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I wake and realize that I have two hours until Sean is going to be at my apartment so we can go to the airport. I am still a little nervous about taking a stranger with me to my cousins wedding, but there is no backing out now. I shower and pack up my toiletries. As I am taking the last sip of my coffee my buzzer on my apartment buzzes notifying me that Sean is here. I buzz him in and I gather my bags by the door. I open the door as he is knocking. "Good morning," I say. "Good morning," he replies. "Would you like some coffee," I ask. "I'm good. Is this all your stuff," he asks gesturing to my bags. "Yes," I nod. We gather my stuff and head down to Sean's car which is parked on the curb in front of the apartment.

We make good time to the airport and get our bags checked and through the security check. Then we are left to sit waiting to board for twenty minutes. I realize how close Sean is sitting, but oddly enough I don't mind. I feel extremely safe around him. I have no reason to trust this man, but I do. "So," I start, "what is your favorite food?" He thinks for a moment and says, "spaghetti. You?" "Pizza, "I say, "What's your favorite color?" "Midnight blue. It's like really dark navy," he says, "You?" "Purple and lavender. I like both," I smile. We continue to ask questions back and forth and by the time they are boarding the plane I know where he went to high school, that he dropped out of college, that he likes to dance (which I think is cool cause I like to dance too), that he has a dog named Sam, that he has a twin brother named Eddy, and several other things. We board the plan and settle in for our five-and-a-half-hour flight to New York.

I open my eyes as Sean shakes my shoulders and says, "Andie, we are about to land." I didn't even realize that I had fallen asleep and that my head was resting on Sean's shoulder. As we are retrieving our luggage from the luggage carousel I see my best friend Moose standing with a sign that says, 'Andie West' in his hand writing. He runs towards me and embraces me in a bear hug. "There you are Andie," he smiles. "Hey Moose. Moose this is Sean, Sean this is Moose," I say introducing them to each other. Sean puts out his hand for a shake, but instead gets a bear hug as well. "It's so nice to meet you Sean," says Moose, "I'm parked out front." We load our suitcases into Moose's car and pile in and start to my aunt Sarah's.

"Hey Moose," I start, "Where is Camille?" "She is at Sarah's helping Nora with something. They are awaiting your arrival and your help," he states. We quickly get to the house and Moose helps us carry the bags inside. I am barely in the door before I am crushed into a hug from Tyler followed by Camille. "Hey guys. This is Sean, my boyfriend," I say introducing them to Sean who is standing behind me. Tyler shakes his hand and Camille hugs him. "Hey Ty, where are we staying," I ask. "Your old room, cuz," he replies. I nod and we head up the stairs to my old bedroom. The room that I lived in until I decided that I couldn't stand living with my aunt anymore. I know that she took on a big responsibility when she took me in after my mom died, but she always seemed like she expected more from me than Tyler and I never seemed good enough.

I open the door to the bedroom and I am surprised. My room is exactly as I left it. I took most of my possessions with me when I moved to LA, but there was still a cork board with flyers from high school hanging from a tack and my double bed with my old purple comforter. I open the empty closet and I set the bags that I have inside. "You can put the bags in there," I tell Sean. "I'll sleep on the floor if you have extra blankets," says Sean. "We have plenty of blankets," I say opening three drawers on the dresser exposing several blankets. "I am going to go freshen up before I go downstairs," I say walking into the connected bathroom with my toiletry bag. I quickly brush my teeth, wash my face and reapply deodorant then rejoin Sean who is sitting on the bed. "You ready to go meet everyone," I question. "Let's do it," he smiles.

We walk down stairs hand in hand headed for the kitchen. As we are walking I notice that I don't really know most of the people that are here. I guess that they are all with Nora. I like Nora, but I have never met any of her family. When Tyler proposed to Nora they made a trip to LA to tell me the news. My aunt Sarah never visited me in LA. We get to the kitchen and there she is, my aunt Sarah, "Andie, Tyler told me that you were here." "Hello aunt Sarah," I say as she gives me a half side hug. "Who is this," she asks gesturing to Sean. "This is my boyfriend, Sean," I reply. "It is really nice to meet you Ms. Gage," says Sean. "It's nice to meet you as well," she replies. Then she leaves moving on to someone else. Then someone comes from behind and wraps their arms around me, "Your coming with me." I turn to find Nora. She pulls me away and I see Sean's face looking nervous as I am pulled away.

(Before this everything has been in Andie's P.O.V. I wanted to add Sean's Point of View)

Sean's P.O.V.

I am left alone standing in the kitchen as Andie is pulled away by Nora. I know that the wedding is in like two hours so I understand, but I don't know anyone here at the wedding except Andie and Moose, sorta. I walk into the living room to see if I can find anyone to talk to. I find Moose, Tyler, and two other guys who I come to find out their names are Hair and Monster they are friends of Tyler's. They have a football game on. I have never been a football game watcher, but I did play football in high school and college before I dropped out. I was able to keep up with the game and what the other guys were saying. Tyler seems like a pretty cool dude. I know that Andie grew up with him and that he is like a big brother to her. During our game watching I learn that Camille is Tyler's sister as well as Moose's girlfriend which I didn't know. "Guys y'all have to get dressed. The wedding is in half an hour," shouts Camille from the top of the stairs. I look at Tyler and he says, "Let's go guys the girls will kill us if we don't get ready." I head up the stairs behind the others and walk into the room that Andie and I are sharing. I know that I probably should have knocked, but I wasn't actually thinking about the fact that I was sharing it with Andie until I walked through the door. Well I walked in on Andie halfway in her dress. She had it on it just wasn't zipped. She turns to face me, not even fazed by the fact that I walked in on her. She walks over to me and says, "Will you help me?" I nod not being able to speak. I carefully zip up the back of the dress trying not to touch her back. When the zipper is at the base of her neck she slowly turns, and has her hand on my neck and looks right into my eyes before her lips are on mine. My eyes close and get lost in the kiss. Off in the distance I hear a, "oh." And I break away from Andie and turn to see Nora walking out of the bathroom. I fake cough and I know that my cheeks are pink as I move over to the closet to retrieve my tux. I grab it and I say, "came for this. You look beautiful Andie." Then I exit the room looking for either Tyler or Moose.