Cherub: Weakening

Chapter 1: Dead

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It was the end of a school day, Harry coming out of school with his mates Owen, Ryan, Camren and Shaun talking about the match that won 3-0 to Liverpool. Harry said to his friends "See you later guys." His friends replied "Ok meet around the park for four." "Sure." Harry said. Harry then walked home with a breeze in the air. Suddenly he bumped into a man, the man kept on walking. "Watch where you are going." The man ignored him "Bloody git."


"Mum I'm home." said Harry. "Hi Harry, are you going to play football." said his mum sweetly "Yeah." Harry yelled getting changed out of his school uniform "Ok." said his mum "Be back before five."

When he got home

"Mum I am back". There was no answer, "Mum are you there?" "Mum." Starting to sound scared. Harry walked into the kitchen "Mum?" There on the floor was his mum in a pool of her blood, eyes wide open with shock

Harry was in the back of the ambulance with a blanket wrapped around her mum. When he got to the hospital. There was a doctor waiting for him. "Hello" said the doctor "I am Doctor Smith It must be hard for you, we are going to find relatives "I don't have any relatives, my father died in a house fire two years ago and my nan died of a heart attack caused by asthma 4 years ago.

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