Despite what Azula thought her trips to the forest did not go unnoticed nor did the fact that she normally returned dirtied and injured. Her father had ordered a small group of guards to follow her from a distance and find out what was going.

When the leading of the guards Konzo saw the princess fighting against an unknown assailant. He ordered his men forward. Of course he was a bit slow as if he had been there a minute or two earlier he would have seen the banter the two of them had earlier. Or even the unique fire that Harry wielded.

Once the boy had been brought back and placed before the fire lord, Azulon had ordered the boy imprisoned for daring to attack the royal family. To say Azula wasn't happy would be an understatement. Once she was cleaned up and had her few injuries wrapped she marched towards her grandfather's throne room muttering about stupid guards who wouldn't recognize a spar if it bit them in the ass.

Once the door to the throne room was opened by the guards Azula entered and reluctantly kneeled before her grandfather. "What is it my granddaughter?" Azulon asked.

"I wish to know what will happen to Harry?" she asked, her grandfather raised an eyebrow at the mention of a name.

"Do you know this boy Azula?" Azulon asked and she looked up, it was only now that she saw her mother, father and uncle standing in front of her grandfather.

"Yes." she nodded. "I have been training with him for several weeks."

"See I told you." Her uncle Iroh said in an exasperated tone. "It was just two children playing around nothing sinister." she wanted to object to it being called playing around but knew her uncle was trying to help her.

"And why would you need to to train with this Commoner." her father sneered.

"He-he special."

Ursa smiled when she heard her daughter say that. Suddenly her willingness to do more girly things made sense. Her daughter had a crush. Looks like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree after all.

It seemed Iroh noticed her daughter's crush as well as he let out a small laugh. "Ah young love."

It took a moment for Azula to process what he said and when she did a small blush appeared on her cheeks. "Not! Like that!" she yelled before muttering under her breath. "Stupid uncle."

"Oh then what is it like?" Ozai asked in a much less jolly tone than his older brother.

"It's his firebending, it different." Azulon considered this, it wasn't to rare for small subsection of a type of bending to appear. Sand bending, ice bending and lightning bending. He heard rumors of a young boy who could firebend with his mind causing great explosions.

He turned to one of his guards. "Bring me the boy now! And do not harm him." he added if he remember correctly the explosions were nearly instantaneous it wouldn't do for the boy to kill himself because he was injured.

Azula seemed a bit relieved that he was at least being given a shot.

The boy walked into the room wearing the same clothes as usual. It was only Ursa and Iroh however who noticed they were Zuko's clothes, Iroh because he remembered buying them for the boy a year ago and Ursa because more than once she had picked up after him. Ursa shot her daughter another smile which she dutifully ignored.

"I hear you have a special kind of firebending." Azulon said with a tone that was the perfect mix between power and kindness. "I would very much like to see it." the old man requested.

Harry seemed unsure and looked to Azula who nodded in encouragement. The boy took a deep breath and adopted his stance before unleashing a series of perfectly executed moves but while good that wasn't what was amazing. The amazing part was the emerald green fire that emerged from his attacks. Suddenly it made sense, why Azula would begin training with a commoner, many saw her blue fire as gift from Agni himself. If she saw another with a similar ability it would only be natural that she would be curious.

But Ozai merely shot his daughter a hard look, while she could summon blue fire it was only a brief burst and always exhausted her. For this commoner to be able to summon green fire without effort was an insult to his family.

Azulon didn't care about that though, for a man as arrogant as he could be he was also surprisingly self aware. He knew a family didn't remain powerful by foolishly trying to cling to the past, or spouting superior breeding because they married other nobles. No he himself took preemptive steps to assure his family's future the prophecy said a powerful line born from one with power beyond mere men would last for a thousand years. He had assumed that meant a descendant of Avatar Roku. But given the powerful green fire this boy was now displaying it was possible he was the one, or maybe the prophecy referred to more than one generation. He didn't know. What he did know was that powerful children were likely to come from such a union. But he also wasn't a fool he knew he couldn't just force the boy to marry his granddaughter no the boy would resist attempts to control him that was the nature of fire. He had to be coerced to marry her, Ursa married his son because she feared for her family and village he gave her no other choice but to comply. However the boy had no family nor village to threaten thus he decided on another means of uniting his house with this boy. No a heavy hand would not work on him, but a guiding one would.

"Young man your name is it a nickname for Hara?" Iroh asked before Azulon could say anything.

Harry shrugged. "I don't know." hell he was lucky to know his name considering his family mostly called him boy or freak.

"Why would you assume it was a nickname for Hara?" Ozai asked.

"Because the world works in mysterious ways Hara means Emerald or jade." Azulon nodded yes that made sense the gods could work in mysterious ways. A boy named Hara gaining the ability to control emerald fire was not the strangest thing to happen.

"Hara." Azulon said making the boy turn to him. "I would like to offer you a place here in palace." Azula let out a small gasp of shock and an even quieter sigh of relief. She was still worried about what her grandfather might have done to Harry but it seemed her worries were baseless.

"My lord?" Harry said confused he wasn't stupid he may no show Azula a lot of respect by kowtowing to her every whim but Azulon could have him killed with a wave his hand. If Azula had demanded that, she most likely would have gotten rolled eyes of amusement.

"My grandchildren are in need of a protector, the fact that she could wander out into the woods get into a fight and come back with no one noticing does not speak well of their current guardians." that was a lie they were very aware of threats to the children and while them missing the boy was disappointing, it was entire possible they took pity on him and left him alone rather than chase him off of the royal lands. But he needed an excuse to get the boy close to his family. "You would not raise suspicion and your skills are clearly great if you can match my granddaughter." if the boy didn't accept he already had several back up plans to get the boy to stay the last resort of which involved kidnaping him but he doubted it would come to that. The boy was alone lost and clearly trusted his granddaughter, he would want to stay close to her.

"Sure-" the boy said before blushing and saying in a more formal tone. "I accept thank you, your majesty." he waved his hand dismissively and the boy left the room.

Azula looked to her grandfather. "May I leave my lord?" she asked the fire lord who nodded.

"Of course." he said dismissing her as soon as she was out of the room Ozai turned to his father.

"Father we do not need this commoner to defend my children they are perfectly safe already." Ozai said and Azulon sighed, it seemed he still needed to teach his son about subtlety a trait he was very lacking in.

"I do not care about him protecting them Ozai! I wish for him to be closer to Azula, a child born of the union between those two would be more powerful than any firebender in the past."

"We do not need his-" Ozai objection was cut off by his father.

"I AM THE FIRE LORD! AND YOU WILL NOT QUESTION ME!" he bellowed and the fire in the throne room surged. Old he may be but that didn't mean he didn't still have power in his bones. Ozai glared at his father but did nothing else, even if he thought he could win against his father there was no chance his brother would stand by and let him kill their father.

Ursa smiled as her husband stormed out of the throne room, it was always nice to see him be taught humility. He was far to arrogant even for a royal.

Azula chased after Harry with a dignified yet fast paced walk. "Harry!" she called as he came into sight. He and the servant guiding him to one of the guest chambers stopped.

"Yeah?" he answered turning to her.

But instead of responding she turned to the servant. "I can guide him to his new room." she waved her hand. "You're dismissed." the servant bowed before walking off.

She turned to Harry with a smirk. "So you're now my servant huh?"

"If you think that means I am going to start listening to you that you are insane." he told her grinning.

"Oh but it is your duty to protect and serve this poor defenseless maiden." she said in an overly dramatic tone, placing the back of her hand on her forehead to make it seem like she was swooning. The two of them looking at each other before bursting out laughing at the thought of Azula being defenseless. The girl was likely to set you on fire for even implying it, in fact he would be surprised if she had done so in the past.

She began to walk in the opposite direction of where the servant had been leading him. "Come on it's time to go meet Zuzu."

Harry blinked as he followed her. "Who is Zuzu? A pet?" Azula burst out laughing once again.

"Oh he is kind like a pet." she said once she regained control of her laughter.

It turns out Zuzu wasn't a pet but rather her older brother Zuko and he didn't like the name Zuzu at all. "I told you not to call me that Azula." he said scowling at his sister while her two friends giggled in the background. Or the one dressed in all pink giggled the other just seemed to stare sullenly at everything. Though Zuko was glad to have another boy around, being constantly surrounded by girls was beginning to grate on his nerves.

"I'm sure Lala means it good fun right Lala?" Harry said smirking at Azula. It took her a moment to realize he was talking to her.

"No! No! No! I forbid you from calling me that! I will have you executed." she threatened glaring at him.

But Zuko laughed and smirked. "I as the older sibling order you to always call her Lala." Zuko said smirking at his sister, who glared at him.

"I order you to always call him Zuzu!" Azula shouted making Zuko glare at her.