The kids were returning home from school with Wallace at the front porch, "Ready for the weekend everyone?" Wallace asked.

"We are Mr. Wallace," Gary answered, "All of our homework is turned in."

"Where will be going?" Tucker asked

"We'll be going to Tweedy's Farm." he said, "Home to the Tweedy's chicken."

Later they arrived at a poorly done chicken farm where they come across a serious looking woman with black hair. "You again?"

"Hello, Mrs. Tweedy." Wallace said, "It's good to see you again."

"You're not going to take our parts again are you?" Mrs. Tweedy asked in anger.

"No," Wallace answered, "I'm going to take these American kids on a tour.

As they were getting to Hut 17, Stitch got out a book and read a spell, "Cock a doodle, Cluck, Cluck Luck, Roosting Red Luck!".

There he accidentally turned The Celestian Alliance into chickens. The gang was horrified by this, "Look what you did to us?" Kiki shouted.

Then an obese man came in, he was Mrs. Tweedy's husband, "Mr. Tweedy, "What are you 7 chickens doing out here?" Mr. Tweety asked as he placed them into the farm.

Then the ponies were looking around when they saw Stitch with a spell book, much to Twilgiht's anger, "Stitch," she snapped, "Did you steal my shapeshifting book?"

"Ih," Stitch said, "And meega turned kids into chickens and roosters."

Then Mrs. Tweedy started to come. Stitch dropped the book by accident. Stitch had to leave it behind for his safety. Mrs. Tweedy saw the book and it'll be perfect to balance her dining room table.

A red hen with a green hat told them to come inside. She explained that she saw them turn into chickens by accident by Stitch. She's also said that they've been trying to bust out of the place for years. Now they needed some help.

"I know some guys who can help us," Sam said.

Meanwhile, Wallace turned his head and he saw that the kids were missing. He started to freak out. Gromit calmed down and he started to look around for the kids.

He found out that they have been turned into chickens and Gary told them that it's best if they get out of this themselves. Gromit agreed cause he didn't want anyone to find out about Equestria's existence.

Later that night, they met up with their old friends Nick and Fletcher the sales mice. They needed some parts for their next project, a catapult. Then Ginger have thought about wide open space and fresh air. Unfortunately, one of them, "Bunty" thought it was ridiculous.

She left the place in sadness, "Oh Heaven please help us." Ginger sighed