Dakota tilted his head up at the two his tail wagging. Marsh had weaved his way in between his master's feet yiping up at him wanting to be picked back up

Perry yelped at the new mass in-between his legs. He tripped over the dog before going down.

Elise groaned into the gag at hitting the floor so suddenly and with this man on top of her! Marsh simply tilted his head at the two and let out a short bark.

Dakota went up and licked Perrys face.

Perry groaned with a sigh. He sat up, now straddling Elise's waist. "Fucking a... why do I still own these things?" He huffed in a mumble. Perry then scratching under Dakota's chin.

Dakota made a slight whimper at his words before his tail started wagging from the scratch being just the right spot his foot started to thump. Marsh simply jumped up on top of Perry's back and padded in a circle before lying down. Elise rolled her eyes and tried not to think of the spot she was in.

Perry groaned at the dog on to0 of him as well now. His other hand went to grab Marsh by the nape to pull him off. Marsh simply licked at the hand that tried to grab him.

He tried again to grab at the dog. Marsh whimpered at being grabbed started to wiggle and struggle. Perry just set him off the floor to the side before he stood up. The male sighing at his canine friends.

Marsh huffed shaking out his fur. Elise sat up now that no one was on top of her. Dakota wagged his tail and rubbed against Perry's leg like a cat.

Perry scratched behind Dakotas ears before looking to Elise. "Well that was eventful."

The fell down during the fall Elise just hadn't realized it till then from shock of him being on top of her." Yes it was..." Elise says suspiciously before asking the one thing that Perry would know that none other would." If you really are Perry. Then what happened on the first day of school when we met?"

"You saw my dick in the boys bathroom." Perry raised an eyebrow.

Elise eyes widened her cheeks reddening at his answer." I was hoping you would get that wrong." She mutters.

"Kinda hard to forget." He gave a slight smirk to her yet his own cheeks were touch flushed.

"Well er yeah..." Elise said not having any words that made sense."why are you in a gang?" She just asks trying to wrap her head on all of this.

"Wasn't intentional?" He shrugged. "A lot has happened since you decided to run away without a word." His friendly expression turning sour.

"Technically it's only running away if I had been 17 and I did write letters..." she says half heartedly looking away from him. This was now the second time today at least she assumed it was still the same day that her past came rearing its ugly face.

"Never got one." His face was blank of emotion. The male grabbed her arm to pull her standing again. "Get moving, I'm getting you out of here."

She frowned confused on how that could be possible. Once the were standing and walking toward the door."exactly what has happened since I was gone?" She asks hesitantly not sure it was a good idea to ask

"A lot of stuff that I don't have to tell you." He responded. The dogs followed loyally at his heel while he kept Elise walking in front of him.

Elise continued walking trying to think of what to say." I kind of figured that when you killed someone." She says with zero emotion to not show how it bothered her that this happened and she didn't know her own friend anymore

"Wouldn't be my first," there was the same dead tone in his voice. Elise didn't even know how to respond to that. She grew up with this man and now it's been seven years and she knows nothing.

Perry seemed to kick her legs again as they neared another doorway. "People are going to get you in my car, act unconscious." He hissed into her ear.

Elise sighed but did as told letting her body go limp and slowed her breathing.' Who would've thought I would still need this skill.' Elise thought to herself it having been a skill she learned a long time ago when perry had still been a friend

New hands took Elise in hold. The people moving her to a back seat of a car before tossing her inside. The car door shut after a sigh from Perry who sat right next to her. He said an address to the chaffier before the car started once again.

Elise mentally cursed the men out who put her in the car. The two dogs thought it was a great idea to use her as a pillow.

Perry rolled his eyes at the dogs. He picked up Marsh and set the dog in his lap instead, leaving Dakota to lay across Elise's chest.

Marsh licked Perrys hand settling into his lap with a yawn. Dakota barked quietly up at Perry before snuggling his head by Elise's neck. Elise wondered if Dakota remembered just how big he was at the weight and heat was on her chest.

Perry pet the dogs head with his hand. The other moving along Dakota's back to give him attention too. Dakota's tail began to wag at the attention.

He shook his head at the dog's antics. Dakota's tail whacking Elise's thigh with every swing. "You love attention don't you," he smiled toward the dog. He pet Marsh with the other hand.

Elise bit her lip to stop from giggling at the dogs ticklish tail. Dakota gave a bark in answer tilting his head.

"Good boy," he praised. The boy leaning forward to nuzzle his nose into the dogs fur.

Elise couldn't hold back and ended up snorting. Dakota panted and licked Elise and ruffed looking back at Perry.

Perry smirked before pulling back. He picked up Marsh instead to give the dog some attention.

Elise rolled her eye glaring slightly at the happy go lucky puppy

Perry set one hand on Dakota's back as he rubbed lightly. His other hand running over Marsh.

The car slowed to a stop and someone opened the door." Ey boss was that the lass that been giving yah trouble?" A well built man in his upper twenties asks seeing the ties woman under the furry dog.

"Dakota took care of the bitch," Perry glared down at her. He stepped out of the car, Marsh having leapt off his lap. Elise grit her teeth but kept as still as possible to make it seem she was still out.

Christopher snorted softly it looked more like Dakota just found a snuggle buddy to him then taking care of a bitch." Alright where do you want her?" He asks swing the girl over his shoulder Dakota having jumped after marsh.

Perry considered for a second."Mainroom the boys need to see that I'm not going soft."He mutters under her breath yet it was loud enough for Chris who frowns. Chris nods. He carries the cop with ease through the door and to the main room where most of the boys were playing cards. Perry followed close behind and shut the door to the room before Dakota or Marsh gets through cause them both to bark in protest.

All eyes were on the three the moment they came in. Most of the men sat up straighter seeing the bound cop. Some smirked others leered. Someone daringly calls out,"Hey Boss! Whats up with the Bitch?" Elise tried to remain calm in the situation she found herself but being hung upside down from some big guys shoulder made blood rush to her head causing for her brain to short circuit.

Perry chuckled darkly making the atmosphere to drop. Locking eyes with the fella who dared to break the silence smiled cruelly." This bitch is the officer who keeps sticking her little nose where it doesn't belong." The fella, Charles, nods slowly a little nervous on why everyone went quiet.

Elise really didn't like where this was going.'perry used to be a friend so it can't be to bad? But then again he looked pissed and it's been almost nine years since we last spoke...' she debated internally.

"Some seams to think I'm going soft because I didn't take action when she first got involved." Perry glanced purposely at a few of the older members that he had heard gossiping. "I truly have zero reason to justify myself for not taking action right away. I waited to see whether she would have information that could be useful before taking her out of the field. But because of someone's lack of patience the cop is of zero use in blackmail." Pushing a stray hair back in place he continues." Christopher put the bitch in that chair please." He says emotionlessly.

Christopher nods and does as told not doubting him. He set her down on a wooden chair in the corner and tucked her arms over the back of the chair to keep her from falling. Elise opened her eyes and looked around wide eyed not being able to fake being out any longer. She involuntarily shrunk back at the sight of all the men.

Perry avoids eye contact with Elise knowing if he did catch her gaze he wouldn't have the heart to go through with this. Everyone was on the edge of their seats unsure of just what Perry planned to do. Christopher moves away from the girl curious himself on what Perry plans to do.

Elise tried to catch Perrys gaze hoping to find an answer of what he was going to do but all she could find was a blank slate staring back at her. Perry reached on his belt and pulled out his gun. He checked to see if it was loaded and with a pull of the trigger a bullet shot out.

Elise bit into the gag tears streaming down her face. The scream that admired from her was ear shattering. While Perry's aim was good the bullet ended up not making it all the way through her leg. Perry scowled at the sight. He is mostly pissed with himself but the others assumes he's still mad at the cop."Christopher take the bitch up into the attic. I don't need blood all over the place." He says blandly rolling his eyes.

Christopher bites back a comment and does as told. He picks up the girl bridal style so not as much blood is lost. Elise flinched at being picked up as she slowly lost her battle on staying awake.