Silver the next day looked as if he had not slept a wink the night before shocking Ethan the moment he spotted the red head.

"What happened to you?!" Ethan yelled before Silver who slowly noticed that the Marill trainer was in the room.

"Oh… it's you" Silver said slowly as he sat down on one of the chairs at the Pokémon day care centre, his mind was still a million miles away but his eyes were still fighting the urge to stay awake and yet did not close no matter how much he wanted to.

"What an earth happened?" Ethan asked causing his grandfather to rush in and almost have a heart attack from seeing Silver's appearance. He looked like a zombie due to the fact that he had next to no sleep thanks to Alia.

Silver meanwhile remained quiet as the grandfather looked at the tired male, he soon checked Silver's pulse to see if he was alive. To the old man's relief he was.

"Why are you even out boy if you're tired?" the grandfather shook his head almost tempted to walk away until his wife showed up.

"Oh dear… what happened to him?" she asked.

"Heavens if I know, it looks like he witnessed something traumatic" the old man said as he stroked his beard. Soon low groans entered their ears sounding as if the voice agreed with the statement.

"Okay Princess Sugar Plum Droopy Dancer" Alia said with a snicker causing him to freeze and turn to look at her with fury on his face.

"What… DID you call me?!" he asked as his voice went a tad bit higher.

"Oh I wasn't saying that to you" Alia said while her smirk grew, Silver's eyebrows went up as confusion settled in.

"Then who are you saying that to?" he snapped, no longer in the mood to play about.

"Uh hum…" she pointed at something while she released a snort followed by a stream of giggles. Silver curious looked down only he wished that he hadn't.

"No…" he muttered darkly as his voice shook from shock, at the same time he immediately felt himself shrivel up even more.

"M-hmm" she nodded with a loud laugh causing his right eye to twitch as the name settled into his mind.

"YOU NAMED MY WHAT YOU-?!" Silver screamed loudly causing some Murkrow to fly away while their cries blocked the rest of his words. But he paid no heed as he was too angry to say anything, his body trembled with rage as he glared at her. Oh he wanted to kill her for that! That was not right! First off-PRINCESS?! And then she had to add those horrific words to something of his!

Alia at that moment caved in and laughed as she laid on the floor while holding her stomach.

"Y-Your face Silvy Weavy!" she said while a flash near her caught his attention. Glaring at the flash his eyes narrowed at her Cubone with a camera in his hand.

"Give me that camera now" he said darkly as the small but cute dinosaur Pokémon looked up at him while eyeing the camera in his hand. "I'm not in the mood for this you stupid dinosaur!" Sadly for him Cubone refused to give the camera, instead it took a step back.

"Don't" Silver warned as he took a step closer, everything stood still as the pair stared at one another until Cubone sprinted away with the camera in tow causing Silver to ran after it.

"Run for your life Cubone before the angry Silver and his accomplice Princess Sugar Plum-" Alia laughed as she remained on the floor.

"Don't you dare finish that sentence!" Silver yelled as he chased her Cubone up the stairs, the red head as he ran was surprised at how fast it was considering that it was so small.

Sadly for Silver Cubone had thrown the camera high enough for one of Alia's bird Pokémon to catch, how Silver had missed the camera he didn't know. But he did remember almost breaking his nose from diving and hitting the stairs. However the worst he did sustain was a sore nose instead but nothing was broken.

"I want to kill that girl" Silver muttered after slowly remaining his bearings an hour later.

"What did she do?" Ethan asked in confusion.

"You have a girlfriend, figure it out" Silver spat in anger causing Ethan to blink.

"I don't get it, Lyra and I are happy" he said causing Silver to scowl.

"Well lucky you, I on the other hand have a sadistic woman for a girlfriend. Even if it's for a bet" Silver said in a snarky tone causing the old man to blink in surprise.

"Why would you make a bet like that?" Ethan's grandfather asked in surprise.

"What did she say or do?" Ethan asked as curiosity gnawed at him.

"I don't want to talk about it! Just remembering it is bad enough" Silver ranted causing both males to back off in shock.

"Okay okay!" Ethan said while putting his hands up showing that he was surrendering. "So what's one the agenda?" he asked before Silver's phone buzzed.

"What's up PSPDD?" Alia's message said, blinking he stared at the message with a sense of foreboding. Why did he find that message suspicious and what was with the letters at the end?

"What do those letters at the end mean?" Silver replied as Ethan looked but tried not to show that he was doing it. What seemed like ten minutes came a reply.

"Oh Silvy Weavy, you should know" Silver twitched.

"No I do not know!" he replied looking like he wanted to rant, part of him somehow suspect that she was laughing at him given the response time. That or she was doing that on purpose.

"Wow Silvy Weavy, you are so slow. Makes me wonder the reaction time of PSPDD" he almost growled as he leered at the response. Ethan's grandfather blinked at Ethan who shrugged.

"Who or what is-?" Silver tensed up and froze as a thought came to him, "No way… she wouldn't!" Silver mentally felt himself shrivel up from the thought before eyeing the phone with disgust.

"You did not just code name that thing!" he said causing Ethan to raise a brow from trying to peer over Silver's shoulder in order to read. What did Silver mean by that?

"Yes Silvy, yes I did" Silver gritted his teeth as he could imagine her smug look while she replied to his message, this was too much! To think she would remind him via text as well. But on the bright side at least it was a text and not a phone call.

"Stop naming it that! I'm a guy not a girl!" Silver ranted.

"So should I call it Princess Lulu then?" Silver's eyes twitched while he clenched his teeth. It was going to be like that huh?

"What if I name a part of you that you value? Wouldn't be funny would it?" Silver replied while trying not to break his phone in anger, Rocket grunts he could handle, his father abandoning him was the tip of the iceberg but THIS! This was just a low blow.

"Don't care, unlike you I'll just shrug it off and not make a big deal out of it like you do. Last time I checked I'm not Karen, I won't go nuts over it, besides it's probably why it is so funny naming it Princess Sugar Plum Droopy Dancer to begin with XD" Silver seeing this almost threw his phone at the wall in anger. Why couldn't she just take the hint? He hated that name!

His ears soon caught the sound of Ethan snorting and slowly turned his head in order to glare at him.

"What? You got a problem or something?" Silver scowled at the snorting male.

"I'm sorry, but did she call your thing Princess Sugar Plum Droopy Dancer?" Ethan asked causing Silver's eyes to narrow as he glared at him. "First off what kind of name is that? And second why did she put those names together?" he asked while chortling, soon Ethan's phone went off causing him to blink in surprise, was it Lyra? Silver folded his arms as he watched Ethan open his phone message, just as Ethan started reading it he immediately broke down in laughter causing Silver to raise a brow.

"What? What's so funny?" Silver barked as he kept his arms folded.

"You-you don't want to know" Ethan waved his hand to dismiss it only Silver seeing how slow Ethan was he snatched the laughing male's phone. The red head immediately began to read the message. His eyes narrowed hatefully before glaring at Ethan thanks to the message.

"It's because he's so droopy and moody, he acts sweet to some but he's a terrible dancer. That and he's a terrible drunk XD" No doubt that this was Alia's reply and it took all his restraint not to storm out the house and hunt her down. Nope! Instead he was resuming his temporary work, even if it killed him somehow. Why? Because being away from that house meant being away from her and her torturous ways.

"Why don't I just find ways to spend time out of the house? That way if I'm out most of the time I could win since I won't be tempted to throw in the towel" he thought before smirking at his plan.

"OH MY GOSH SILVER WHY?!" Ethan howled causing Silver to snap out of his musing and look at the laughing pair who were on the floor.

"I don't think I can laugh for much longer" the old man said with mirth in his eyes.

"What are you laughing about now?" Silver snapped before Ethan showed him the picture Cubone had took which to his anger and humiliation had been sent to Ethan. Oh she was going to get it when he got back!

"Y-your face! Was this what it looked like when she told you that name?" Ethan cried while laughing, his grandfather gave him a near sympathetic smile even though he was laughing so hard. The older male continued to grab his chest due to how it was not use to dealing with such things now a days.

"Yeah yeah laugh it up" Silver scowled but said nothing.

"We already are" Ethan laughed before curling up due to a stitch.

"Okay, I'm fine now" Ethan said now sounding breathless after his laughing fit, his grandfather however was sent out the room to calm down thanks to his grandmother who was baffled by the whole thing.

"Phew! That was funny" he saw Silver glaring which made the recovering male smile in a sheepish manner. "S-Sorry, but come on, this is something you don't see everyday you know" Ethan defended as Silver kept glaring at him.

"It may be funny to others but not to me" Silver said not changing his expression.

"Suit yourself" Ethan shrugged "so Lyra's busy with her family I was thinking about going out" Ethan commented while patting Marill's head as the cute Pokémon looked at his owner with curious beady eyes. "I know that the Battle Frontier will be open at that time so I was thinking of going to see it"

"But you don't have any badges" Silver commented, Ethan however smirked.

"I have eight already, you just weren't paying attention" Ethan replied with a sly smile now seeing Silver's stunned face.

"How no when did you get those?" Silver asked now folding his arms.

"Well…" Ethan patted Marill's head again before looking at Silver. "Remember that vacation I took with Lyra six months ago" Silver nodded. "Well that was when I spoke to Lyra about travelling since she has field work at the lab. So seeing this as an excuse to travel and challenge the gyms I asked if I could go with her" Ethan replied now looking smug at Silver's reaction.

"Was that why you challenged me to a battle?" Silver asked dryly as he remembered Ethan asking him two months ago for a battle but declined since he assumed that Ethan was weak.

"You guessed it" Ethan then looked up with at the roof before spotting some Pokémon playing nearby. "It was tough but I managed to get the badges, in fact it was fun to travel with Lyra. Just something about that journey pulled us even closer than before" Ethan mused with a soft smile, he then spotted Silver frowning but said nothing to the black haired male's words.

"I prefer to travel alone" Silver said stiffly before looking away.

"So you wouldn't want to travel with Alia?" Silver blanched.

"She's my rival, like hell I would travel with a goody goody two shoes like her! She'll-" Silver paused at Ethan's smirk.

"You like her don't you?" Ethan said while sounding amused, Silver blanched.

"No! What gives you that idea? She's annoying as it is now! What's even more annoying is that she's retiring from being a trainer to work like a dull person with no life" Ethan raised a brow at how Silver was acting and bit the inside of his cheek.

"If you didn't like her or care then why are you bothered by her retiring?" Ethan asked, part of him was surprised by the fact that Alia retired, but he had seen how she was now a days- less stressed but tired. Then again dealing with Silver's shenanigans didn't help at all, not to mention work at times could make someone tired. Did she not like to travel anymore?

"I'm not!" Silver snapped before flinching at how quick he was to reply to Ethan's words, "I'm not, after all it just means one less person in my way" Silver muttered to himself. Hearing this made Ethan frown. He was not stupid, he knew that in some way this did bother Silver despite the fact the red head always had a way of brushing things aside or acting like he was okay. Like nothing could ever touch or bother him, even though deep down it was a lie. Just seeing this made Ethan sad but worried for his friend's mind.

"Did you even ask why she's retired?" Ethan asked looking confused while Marill just relaxed in his arms, this action caused him to smile briefly before looking at the back of Silver's head since he had turned his back on him.

"It doesn't matter, what's the point in asking when it'll just be a lame excuse?" Silver replied quietly. Ethan hearing this reply knew that it was bothering him.

"So would you like to come tonight?" Ethan asked as he watched Silver not move for a bit, to Ethan's relief Silver shrugged.

"Why not? I've got nothing better to do" Silver replied in a nonchalant manner that got Ethan more worried than before.

As Silver went to work Ethan immediately grabbed his Pokégear and looked at Silver, as he looked he weighed the pros and cons about asking before shaking his head.

"Why not?" Ethan said quietly to Marill who watched with a small smile. Pressing call he left the building so Silver would not be bothered.

"Hello?" Alia's voice could be heard on the phone.

"Hey Alia, is it a bad time?" Ethan asked sounding cheerful, he heard something rustling in the background.

"Actually I'm on my break, is something the wrong?" Alia asked sounding a bit worried.

"Ah, no everything's fine. I just wanted to let you know I'm taking Silver out-"

"Whoa whoa! Aren't you dating Lyra?" Alia's comment made his face go red from her suggestion before he laughed it off.

"No Alia, it's not like that!" Ethan laughed. "I'm just heading out to the Battle Frontier tonight since Silver is feeling down"

Alia hearing this frowned slightly.

"I…is he okay?" Alia asked almost sounding hesitant to ask.

"He is, he's working right now" Ethan replied as a smile formed on his face at how worried she was acting despite the distant attitude. Those two on the other hand were stubborn to admit it leaving him to chuckle and shake his head.

"I see, well tell him no drinking please" Alia commented bluntly.

"Sure, I'll make sure he doesn't. Besides this is a kid friendly zone, where would he ever get such drinks to begin with?" Ethan said with a chuckle.

"You never know with him, he can be unpredictable" Alia's tone left him agreeing with her on that.

"Can't disagree with that, so Alia…" he looked at Silver who was ranting at some Pokémon who jumped at him when he had food in his hands. "I was wondering… why did you quit being a trainer?" Ethan asked hoping that Silver would be too distracted to notice.

Alia blinked in surprise, this was new why would he ask this?

"Well… you're one of the first few to ask" she looked away with a sad smile "Silver didn't bother to listen or properly ask, instead he just screamed at me before going out drunk last year" Alia said now feeling sad as she remembered him saying that he refused to look at her, shortly after the row he had returned home only to witness Pokémon destroying his house due to a fight. In his semi drunk mind after managing to sober up slightly arrived at her house, seeing him that way left her worried and on edge since he was unpredictable when he was upset. Thankfully he fell asleep on the couch until noon which then led her to asking him why he was at her home, it made her sad seeing him sink so low but tried to help whenever she could. Despite being house mates there was still a tense atmosphere which both their Pokémon picked up but kept to themselves.

Ethan hearing the news on the other hand blinked in surprise. That was unexpected and yet it left him sad that Silver didn't take it well.

"I see, well why did you retire?" Ethan asked sounding calm on the phone.

"Well…" Alia sighed softly as she looked at Snowyla who was resting near her leg. "I… let's just say I got bored" Alia admitted weakly, part of her felt bad for saying it but the other half of her didn't for various reasons.

"Bored? What do you mean?" He asked sounding surprised.

"You see, when I was champion years ago it grew repetitive. Everyday was the same day, nothing new happened- I was stuck there. Getting up, battling, challenging others, waiting for someone to defeat me and then dealing with other affairs, going to sleep, eating. It became a chore" Alia admitted as her mood sank "don't get me wrong I love Pokémon and I love travelling, but… I feel trapped. This time around people are often challenging me more than usual. Some well mostly people lose, some win which is great since I can learn from those mistakes. But there comes a time when nothing seems to be moving forward. I wanted to do something that is different but in a way can create good memories, not just for myself but for others"

Ethan blinked in surprise from hearing her words, of all the things to hear this wasn't one of them. When he started being an official Pokémon trainer until six months ago he loved every day of it, how could anyone say no to it?

"Why not go travelling?" Ethan asked as he mulled on her words more. Hearing nothing he waited.

"I can't…" Alia replied sounding tired and sad.

"Why not?" he asked before looking at Silver and winced as the Pokémon tackled him again.

"Because if I did Silver would get annoyed, he was already annoyed when I travelled to Unova to see my Godfather since I ended up staying longer due to Team Plasma. He never leaves the area at all and it's leaving me to wonder when he ever will. Another reason that I quit is because I want to settle down, to have a family of my own but Silver… he's making it harder than it already is" Alia's voice sounded like she was grimacing, Ethan on the other hand was even more surprised by her words.

"Why? What has he done?" Ethan asked before hiding to avoid Silver who was about to look at his direction.

"He spotted me talking to a guy and somehow scared him off, that and the drunk episodes don't help since I ended up staying awake most of the night to deal with him which resulted in me missing a date. I swear he's doing it on purpose!" Alia replied grudgingly.

"Have you thought that he might like you?" Ethan asked as he thought about Silver's attitude to Alia over all.

"Him?! No way! IF and it's a really big IF he did then he should have told me, I'm not going to keep bothering him all the time. He's a big boy and can take care of himself" Alia snapped. Ethan had to agree with her on that sadly.

"I know, but maybe being rivals was what got him close to you to begin with?" Ethan asked before releasing he was acting like his girlfriend thanks to that comment, stopping himself from slapping his head for the slip up he waited until Alia spoke.

"I'm not even going anywhere anyways, besides I see no joy in battling. It just makes Pokémon hurt… jeez now I'm acting like N" she muttered the last bit, hearing the last bit made Ethan's eyebrows go up.

"Who is N?"

"Long story" he could imagine her waving it off by the tone of her voice.

"Right… look why not challenge him to a battle sometime?" he suggested.

"I quit remember" she said dryly causing him to wince from the reply.

"Fair point, but why not come with us to the Battle Frontier? It's got more than just places to battle"

"I can't I have work tomorrow, I have to earn a living somehow Ethan. This house isn't going to pay for itself" Alia replied causing him to bite his lip.

"When is your day off?" he asked.

"You're not going to let up are you?" Alia asked bluntly leaving him to smile at her tone.

"Nope, come on you both really need to talk this out"

"Did he even tell you about the bet we made?" she asked in the same tone, Ethan chuckled.

"Didn't have much of a choice after today" he shook his head. "Regardless of the bet, it'll be fun to go out once in a while right. You can't spend your life indoors, it's not healthy" he said while smiling.

"I know, Karen and Clair make sure I go out once in a while" Alia replied dryly.

"See! Please Alia just one night" he asked. "I'll bring Lyra along so you're not alone"

"But that means one way or another someone might challenge me to a battle and I'm tired of being bothered" Ethan paused.

"We both will make sure it won't happen, I promise" Ethan said while trying to assure her, he crossed his fingers hoping that she would show up.

"I'll think about it…" Alia muttered darkly on the phone.

"It's a start, that's something" he almost sighed in relief.

"Fair enough, if you change your mind let me know"

"Silver will get angry that I showed up though" she commented.

"Leave that to me okay, don't put yourself down. Besides it seems like you just need a vacation-"

"Every time I try to take a vacation bad things happen where I go. Fair point I went to Hoenn for business but Sinnoh was a visit to a friend and that backfired!" Alia retorted crossly.

"And then Unova was a bust thanks to Team Plasma" he summarized.

"Exactly!" She snapped on the phone.

"Maybe the next region will be better?" he suggested.

"Don't push your luck" she scowled. "Look it's getting late and I need to feed my friends, can you tell Silver to be home at a normal time and to PLEASE not drink" she said wearily.

"Okay mum!" Ethan joked earning him a low groan from her. "Sorry just slipped out, honestly you act like a mother and you're about the same age" he said with a smile.

"This is Silver we're talking about" she reminded him.

"He's a special boy, a very special boy" Ethan snorted loudly not hearing the door open due to laughing.

"Who's a special boy?" Silver asked darkly as he leered at Ethan who was sweating bullets as he stopped laughing. How much did Silver hear? "Nice to see you on the phone and not working" he added dryly before seeing Ethan put his phone away after hanging up.

"Well I had to talk to my girlfriend" Ethan countered with a weak smile while hoping Silver heard nothing of his conversation.

"Right… so are you going to work or not? Your grandmother was asking me to look for you" Silver barked while folding his arms.

"What happened to you though?" Ethan asked while trying to change to subject, Silver leered.

"The baby Pokémon tackled me and you weren't there to stop them" the red head said darkly causing more sweat to run down Ethan's head.

"S-Sorry I'll come help now" Ethan said before running inside to avoid the angry male, Silver continued to leer at him before going in and closed the door shut.

Silver once he arrived home rubbed his face due to being tired, as soon as he went to the second bathroom which he used while Alia had her own. Once inside did he start washing his face in order to get ready for sleep. So far going out with Ethan had actually been fun, he had seen the facilities and was able to challenge a lot of people earning himself a lot of points to get some powerful items which would be useful in battle. Satisfied with that he relaxed and began to brush his teeth only to blink and look at his brush.

"That's not my toothbrush" he said while examining the pink brush, looking at the cup containing the brushes he saw a blue one which was Alia's but where was his? Looking at the sink he twitched as he saw pink soap and toothpaste that had actually been in his mouth.

"What the-?" Silver paused as he saw that his towel was no longer black but-pink?! Startled he looked around the room to see that most of his stuff was not the same colour or the same at all. Instead there was bright pink towers, bottles containing soap, shampoo and other things he would use.

"What is-? No…" he cried weakly as he saw that once he opened the cabinet there were girl products inside to his dismay. "No…" he cried as he dropped his brush onto the plush pink carpet before a whine left his lips, putting his hands to his head he stared in horror at how girly the room was now and placed a hand to the bathtub which felt odd. Looking at what he was touching he bristled as he saw a pair of lace pink underwear on the side of the tub causing him to jump and drop the offending object.

Feeling mortified and upset he whined before screaming loudly.

"ALIIIAA!" Silver bellowed as all the excess energy left him. This was no longer a neutral bathroom but a bathroom for girls and it left him really uncomfortable.

"Alia! Where are you?" he snapped before storming out the room to locate the offender only to twitch as she was not in her room.

"Where did she go?" he hissed angrily before looking through the all the rooms only to see no trace of Alia anywhere.

Alia meanwhile was smiling in bed as she imagined Silver's response to the room. Making sure she placed a camera in the room she relaxed in Clair's house while her phone was on mute so no calls could bother her. Alice her Goddaughter continued to snuggle in her arms after hearing a bed time story about the three happy Ursarings. Clair seeing this when she entered the room quietly smiled at them both before Alia rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Sleeps like an angel" Alia mouthed while Clair nodded in reply feeling happy. To think that after three years her daughter was already growing up, just seeing this left her content and happy. Sure the father didn't know and was with his girlfriend was a bit upsetting but Clair refused to tie anyone who wasn't up for commitment down. Just like Alia seemed to be doing, she did hope however that Alia would find someone to share her joy as well. But given Silver's antics… it might never happen. But she had to hand it to the male, he really was a high maintenance when he wanted to be but seeing Alia deal with him made Clair chuckle.

"Do you want to go to bed?" Clair asked only to see Alia shake her head with a smile.

"I don't mind" Alia replied before yawning quietly. "Get some sleep okay" with that Clair nodded before bidding her good night and gave her sleeping daughter a kiss on the head.

Silver on the other hand continued to rant now forgetting to sleep as he tried to call Alia but got more angry as she didn't pick up.

"It's not like she's in any danger, this is her we're talking about" he assured himself as he continued to pace, his Crobat on the other hand just stared at him since it was the only thing awake in the house.

"Don't give me that look" Silver said sharply before shaking his head and went to call again.

Eventually due to being overly tired Silver had passed out on the couch, his hair covered his face slightly as his breathing was low but even. Seeing him sleep his Crobat slowly closed his eyes since it was about seven in the morning which meant bed time for him. As he slept he twitched slightly around nine and opened his eyes slightly to see Alia enter the house looking completely confused as to what she was seeing.

"Why is Silver asleep here?" Alia mouthed to Crobat who just simply shrugged and went back to sleep. Shaking her head while smiling she grabbed a blanket and placed it over Silver so he could keep warm since the temperature was slightly low. Just as she was about to change the temperature she heard him groan and looked back, seeing nothing she shook her head and went to change the thermostat.

"Alia…" Alia tensed up to see Silver asleep in the same awkward position. Titling her head Alia placed her hands on her hips as she looked at him with a curious look. Not making a sound she walked towards him and gently moved him a better position despite the fact he was moving a bit from, his face soon relaxed as she had him sleeping on the couch properly while tucking his knees in so he could fit on the couch.

"Sleep tight you crazy idiot" she muttered with a small smile and went to have breakfast.