Arriving at Valinor

Sequal to Leaving for Valinor

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings Tolkien does and New Line Cinema owns the movies.

Finally the time is coming finally after many years of longing

though my life in middle earth was full with family I loved

I never stopped thinking about him.

Now I have the chance to see Frodo again

in Valinor, the land more beautiful than I can dream.

We will sit side by side on the soft white sands

watching the waters hitting the beach

and dolphins swimming by all in a row,

while sharing wonderful old memories

of our times in Middle Earth before

we went on that awful quest,

and stories we will tell each other

of how our lives were while we

were separated from each other.

And I will be happy to see Gandalf

again, and Bilbo too (If he hadn't passed on yet)

and all the elves that have sailed away including Elrond.

I will be glad to be among the elves again

I have admired them since I was a tot,

but I am coming only for Frodo

my best friend and my master.