Hey, yet again, I am making up for lost updates today :) But seriously, I think it's easier writing several short chapters… I still have to incorporate a lot of stuff in the story, I'm just trying to figure out where I can put what.

I've put up the disclaimer twice today, Seriously, I think you get the idea.

Ariana POV:

I walked over to the Ice bike and braced myself for the coldness of the seat, but it never came it was warm and comfortable, kind of like a leather chair, I sat behind the boy who declared 'he's Percy'

And he rode off, after what seemed like forever we reached a cliff, but we didn't seem to be slowing down.

"Percy?" I asked. He didn't reply. "Percy!" I screamed with much more urgency, it was too late we were already off the cliff, in the next five seconds I admonished myself for trusting a crazy stranger, and I thought back to how useless my life was. I kinda forgot I was riding on a bike made of ice, running on water.

I didn't even feel the impact, the bike ran smoothly on water, as Percy was speeding through the water I was contemplating how my life became so complicated, it started out when my mother told me I had to leave the house, she didn't tell me why, she just kicked me out. It was a shitty life I was living, not much after I found myself surviving off the streets, no friends, just me. I felt like trash some days, sometimes I wondered if there was any use moving on. I always used to convince myself life would get better, I tried to see the good in life, but it was hard, then two months later I found myself running from a bull-man. Truth to be told it had escalated a ton. Now I was riding to god knows where on an ice bike, if someone was to tell me I'd be here two months ago, I would have laughed and written them off as crazy. Well look where I am now.

Percy POV:

Ugh. The entire ride my ADHD was in overdrive mode, the only slightly fun part was riding of the cliff, otherwise the sassy girl was quiet. I was not even going to try and strike up a conversation as I would probably end up chucking her into the ocean. As I was riding I thought of what happened to me back in the forest when I had passed out. I didn't get any other powers but I felt much more powerful. The irritating thing is I don't want powers, or this, I want my friends back, but Wise Girl would have wanted me to help. I wouldn't fall in love I would just help until I die. When you've been in my shoes for the last few years, you learn not to fear death, but at the same time, you don't go trying to die. I was going to help demi-gods like this one here. I was brought out of my contemplation when I saw a beach in the distance. We reached.

I know super short chapter, will try to update in the next few days, but don't hate me if I don't. You guys are awesome.