him and sobbed into his front. Holding her as best he could. The first spark of any semblance of emotion flickering over his features as once more he looked to Remus Lupin.

"We'll leave Remus alive, you will have the kid, what happens to it after it's born... you can still decide. But for now... we'll chain little wolfy up and keep him warm. When you've had the child I'll use him and restore you to what you were before all this, and if you like. I'll make you a virgin too." She stopped to look up at him.

"You can't do that."

"I can do whatever the bloody fuck I want." He growled holding her tighter as they all felt a pulse of magic drive the point home. No one was ever again going to tell him what he could or couldn't do.

"Who are you?"

"I'm still trying to figure that out. After all this time where people kept asking me: Are you reeaaally Harry Potter? As if I was somehow retarded and didn't know, I got to admit I've come to hate the name. It just triggers me. So I've thought about changing it. I'm partial to Hadrian, just because I like the sound. Hadrian Slytherin Black. Or some such none sense. But you Nymie, you can still call me Harry." Dobby suddenly popped in.

"Dobby is sorry Master, but you is telling him to remind you, that you needs to be gone to see red menace, Sir." He smiled, which was disturbing to the Tonks family. The smile seemed to hold quite a bit of trust and emotion. Something that had been missing for nearly his entire stay at their home.

"Will you be here for Breakfast?" Tonks asked unwilling to let him go quite yet. He smelled nice and didn't feel to bad either to hold. She couldn't believe she'd been so stupid. Dodged all suitors, even remained a virgin till 24 and then she got herself fucking spelled... hitched to that piece of animal filth and to top it all off... he even managed to put a bun in her oven.

"Can I bring a guest?" He asked and before Andromeda could answer Nym did it for her.

"Whoever you like Harry."

"Someone to kill?" Ted cleared his throat but Tonks just repeated herself.

"Whoever you like Harry." He nodded and stepped back allowing tonks to untangle herself from him. He then turned to her mother who still seemed unsure if this change in him was good or bad. Granted she had no right to judge, having not sought out contact with him sooner. Knowing they were at least partially related. He was Nyms, third of fourth cousin or something.

"Very well then. You have my word. I'll be here for breakfast. Thank you for your hospitality Mrs. Tonks. I look forward to receiving it again." Without thinking Andy courtsied making her husband look at her with a raised questioning eyebrow. She blushed but added:

"Until tomorrow... Lord Black."

Shell Cottage

A fidelius could hold it's secret keeper in the house only when certain circumstances were met. These circumstances had only been found and researched in the last 10 or so years. The death of the Potter family was in fact the reason for this research. It was actually really simple. Key the ward itself to a Fidelius ward stone, while keeping the secret itself inside a human 'host'. The only problem and reason for not everyone doing this, was simply that the charm required some amount of skill in charms and more than a little power. Neither of which many people had.

In this case... of course, that wasn't the case. Fleur Delacour was both very gifted with charms work as well as magically powerful as was evident by her having been chosen to be a champion during the tournament.

Harry knew where the house was supposed to be, so it took some tracking and spell casting to locate it and nearly 5 hours to make a hole big enough for him to slip through. The Fidelius wasn't unbreakable, no charm was. But there were few powerful and knowledgeable enough to disassemble it. And the time investment needed was too much for a random target.

He looked at William Weasley's and Fleurs home and found it simply... lacking. Where as the Tonks home was much like what a normal Muggle house would look like, with quite a few kitchen and general electric appliances, Shell Cottage, while neat looking from the outside lacked... charm.

He moved forward, this wasn't going to be quite as easy he thought. There were wards around the home. William was after all a curse breaker and the eldest Weasley really wasn't bad at what he did either.

After dodging a couple of Runic mines he then disarmed no less than 3 withering curses along the path to the door. It was locked of course and immune to the simpler spells like Alohomora which really wasn't a surprise, and truly he wouldn't even have wanted to knock. A long deep breath left Harry as from top to bottom he seemed to simply be taken away be the light breeze of the night.

Ribbons of magical energy drew through the cracks underneath the door and within moments rebuild his body. After straightening out his robes he moved further inside and soon found Fleur in the kitchen. She moved sluggishly. Clearly she was still half asleep and just getting something to drink as the see through black lace nightdress hung tightly to her curves. William was a lucky guy... or at least he had been. His luck was about to run out.

Involuntarily he licked his lips. She was beautiful. Everyone knew it and all who'd met her had told her. The reason he was here was simple. He... Harry Potter, had been damseled by the attractive french witch in fourth year when some of the Durmstrang students had decided to repay him for 'cheating' his way into the tournament. Not wanting to break his rules, and wanting to keep the peace he would have allowed them to attack and even seriously injure him. It didn't happen... because Fleur came gliding along raining hellfire down upon them. Or really in her case Veela fire but close enough.

"I slayed a hundred year old Basilisk." Harry whispered right next to her ear, causing the young woman to drop the juice package she'd been holding. Magic quickly caught it as Harry motioned it back towards the 'fridge' or at least it's rune equivalent.

"Harry..." She breathed turning around immediately. Before he knew what was happening she stepped forward and was pressing herself against his front. Lips softly placed on his. Fleur moaned contently as she swiftly stroked her arms from his chest over his shoulder, thus removing his cloak.

They'd never been in a romantic relationship. Mainly because Harry had no idea how to talk to the opposite sex and Fleur was a few years older than him. This however, even if it might have been unknown to both, was something that had often happened in one way or another in their dreams.

It was only a moment later that she had jumped him and had locked her legs around him, it wasn't hard for Harry to turn and place her on the kitchen counter as she made them grind together.

She looked up at him as he gently stroked his hand along her cheek. They locked eyes for a moment. And it was that moment that the spell of William took hold and her eyes became glassy. She was about to scream bloody murder when he intoned: "Legilimens."

The weight of his will easily brushed past her own measly Occlumens protections easily while quickly finding the compulsions for interest, arousal and others too numerous to count whenever she saw him. Veela were extremely strong willed creatures, they had to be. Meaning these spells were cleverly woven together and more intricate than anything William himself could have done. Oh no, this... so Harry knew. Smelled rancid and unmistakably of Dumbledore.

Only a few minutes went past as Fleur Weasley finally came to her senses. She hated this damn country. The cold, the rain and the food. She hated the fact that these people thought the dark ages had style. She hated... "Bill!" She hissed her silvery eyes suddenly turning to a blazing red.

There was nothing on the planet that could have kept her from morphing into her Veela form in that moment, such was the rage and betrayal she felt.

"Fleur, listen to me." She pulled her hand away.

"LET ME GO! I'LL KILL HIM!" The woman yelled as she made her way forward, the entire kitchen rattling and shaking of the magic she was now blasting out in anger. Harry's hand quickly closed around her wrist. Luckily he'd thought of setting up a silence ward when he got inside.

"No, you'll listen." He said slowly, but clearly. Fleur was in pain... that was how tight the grip was. But the pain was good in that moment. It made her focus on something other than Bill fucking Weasley.

"He's up there... tight asleep. Having no idea you know anything. So let's think about this for a moment." She was shaking in anger but the intensity of Harry's eyes made her relent so instead of away she stepped back into his chest. Her now feathery wings joining her arms in hugging the boy in front of her. Letting out a sigh the young wizard hugged her back.

"You were a virgin when you married?" Fleur couldn't help the tears. For Veela more than any other girl or creature on the planet. The first time of sex was sacred.

"Yes! Of course!" She told him offended he would even think otherwise.

"Good, you will be again." He said in a tone that immediately convinced her. All of her magic was on the fritz right now because of her highly emotional state. So she knew he wasn't lying.

"How?" She asked unsurely.

"A blood ritual with a living human sacrifice can restore most injuries of a human body. So guess what... dear William will have to survive just a little while longer. I have an acquaintance who might just enjoy the cutting up of someone doing this." Fleur shivered, those rituals were highly... highly illegal. Not just in britain but most of the magical world.

"You would do that for me?" His eyes turned much warmer as he looked her up and down and kissed the side of her beak.

"That and more."

"Why?" She asked honestly curious, having truly no idea what she could have done for him to deserve this.

"Because I owe you. Because you helped me out when little Harry hadn't grown up quite yet. I want a family Fleur. I thought the Weasley's were it. I was so much in denial I let shit like Remus Lupin ignoring me for the entirety of my formative years go, without so much as a comment, in an attempt not to loose him. But now... now I've grown up. And I realise I can choose my family and those I care for." It was easy to tell that he counted her among his 'family.'

She'd been interested in him fourth year but then, he was just too young. She would have been too much for him to handle. Then there was of course the fact that back then it seemed like he was about to ask out Hermione Granger. Fleur briefly wondered where they were, wisely decided however that this was neither the time nor place for that talk.

"I'll go get him." He smiled at her as her features returned to the beautiful girl Harry well knew she was. She made no attempt to close her night gown and cut him off from the clear view he now had of her naked perfectly rounded breasts. "You can just sit somewhere." She added swaying her hips as she left.

"Fleur?" Harry called after her making her turn around returning his smile.


"We need him alive." She nodded while the smile crumbled from her face and was replaced by a sad little sigh. She didn't understand yet, so he told her again. "Alive, Fleur. Not healthy." Her eyes narrowed at him just before she flew into his arms once more kissing him for all she was worth.

Harry wouldn't lie, he was enjoying it immensely. Her body felt nothing short of amazing against him and the fact the she had always been the smartest girl he knew... perhaps excluding Granger, was an added bonus and just made her more attractive to him. "I love you Harry. Thank you. For helping me, for letting me get out some of my... feelings. You've been part of my family ever since you saved Gaby. And once this business with William is over. How about you are the next one to take away the magic of my first time?" There was a warmth there as she asked. A warmth in his chest that the serpentine Monster next to it quickly coiled around protectively.

"We can talk about all that once we have you away from this house. Get William, be thorough, he is a trained Gringotts Curse Breaker after all."

An eagles cry echoed the house as screaming followed instantly, a pillar of fire incinerated the entirety of the second floor and punched a hole right through the ground into the kitchen where Harry quickly side stepped it. Bill looked looked up at his wife floating down and the man who greeted her, catching her with his oustretched arms. The eldest Weasley tried to struggle but found himself being bound by charmed chains.

"Hello~ William." Harry drawled smiling coldly, not the one he'd just given Fleur. Something more feral or perhaps it would be more accurate to call it: lethal. The small part of Williams brain that was left over from humanity's time in the wild told him to run. As fast and far as he possibly could. Only now... it was already too late.

"Where do we go?" Fleur asked him now dressed in loose fitting jeans and a pullover.

"The Tonks home." The french witches eyes widened before tears left her eyes again, instantly understanding what he was telling her. Harry gave her a quick comforting squeeze before adding: "I'm afraid so."

They apparated directly into the Fidelius Wards and were greeted at the door by Andromeda Tonks who with a single look between Harry and Fleur seemed to grasp what was going on. Especially as they were still dragging William Weasley behind them. Fleur looked back at Harry as he stepped back from them. "What are you doing?"

"The Night is still young." He pulled a long necklace from his shirt and untangled it. "And I intend to make good use of it. I promised... and I keep my promises. So I will see you at breakfast." He then spun the time turner and they watched as he disappeared.