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She couldn't believe it.

...found with a sever snake bite on his neck...

It couldn't be.

Few experts believe he will survive.

Not her baby boy.

Serves him right, he was nothing more than a dark coward...


She slammed the Daily Prophet on the coffee table as she stood up and ran to the living room of her small dainty house. It was not much, to the public it looked to be a rundown, broken house, just like all the ones in Spinner's End, but to those she let through the wards, it was a two story midnight blue house in well condition.

She stumbled her way to gather her cloak when she felt a warm par of hands gently slow her down.

"Elle! What in god's name are you so panicked about?" Eileen looked at her husband, he was well into his fifties with a slightly crooked nose, strong jaw line, and straight black hair.

She clenched her jaw and started blurting out words to see if he got the explanation.

"Sev- He saved them- but, not himself- he couldn't- He killed him! No, not too late. Need- I need to see him."

Easley after over forty years of marriage, Tobias grasped his wife's message and went for his robes Eileen bought him in case he needed to blend in to the wizarding world.

"Wait for me, I will come with you."

She nodded as tears formed in her black eyes.


He ran faster than anyone half his age ever had the right to. He barged into the master bedroom and tore through his closet. He wasn't stupid, something was wrong with his son. He knew ever since Sev moved out the minute he turned seventeen that something was going on in that world of his. Eileen never went near that world in fear of the prejudice in it, but Severus decided from a young age that he was a part of it and that he would fight for it.

It wasn't until Severus was Twenty that he told them he was a spy for the light. Granted, Tobias didn't know much about magic and all that, but decades married to a which and having a wizard for a son has taught him a few things. He and Elle weren't enthusiastic at the news, in fact, Eileen insisted in Severus not stepping a foot in the Wizarding world as long as the war lasted. He still remembered the look on his son's face as he carefully explained.

"I am already a part of the war, everyone is, if I run away now not only will I be a coward, I will leave the safety of the world in the hands of some stumbling wizards barely out of training. I have to be there to make sure they have decent information. Someone has to make sure they don't all die."

He wasn't sure what made Eileen realise he wasn't changing his mind, the sheer stubbornness on his face or his eyes that has already seen too much, that begged that he end everything as quick as possible. In the end, they couldn't do anything to stop him, he promised to be careful but Tobias knew that promise was invalid in battle.

Years past and Severus visited as often as he could without risking anyone finding out, he didn't speak much about the war, he didn't want them involved, but it was enough to know it was slowly killing him. He knew Voldemort was a madman, that he treats everyone under him like vermin and tortures anyone in his way, but he knew that Sev knew what he was doing, he wouldn't have lived this long otherwise.

"If he is still alive." He couldn't bare the thought. "WHERE ARE MY DAMNED CLOTHES!?"

In the end he just put on a cloak to cover up his muggle clothes, he really hoped no one would pay attention to him.

He rushed out the room and ran down the stairs, making a huge racket as he did so, but he couldn't bring himself to care. He met his wife at the entrance, she hade her long black cloak wrapped around her, she didn't bother getting her robes. She held out her arm indicating him to take it. He locked their arms without a moment's hesitation and they walked out the door and they disappeared.

I know, I know. SUPER short. And I should be writing Always One Step Ahead but this story kept on bugging me! Oh, also a few thing you should know, obviously Tobias Snape isn't the magic hating muggle seen in cannon and in most fanfics, Severus was a spy since he was 17 because he knew the Dark Lord set his sights on him and he only had three options.

A) Be his loyal servant

B) Reject him and he and his family would be a target forever

C) Become a spy, keep everyone safe as a Death Eater and help bring down Voldemort at the same time.

I never really liked the Lily bit in his role in life, sure he protected her son in her honour, but she cut him out of her life because of a name! The Marauders do waaaay worse than that and she married one of them! Sure, I get Sev was pretty dark and evil looking but he was being hung upside-down with his underpants showing in the middle of the whole fucking school! EVENS COULD AT LEAST HAVE SOME COMPATION! So yeah, I kinda hate her. At least as far as the books describe her, in some well written Fanfictions she and the Maurader have redemption. I don't even know why I am ranting, it's not really important.

Btw, make sure to read the Author's Notes. I will explain a few details since this is a AU. Some tweeks in the world here and there...