Sean's P.O.V.

It is the day that I have been dreading. Today is the day that I take Andie to meet my family. Not that I don't want her to meet them I am just nervous about her being uncomfortable and the fact that my family is very forward, and they like to be all up in everyone's business. My parents also aren't the biggest supporter of what I do so there is always controversy when it comes to my career. All I do is dance. Eddy on the other hand has a "actual" job as my mother likes to put it. My two cousins Natalie and Jullian will be there as well. My parents pretty much raised them, they used to dance too but have since 'grown up'. Jullian's a lawyer at some big firm and Natalie teaches at a private school. I started working as a bartender but, it really doesn't matter to my mother she seems to think that I am a child and can't grow up. I am just so thankful that I will have Andie with me to hopefully lighten the blow. Natalie will bring her husband Luke and Jullian will probably bring one of his girlfriends. He probably has a new one who knows. As far as I know Eddy is not dating anyone right now but who knows. I make my way to Andie's apartment and she buzzes me in.

"Hey," she smiles as she opens the door to let me into the apartment. "Hey," I get out before her lips have crashed into mine. We break away and I ask, "You ready to go?" "Yep," she says grabbing a duffle bag attached to a suitcase. We go down to my car that is parallel parked on the curb and pack her bags into the back with mine. She then takes her seat next to me in the car and I say, "And off we go!" We were off starting our four-hour journey out of the city.

We get closer to the cabin and Andie suddenly takes my hand in hers. I look to her confused and ask, "Everything ok?" She squeezes my hand then says, "What if your family doesn't like me?" I can see the fear in her eyes. "They are going to love you Andie you have nothing to worry about," I smile. I think that its cute that she is worried about this. I continue to assure her that my family will love her as we drive into the driveway at the cabin. I see my parent's car, Jullian's car, Eddy's car and one of the cars that Natalie and Luke own already sitting in the driveway. It seems that we are the last to get to the cabin. I get out of the car and walk to Andie's side of the car to open the car door for her. I can see that she is still nervous. "You need a distraction," I say. She looks at me confused then I lean down enough to catch her lips with mine and just like that the rest of the world disappears and its only Andie and I standing outside. I forget that my family is inside waiting to meet my beautiful fiancé and that we are standing out in the weather and that we have just drove for four hours. None of that matters anymore when I am with Andie. Everything is ok and perfect with her. I break away so we both can breathe, and I can see her blushed cheeks with the light that is shining off the porch. "You still nervous," I question. She shakes her head no and follows me to the trunk to retrieve our luggage. We get to the trunk and I start taking the luggage out and as I am grabbing the last bag and turning around Andie's arms are around my neck and our lips are together once again. I drop the bag that I had in my hand and I lift her to sit on the trunk of my jeep. My knees hit the bumper of my car and I am brought back into reality. "Andie, we really should go inside to meet my family now," I say with my eyes still closed. "Mhm. Let's go," Andie replies. I help her off the car and we grab the bags and head inside. Andie walks slightly behind me as we walk through the door and make our way into the family room. We get in and there they are my mom and dad sitting in their lazy boyz, Jullian with his girlfriend on his lap in another chair, Luke and Natalie sitting next to each other on the long couch and Eddy next to Natalie. "Sean, your finally made it," says my mother excited. She gets up and runs to me to give me a hug. She then sees Andie behind me and says, "Hello I am so glad to finally meet you." "Andie," starts Andie to my mother, "it is nice to meet you Mrs. Asa." "Oh, please call me Caren," replies my mother as she pulls Andie into a hug. Once my mom let Andie go I introduce her to the rest of my family, "Andie this is my dad Mark, Natalie my cousin and her husband Luke, my twin brother Eddy, and Jullian and his girlfriend. Everyone this is my fiancé Andie West."

Thankfully my mother suggests that Andie and I get settled in and get washed up for dinner. I nod thankful that we are able to sneak away from the awkward conversation for a while longer. I head upstairs to the room that I always occupy when we stayed here as kids. Andie follows behind me and we enter the room. It still has the posters that I put up when I was in high school and the bedspread that I picked out stretched across the queen-sized bed. I open the closet and am happy to find that it is empty like I left it the last time I was at the cabin. We put our bags inside and I turn to Andie, "You can wash up if you want the bathroom is over there." She nods and walks off to the bathroom. Andie and I haven't really talked about the whole sleep in the same bed thing I guess we will have to now, or I could just offer to sleep on the floor, so she doesn't feel uncomfortable. We have fallen asleep on the couch before. Shortly after Andie comes back into the bedroom and I go to wash my face and reapply deodorant.

I walk back into my old room and I see that Andie is laying on the bed with her eyes closed. I walk over to her and quietly lay next to her and lean over to kiss her lightly on the lips. What was meant to be a light peck turned out to be a kiss where Andie flips me over and is sitting on me kissing me. Turns out she wasn't asleep like I assumed. I try to stop the kiss and ask Andie about the sleeping situation, but she doesn't really seem to be worried about anything and soon enough I don't either. Then there is a knock at the door. The knock sounds like it is millions of lightyears away, but it pulls us back into the day. Then enters my brother Eddy. "Hey guys," Eddy starts then sees us making out on the bed and fake coughs, "Sean, we are waiting on y'all mom sent me up to get y'all. We are all hungry come on." He then leaves the room and Andie gets off me and off the bed and starts to fix her hair and her top. "You look beautiful," I say to her with a smile then I offer her my hand which she happily takes, and we head down the stairs to dinner.

(Author Note: Hey guys thank you for reading the chapter! I know that in this story Andie is not really like her character in the Step-Up movies. I want her to be tough, but also loveable and be in love. We don't really have an opportunity to see this side of Andie. Please leave a comment and let me now what you think about the chapter. Thanks! ~Potter-Weasley-Granger1)