Eileen was stumped. What should they do? Before she was able to give a reasonable answer, she heard a pair of foot steps heading down the stairs. Severus testily stepped into the kitchen, not sure of what to do.

She smiled at her son's awkwardness, "Sev, I was just about to call you down. Our late lunch is ready."

The boy relaxed a bit and automatically went to the sink to wash his hands as did Tobias. Once they were clean, Eileen already hade a bowl in their respective places ready and they began to eat. There was a few minutes of silence before Eileen decided to clear a few things up.

"Sev," She said as she set down her spoon. "I know this may seem strange to you, but I want you to know that we are still your parents and we want you to feel comfortable around us-"

"Even if we are older and wrinklier than you remember." Tobias interrupted, he stretched his face dramatically as he said so, which cause both his wife and son to smoother a chuckle.

"And we would like to say we will treat you no different than we did before (when you were fourteen) and there is no need to treat us like strangers."

"Life was pretty dull without you, so face it, your stuck with us." Tobias said jokingly as he ruffled his son's hair. Severus let out a playful cry of dismay and tried to smooth it out.

After that the meal was full of Severus asking many questions about the war, their lives and his own future's life. They answered as best they could, giving out less gruesome details and telling him he would know when he was older. After lunch they told Severus to stay seated as they were going to discus an important decision and they didn't want to drag him into something he didn't want to do.

"Now, I'm sure you know enough of your life as an adult to know the severity of the situation. People are looking for you." Eileen explain gently.

Severus paled a few shades. "Are they going to take me to Azkaban because I was a Death Eater?" He asked a bit shakenly.

Tobias shook his head. "No, they know you were innocent the whole time, they think you're missing now."

Severus frowned. "So, how is this a bad thing?"

Eileen's face turned a bit panicked. "Well, for starters, the members of the Order of the Phoenix might take you away, they seem determined to find you no matter what, the ministry will only see you as a tool and will use the excuse of me and your father using a dark ritual so they could take control of your life, some people could still be blinded in grief and might seek revenge just because you were a Death Eater or a few of the purebloods could attack you in revenge of betraying them."

She sucked in a breath through her teeth and attempted to calm down. "I'm not trying to scare you sweetie, I just want you to know that this is a really important decision."

Severus nodded slowly, finally grasping the situation. Or at least part of it.

"So...What is this decision?" He asked, no point in beating around the bush. If he was in as much trouble as his parents implied they didn't have much time. They needed to act fast while they still had control of the situation.

She shared a look with her husband and seemed to communicate silently before he made up his mind and decided to speak.

"Well, after mulling it over for a while, we started planning the possible outcomes this left us and the course of action we should take. We narrowed it down to tree options. The first is coming clean, we let people find out about your survival and situation. We would have to deal with the public and dodge some legal matters, we would have to modify the truth to avoid any serious punishments and we would live in the wizarding world in a warded house, you would also be under watch until you can at least defend yourself against a dark wizard."

He paused for a moment and then frowned. "We would also have to deal with that Order your mum was talking about and we aren't sure what reaction that would cause."

They knew they wouldn't try to hurt him (most of them anyway), he was a war hero. But that group was known to make some hefty and questionable decisions in the name of the light. They had the power, influence and means to be a force to be reckoned with.

"But," She continued where Tobias left off. "You would be able to go to school openly and you wouldn't have to hide who you are. You would also have a few allies that would help you during your time at Hogwarts."

She gave him a few moments to contemplate the option before going to the second one. "The next choice is that you go to Hogwarts but in a different name, it would be easier to say you are our second son or your own son so we wouldn't have to change how you look or even your surname." She put on a thoughtful look on her face. "The paper work for a new identity isn't as hard as everyone thinks, if you know where to look, so getting them would be relatively easy..."

"But you would have to make up quite a few things." Tobias said. "We would have to invent some pretty lies to cover up any holes other people may find. And you would cause quite a commotion in your world as the son/brother of one of its war heroes so questionings are to be expected and the fa├žade would need to be up for... well I guess we would have to come out someday, but it would be years away." He finished.

Severus nodded, probably thinking that that was a given, and waited for them to continue. Eileen closed her eyes and let her husband give the last option.

"The last, and my personal favourite, is that we pack things up and go abroad!" Tobias gave a wide grin, his eyes sparkling. He always had a sense of adventure, even though he was a calm kind of guy. "Just think about it! Leaving all those prats in the dust and have a clean slate!" He continued.

She frowned. "It would complicate things to say the least, we would all have new identities and that would cause some suspicion, one unknown person just popping up? Strange. A whole family no one has ever heard of? That would attract some attention."

"And that's why we would move out of Brittan," Tobias interrupted. "No one would really look into us if we just said we were hidden because of the war. We could move to another place that speaks English like the States or Australia, so your school work won't suffer."

Eileen knew Tobias was trying to persuade Severus into picking the third option despite them deciding that Severus and Severus alone would be the one to choose, but she couldn't bring herself to scold him, she had a feeling it would be good for Severus, for all of them, if they were to have a fresh start.

"We would have to take the Prince name." Eileen explained. "A few families of the upper-class would doubt in our legitimacy but the Prince family hasn't been seen in decades and as far as they know we died out."

"But some Purebloods know you married a Muggle and had me." Severus argued.

"We would say we were a distant cousin of the main line of the Princes and that after my disownment and the death of my father the title fell on to us. And the title really does belong to us, you see there really are no other Princes left and my father, on his deathbed, made you his heir so at least someone would continue the line."

"I'm the heir to the Prince fortune?" Severus asked, eyes wide.

Eileen nodded. "Well, you were the head, but since you are underage now that title falls to me, you lifted my disownment a few years back so everything wouldn't fall into the hands of the government if anything would happen to you..." She shook her head, realising that they have strayed from the point of the conversation. "Anyway, it is possible, it's more complicated and we would have to learn a whole new life and live in a new country, we would need to leave everything behind."

"And that brings us to the moment of truth, out of the three options, which one do you recon is the best?" Tobias asked seriously at his son.

Severus tried to process all the information that they had given him, he couldn't help but feel nervous, this decision would dictate how they will live their lives in the future. All options had their pros and their cons.

He was pretty sure he wouldn't pick the first option though, it just had to many consequences and many things could go downhill fast. It would be a relief to not have to analyse every word he said so no one would connect him to his old life but he really didn't know anything about his situation here and that would give him a huge disadvantage and make him easier to fall for other people's manipulations.

So, option one is out. Now, he is stuck in between the last two.

Going to Hogwarts after such an attack had its pros and cons, on one hand people would be suspicious that some kid no one has ever heard of before just started attending the school, no matter how complete the backstory is. They would find a flaw sometime, be it weeks or years after. The same would normally be said for foreign travellers, only during the war many families have travelled to run away from it, he had no doubt that may would do so for a fresh start as well. They would have to make new official papers either way and it would be easier to be recognised if they stayed...but...as bad as the students (and faculty) at Hogwarts had treated him, he still felt a slight pang at the thought of leaving forever. It was the place he learned magic in, made good memories with Lily, and the Forbidden Forest will definitely continue to be his favourite place.

He mentally sighed. He knew he had to move on, he might miss Hogwarts a little, but the bad far outweigh the good in this case. Even if there were no more marauders there still would be prejudice against the Slytherin house, now more than ever. Also, to learn in another country may be an interesting experience, one he might not get another chance with.

With his mind made up, he looked at his parents straight in the eye.

"I pick the third option."

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