A Happy Reunion in Valinor

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings Tolkien does and New Line Cinema owns the movies.

He's here at last after all these years of waiting and longing.

How I desire to be in his arms again and share that sweet tasting kiss

and companionship we will enjoy again.

Healing I have received from Valinor, the land of Bliss,

but my happiness wasn't full until my true love Elrond

Has arrived and wrapped me in his arms again.

Now we are walking side by side

on the soft white sands, holding each other's hands

and Watching the seagulls flying over the ever moving waters.

Soon we will enter the elvish gardens filled with all kinds of flowers

that perfume the air with its sweet scents including lilies, lilacs, and tulips, elanors,

and many others; and trees filled with mouth watering fruits including apples,

plumbs, and tangerines.

We will also walk amongst the tall Mallorn trees that are standing majestically with leaves

that never fall and enjoying the sights of the waterfalls more beautiful than any in Middle Earth.

All these wondrous sights we will enjoy together, but no sight is more beautiful than

his sweet chestnut brown eyes.

The End