Harry sighed as he collapsed on his bed, the chores he had done making his muscles ache. Only the sound of an alert on the muggle device made him turn.

'Chapter one of A Being of Fire and Blood has been posted! Read now!'

Harry scrambled to unlock his ipod, and after finally putting in 1031, he pulled up the page, and entered the world of Hallarye once again.

Chapter 1:

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!


The sounds of a blacksmith working fills the stone room. Stangely enough, there is no forge inside. The walls are covered in various weapons, mainly swords and daggers however. There is also a strange weapon that is next to a quiver, but isn't anything like a bow. The dark haired girl in the center of the room is covered with a slight sheen of sweat, and as she raises her hammer again, her project heats to a bright red glow. Six more hits of her hammer, and she dunks the small, fragile looking blades into water. As the blades hiss, she lifts a rag from the table behind her and wipes of her face. Then, turning back to the blades, and began to engrave the runes Etz*, Miina**, and Tinran*** along the blades' base and edges. As she finishes, and dunks the blades one last time, two of the four arms she had shrink back into her body. Her blood red eyes stop glowing, and she lifts the blades from the bucket and walks to another table in the corner of the room. Once at that table, she wraps the edges in flame patterned ribbon, which had the runes of Aetz**** and Tinran embroidered into it. Finally, she moved and places the two blades into auro***** and bedoll****** wood sheathes. Smiling, the girl unties the ribbon pulling her hair into a tail, and quickly braids it, changing from the loose red and silver smithing clothes, to the black and red canvas shirt and breeches that are her fighting clothes. She straps the sheathes to her back, and runs out the door, almost hitting girl in a red and silver dress that was about to open it.

"Sorry, Dia! I'm going to the training grounds, you can use the room for now, and tell dad I might be late for dinner!"

"Lyn! YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR FARSHOT******* FOR HUNTING! IT'S- too late, she's gone." The lovely red haired, golden eyed girl shakes her head, and walks over to the strange weapon, slinging the quiver over her shoulder, before lifting the weapon itself.

Lyn walks back into the room, pale cheeks red with embarrassment. "It's my turn, I know. Sorry, I finally made the perfect blade."

"Really? That's what you said about the throwing axe last week... And the long sword the week before..."

"I swear this one is it!"She draws one of the blades. "I call them pattern blades."

Dia looks them over intently. "They are very beautiful. Why do you call them 'pattern blades'?"

"I don't know, but I'm going to go and practice with them. I wonder if there are any travelers willing to spar..."

"Emmaline warns everyone in her bar about you. But... men are stupid, so probably one or two."

"My jewel, I didn't know you thought that about me!" Alstine, now with graying black hair, and spotty red eyes walks up, standing tall. "Surely I am not stupid like so many others!"

"Dad... You are the silliest one of all!" Dia says, laughing

Alstine lets out a deep, belly laugh, before looking over at Lyn. "So little warrior, what do you have on your back?"

"I call them pattern blades..." Lyn says, blushing slightly as she passes them over to him. "They... sorta sing to me when I hold them."

"Hmm... well, a merchant caravan is coming today, so no need to hunt. You can do your turn of hunting tomorrow. Go ahead and practice with your 'pattern blades'. Your Prova Oficial******** is coming up soon."

Lyn's eyes light up. "Really? I can go and practice right now instead of waiting?"

Alstine's crow feet twinkle as he laughs. "Yes, Lyn. You may go practice now."

Lyn dashes down the corridor immediately, her sixteen year old self far faster than most.

-Line Break-


The sound of a sword sent flying rings, as the pants of one of the fighters fills the air, and the man standing in a chain-mail tunic raises his hands in surrender.

"I probably should have listened to the bar owner when she warned me about the 'red-eyed demon queen that would dance in my blood', instead of challenging you..." The man said, grinning.

"Awwww! She's starting to like me! I use to be called the 'daughter of that whore jäeger that married the firesmith slut to create the insane hellion that drinks the blood of infants for her powers'! I'll have to mark the calendar!"

The man laughed. "So, could you point me to the Matrivot home? I'm looking to purchase some swords, and I hear that L. Matrivot makes the best."

"What can I get for you?"

The man blinks. "Wait- you're a blacksmith too?! Where do you have time to practise fighting, and how are your weapons so well made?"

"I make my own weapons, that way I know exactly how much stress they go through. However, I've learned runes so now they shouldn't break... As long as I am alive, at least."

"Wow... Could I purchase a cavalry sword, and a battleaxe?"

"What size?

"Hmmm... Size seven for the axe, and a twelve for the sword please."

Lyn is already muttering calculations under her breath. "Six... carry the three... drop the decimal... that'll come out to 12 ounces of gold, three ounces of silver, and a couple of medicinal plants..."

"I can pay it. Promise." The man says.


"Hessen Trebine. The sword is for my older brother."

"Okay... Do you have a preferred metal?"

"Oh... Uh... Anything is fine? On the sword though, can you put in runes for foresight and life?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah sure... why?"

"He is a lifeweaver and fatewatcher."

"Really? That's very interesting. Whose lives does he watch?"

"He watches his own, and three others. His oaths prevent him from talking about it."

"Hmmm... Very nice. Well, come back in six or seven hours, and they'll be done. You can stay the night. I'll give you everything in the morning. Do you want any sheaths?"

"Um, will it cost extra?"

"It will cost a bronze drop for the sword. I have the sheaths for people with powers to be specially made so that it amplifies them. After all, it's always useful for more power."

"Oh... Yeah, sure." Hessen's blue-gray eyes become unfocused. "It'll surprise him for sure..."

"Well, get out. I need to do some cool down exercises. You don't want to be here for them."

-Line Break-

The next morning, a sword sheathed in Om******** and Ancia********* wood with the runes of Algz*********, and Dho********** engraved into. The rune tinran was there as well. The runes were hidden in a pattern of vines, which made it hard to see unless you knew what you were looking for, or where it was. The bedoll wood handle was engraved with Tinran, as well as Aetz. Along the two-hander, the runes of Etz, Miina, and Tinran lay in a straight line down from the point of the blade. The axe in an Aok*********** sheath, as well as the handle.

Hessen's jaw dropped. "They are... beautiful!" He knelt before her. "Marry me! Please, it's the most beautiful things I've ever seen!"

"No. I will not marry you. I'm three years older than you!" Lyn said dryly. "You're not my type either."

"Then marry my brother! I don't care, just please! It's to beautiful!"

"...Does this brother know your arranging a marriage?" Alstine said, cutting in. "Not that I'm opposed... but Lyn has never even dated."

"Shut up, dad. You too Trebine. Or I'll show you why Emmaline calls me 'daughter of that whore jäeger that married the firesmith slut to create the insane hellion that drinks the blood of infants for her powers!'" Lyn said with a laugh.

Hessen immediately smirked. "Yes Demon Queen. Whatever you say, Demon Queen."

A fork was embedded next to his head. He wisely shut up.
"Well dad, I'm heading to the yard to harass strangers for a few hours! See you when I get back!"

"Don't forget to hunt later!" Alstine responded. He then turned to Hessen. "If you don't want to be shot, leave in the next few hours. Lyn has a bad habit of hunting people who call her a demon. There's also the fact that you pretended to propose..."

"...I'll leave at half-morn."

"Smart boy."





*****Maple(conducts fire)

******Birch(conducts battle magic)


********Test to gain Mastery

*********Elm(Conducts fate magic)

**********Elder(conducts life magic)

***********Life rune



Harry grinned. Hessen was hilarious! He couldn't wait to see more, and Harry could already feel that the next chapter would be beautiful!

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