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Tears decorated his eyes, still haunted by his memories, even after two years Percy Jackson the saviour of Olympus, could not forget the day he lost everything. He was offered immortality after that day but when he refused, no one could blame him.


"Leave Gaia, stop this madness" Zeus bellowed, Only for Gaia to laugh at his words. "Silly god, Both you and your pawns have walked into your own demise" Gaia smirked, with that both demi-gods and gods alike were trapped in a sphere of earth, Percy was on his own trying to find a way out, when suddenly it hit him, he used the water from the ground to transform the sphere around him into nothing more than a muddy puddle. "Impossible!" Gaia screeched, but for once Percy was not going to waste his time with a witty comeback, he plunged his sword into the heart of Gaia, before she turned into nothing more than a pile of golden dust.

When the spheres crumbled, the sight that Percy saw was etched onto his mind for eternity. There lay his friends, lifeless. The gods had gone into a coma, but their chests were rising, indicating that they were still alive, unfortunately the same could not be said about his friends. "Annabeth! Jason!" Percy cried, running upto his friends, but it was to no avail. There lay the lifeless bodies of his friends the rest of the seven, Thalia, Nico and Reyna. Gone. All Gone. Percy just sat there over Annabeth crying, he didn't notice the mini hurricane starting to form around him, all his plans for settling down in New Rome, gone, He didn't even want that anymore, he just wanted Annabeth back. The winds were picking up, until Posiedon, who just came out of his coma, saw his son grieving, he flashed behind Percy, engulfing him in a hug. "It's all my fault" Percy whispered "If I was smarter I could Have saved them." Poseidon did not know what to say he felt Percy's anguish at losing his friends, so he just kept quiet. Percy eventually fell asleep in the arms of his father.

End of the flashback

Percy tried everything he could to forget what happened on that day, but every night he would relive these memories over and over and there was no escape. Sometimes he considered giving up, but one look at his father's face would change his mind, ever since that day most of the gods have become fragile, even Ares didn't seem as thick as before. As much as he wanted them to be, things were never going to be what they were before.

Little did Percy know that the primordial council had their eyes on him. "It's time" bellowed a figure that even the gods would shrink at.