Nick, Fletcher, and Stitch were looking for the tools when they got sent to the living room. There Stitch found the spell book and made his escape.

Everyone started working on the plane while Mr. Tweedy tried to fix the machine. Once it was done, they were ready, "We die free chickens or die to try" Ginger said.

"Scramble" shouted Fowler as everyone got ready.

As they were about to get ready, Mrs. Tweedy found out and decided to catch them for dinner.

"Incase of emergency, the exits are on the front and back," Nick said,

"What's going on?" Stitch said.

"It's an announcement like they do on airplanes." Betty Ann explained.

As they were taking off, Mrs. Tweedy saw the whole thing going on. She was not happy about it. While they were peddling, Lilo told them to change them back when they land. Suddenly, Mrs. Tweedy was climbing the Christmas lights that were hooked onto the plane. Stitch decided to handle this himself.

"Good luck Stitch!" Ginger shouted.

"Aloha Tweedy," Stitch said.

"What kind of animal are you?" Mrs. Tweedy asked.

"Me so cute and fluffy," Stitch said.

He quickly cut the Christmas lights, "Bye Bye" Stitch shouted as Mrs. Tweedy fell.

"Bombs away!" shouted Fowler

Mrs. Tweedy landed in the gravy pressure which clogged the machine. Then it explosion, gravy flew everywhere. Stitch thought it looked yummy. Mr. Tweedy came in, opened the door, and was amazed that was covered in goo.

"I told you they weren't organized." Mr. Tweedy said as he pushed the door on Mr. Tweedy.

"We did it!" shouted Babs

Down below they saw Wallace's house and they decided to get off there. "Thanks for helping us Lilo." Ginger said.

"No prob," Lilo replied as they jumped out.

Fluttershy and Rainbow quickly caught them and they landed safely on the ground, "Awesome escape" Rainbow commented.

"Oh, my" Fluttershy said, "For a second I thought you would become food."

"Now to change you guys back," Stitch said as he held onto the spell book.

"Rooster, feather, cockarona too," Stitch said as they turned back to humans.

"You guys okay?" Rainbow asked.

"Let's do it again!" Tucker shouted.

"No Tucker." Lilo said, "That's enough for one night."

"Children." Wallace said, "Why don't you come in. We're about to have some fried chicken."

The gang started to get disgusted.

"You know," Kiki said, "We'll make cheese sandwiches instead Wallace."

The end.

In memory of Peter Sallis 1921-2017