Behind the Curtain: Sibyl System

"No need to apologize, Doctor. I can see from your report that you went above and beyond in your attempts. Regrettably, some people simply cannot be diverted. I will send an Inspector." Chief Kasei killed the feed and sent messages to Division 1.

Alone in her office she steepled her fingers with a smile. "That took less time than I anticipated."

Explain your intentions.

Kasei sat up straighter at the intrusion of the collective's voice. "When I was given control of this body were not my instructions to remove the threat to the collective from the remnants of my previous identity?"


"Do not be so rash as to replace me. The final threat has been effectively buried."

Was it necessary to create a latent criminal in the process?

She leaned back and rested her hands on a knee. "I didn't expect such a system to be plagued with naivete. How very ironic. Shinya Kogami's reclassification was beyond essential. Were you not the ones who determined his interest in the case was becoming a threat to the discovery of the criminally asymptomatic? And by default, your precious system as well?"

Silence stretched on.

"It was as simple as knowing what buttons to press. After all, the human mind is so easily manipulated. Especially through fear." Kasei's smug smile increased. "Aoyanagi had brought me in, and subsequently been strictly gagged concerning the apprehension. Kogami's obsession came remarkably close to uncovering information regarding that. Luring the two into the alley on the false alert proved child's play. The Dominator's command to Aoyanagi gave her the exact words to speak. The moment she admitted to having taken Kogami's revenge from him, his strained temper triggered her need to raise the Dominator. Once in her sights, an artificially high coefficient was all that was required to bring him down. However, if we had let him return shortly after, the event would have become suspicious when his true value was uncovered. In rehabilitation his treatments were tailored to scar his psyche and drive him up to reflect the inflated Psycho-Pass. Thus eliminating the need to continue falsifying his data."

There is no such thing as a memory suppression selection process.

"Of course. But Kogami remains unaware of that. His heightened paranoia provided the framework. His determination to resist simply made forcing him to re-experience his memories over and over again that much easier. It was never intended to remove anything from him. Only mire him deeper into the latent criminal mind, securing that he could never return to Inspector status. Now he will be easily controlled and still useful to the system. I should be lauded not lectured."

The elevator door opened admitting Inspector Ginoza. He walked stiffly to the desk, standing at attention. "You wanted to see me, Chief?"

Turning in the chair, she faced him and folded her hands on the desk. "Inspector Ginoza, prompt as always. I have a special assignment for you today."

END file ... for now