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Third person POV:

The raven haired boy, lay on the ground, stuck in the realm of Morpheus, when suddenly he was awoken by a scream. One that was filled with terror. Faster than one could blink, he was at the location the scream originated from. The sight he saw made him glad he showed up when he did. Clarisse was being dragged into Myrmeke nest by three Myrmekes. Percy, used his powers over the earth to trap the Myrmekes in their place, he mentally conversed with them saying "stop this attack or I will be forced to take your lives" The biggest Myrmeke sent a mental message back saying " We have to provide food for our colony what else do we use?" Percy thought for a minute and said "What about other monsters, There are plenty of Dracaenae, you'd be helping us and providing food for your colony" The Myrmeke thought for a minute, turning its head to the side it said " It's a good idea but they would just turn into powder" Percy said" I could fix that" Using his powers over magic he placed a spell over the Myrmekes which allowed the monsters they kill to be eaten by them before returning to Tartarus. "Thank you my lord" the Myrmeke said, Percy waved it off saying "Just Percy please"

Releasing them, the Myrmekes crawled back to their nest, Percy ran over to Clarrise and healed her, she awoke with a gasp, "Father?" she said, "No Clarisse, it's me Percy" I responded in a soothing voice, "Prissy, did my father send you?" She asked in a fragile voice, I never thought I'd ever see Clarisse like this. She was so… vulnerable. I was going to respond when a flash interrupted me. Lord Ares. I turn my head and sent a curt nod, acknowledging his presence. He ignored me, "Clarrise are you hurt?" He asked, his tone evidently concerned. "I'm fine." Clarisse grumbled, she got up and walked off, so much for the vulnerable teenage girl she was just moments ago.

Ares sighed, he looked at me "Perseus you have done me a great favor today, you have saved my favorite daughter." Ares was being nice? I pinched myself behind my back to make sure I was dreaming. "It was nothing Lord Ares" I said dismissing the matter, by pinching myself I succeeded only at hurting myself, I wasn't dreaming. "Don't dismiss this Perseus, today you have made yourself an ally, allow me to show my gratitude" before I could say anything he hit me with godly energy. Another Blessing, not that I wasn't grateful, but I didn't need this right now. "Use it wisely Perseus" he said before flashing out. Just great. I walked back towards camp thinking about nothing in particular.


Artemis POV:

When I got back to camp last night, my hunters told me about Perseus and how he cut down a group of monsters, while looking scary enough for the hunt not to mess with him and that is saying something. I wondered how someone so kind could look so scary. But then again with the amount of things Perseus has been through and done, I wouldn't be surprised. I was scouting the forest for any sight of anything irregular when I saw a muscle clad male with raven hair and a chiseled face, I saw he was coming our way, I caught the color of his eye and I was surprised at who it was. Just before I could say anything I saw three arrows flying towards him. Poseidon was not going to be happy.

Percy POV :

I saw three arrows coming towards me, manipulating time, I grabbed the closest arrow and used it to redirect the other two arrows. I kept it in my hand and kept walking towards the hunt. I saw my attacker was not letting up, Phoebe was shooting arrow after arrow, Artemis and the rest of the hunt just stood there staring, as I hit every arrow out of the air with the one in my hand. When I finally reached the group I handed the arrow back to Phoebe and said "I believe this is yours" I then went to Artemis and asked if I could do anything. Artemis opened her mouth and closed it several times, making her look like a fish. A very cute fish indeed. Wait where are all these thoughts coming from. I loved someone else, even if she was not alive I would not fail her in death.

Finally Artemis replied, but it was not what I expected "How?" she said. "How what?" I asked innocently. "How did you do that back there? How do you look like this?" Artemis asked clearly befuddled. I just laughed it off, "Milady it is for me to know and for you to find out." After which I said "If I am not required here I have to be else where." Saying that I enveloped myself in hardened earth and disappeared into the ground and came out in front of my mother's apartment. I knocked on the door, and when the door was opened my heart nearly jumped out of my rib cage I never thought I'd see her here. The girl who I saw all those years ago was standing here.


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