(Author Note: Hey Readers! I am trying a new Step up story. It is going to be with the step up five characters. Let me know what you think. Thanks! ~Potter-Weasley-Granger1)

"Andie, I really need you here at my wedding. I know that you and my mom had a falling out, but I really need you here. Bring a date, don't bring a date I don't really care I just want you here," says the voicemail that my cousin Tyler left on my phone. I know that both him and Nora want me at the wedding, but my aunt Sarah and I aren't really on speaking terms. I also know that Moose and his girlfriend Camille will be at the wedding. Ever since my mother passed and I had to live with my aunt she has disagreed with everything that I have ever done, every guy that I have ever dated. I also can't go to the wedding without a date. That would just be a dumb move, but I am not really sure how I am supposed to find a date.

I really just need to clear my head. Instead of driving I decide its best to walk around. As I am walking I see a coffee shop that doesn't have bad coffee and I enter. I order a caramel macchiato and I find a table. I sip my coffee as I contemplate my next move. I can go to the wedding with a date, or I could go without a date and face the judgement of everyone. I look around the coffee shop, right next to me is a guy that looks pretty cute. He doesn't have a girl with him and he isn't wearing a wedding ring. I take a deep breath and I stand up and sit in front of him. "Hello," I say confidently. He looks up from his phone and says, "Hello." "I realize this is really weird, but you seem nice enough. I am going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow and I don't have a date I was wondering if you would go with me," I say in one go. He looks confused then says, "Uh, ok. You want to take me as your date?" "You don't have a girlfriend right," I ask scared. He shakes his head and says, "No I don't, but I'll agree to this. But we should probably know each other's names, right?" "Yes. Sorry, my name is Andie West," I say. "Hello Andie, my name is Sean Asa. What time are we going to the wedding tomorrow," he asks. "Our plane leaves for New York at 11 tomorrow. This is crazy isn't it. I am asking a guy that I don't even know to come to my cousin's wedding," I say. "I don't think it's crazy, plus we know each other I know that your name is Andie West and you have a cousin that is getting married in New York tomorrow. I also know that you are very pretty and that we can pull off this fake relationship for whoever you are needing it for. I understand the whole parents not being proud of you thing. How about a deal. I go to your cousin's wedding with you and you come to a family retreat with me," he offers. "That seems fair enough," I reply. "Alright well, can I get your number," asks Sean as we get up and walk towards the door. We exchange numbers and walk together. Sean walks me all the way to my apartment and says, "What time should I come pick you up tomorrow?" "Uh, you're going to pick me up? Ok well I think probably around ten maybe," I say. "Alright. Can I ask one last question. How physical is this relationship supposed to be? Like kissing, or just holding hands or what. I just want to be prepared for whatever is needed. I wanted to ask this tonight and tomorrow on the plane we can get to know each other better," he says. "Well I think that we can probably hold hands and maybe kiss when absolutely necessary," I say. "Ok sounds good," he says. Then he kisses me and pulls away as I put my hand on his head. Before I can even say anything, he says, "I just don't want either of us to be surprised for our first kiss. Goodnight Andie I'll see you in the morning."