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* I wrote this today - not sure where it came from, just had to get it down onto paper.

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Character deaths.

Tissues. (Maybe needed)

Our boys as older men.

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I'm eighty-six today,

And a long life I've led.

Risking my own,

to save others instead.

International Rescue,

Had been my father's dream.

When he had gone,

I led the rescue team.

My family beside me,

Kept others hopes alive.

Right till the end,

When he didn't survive.

The rescue that broke us,

Was a normal routine.

A fire took him,

And his great green machine.

Our beautiful brother,

Was taken far too soon.

His laughter gone,

And his musical tune.

He was only thirty,

A father he'd become.

Two small children,

Whose lives were overcome.

An unbearable grief,

In our hearts and souls hung.

Oh, my brother,

Why did you die so young?

Alongside their mother,

His two children we raised.

They both grew up,

And his memory remained.

Our lives all continued,

In our own special way.

And my brothers,

Are still alive today.

They now sit beside me,

Reminiscing good times.

Laughter ensues,

Remembering our prime.

Their children beside them.

And grandchildren as well,

All together.

For my final farewell.

The silence engulfs them,

When I struggle for air.

My time has come,

And they are in despair.

I tell them I'm ready,

And no longer in pain.

I close my eyes,

And I leave their domain.

That's when I realise.

That I don't feel the cold.

I'm fit and young,

And no longer feel old.

When my eyes reopen,

Thunderbird One I see.

She's sitting there,

And she's waiting for me.

I run up to my bird,

And let out a big smile.

I missed you girl,

It's really been awhile.

When I hear a deep roar,

I look up at the sky.

The green machine.

Is now landing nearby.

I take a step forwards,

When the door opens wide.

It's my brother,

Climbing down from inside.

He runs right up to me,

And he holds me real tight.

I breathe in deep,

As I'm filled with delight.

We need to get going,

He says with a big grin.

Father's waiting,

And our mothers with him.

So, we climb in our birds,

And bring them into flight.

Brothers soaring,

Into the bright white light.