Colin hopped off the small wagon with a sharp gasp of relief upon hitting the ground, wiping off his pants before heading over toward the few bags of supplies they had left, grinning under Kyra's watchful eyes, "What?"

"Nothing," she answered with a smile of her own, tossing a duffel bag into the wagon, "I'm just excited is all. I mean, I have been for a week now; I'm surprised you haven't noticed I've been wearing a smile for about that long now."

Colin replied, "I noticed; I just figured it was my good looks and charm or something."

She playfully smacked his arm, cocking a wily sort of smirk at him, "You wish."

Continuing to pack up the wagon, the two of them finished up what bags were left, though only two or three would be accompanying them for the full journey. As was tradition, the rest of their luggage was mostly gifts to be handed out, mostly to Kyra's Sisters she'd served with in Ashenvale, though a meager amount was left for people upon Teldrassil, who often thought themselves unneeding of gifts, given their home lives. Still, Kyra managed some trinkets for Tyriel and a few other superiors while also finding time to plan for gifts for her parents, both of whom had made it clear they desired nothing but her happiness.

"All lies," Kyra clarified, snorting defiantly, "They've never been this far south of Hyjal in their lives. They're gonna want something; if I don't bring anything, I know father will use every chance he gets to rummage through my backpack looking for some sort of gift that might be for him."

Colin laughed, "That bad, huh? Well, at least that's not even something to worry about now. What all did you settle on?"

"Well," Kyra prepared, pulling one of the bags along the bed of the wagon, opening it up to show Colin, "I have that statuette we bought in Ratchet of the raptor; it's really nice, and should go well with Nyl's carved creatures he left at home with them. That was back when he was into animal husbandry; he'd spend hours watching animals just to learn how they got together and all that, trying to figure out under which moon more successful births would occur on or whatever. Obviously, I wasn't too interested in hanging out with him during that time, but all that time he had, waiting, he got a lot of carving done in the meantime."

"Huh. He doesn't strike me as the 'animal husbandry' type," Colin noted with a shrug.

Kyra admitted, "Not really; he went into the Cenarion Circle not long after that. He told us to get rid of his carvings, but mother always enjoyed his work."

As she spoke, she continued rummaging, "Oh, and I packed my dress to show off to her while we're there."

At that, Colin blushed, "O-Oh, are you sure they need to know that kind of stuff?"

"Why not?" Kyra asked, teasingly, "You do know what being somebody's 'mate' implies, correct?"

This did nothing to relieve Colin's embarrassment, but he turned away regardless as Kyra went on "Besides, I feel pretty in it. It's like you chose it to be what you want to see me wearing most. You know; I'm not just pretty, but I'm pretty in your eyes."

Colin frowned, "I mean, when you say it like that…"

She quickly leaned toward him, taking him into a quick hug as she finished, "I'll say it however I want, my love. Now, have we everything we need?"

Colin sighed, just now coming down off his blush, before digging his hand into his pocket and pulling out a slip of paper, "Uh… Yep, looks like it. I crossed out 'handmade pastries' since they wouldn't survive the trip, but I did notice you adding some to a bag."

"It'll be fine for my Sisters. They'll be happy to know I picked up some cooking skills; I was out on patrol one night, by myself, with only a stalk of herbs to nibble on for a night or two," Kyra reminisced, unhappily, "They were quite upset when I returned; we're supposed to be-"

She cleared her throat, putting out her chest dramatically as she took on a deep voice, most likely impersonating a superior of hers, "Had I known you had the same ability as a boar when it came to cooking, I'd have sent you to the orcs where you might have at least pilfered a stewed corpse!"

Colin replied, amused, "Talk about hardcore."

"Yes," Kyra murmured, unhappily, "Needless to say, I was up the whole night trying to braise whatever critter I could come across. Our bodies are weapons just the same; we're expected to nourish them accordingly, and especially in the lush lands of Ashenvale, along with our comradery, we're also expected to make it somewhat tasty."

"So, they'll be happy to see that I've expanded my horizons somewhat," Kyra shrugged, smiling as she turned toward Colin, "Plus, I'm sure they'd be thrilled to meet the reason why I no longer am a part of them."

Colin rubbed his arm nervously, "Great. I'm definitely sure 'thrilled' is the right word to describe it."

"Come on; I wasn't that good," Kyra rolled her eyes, "Especially considering Vylira, I had shoes I had no reason to even attempt to fill. I'm sure a few of them were happy to be rid of me deep down."

She carefully put away the pastries before sliding the bag along the wagon, patting her hands against its wooden frame as she released a vigorously enthusiastic sigh, smiling up toward the sky, "Ahhh! Well, my darling, shall we be going?"

Colin shrugged, "I see nothing missing, so I see no reason to stay any longer. Unless there's some nostalgic reason."

Kyra smiled, her mi d wandering as she spoke, "My heart is stuck between two homes I'm bound to. If I'm not homesick for this home, I'm homesick for Teldrassil. You know, you've truly ruined me."

She threw a wry grin his way as Colin scoffed weakly, "Oh please, Ms. Shadowmoon. I believe you were the one who wanted so desperately to leave your home. You hate hippogryphs more than a plate of mushrooms yet you were so ready to leave that you hopped on top of one to come catch me."

She shrugged, "I was charmed by you being a man of the world. "

"And a tad impulsive."

Kyra agreed, easily, "And a tad impulsive, yes."

The two of them made their way up to the front of the horseless wagon, stepping into the small vehicle and making themselves as comfortable as they could be, which included Kyra wrapping a thin blanket around her to keep warm in the blustery wind of Stonetalon. Colin was busy running his hands together, sparks flying out toward the front of the wagon as he worked up a spell within his fingers, the wagon suddenly jerking up into the air a few inches before lurching forward.

"Voila!" Colin exclaimed happily, crossing his arms as he leaned back in his seat while the wagon slowly went along, "You couldn't get this kind of service with another man, that's for sure."

At Kyra's silent reply, Colin turned to her, noticing her fingers slowly extending as she quietly counted in her head, leaving Colin with a weak frown, "Okay, okay; maybe a few others."

"Dalaran is still aloft correct?" Kyra asked, feigning sincerity before grinning sneakily.

Colin's eyes rolled pithily, his lips curling in dissatisfaction as he sighed, "Yeah, yeah."

Having had her fun, Kyra scooted closer toward him, enough that their shoulders touched, leaving her to turn her head up toward his, their faces meeting one another's while she smiled, concluding simply, "Service with a smile, right?"

Colin acquiesced, offering an easy smile as he sighed, "I suppose so."

Kyra's lips led the way as she gave him the slightest, loving peck on the lips before turning her head and nuzzling her face into his neck for a moment, "There's no one else on this world like you."

Shrugging, Colin only cocked a grin, "Well now you're just showing off."

Kyra only smiled as she curled up closer to her mate, comforted by the gently rocking of the wagon as it slowly began to swerve down one of the divots in the mountain peaks, beginning its descent toward the desert at its foot. The same contraption that had so impressed Eldris worked tirelessly as it went, Colin's magic ensuring it worked consistently regardless of decline, allowing for the two to simply enjoy its steady movements.

"So, the Echo Isles," Colin spoke up aloud, "Any reason?"

Kyra thought for a moment before meandering toward an answer, "I don't know. Just seemed pretty neat to see, as long as they're fine with having some night elf trouncing around."

"Believe me, a human is far more unwanted," Colin assured readily, "I'm sure my silver tongue will serve us well in that respect, though. The first time I ever showed up, even though my broken-as-a-gnome's-wizzwaz speech, they were almost mystified to see Zadalari coming from a human, almost like it was biologically impossible. Though, truly, there are some concepts and conjugations that a human tongue can't replicate, but you learn to get around them, though even that's easy; I rarely speak of the Loa anyway, and most of it's on the theological side where the language gets-"

He turned to Kyra, whose eyes were locked onto his face, which dropped dispassionately as he concluded, "I'm boring you."

"Not at all," she smiled, "I love hearing you excited. Maybe that's why I chose the isles first."

Colin's face warped into a gracious look as he smiled lightly, a pang running through his chest as he realized, for a single time out of an truly infinitesimal number, how much he loved and adored this woman. Kyra only lowered her head onto his shoulder, her eyes peering out into the vast distance, making out the gray landscape of Desolace just over a fair collection of mountaintops.

"Care to continue?" she asked.

Colin chuckled, nodding as his head rested atop of her own, "Well, there's one sound that goes something like 'zzztithhhh' but with a sort of wiry depth to it. The first time I'd heard it, it was so magnanimously foreign, like the idea of seeing a brand new color. But apparently it refers to the nature of the Loa in a very general sense, like their very essence in this world, but in a…"

They rolled along, with only the world before them. Having overcome moonkin, orcs, the vastness between Ashenvale and Stormwind for a year; having come out from beneath the fierce eyes of the Dragon Aspects, survived one another in Booty Bay, and challenging Kyra's eldest brother and even winning against the death of Kyra's father. Having survived everything the wild wastes of Northrend could throw their way, they had nothing to face but their own future.

But, of course, that's never the case. For when you live so many years, so many more lifetimes, it's never really that easy.

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