A Meeting of Worlds - Harry Potter x Assassins Creed

Newly appointed Minister of Magic Millicent Bagnold was terrified.

Torn between desperation and fear, she had been forced to come here and ask for aid.

That Monster had given her no other option she could think of, and she had tried. Years of fighting both Him and the Wizengamot to allow her Aurors to actually do anything of worth in the conflict had taken their toll on her.

Almost anything was better than this.

She stood before the large double doors, ancient oak inlaid with cold iron studs. The walls were thick stone and the gardens that surrounded her were ornate but she could recognise the strategic placements and designs of the garden from her Auror experience. The almost archer slit windows of the house added to the impression that to attack this building would be a major mistake.

The small boxes with the red lights followed her movement; she felt like a specimen under observation and didn't like the sensation, not one bit.

The double doors swung open and a backlit figure motioned her to enter. She looked over the simple but impressive decor of the historic building and flinched as the two bland and almost identical guards moved towards her.

"Apologies Ma'am, but we need you to leave your wand and any other weapons with us here. You will place the items in this box; you will lock it and retain the key for your security. Once that is done, we'll give you a quick sweep to make sure nothing has been missed, then you can attend your appointment."

She nodded shakily, even with a calming smile; these men moved like Alastor did when he was on edge. Her gut screamed danger at her, but she soldiered on.

It was unnerving but then again, what should she expect having come to Witch Hunters for help.

Thinking it better safe than sorry regarding their possible reactions to some of her belongings, she placed her wand and anything magical on her except her wedding ring and robes into the box, she grasped hold of the key with a death grip.

The guards waved some sort of muggle wand over her and each called out clear once they had finished their checks.

They both moved back to their posts as a door opened to one side and a tall austere man entered the hall. Pale brown, almost dirty blonde hair slicked back in a manner similar to Abraxas Malfoy, cold blue eyes focused on her and seemed to penetrate to her soul. He looked her over and then gave her a small nod. "Minister Bagnold, a pleasure to meet you, please come in."

She nodded in response and followed the man into a study she would be proud to own herself. Old and rare books lined three walls, above the fireplace was a strange crest, similar to the crusaders cross, with a crossed sword and axe beneath it, a small fire warming the room. To one side sat a glass cabinet with strange contraptions resting on velvet. A large antique mahogany desk drew the eye and the man sat in the matching chair marked with religious icons.

Having settled he motioned to one of the chairs opposite the desk, "Please, sit. Drink?"

"If you don't mind." She managed to say without stuttering.

He nodded and a few seconds later the door opened and a young woman entered the room with a tray with a tea set upon it. The resemblance too close to be anything but family, a daughter perhaps. The woman smiled and poured out a cup of tea for Millicent, exactly as she liked it.

Millicent took the hint.

Having taken a sip of his own tea and allowed himself a sigh of pleasure, the man focused his entire attention upon Millicent as the woman moved into her place by the door. "Before we begin, please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your recent promotion. I hope you have many good years in the position as Minister. With that out of the way, on to business. I am surprised that one of your kind has come to request our aid, especially one with such rank as you. I was of the belief that it was against your laws to allow such an event to happen. Even then, I would have expected an intermediary rather than in person. You must be desperate indeed."

Swallowing her pride, Millicent nodded, "We are losing. It's not if but when. The Dark Lord is brutal and efficient in his plans and actions. He has somehow rediscovered the Taboo spell, for a magical to merely speak his name will draw his attention. Then he sends a strike team to hunt his prey. A few, he personally deals with. We have taken extensive losses and the people are on the edge of just surrendering rather than fight any more. The mere sight of him causes morale to shatter and my people to flee. I need allies who can stop him."

"Allies who can stop him... and what price would you be willing to pay if we were to aid you."

"Once he is done with us, he will come for the muggles, you have no chance against him and his armies without our help."

The man chuckled, "Believe what you will. I asked you a question. No bravado, no bluster. How desperate are you to be sitting within these halls? Sitting before me and asking for my help?"

She tried to maintain eye contact with him before turning away, "What do you want?"

"From my sources, you are in dire need of funds, manpower and intelligence on your enemies. You have recalled everything you have and you are in dire need of something to change the war. So I shall give you what you desire. I shall change the war. Provide you gold to spend to acquire materials and manpower. I will give you information on your enemies. I shall even have a few removed from the conflict. In return you will provide me with a few small items."

When she looked up at him with a flicker of hope in her eyes he smiled internally as he struck.

"My price is a complete copy of all your texts, all of them. Including those held in that mysterious little department of yours. I will require the gold to be returned with a five percent compound interest per year until repaid. I will require a seat on your Wizengamot, I will of course assign a proxy there as my agent to keep an eye on things. The Ministry of Magic will owe my Order a debt which will be repaid as we call upon it. And finally a magical child, healthy and unaltered. I don't care about lineage, preferably less than six months old."

"Why would Witch Hunters want a magical child?"

When he smiled at her all she could think of was a kneazle playing with its prey, "My dear lady, who ever said we were Witch Hunters."


"The exchange was completed without problem Madam Minister."

"Good." Millicent rubbed her eyes, she had thought herself tired of the war before, now it was much worse. The prices she was having to pay to keep her people safe were weighing upon her conscience, it had been a while since she had a good night's sleep without nightmares. "Tell me what happened."

The auror nodded, "We met at the agreed time and place, the warehouse was empty of anything bar a large muggle contraption with a smaller one beside it, the larger one had a room sized box on its back. A muggle woman matching the description you gave us exited the smaller one. She advanced towards us remaining just out of the light from the contraption, waiting at a mid-point. I advanced to meet her, Aurors Brown and McKinnon guarding the flanks, the Aurors Prewitt guarded our extraction and backs, Apprentice Auror Shacklebolt carried the bag of texts and the... package. Auror Bones was sent to check on the cargo in the larger contraption. Bones confirmed the contents, five tons of unmarked gold bullion. She attached the portkeys and sent the crates to the secure site. Aurors Black and Potter confirmed arrival at the secure site and then portkeyed the crates and their contents to the second site to prevent possible tracking or information leaks. They then voluntarily underwent obliviation of the secondary location to secure that information. Shacklebolt delivered the... package and bag to the muggle and she returned to the contraption. The muggles exited the warehouse and my team cleaned the site of any traces. We walked to the extraction point and took the portkey which we then destroyed upon arrival. The team debriefed, underwent voluntary obliviations of the nights events and returned to their duties. They know they were on a top secret mission and that officially they were on patrol that night. I came directly here. Permission to speak freely Minister."

She nodded to him. "Go ahead."

"What in Merlin's name are you doing? You sold a magical child to muggles for gold! Never mind the magic amongst muggles issue. But a child for money! Where the hell did my mentor go?"

Millicent sighed, "I sold my pride, honour and soul to win the war Frank, for all the other children. We're losing, Merlin, it's only a matter of time until we've lost. I'm doing what I can to save as many lives as possible and get rid of the Dark Lord." She sighed again and threw her quill onto the desk. "Go home. See your wife and son."

Frank Longbottom grunted before storming towards the door.

"Frank!" Millicent called out, relieved when he stopped. "I'm already going to hell for this, don't do anything that means you'll follow me. You're too good a man to be like me."


Sybil Trelawney sat before the desk, attentive and focused upon the man opposite her. Once again she nervously flicked some imaginary lint from the sleeves of her suit.

"You summoned me sir?"

"I did indeed, you are up to date with events in your world. This Dark Lord matter."

Knowing that it was a rhetorical question, she answered anyway. "Yes sir, well aware. I'm not important enough for the attention of the big players, so I am ignored for the most part."

"Good. Your record says your ancestor was a Cassandra Trelawney, a Seer I believe the term is. Do you have any of that talent?"

"Unfortunately, not that I am aware of sir."

"Pity. But you know the craft, the signs and such. Could you replicate an event?"

"You mean a Prophesy? I could with a little set up and preparation. The timing is difficult, but I could probably manage it. Might I ask why sir?"

"You will be entering a long term, deep cover mission. The current divination teacher for Hogwarts is about to have an unforeseen accident. You are to apply for the position and during the interview, you will provide a Prophesy to the Headmaster. The wording can be worked on with your handler, your expertise would be useful in combination with their understanding of the target. It must be as genuine as possible, there must be no doubts in his mind."

"I understand sir."

"We predict that you will be hired and become a political prisoner within Hogwarts. We will call upon you from time to time for minor missions. Is this agreeable?"

"I can do this sir. Who is my handler?"

He picked up a file and checked a note, "Your contact will be an Argus Filch."


"So this is the child. What do we know?"

The woman opened the file and began to read out the information held within. "There is a very basic magical file, everything of importance is either from our side or gathered from investigations already completed. The child's name is Irene Holmes, daughter of Firstborn witch Branwen Holmes nee Gwythyr and a normal father Benedict Holmes. Both deceased as of three days ago. Both murdered by Deatheaters whilst sleeping, they sealed the house and set it on fire. Magical police arrived during the attack and managed to rescue the girl. Report holds that she had produced a sphere of clean air around her keeping the smoke away. No living kin on either side of the border according to our investigations. The girl is just under five months old, perfectly healthy and has a good set of lungs when upset, that part I can promise you."

With a slight glare at the dozing child for the headache she currently had from said crying, she turned the pages in the file to reach the next section. "Benedict Holmes was an only child, good family, suitable family assets, had excellent health and was physically fit. Well educated, enough to be considered as a potential Initiate for the higher circles, not just grunt work. Became a lecturer at Bristol University after serving in the Army for a tour in Northern Ireland, medically discharged due to injuries received in the field, bomb shrapnel and sniper injury, met Branwen through his Lectures. His later political leanings and actions deemed him unsuitable for recruitment and as such was listed for observation. Any children he would have were also marked for observation."

Turning to some parchment held in the file, "Branwen was a member of Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts before she left aged 15 having finished her OWLs with 9 O's. Many tutors have marked their disappointment at her choice and several offered her apprenticeships in an attempt to tempt her to stay. Officially, she left due to wanting to return to the normal world having been unable to deal with the transition. Unofficially, she was sexually assaulted by at least one other student, from what we have managed to gather, it is much more likely to have been a group. The only individual we know was involved was another member of Ravenclaw who was too well connected to be charged, case was dropped due to lack of evidence against citizens of outstanding character. Her medical records from Hogwarts were lost in the transfer to the ministry for the case. Seeing as they were transferred directly we know they were lost purposefully at the ministry. She returned home and barely missed a gas leak incident, the results of which killed the rest of her family less than a week after she returned. She had apparently missed her last train and stayed at a friend's, the police were still investigating the scene when she returned home. The stress triggered a miscarriage, she was unaware she was pregnant at that point. I believe that this incident was a poor cover up by magicals of a murder attempt. Self-study and good exams got her into university where she met her future husband who was eleven years her senior."

Turning to some printed sheets, "They married two years ago and moved shortly after due to a new lecturers position Benedict acquired at Sheffield University, Branwen was employed as his teaching assistant. Both parents were highly intelligent and studious individuals. Both healthy with no known genetic issues. No deformities or issues from the birth in the child."

The man nodded. "Good, find out the names of those who attacked the girl's mother in school and the names of the Deatheaters involved in her parents murders. We may revisit those incidents later." He looked the woman up and down for a moment before smiling at her. "I do believe I have an excellent candidate in mind to raise the child. Irene Holmes died with her parents, ensure the proper documents are dealt with. Hermione Granger will be given the very best education and training we can provide."

"Hermione Granger?"

"Of course, I always did like that name and my granddaughter will be a worthy bearer of it."

"Granddaughter... Father!?"

"Who else did you think I would allow to raise such an important part of the Project. I trust no-one more than my own blood to raise her to the proper standards."

"But I'm not even married!"

"And? It's a modern world child, you need to adapt, to move with the times. Anyway I thought you were dating that Willows fellow?"

He ignored his flustered daughter and chuckled as he leant down over the crib where his new granddaughter tried to reach his face. "Hello little one, I have great plans for you and Project Heka. Welcome to the family."



Alexander Granger sat in his chair looking at his granddaughter over the records he was reading. She sat at attention, aware of her surroundings and waiting for his judgement. He smiled internally at her alert state and the fact that her eyes constantly observed her surroundings.

Nodding in approval he placed the file down and looked at her over steepled fingers.

"I am very proud of you Hermione, your mum, mother and father would also be proud of you." Her smile lit the room for him. "We have received the letter from the school as expected and we will proceed as planned."

He stood and motioned her to follow him. "Your test results are more than excellent, physical, educational and magical. Your tutors are all pleased with your progress."

"Thank you granddad."

"You are most welcome child. Now, you are about to enter relatively unfamiliar territory. We have limited access to the magical world through adult agents and wish to learn everything we can, strengths and weaknesses. The chance for information gained during your education is too great an opportunity to miss out on. Any sign of a piece of Eden is to be reported for analysis. Do not attempt to acquire any such item yourself without authorisation and support. I want you to do your best, but make sure you are safe, make friends and allies. We will be proud of you no matter what you choose to do."

"I'll make you proud granddad, I just wish mum was here too."

He smiled sadly and knelt beside her, gathering her into a hug, "Me too little one, me too."

After a moment he stood and patted her on her head, "Go get ready, we have your first contact with a future tutor in ten minutes. Remember the cover story and everything should be fine. May the Father of Understanding protect and guide you."

She smiled up at him, "You too granddad, you too."


AN: The last two paragraphs, particularly the last 2 lines, were something that jumped into my mind one day whilst playing Assassins Creed. Then came the 'What if' moment. What if the AC universe was the same as the Potterverse. What if Hermione Granger was raised by the Templars and could get access to an Animus. What would Harry Potter be like in his war against Voldemort be like if the Bleed Effect came into play?

All good and fun questions to play with.

As for Alexander Granger, I couldn't help but imagine Charles Dance in that role, its difficult not to after Tywin Lannister.