Rated T for language and funny humor


Alia sighed as she turned a page in her book, her Pokémon Snowyla laid by her feet despite being big. Not that Alia minded since her friend was a real sweetheart and was real gentle when they were not in a Pokémon battle. Alia peered at her dog and smiled not caring that her Arcanine was not normal at all given that the usual Arcanine was either brownish orange with a whitish mane and black stripes, that or it could take on a golden yellow form with black stripes while its was white mane. This Arcanine on the other hand was pure white including it's mane while its stripes were black and it's eyes were dark blue. To Alia it was a special Pokémon that was not valued and was considered a runt. On her travels with Red she had came across this beautiful Pokémon near Lavender Town before leaving to Celadon. If anything the man selling the litter of pups was eager to get rid of Snowyla regardless of payment or not since to him it looked wrong and abnormal. Something Alia took offense to because of her psychic heritage.

Alia the moment she saw her friend fell in love with how beautiful and playful, how loving this creature could be and how it was so loyal regardless. Even Red was amazed once he spotted her coming towards him at the Pokémon Centre with the pup in her arms. It was a fighter despite it's adorable looks.

"I don't think it's from this region, I wonder how the man came across it" Red commented as she threw a stick for an eager Snowyla to chase after.

"I don't know but he was so eager to get rid of it and no one wanted it, it looks fine and the nurse says she's in good health. Maybe it's a genetic change I don't know but I think she's perfect the way she is and no one can say otherwise" Alia said with a smile as Cubone had been sleeping in her lap.

Alia sighed as she soon turned a page the moment the clock struck eleven, however just as she was about to resume reading she rolled her eyes and looked up.

"Just about-" The front door opened revealing a red head kissing a blond girl who was wearing revealing clothes. "Now…" Alia rolled her eyes and mentally groaned while Snowyla gave the pair a bland look as her tail moved up and plopped on the ground, even she was getting fed up like her master was with how this free loader kept coming into the house with all these girls.

"Typical, girl number twenty six is it?" Alia muttered sarcastically.

"Just who does this guy think he is? This is not his house!" Snowyla barked mentally as she looked at Alia's bland look. Just hearing her friend's comment reminded Alia of N a trainer who was also able to hear what Pokémon said but in the physical terms, Alia however could hear their words mentally due to her sensitive hearing and rolled her eyes.

"I hear you, honestly darn his Pokémon for destroying his house" Alia muttered darkly after all he could have easily taken the girls there, but oh no her house had to endure the making out.

"No doubt he's drunk again as well" Snowyla said dryly as Alia raised a brow and turned to look at the pair who went upstairs, she shook her head as she stared at them angrily.

"Bet you they pass out this time" Alia muttered as she stared at her Pokémon with a frown.

"With luck, bright side they pass out the moment they hit the bed" Snowyla said grudgingly.

"What do you mean?" she asked with a confused look as the dog smirked slightly.

"Petila uses sleep powder on the bed so they can't do anything and pass out automatically when they hit the bed" Alia blinked in surprise.

"So wait… let me get this straight, that's why Silver wakes up confused and has his-"Alia paused and shook her head. Mystery solved to her relief. The last thing she wanted was to hear noises that would leave her cringing, after all she would be going to her room and hearing that next door to her dismay.

"So bed it is now?" Snowyla asked with a shake of her head and stood up, Alia sighed and stood up and closed her book after bookmarking it.

"Might as well, I was staying up to see if he was going to be sober but I was wrong about that" she said with a frown and scowled in dislike. This was not going to be fun in the morning.

As expected Alia was at the kitchen when it was nine, during that time Petila her Vileplume was eating breakfast since she had been sleeping outside while soaking up the moonlight beams. Something Alia found interested but had to wait for another time since she had work at a shop. Alia soon took a sip of her drink only to look up and see the blond woman enter the kitchen, the sleepy woman who was still hung over paused as she saw Alia.

"Welcome to my house" Alia raised a cup as if saying cheers "had fun last night?" she asked with a cheerful sarcastic smile that said 'might want to leave or else it won't be pretty' but the woman groaned at Alia and went to get a cup of water while wearing a black shirt belonging to Silver.

"Look I don't know who you are but-ugh, can I get some medicine?" the woman asked while Alia frowned.

"Sorry but this place isn't a chemist, the medicine you seek is outside in an actually shop" Alia replied blandly causing the woman to glare at her.

"How can you not pack-?" the woman winced from the headache.

"I don't drink and I see no reason to pack stuff like that" Alia replied bluntly. "So, why are you here?"

"What are you my mother?" the woman asked coldly as her long blond hair was still messy from sleeping.

"Actually I'm the owner of this house and that guy you were making out with is a freeloader who's about to be kicked out for bringing girl number twenty six into my house" Alia said while her tone had some bite in it causing the woman to pause from drinking from one of the glasses, she placed the glass down and stared at Alia in shock not believing her ears. "You have five minutes" Alia added bluntly causing the woman to take a few steps back.

"Oh and clean up that glass please while you're at it" Alia added before looking at her book with a bored look on her face, meanwhile Snowyla entered the room with a glare and growled startling the woman enough to wash the glass shakily and bolt out the room to change so she could get out. There was no way she was messing with a girl like Alia especially in the morning while she was nursing a hangover.

"Thank goodness for that" Alia muttered knowing that she once again had to chase out her rival's trash.

"Why do you bother? It's his mess he should deal with it" Snowyla snapped as she went to eat.

"He is becoming a problem, is he even alright in the head?" Petila asked with a sigh as she was getting a headache from having to use her sleep powder to avoid the guest room from being defiled. The first time Silver had came close Kailen- Alia's Alakazam had threatened Silver's Gengar to do something to stop his master from ruining the room. Given how the psychic Pokémon and Alia could hear what was going on in the room to their dismay, which in turn led to the ghost Pokémon using hypnosis on the pair in the room. Not that Silver would remember what his Pokémon did to Gengar's relief.

"Who knows but he needs to be taught a lesson" Snowyla huffed "This is our home before he stepped foot in here! We should have rights to have peaceful days and nights without him bringing trash home" she added while Alia sighed agreeing with her friend a lot.

"What did I miss?" a unicorn like Pokémon who had a fiery blue mane instead of either a usual red fire or a smoky grey fire for a mane entered from the kitchen door, the Pokémon tilted it's head in curiosity.

"The fool brought more trash into the house" Snowyla commented blandly as she rested on her stomach.

"Oh dear not another one" the unicorn like Pokémon shook her head in disappointment.

"Tell me about it Rapida" Alia huffed as she eat her breakfast looking annoyed. Soon the object of their annoyance entered the room groaning from his massive hangover.

"Had fun jackass?" Alia asked with a glare as her arms rested on the table, Silver raised a brow as he tried to glare but the light made it hard for him to keep focusing on that task.

"Shut up, my head hurts" he muttered while Alia rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Well no one told you to drink and we both know you're a light weight when it comes to drinking that stuff" Alia said bluntly "Honestly why drink stuff that could destroy your organs?" she added as he sat down to drink water.

"Why do we not pack medicine?" Silver asked with a question of his own as there was nothing for his headache.

"I don't drink nor do I plan to, besides I see other methods to deal with a headache. You on the other hand just like to mess around and bring trash into my house" she said darkly.

"Ugh please stop it, my head-"

"Silver that's number twenty six and I'm getting tired of it, in fact my friends are as well and we're getting to the point that we're making bets on what you do and what time you come back" Alia said sternly as he glared at her weakly.

"What I do is my business-"

"Then move out my house and GET A JOB!" she added the last part angrily causing him to wince from the loud tone. "Unlike you I don't see any reason to go out and get wasted, plus I'm not crashing in a rival's house when my Pokémon messed up my house. You need to be more responsible and pay rent" Silver shot her a look, oh no she wasn't! "After all if you can waste money on drinking you can easily pay your damn rent. This is my house Silver and I am not allowing this anymore" she added crossly as she glared at him angrily. Snowyla and Petila made noises of agreement while Rapida shook her head with a frown. Showing that she wasn't amused by the young man's actions.

"Alia you're being unreasonable-" he muttered.

"OH I'M BEING UNREASONABLE?!" she snapped not caring about his hangover as he cringed "I allowed you to stay here 3 months ago, hoping you'd get your act together and get everything sorted only instead of doing just that you're going out doing whatever you want! I was nice enough not to charge you rent and allowed you to eat here but instead of paying me back for my generosity you've been doing the opposite and have been insulting me with your behaviour" She ranted as he covered his ears from the ringing noises forming thanks to her loud voice that was getting louder with every sentence. "You are twenty five Silver and we are adults! Unlike you I've been working my fingers to the bone while you've been doing what? What have you been doing for work?"

"Battling what else-?" Alia scoffed at his weak reply.

"Battling trainers only gets you so much, how about a real job?" she snapped while Rapida's eyes went wide.

"In a way she does have a point, he should be working at this age and even his Pokémon are getting bored" Rapida commented with a soft noise as she watched.

"I will get my house sorted, I was going to speak to the realtor about it. Just stop hassling me" Silver whined from the headache that was growing.

"Oh well halleluiah! It's about time!" Silver whined as Alia slammed her cup on the table. "Seriously Silver here I was thinking you weren't taking things seriously" she said sarcastically.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Silver muttered darkly as he tried to keep his head from trying to split from the headache.

"Girl number 26?" Alia said darkly.

"Who?" he asked with a dull look.

"Long blond hair, long legs, short skirt" Alia said darkly as she almost gritted her teeth had her dentist told her to avoid it but it was proving hard given who she was living with.

"Don't remember" he muttered matching her tone causing her eyes to go wide.

"ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!" she snapped angrily.

"Why would I joke? Honestly Alia can you turn your volume down?" he asked wearily as she now gnashed her teeth in anger.

"Get to your room and sort yourself out, then when you get your ass back down here we're going to have a serious talk" she said coldly causing him to glare but didn't argue since his head was still hurting.

"Moron really? He has the gals to speak to me like that?" she spat coldly while Snowyla growled. Kailen Alia's Alakazam entered the room with a sigh.

"The boy was at it again?" he asked while a blue alligator entered the room with a large badger like Pokémon entered with it.

"He's going to be moving out soon" Alia muttered darkly.

"I can only hope" Snowyla muttered as the two Pokémon who entered with Kailen looked at the snowy Pokémon in surprise.

"Don't tell me it was another one!" the badger like Pokémon whined.

"It was I'm afraid Cynda" Rapida said as Alia gave her some water causing the badger Pokémon to growl.

"The sooner he's out the sooner I can sleep without this fuss" Cynda snapped while the alligator like Pokémon groaned as it went to get something to eat.

"Just thinking about this is giving me a headache" the blue alligator muttered.

"You and me both Feral" Alia muttered darkly "you and me both" she added before she sipped her drink.

By the time it was noon Silver entered the room feeling more better than he was earlier that day, wearing his usual black and blue clothes he spotted Alia reading given that it was her day off. Biting the inside of his cheek he went towards her.

"Alia…" he paused and mentally winced as she didn't look at him "s-sorry about this morning" he said almost forcing his words out due to how uncomfortable the situation was.

"Hmm" she stared at her page causing him to sigh.

"I deserve that" he said.

"You deserve more than that asshole" she muttered causing him to wince from her mental insult.

"Okay that I deserve but Alia-"

"Don't Alia me, this is my house and you're bringing women here for flings. Something that I don't appreciate one bit, now I have been patient but this has gone on long enough" she said coldly as she looked up at him while he sat down.

"I get it, I messed up" he said while pushing his hair from his eyes. "Can't we-"

"Not going to happen, I've tolerated it for so long but now this is where I draw the line. From now on you are going to pay rent whether you like it or not, if you don't like it find somewhere else to live because it's getting to the point where we both know that we're both adults who need space and yet see things more differently than the other" this made Silver confused.

"I don't follow" he commented as he leaned on the couch not happy about the rent but knew that he had crossed some lines and had made her upset with his behaviour.

"Unlike you I seek meaningful relationships. However despite not finding the right person I remain rooted to my work, you on the other hand like to get drunk and fling yourself onto women you've never met" she said bluntly causing him to frown at the comment.

"What I do is none of your business-"

"While you are under my roof it is my business Silver Sakaki" this made him cringe given that she was using his full name and he hated that it was being used in this sentence. "You're not an animal, you need to learn responsibility and need to respect the opposite gender"

"Of course I resp-"

"I do not count since you use to be rude and pushed me a lot when we were children and you still have a mouth on you" she said dryly causing him to wince as she stopped his rant.

"Okay I deserve that but you can't say-"

"Twenty six girls Silver, each one only lasted for one night" she added coldly as she slammed her book shut and glared at him.

"Why are you counting?" he asked crossly.

"Because this is my house and you've been bringing women after women after women, just when I think you stop you bring more. Just three days ago you brought two girls you asshole!" she snapped causing him to wince, okay he didn't remember that and he woke up the next day with a hangover and two women in his bed.

"Nothing happened" he said with a cross look.

"Oh I know! Petila made sure of that" she spat causing his eyebrows to go up.


"Sleep powder ring any bells?" she spat once again as his eyes to go wide.

"That sneaky son of a-"

"Do not get rude to my Pokémon!" She snapped "This is our house and you're the house guest, now you have two choices here. Find yourself a rich girl and stay with her or GET A BLOODY JOB AND MOVE OUT!" she snapped as she pointed at the door after she stood up. Silver stood up and met her glare with his own.

"I am trying to move out"

"Hah! Tell that to the money you've been burning over alcohol and the women you've been bringing home!" she said in a sarcastic tone. "You are anything but serious or committed and it's getting on my nerves" she snapped.

"I am committed! I am a Pokémon trainer after all" he snapped back.

"Oh really and how is that coming along?" she asked coldly "Why are you not trying to use your skills to tutor children? Why are you not doing jobs in that industry instead of doing nothing in my house or going out to train?" she asked crossly causing him to pause from his rant, he closed his mouth before opening it a minute later.

"What about you? You're not working as a trainer or a teacher? Instead you're not doing anything remotely close to that" he countered as he remembered her working in a shop that involved photography.

"Well it's different and it gives my friends a break from having to work so much" she replied "besides it gives us enough to live under a roof, only you're eating through the electricity and the bills are climbing up because of what you're doing" she ranted as she folded her arms.

"No doubt it's making your Pokémon soft" he said bluntly only to hear Snowyla growl darkly causing the hairs on his neck to go up at the tone.

"You were saying" Alia said coldly.

"Okay! I admit I am slacking off a bit" Alia's look said otherwise "Okay a lot! But I will look for work"

"What about these girls and your drinking habits?" she asked darkly as she kept her arms folded, this left him frowning.

"Fine I'll stop doing it" Alia rolled her eyes.

"Famous last words" she muttered under her breath before a thought entered her mind.

"Why not find a girl and see if you can be in a meaningful relationship?" she suggested with a shrug as he folded his arms in reply.

"Because there are none who are interested, they just throw themselves and last time I checked relationships down always last" he commented causing her to raise a brow.

"That's not true, what about Ethan and Lyra?" she asked sharply.

"She was dating me first remember?" he said dryly.

"Before she saw sense and went with Ethan, weeks later they're still together" she countered with a look.

"That's just them" Alia's eyes narrowed.

"Okay smart guy, how about a bet- a deal to see who's right?" she said before realizing what she was about to do. Snowyla stared at her master oddly not knowing where this was going. Silver meanwhile raised a brow looking curious.

"A…bet?" he asked sounding unsure about where this was going.

"Hmm hmm! Yup a bet! If you can date a girl and stay with her for one month I'll acknowledge that you're capable of being responsible and can truly be mature enough to make grown up decisions" Alia said bluntly as she nodded from her deal.

"But who's going to date me?" he smirked at her as he leaned close causing their breaths to mingle slightly. "Last time I checked no girls are allowed in the house since you're banning me from letting them in" Alia paused as she took in his words.

"You can use me as a test subject, see where you're going wrong but there is a catch" This left him baffled. "I can do whatever I want to push you away and you have to try and avoid breaking up with me. If you survive the month you can do whatever you want for a week" she said with a casual shrug.

"Okay, okay! Let me see if I got this straight, I'm going to date you" she nods "But why a month?" he asked now looking confused.

"Well" she paused "ten days is too short and two months to a year is too long" she commented.

"Right" he muttered not looking convinced but in a way it was reasonable to some extent.

"Think of it this way, you have a whole month to try and stay sane while enduring what I dish out since we both know things can go wrong, to prove it I'll do women have been doing that have caused some guys to run away. But you on the other hand have to endure it no matter what" Alia replied with a smirk. Silver on the other hand froze from hearing her words, wait… dish out? What was she up to? However just before he could ask what she was about to do, he paused from seeing her smirk. Just seeing her expression made Silver feel his stomach drop now having a bad feeling about this, however-

"So if I win, you will say that you are wrong and do what I want for a week?" he asked with a smirk now having a set of ideas brewing in his mind. Alia raised a brow from his thoughts but didn't comment.

"Sure but there's a catch" she said slyly as she folds her arms.

"And that is?" he asked.

"I can do whatever I want and touch you, but you can't touch me at all" she said as she tilted her head while her arms remained folded, Silver twitched in shock.

"How is that allowed?" he barked now glaring at her at the added part of their deal.

"Well, it shows how much restraint you have since you've proven that you're incapable of having such restraint" she said with a shrug as he glares at her comment. "But if you don't feel like you are up to the task-"

"Fine!" he snapped only to freeze from what he had just said as a glint appeared in her eyes.

"Pleasure doing business with you Silver" she said before shaking his now frozen hand. "See you tomorrow" she winked as she leaves the room now mentally smirking. Her Pokémon however just watched her go before staring at him in surprise. What did they all just witness?!

"What did I just get myself into?" he muttered now feeling like he had just done something stupid, and all because of his pride.

Alia during that time froze as she went to the kitchen.

"Um... what did I just agree to?" she asked looking stupefied by what took place.

What has he gotten himself into?

Note: Snowyla's colour scheme idea was not ripped from anyone, I had this idea for a while so no stealing please