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History of Magic

They had thought it a bad practical joke. The Prime Minister and the Queen herself had allowed the past few days to pass without a sliver of worry, unprepared for anything that was to come, advised by those knowing about the magical world that 'it' simply didn't have the resources to come and mount a half decent attack, never mind conquer them.

Now... days later, after these small creatures, the advisors had called Nifflers, had laid waste to military outposts, planes, tanks and armories. They had finally found their way into the power grid. By the hour more homes lost their connection to electricity. Parliament itself seemed strangely untouched, politicians inside learned why that was only a few hours earlier. They had received video footage, of what seemed like a battle right out of some fantasy movie. With communications all but gone down as well it was less about fighting, than perhaps reasoning with this King.

"Fortify the Parlament!" A voice yelled from the back. Patrick himself was long past drinking coffee, after getting that video he'd needed something a bit stronger. It was then that the lights suddenly flickered eerily and at last, they too had gone dark. Followed by the vicious blowing of a Goblin war horn only moments later. A sound all of them could have done without learning about for the rest of their lifes.

"It's a bit late... for fortification." No more yelling, no more sound whatsoever. Instead they all just stared at ribbons of violet lights gathering to form a man. A man they now knew, to be the King of Ravenwood. "Didn't you people get my message? I thought I was being quite clear. No white flag, no army to fight. How am I supposed to conquer your ass?"


"Trickster!" Voices sounded making Harry laugh a booming laugh.

"Oh that's your problem? You don't believe I'm doing all those things? The videos not enough for you? Well let me educate you then my friends, in the immortal words of Darth Vader:" He brought both of his hands up and squeezed them the same way he had done in the movies. The incantation suffoca was wordless and within the blink of an eye people were ringing for breath and slowly dying. "I find your lack of faith, disturbing." Out of nowhere, the sound of a gunshot was heard resounding throughout the room. And while people stopped suffocating, others cheered at their brilliance, who would have thought it would be as easy as leaving a soldier hidden in their room...

They were allowed to relax and think that for just about 3 seconds... until they realized that the bullet had stopped in mid air, about a foot away from the back of Harry's head.

"There's a ward for that. Well... there's a ward for just about anything actually. But you get the point. I believe it's exact name... is Kinetic Nullifaction Ward, usually used by curse breakers to stop arrows or other sharp things from impaling them. Not that that's important." He explained leisurely before he reached back and pushed the bullet forward, towards the temple of the soldier who had fired his gun. Hadrian then weaved his hands, creating a small fog of violet around the man. It didn't take long for him to suddenly scream as the likeness of a hanged man burned itself into the side of his head. "Every time you cause harm to another living being again... the bullet will inch closer, it'll drill it's way right through your head." Without another word, the soldier dropped his handgun and fled the high Parliament room.

After swiping his right hand through his hair Harry stepped up to the window to look outside. "I like giving people choices... so you get two and they are these: One, you tell the brave souls outside, to open fire." He turned back towards them, having a sad look in his eyes. "Which means we'll slaughter them down to the last man, woman or child. Or two... you unconditionally surrender to the Empire of Ravenwood. I'll give you a further hour to decide. If there's not been any word by then, I'll occupy Parliament and see to it that you're all publicly executed before declaring you conquered." And with that, wind blew across him and drew his magic out of the window towards his waiting army.

"Caesar?" Ragnok asked eagerly.

"Peace, my friend. The mundanes didn't think we'd really be coming." Harry explained conjuring a chair for himself followed by the laughter of his men and women.

"Then they are fools." The old Goblin declared.

"We've always known that much." Donovitch agreed laughing heartily.

"I would prefer if they just acknowledged their failure to uphold existing treaty and surrender. It would spare us a lot of bloodshed." Oberon noted being the least blood thirsty of the nation leaders.

"Tell them then." Harry said ignoring Ragnok's snort.

"May I?" Oberon asked surprised, mercy had not been something advocated by his new King until now.

"They are not Death Eaters, Oathbreakers yes, but they are not... monsters. And looking at them... I think they're sufficiently intimidated by Jaloch and the 3 siblings." He meant of course the Dragon and the Basilisks.

Within the next hour, the forces of Ravenwood helped evacuate the immediate surrounding area while Oberons voice echoed towards the soldiers. Most of them abandoned their posts, left their weapons and went to their families. Granted, the dragon threateningly spewing fire into the air helped with the convincing.

As more and more of the soldiers left, Irish Parliament realised that they had already lost. Dublin fell at exactly 11:45, on the 27th of April, 1998. It was exactly 15 minutes before the time limit when a white flag was flown on the highest point of the Parliament building.

And it was exactly 30 seconds later, that saw two overconfident irish soldiers, start up a helicopter. And hold down a minigun into the Ravenwood ranks. Needless to stay that in the time it took them to start the engine, rise and aim, the ranks were closed and shields were high.

It was Ragnok himself that broke formation and allowed himself to be flung upwards by Jericho. Two goblin daggers sank into the front glass quickly, terrifying the pilot, as the creature hung from the glass.

"Hey boy. Get down!"

"Fuck you Monster!" The old Goblin laughed.

"I've been called worse, now... down!" Ragnok snarled swinging off to the left and disappearing. The daggers easily cut through the closed left side entrance to the flying machine. It took barely 10 seconds until the pilot heard a scream, and pleads for mercy from behind him before the shooter quickly made his way for concrete, shortly going splat on the ground.

"I feel about 40 years younger!" Ragnok laughed happily as his dagger pierced the seat from back to front. Causing a yelp of pain from the human. "I know there will be more of you. There are always more of you. But we'll show them what happens to those that would try to ruin our peace. In this moment however, I can only feel pity for you... sadly you won't be around to see what we'll build." He then slid the pilots throat and jumped out towards his brethren on the ground while the Helicopter itself was caught in mid air by Harry, before being shrunk and dropped to the ground like it was little more than a toy.

Somewhere in the back of Ravenwoods army, a voice cried out: "Speropacem!" Colouring the Parliament building in a violet light from the Chaos sigil now hanging over their heads. This battle was already done and a force big enough to occupy the Capital would be left behind.

It was decided that Oberon would arrive at London half a day early, to make his speech for them to retreat... some did. Others did not. That having been said, no one could ever accuse Harry of not giving them a fair chance to run for it.

The Battle of London

29th, April 1998 Time: Exactly Noon

South London

London was all but evacuated. Quite the feat for a city that big. They had mounted anything even remotely resembling a gun on roof tops and walls. The entire thing was fortified to the last home.

"And it still won't be enough." Harry growled raising his staff high.

"TAKE IT!" He ordered at last.

Helmet's snapped shut as the Goblin Warg riders charged first towards the city's borders, they snarled and growled and soon enough the first shots were fired.

Lead hammered down to their left and right as bullets simply bounced off the Goblin steel armor.

"Be safe, shortie." Dora teased before a crack sounded and she disappeared taking a group of two dozen Ravenwood wizards with her. She couldn't wait for him to answer, nor would he have wanted her to. It would have sounded too much like saying goodbye.

"You're up next." He told the light haired Centaur next to him and the woman on top.

"Victory to you, Harry Potter."

"Aperi Porta! Behind the enemy lines Firenze, old friend. Be careful Fleur." She just smiled while the portal magic took effect, and they stepped through, followed by a couple dozen of Firenzes brothers and sisters. "Good luck."

Canon shells impacted close by, throwing half a dozen Goblin riders of their mounts.

"Just the blast!" They yelled making sure no one was hurt, helping up their brothers.

"ARCANE VITAE! Rise warriors of rock and stone, to do your Masters bidding!" The Earth itself rose and marched just before Harry himself bend over to change into his Animagus form. The King Lion. Creature of the sky, creature of Lightning. He barrelled forward and with him his remaining forces.

"Scale the buildings! Bring everything down around them!" He commanded as thunder roared above their heads.

West London

"They're here! Donovitch, get up there!" Erica commanded as the Dwarf simply smiled savagely before swinging himself onto his Griffon and riding straight for the Helicopters rising from inside the City.

"LET'S GO!" He yelled being followed by a hundred of his kind, while another hundred Nymphs and Elves rode Pegasi into battle. Erica watched them before she closed her eyes.

"Harry..." She whispered feeling the back of her neck burn up. A deep rolling growl escaped her throat as she bend and grew. The sound of metal hitting metal, bullet upon bullet hailing down on the oncoming forces. The Griffons hit cried high pitched screams of pain before immediately descending to the offending enemy trench.

Donovitch threw his mighty hammer denting and forcing one of the Mundane flying machines to go down. "AIM TRUE!" He yelled to his men. As he watched 4 fairies drag one of the pilots right of his seat as he struggled desperately to get out of their grasp, they granted his wish dropping him to his death without mercy.

East London

"Holy shit!" One of the soldiers yelled spitting blood as he was suddenly impaled by a Centaurs speer. He barely saw the woman slip from the creatures back getting to work drawing something on the ground.

"You cannot stop this." The horse said terrifying them further.

"You're gonna die!" Another brought his assault rifle to bear, only to be violently tackled to the ground and trampled into goo by hooves.

"Move together!" Firenze ordered. "Keep up your shields, protect yourselfes from their bullets. That was exactly the moment the Centaur next to him exploded from the rocket of a fired Rocket launcher. Now showered in the remains of one of his own, Firenze allowed himself a feral snarl and charged forward.

"The rune ward is set!" Fleur yelled. "Everyone stand aside!"

"Activate it!" Firenze urged using the soldier in front of him as a club to crush another. And with that another hundred Centaurs appeared around the street. Many of them were from China, some from Japan. There weren't many colonies anymore. Which was why they were here. A deal for space and peace without having to fear Mundanes finding them. Together they pushed onwards for the Palace of Westminster to see to the surrender or execution of Tony Blair. The Mundane Prime Minister.

North London

An entire barricade simply exploded allowing the waiting wizarding forces to apparate inside without any problem. Assisted by a number of Goblins and Nymphs they pushed forward.

"Push south! Towards the Palace!" They did push, and were soon met by a dozen tanks, all shooting at once. Before anyone could do anything, both Goblins and Nymphs had jumped forward. Taking the shell to shield and body. The latter actually vanishing the shells.

"Bludrock!" Tonks yelled fearing for the Goblins life.

"I'm fine, lass. Just a little flesh wound." The warrior told her as the wizards swung and twirled their wands, transfiguring the tanks easily into large Lions that went on viciously attacking their drivers who were then ripped limb from limb in a shower of blood.

"All together!" Dora yelled point her wand to the enemy line. The wizards joined her and intoned: "Obsidio!" The siege spells left only rubble and gore in their wake.

Meanwhile all along the Themse panicked screams and yells for help could be heard as the entirety of Ravenwoods serpents including three fully grown Basilisk moved out of the water. Two Dragons roared, one was Jaloch. The other was Erica Zabini, Harry's chaos magic turning her wyvern Animagus into a full grown Horntail. With the two of them they began the assault on Buckingham Palace. The place however, while fortified. Was basically empty.

"ORDERS SIR?" The soldier yelled as the massive black Lion flipped over another tank. "SIR!"

"CHARGE!" Ragnok snarled, holding on tight to his white Warg. The ground trembled and shook at the thunderous Goblin Legions, both those riding on the backs of their wolf creatures and those on foot.

Tony was sure of one thing, they had gravely underestimated what these people were capable off. He'd often joked with others 'in the know' about how easy it would likely be to bring the magical community to heel. They had been terribly wrong. So very, very wrong.

Half a dozen lights shot off from the wooden sticks wielded by the men and women around, they impacted on the side of the buildings wall, ripping into it and creating large gaping holes in what would soon be the ruin of the Palace of Westminster. There was only one thing to do and god help him, even Hitler hadn't managed to bring them to their knees like they were now. But if he and his men were to survive, there was no choice. So Tony grabbed the Megaphone in his hand tighter and did the only thing that might safe lives, he loudly declared: "WE SURRENDER!"

The Lion came running up and crashed through the window before changing back into a man. Guards were there, aiming there little pistols. "If I have to take them from you... you die." Harry threatened quickly. And with that the guns were dropped and people were going down on their knees. "It really didn't need to come to this, you know. You broke our treaties. Laughed at us when we asked for help against a dangerous mad man. Why? Because you thought you could. You are just lucky I don't feel particularly vengeful today. Because magical Britain... my dear Tony, didn't sign the Geneva Convention."

"Caesar!" A bloodied Goblin yelled looking around at the kneeling humans. It made him smile. Truly it did.

"Gryphook. How goes the day?"

"Lady Erica has sent word. The Palace is empty. It's assumed the Mundane Queen has hidden herself inside London Tower." He explained making Hadrian sigh heavily. He really hadn't started this to lay waste to half of London. Alas... if that was what it took.

"Good, make sure they are all on their way to Ravenwood and put them on a ship to the mainland." Seeing the expressions of some of them he added. "Don't worry, I don't have prison camps, although for some of you maybe I should build some...? No though. I'm going to send you away, no money no anything. Those still alive, wizards and mundanes alike, that fought against me and mine. Are no longer welcome on 'my' Islands." He was about to move back out onto the Battlefield when he decided to give away a little secret: "Oh and Tony... just in case you were wondering why you weren't getting any support from your fighter jets, or more specifically whatever happened to your Aircraft Carriers. I sank most of them last night." The man just hung his head in defeat as he was led away... Hadrian couldn't even blame the guy. It's not every day you loose your capital. He then faded away, apparating towards the Tower of London and the last Mundane Bastion in the city.

The Tower

"Mr. Potter." Harry smiled down at the smaller man.

"Filius. What do we have?"

"Some very desperate Muggle soldiers. We've set up smaller and bigger wards. Their rockets are now being redirected and their bullets don't reach us. We've had to dodge a couple of spells, including unforgivables. But we're all wide awake. They won't touch us." He said confidently.

"Prepare our Siege spells, see to it that the Golems build us a bridge, I want to safe magic as long as I can just in case her majesty has something up her sleeve."

"Both Master Holum and Master Ugnuk are trying to break their wards. It shouldn't be long now." Hadrian smiled and sat down. No, it wouldn't be long. Not with the prime Dwarven and Goblin curse breakers on the job. He sighed.

"Any news from the others?" Harry asked worridly. He hadn't yet heard from Dora, Fleur or Erica.

"Scratches, nothing more. They are just bringing their troops into position. And should join us..." Multiple cracks around them brought the warriors around to attention. They relaxed quickly enough as they realized the wizards that had arrived were all part of their forces. Without a word, Harry and the girls shared an intimate group hug.

"I'm not turning into a dragon again. I have a taste in my mouth like I gurgled gasoline." Erica complained smiling lightly.

"Hopefully it won't ever be necessary after this." He then turned to Luna who'd arrived with them. She had not been part of the battle itself but had otherwise assisted Ravenwood in it's campaign. "How are we doing?"

"Very few possible routes for failure remain. 2 things are still certain. The oldest warrior still falls, so does 7. As you keep thinking of ways to cut off reinforcements, more ways dim and fade away by the second."

"You still won't tell me about the warrior or the number?" It annoyed him to no end not to know.

"As I've told you a dozen times, this is for the best. Things would change if I told you. You would attempt to save one, and charge for the other. Both things would lead to a worse outcome. The next old warrior will be closer to you than this one. In time, you will call each other family. But together, you, him and all the others. Will create our Empire of Magic. This... is the best way." Her eyes rolled over. "The last battle for London... begins now."

She finished the words the exact same moment seven light cracks were heard over the bridge created by the Golems.

"Seven against seven... fitting. Be home for dinner." Harry joked before walking off leisurely towards the bridge.

He was followed by Filius Flitwick, Donovitch Fullhammer, Ragnok Faulhurst, Bludrock Gragga, High King Oberon and Firenze the Centaur.

It was this moment, that would forever be remembered, tales of the first true march of Ravenwood would be told pointing at the photograph Rita Skeeter had just taken from under Harry's invisibility cloak.

"The Queens Marauders." Harry hissed towards the man up front.

"Christian Valáis." The man looked like nothing special. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Had they met on the street, Hadrian wouldn't have given him a second glance. He bowed lightly and stated: "I'm the current number seven." Which meant he was the most powerful of them and was most likely to fight Harry himself.

"So what do you want? I thought we were going to fight." Harry commented.

"I've been authorized to negotiate." Christian said seriously followed by raucous laughter of all of Ravenwood.

"I'm sorry? What about me laying waste to your capital has given you the idea that you have any grounds for negotiation?"

"Reinforcements are on their way as we speak. The ICW has been contacted, the Red Coats are coming."

"Ahh... ICW Hitwizards." Harry said cracking his neck. "There is just one problem with that."

"And what's that?" Thunder roared about them as magic flashed through Hadrians eyes.

"I've got friends in the water. Let me ask you, have you ever seen what the merpeople are capable of with Goblin forged weapons? Cause I have... and it's fan fucking tastic." The young man now paled as Harry remembered last night with a fond but certainly creepy smile, Englands fleet being drawn down and sunk into the depths of the ocean was a memory he would treasure for years to come. "I also have a new ward scheme under the water, an anti apparition and notice me not ward combined to perfection. They need to actually land on this islands... with ships. And they can't. Because I'll have them sunk before they ever reach shore. So you see, you pompous fuck, I've had you in check before this battle ever started. All you've done is reacted. You've planned 3 steps ahead. I planned 10. For every possible failure, there are 10 back up plans. For every back up there are more plans. I've had years to plans this, years to see where your military is, what kind of gear you have and what I need to have and do to make it all useless. From the beginning, this was never about if I would win, it was just a question of how and when. How many would I lose? And I have lost people. Good people. But in the end it'll be worth."

"YOU EXPOSED US YOU MAD MAN! HOW CAN THAT BE WORTH IT?!" One of the numbers yelled making him laugh.

"There are good people, Mundanes, half bloods and Pure bloods. And they will all be allowed to live in the Empire I'll build. One with no bigotry, one where those who can... help. A peaceful place to raise children, and learn about the world. That... is worth anything.

Tell me, where was your righteous anger 17 years ago? Where was the Queens oversight and her famous Marauders when Lord Voldemort terrorised the magical community and killed whoever wasn't fast enough to disappear? Where was the ICW? You fucks were required by treaty to come help... and yet you all twiddled your thumbs, whistling away as my parents were slaughtered in their home. This is me... showing you that this is your payback. You didn't come to our aid back then, you aren't needed now. Ravenwood doesn't acknowledge your laws anymore. So surrender, put down your guns and wands. Take your Queen and leave this place... and never return. It's more of a choice than those in the war against Voldemort ever got." The man lit up his wand making Hadrian sigh.

"We'll fight your tyranny to the last man if necessary." Harry shook his head with a serious expression now plastered over his face.

"Pity... and I mean that... because that's exactly what will happen."

Christian was very suddenly taken by a great force and flung into the building. "Aquamenti." A stream of water drenched everything in a straight line in front of him. "Forma Fulgur." Harry said as orbs of Lightning formed around him. He pointed his staff and wordlessly, of they shot to their target. The force of the magic would soon cause part of the building to crumble down. This was the signal for the Ravenwood forces to charge. Past the fighting, into the Tower itself.

Serpents and Wargs first, followed by Wizards, Goblins and Dwarves.

"You're very slow, aren't you?" Oberon said disappointedly in a small childs voice as he he flew around his enemy as nothing but a ball of silver light. "That's the issue with your schools, you only learn how to fight wizards, and I'm not a wizard my young friend." The long haired, dark skinned man slashed his wand around, nearly hitting his comrade fighting Flitwick.

Bludrock conjured a wall of knifes and them the towards the woman in front. She weaved through the onslaught, only to find another. These weren't spells however, she was being pushed hard by conjured weapons. It was very suddenly when she felt something nick her cheek.

The Goblin looked down at his enemy, a young woman who could have barely been over 30. A conjured dagger disappeared and the small cut on her cheek revealed what had her suddenly kneeling. "I'm the last Goblin Battlemage. Soon enough, there will be dozens, then hundreds. The Nation, our Empire will never be forgotten. The poison you feel now... was made from serpent venom. It's a simple paralytic agent." He then carefully took her wand and snapped it in two. "So you don't get any ideas. You will be shipped off to the mainland."

Mundanes were seen jumping out of windows in sheer terror, some to their deaths. Others sailed through the air still shooting their guns, for nought. Meanwhile Donovitch sent his wizard straight upwards, having just shattered the mans jaw with his hammer and knocked him out.

It was Ragnok who seemed the only one of them well matched to his opponent. They bobbed and weaved slashing wand and dagger at the other trying desperately to win ground. The old Goblin felt it now... more than ever. Age had snuck up on him. At one point... he was the most feared fighter in the entire Goblin Empire, and then one day... he had woken up and realized he was old and grey. What a battle he'd fought with Hadrian. Sword against Sword. The rule had been to fight without a wand... who could have known that the boy didn't really need one. A smile spread his face as he turned his body to the side dodging a light yellow spell from the nervous wizard before him. He didn't hear the Chaos mage call for a full Goblin retreat. Ragnok was too focused on this battle, he hadn't felt this agile or strong in years.

After managing a standing summersault over his opponent, he kicked him in the back before dashing after him and inflicting an x shaped cut through the mans robes. For a moment his thoughts turned to his wife... she would surely follow soon. Such was their way. The bond of life they shared. His daughter... she knew everything he knew, he had taught her everything, prepared her for this day exactly. For he knew now what this was. Just as well he knew, that this... would be his last battle.

With a pained groan on the ground the Marauder turned around. "What the hell is happening to you?" Ragnok grinned as he twirled a dagger around his hand.

"We call it Flaring, the last stand." The old Goblin declared eliciting gasps from those around him. "I'm 157 years old boy, that's well above the Goblin average. Right now, I'm faster, stronger and more aware than I was at the prime of my career. I could behead you a 100 ways and then, after I win. I will crumble to the ground... dead."

"Why do you fight then?" All Goblins around laughed as Ragnok placed his daggers gently on the ground. As though they were too valuable to continue using.

"It is the Goblin way. I fought in the great Underdome, the Goblin pits, and wars the likes of which you can't even imagine. And after all that. I was privileged to become... Caesar. I brought the clans together, I created a Nation. An Empire... and I led them here. Back above ground. Back to true strength." The veterans eyes narrowed at the wizard. "And now... I'll use that strength to break you."

His heels dug down, quickly followed by dash, before the wizard even had time to get up or point his wand, Ragnok had hold of him. First his wand, which the old man snapped like a twig. He twisted the enemies arm, right... then left. Bending them until they too broke with a sickening snap. The yelps of pain didn't seem to bother the old Goblin. Instead he brought his foot down on the wizards knees, snapping them in half too. "I now show you mercy. Don't ever forget, how easily I could have killed you, for some of my brethren will not be as lenient. Now yield, before I change my mind."

With tears of hatred in his eyes at the humiliation he had just suffered the unnamed wizard hung his head. "I yield." Ragnok smiled and closed his eyes, knowing full well that this wizard, was out of the battle. No wand, no magic. Very few could do what Hadrian could do. A light cracking nose made him snap open his eyes, just as his thoughts turned to family once more.

"Give me a standard with our flags." He demanded. Hadrian conjured one for him immediately. Ragnoks body relaxed as he looked onto the collection of allies. Most importantly for him in that moment, the Raven and the serpent around the staff, and the the likeness of a scale, with a sword in the middle and two Goblins hands to the side, surrounded by laurel wreaths. The cracking became louder as Goblins cheered and screamed.

"Hail thee Caesar, First Emporer of Magic, long may the Raven fly." He raised the standard high for all to see, extending his hand as if to shake someone elses.

"Fortius Quo Fidelius! Long live the Goblin Empire!" And with those last words, the old mans body did not crumble to the floor, but instead stood tall, as the cracking sound revealed itself for all to see. Ragnok the Cunning was turned to stone where he stood. A Paragon of the Goblin people, it was the natural magic of their people that had chosen him for this... the greatest Goblin honour. As for Harry, he suddenly understood. Ragnok had ensured the Goblins loyalty with the way he chose to be petrified. The oldest warrior died... and became immortal.

"Go Gryphook." Hadrian commanded without delay. "Take his weapons to his wife and tell her! Tell her, her husband lives forever!"

He felt the magic, and moved into the spells path as a dozen Goblins flung themselves around the statue protectively. Any Goblin would have done so. Died with pleasure and be remembered until the end of time for his sacrifice. "I see now why this was inevitable." Harry stated batting the spell away, directing it to Filius Flitwicks enemy. The mans legs were ripped apart from the spell without any hope of regrowing them. "Had that hit... everyone inside that tower would have died in a Goblin rampage, you uneducated fuckwit." Christian flinched at the venom in the Dark Lords voice, his body was heavily burned and he himself was in a great deal of agony.

The Marauder could barely make out the fading image of the man in front of him, he blinked and suddenly Hadrian was gone, it was then a piercing pain out of nowhere made him scream from unimaginable pain. There were tears of course as he realized that through his back there was a hand, one that was lifting him up. Those around cheered their King and Emporer while he simply stated: "Be gone." Before he crushed the Christian Valáis heart in his hand with loud squishing noise.

This caused all wizards, soldiers and office people still running around in a panic to finally drop their wands and weapons to give up at last.

"Let's go meet the Queen." Hadrian declared with a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

On their way the passed prisoners, restrained by serpents of different sizes, the remains of rooms, some clearly having been on fire. "Fleur." Hadrian noted happily. He pushed the double doors open with both hands and strode inside, shadowed of course by his inner circle, minus Ragnok. They had done the impossible. And it was time for their reward. Meanwhile for the royal family, it must have been what it feels like to see the devil himself walk into a room.

"Let's get right down to the point. You have two choices. 1: You surrender all rights to the throne to me, we tell your people that the war is over before it started and you get to take everyone you like with you off the islands. 2: You don't surrender, I keep on slaughtering your soldiers, and see you hanged for High Treason. Choose now." It was Bludrog who presented the appropriate paperwork that the Queen signed without uttering a single word. The occasion was forever caught on film as well.

It was 8:47 pm when London flew the flag of Ravenwood for the very first time. And was declared conquered. The war however was not over for some time. Splinter groups and underground uprisings had already begun to form and didn't acknowledge the Queens surrender. The groups, very few of them actually employing wizards, were quickly found and destroyed. Some by lethal... some by non-lethal means.

It was the 30th of April 1998 at 2 pm in the afternoon when all battles ceased and the deportation of harmful elements to the Empire began. Ascension Day was upon them.

It was an iconic moment when Hadrian Ravenwood seated himself for the first time, on the throne in Buckingham Palace. The Overseers, and his future wifes, even part of the army and the reporter Rita Skeeter stood around him and waited as he closed his eyes for a moment... surely taking it all in. Finally he spoke, his first words forever to be remembered as: "Let's get to work."