A/N. Hello, everybody! I'm here with the remake of one of the first stories I have ever written. Now that I think about it, it was actually the second story I have ever written. The reason why I deleted the original was because I didn't think the writing was good and the story was set up pretty boring. Now, I'm going to make it even better! Just some things to know about this story: it's going to be pretty long, there is an OC in this story that I OWN, a friend MIGHT write one chapter or two. My friend is also a writer, and he also loves Alpha and Omega and writing FanFictions. That's why he's my best friend now, lol. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story!

Chapter 1: Before It Started

Kate's P.O.V.

*Beep Beep Beep*

The sound of the digital alarm clock on a wooden nightstand adjacent to my bed blared out its usual beeping to annoy the hell out of people while they're sleeping. I sighed in agony, for two reasons to be exact, I didn't want to get up, I wanted to sleep in like I did all summer long, and the first day of sophomore year was today. Don't get me wrong, the other days of schools are either fine or great, but the first day is so boring. All you do is sit in a classroom listening to the teacher explain his/her's rules and procedures that we, the students, have heard even since Kindergarten. The only two positive things that can come out of this horrific days is seeing my friends Avery and Humphrey. These two people have been my friends ever since second grade. I met Avery at a swimming pool back in the middle of second grade and I met Humphrey at school considering he was in my class. Every time I looked at Humphrey back then, I would either smile or feel my heart skip a beat or something like that. It was kind of awkward when I experienced those feelings back then because, since I was young, I didn't know what it was, but now I know that it's a sign meaning that I have a crush on him. Humphrey was really cute back then, but today, shoo, he was fucking hot.

Humphrey back then was really short, scrawny, and had bangs that went all the way down to his nostrils, that is if he had them all the way down; he usually just whipped it to the side, making it kind of look like Justin Bieber's old hairdo. Humphrey now is tall, semi-muscular, has his hair with spikes in the front and kind of has it messy in the back. Plus he wears sweatpants mostly every day, so when he sits down the bulge shows! I secretly stare at it sometimes, most of the time was in Freshman year. It seems pretty big judging by the bulge size. I just couldn't wait to take those pants off and. . . ugh, I sound like a damn slut. 'Focus, Kate. . . focus,' my consciousness told me calmly. Although looks play a part in why I have a major crush on Humphrey, the number one thing I love about Humphrey is, of course, his personality. He's such a sweet, caring, and hilarious guy. He always told me that if I ever got bullied, he would beat the living shit out of the person who did it. That made me feel safe. He's very caring as well. His friend Derek, came out of the closet to him and told him that he was bisexual and asked him the question "do you still accept me"? Humphrey didn't even hesitate to answer. He accepted for he was and gave him a hug and took him out to eat afterward. That was one of the sweetest stories I ever heard in my life. He's hilarious too. His jokes are pretty funny, some absolutely hilarious that it could make you cry and somewhere you have to take a moment to think about it for a minute. He says he gets his jokes from his friends, older brother, and something called Dank Memes. One of his jokes was that he really wants to make his dick smell minty, so every time he wants to jerk it, he puts breath mints around it and jerks it until they all melt. I thought that was kind of cringeworthy and funny simultaneously.

Now Avery is a whole different story. Avery back then was taller than me, had larger developed parts, had kind of an 80's themed hairstyle, and wore the CUTEST outfits when she showed up to my house for a play-date. Avery now is a tad shorter than me, still has bigger boobs, but has a smaller ass, has long, wavy, brunette hair. She usually wears skinny jeans, maybe some baggy clothes here and there, leggings, and a skirt every now and then. She always wears a tight top so she can get some of the attention from the boys. Avery is one of the most popular girls in the grade, too. She has many different best friends, but she always makes time to hang out with me. She is also pretty rich too. She says her parents gave her the second largest bedroom in the house and that she always gets rewards for good grades. I wouldn't consider her spoiled because she always wears the same pair of shoes to school and always has the same makeup and lip balm until she runs completely out. She is kind of funny, with some of her jokes being semi-funny, but most of them, are ehhh. But she's really good at roasting people. If you even try to roast her, you will get the heat, I can tell you that. She is caring, but not that much of caring. She had a lesbian friend but kicked her out of the group because she saw her talking to her boyfriend or something like that, it was a while ago anyway. I thought that was kind of rude, but it was a group decision, so she had to go.

My train of thoughts were interrupted by a sudden, loud bang on my bedroom door. I took a quick glance over to my alarm clock and as soon as I read the time, the two only words I was thinking were "oh shit." I quickly realized that my train of thoughts have caused me to get distracted and lost track of time. School is supposed to start in twenty minutes, making me have barely any time to get ready for school. Seriously though, I got to put on some makeup and some eye-shadow, brush my hair until it's perfectly straightened, brush my teeth, put on a cute outfit. Ugh, why does this always have to happen to me? I know this is irrational, but sometimes I feel as if I'm the unluckiest person in the world. I swiftly got out of bed, picked out the first pair of skinny jeans I saw, picked out a pink top to go along with the white skinny jeans. Put on some regular, old white socks and my shoes and entered the bathroom, which is directly across from my bedroom. Good thing Lilly was at college right now because if she was hogging the bathroom right now, there would definitely be a zero chance of me getting ready in time for school. I took out the hairbrush, brushed my hair quickly, fortunately getting it perfect in like thirty seconds. My teeth are easy ti brush and only take a minute, so got that down. Now comes the makeup and eye-shadow, which is going to take awhile. After about five minutes, that step was completed with my face and eyes looking actually pretty good.

I checked my phone to see what the time was, and I was shocked. First off, the bus comes at 7:45, and the time was 7:36. I won't be able to eat my breakfast, ugh. I might have to eat breakfast at school, and one thing to know about the school's breakfast, it is complete garbage. They serve this breakfast themed pizza thingy sometimes; one time I tasted it and after it sank in, I felt as if I was going to throw all of it back up.

"Sorry, Mom! I won't be able to eat breakfast!" I yelled as I put binders, pencil pouches, folders, etc. in my backpack.

"That's okay, sweetie. Get to that bus!" Mom yelled from the kitchen overhead.

I put my backpack on and opened the door, "Love you, Mom."

"Love you too, Kate." Mom said as she watched me close the door and walk towards the bus.

It was a very humid day if I say so. The clouds above me looked like rainclouds just about to pop and the grass beneath my feet were soaked in dew. Honestly, the number one thing I was looking forward to today was seeing my two best friends with boredom covered all over their faces. It's really funny when Humphrey's bored, actually it's funny when all guys are bored, maybe that's just a guy thing. I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket, so I took it out and noticed that Avery texted me.

A: Hey, girrrlll! Ready for a fucking boring day at school?

K: no not at all i cant stand the first day

A: I hear you, Kate. Anyway, you finally gonna get the guts to ask out Humphrey today?

K: Omg please dont talk about that

A: Okay, okay, my bad. After school today, you wanna go get something to eat? My treat

K: sure and i'll pay for my own meal thx

A: Aw, come on, I'll pay

K: no avery im paying for my own meal you pay for yours

A: Fair enough, looking forward to it :D

K: see ya at school

A: See ya.

I never knew why but Avery always loved using grammar on her text messages. I'm not saying I have anything against it, it's just odd for teenage girls at this age to use grammar outside of school. Still haven't heard from Humphrey yet, though. Ah, that's alright, he's probably at the school waiting for me, or is he? Ugh, why am I getting worried? Damn, I really do love him, don't I? My train of thoughts were interrupted as I tripped over a curb. I got a scraped knee and some on my hand. It kind of hurt, but it definitely wouldn't hurt if Humphrey rejected me when I asked him out. Or will he ask ME out? Guys are usually supposed to ask the girl out, but. . . ah, fuck it, one of us might ask out the other eventually. I got to the bus stop and immediately pulled out my phone to check and see if I got any follows or see what my friends were up to on Instagram. I saw that Humphrey posted a picture. It showed him freshly woke up before getting ready and a photo of him after he got ready. Damn. . . he still looks so handsome when he wakes up in the morning. I sure wish I did.

As I was browsing through my social media, somebody began to walk towards me. I looked up for a split second and realized that it was Garth. Don't get on me for saying this, but. . . Garth isn't really that bad of a guy. He's a nice guy, not a bully, he isn't really that funny, he has a MASSIVE crush on me but hasn't asked me out yet, he is a friend of mine, he doesn't have many friends except me and some other guy, he's not that athletic, and he is straight; I thought that I should include that.

"What's up, girl?" Garth told me in some weird, but somewhat funny accent.

I smirked at his accent. "Hey, Garth." I immediately looked back to my phone.

"Ready for hell?" He asked me as he now stood beside me, looking at my phone then back at his phone.

"Oh, I can't wait. The first day is the BEST day of school." I rhetorically replied to his question.

"At least it's a half day, though." He said and laughed afterward because of a meme he saw on Instagram.

"True, but we just sit in our classes and learn about the same damn rules and procedures that we already freaking know, like can't the school-board get that through their damn skulls?" I said, getting kind of pissed off, but went back to normal in the matter of seconds.

"Ah, who knows. . ." Garth trailed off as he saw his other friend pull up in his car.

I overheard him ask if Garth wanted a ride to school, in which Garth accepted.

"Hey, Kate, do you want a ride to school?" Garth offered me.

"No thanks, I'm going to sit with my friends on the bus, but thanks for the offer." I said while looking at my phone.

"Okay, no worries." Garth said as he sighed and looked down to the ground.

Garth got in the car and the two guys just drove off, leaving us in the dust, literally. Those two went so fast around the curb that they actually created dust from the asphalt and left some tire marks on the road. I rolled my eyes at the thought of them. For what seemed like an eternity, the bus finally showed up with mostly everyone in the neighborhood on it. I don't know if it's just me, but I always wondered how the bus can support all that weight. I probably sound like a dumbass for asking that but whatever. I got on the bus and sat down towards the back. Avery and Humphrey were already at school waiting for me, and I know this because they just texted me. I did lie to Garth, though. Now I'm feeling really guilty about it too. Oh well, I just really didn't want to ride with him so what was I supposed to do? Ugh, being a teenager is so complicated. The bus entered the school's back parking lot and dropped us all off. I texted Humphrey and Avery that I was here, and they replied back that they're waiting for me at the front. I walked up to the front of the school was scared shitless.

Humphrey was the one that scared the complete shit out of me. He hid in some bushes next to the sidewalk going up to the front and was wearing some clown mask.

"You fucking asshole!" I said to Humphrey and gave him a punch in his arm, I know it didn't hurt him but it was worth it.

"HAHAH, you should've seen your face!" Avery laughed out.

"God, she looked like a fucking eight year old on acid." Humphrey said to Avery, making Avery and I laugh. Derek was soon visible walking up to us while going up the hill. Humphrey and him waved.

"What's up, Humphrey?!" Derek yelled at Humphrey as he came across the street to greet us.

"Yoooo." Humphrey replied.

They did some weird handshake and gave each other a high-five pull in hug or whatever the hell it was called. I walked over to Avery and we started a conversation with each other. We didn't really get to talk to each other that much considering the school bell rang like two seconds after we started to talking to each other. Humphrey, Avery, Derek, and I all entered the school simultaneously. I took out my paper that told me where my new locker was and what classrooms I'll be going through throughout the semester. I had two honors classes, Humphrey had one, Derek had none, Avery also had two. I only had one class together with Humphrey, none with Derek, and none with Avery. Well, looks like this is going to be a hell of a semester. . . Avery and Derek started walking to their locker's location, making Humphrey and I follow their example. Sad as it is, there was no conversation between Humphrey and I on the way there. Once we got to our lockers, we filled it up and went to our separate ways. I entered my class (Algebra 2 Honors) and sat down near the back. Oh and speak of the devil, there was a power-point pulled up named 'Rules and Procedures'. Why the fuck am I not surprised?

The teacher told everyone to take their seats and memorize them because that's going to be where they're going to sit for the rest of the year, yaddah yaddah yaddah. I seriously felt like going to sleep at that moment, though. I stayed up until midnight texting Humphrey and occasionally Avery. I am what you call a night owl. I really don't know the reason, though, but I think the reason why I love staying up late at night was because I was born really late into the night. That's my reasoning; I don't know the true answer. The teacher started to ramble on about her rules and that no one should talk when she was talking. Wow, the first time I heard that rule was in Kindergarten, now I'm in 10th grade and still hearing that god damn rule. Since I wasn't really paying attention to the "lesson" her voice kind of sounded like the teacher's voice in Charlie Brown. Heh, I thought that was funny. It wasn't, right. Yeah, I thought so. . .

I scanned the classroom to see if anybody else wasn't paying attention and as I expected, no one was. There were some girls in the classroom secretly on their phones and the guys were whispering to each other. The guy sitting next to me was actually asleep. Good thing I'm not alone. I took my phone out from my pocket and texted Humphrey to see if he was still alive. He sent me a text saying that his phone wasn't silent. I snickered out loud, making everyone's attention on me. I acted that if it wasn't me and that it was the guy beside me since he was sleeping. I would have to apologize to him earlier. . . Good thing my acting paid off because if it didn't, the teacher definitely would've figured out I was on my phone and that she would take it until my mom or dad came to pick it up. I seriously hate that rule. You're telling me that teachers have the power to take a student's phone even though they don't pay the phone bill, they didn't buy it, and the teacher's on his/her phone ALL THE TIME. Probably one of the most unfair rules in school history.

A few minutes drifted by and the class was dismissed. One class down, three to go. Yay. . . more rules and procedures. . . yay. I switched my materials with other materials and headed toward my next class. I passed Garth in the hallway; we head nodded each other. My next class (World History) had the same power-point with the same title and even the same format of words. That was pretty cool. Once everyone was in their seats, the teacher started the power-point explaining her rules and procedures for the class. Same rules since Kindergarten. All the people were doing the same thing that they did in their previous classes. One girl was paying attention, but every other girl was on her phone; the guys were asleep or on their phones as well. The teacher saw the people asleep, but she didn't even do anything, she just continued to blabber her complete nonsense.

A notification popped up at the top of my screen to show me that I got a text from Humphrey. He sent a picture of the teacher and some student having an argument. Man, I sure wish I was there when that happened, I would've laughed my ass off. He sent another text, this time a video of it. I'll watch it later, I can't right now.

"Excuse me! Put your phone up or I'll take it!" The teacher yelled to me with some asshole smirk on her face.

"Sorry, ma'am." I replied whilst putting my phone up in my pocket.

"Dang, people these days have no respect." The teacher muttered under her breath.

After she said that, I clenched my fists and breathed heavily. When I get pissed off, I'm like a whole other person. I wouldn't say I have anger issues, but maybe other people will. I decided to just pay attention because if I decided to do anything else, the teacher would notice and call me out and embarrass me in front of the whole class. This is why I hate school. . .

Humphrey's P.O.V.

I was in the middle of the class with my head resting on my arm and my eyes on the whiteboard. I really didn't want to do anything else except pay attention because if you get in trouble on the first day of school, you're gonna have a hell of a bad reputation when it comes to the rest of the school year, that is if you do good and make good grades and stuff like that. Derek kept on sending me texts, considering my phone was vibrating a lot when the teacher was explaining her rules and expectations. Yes, it could've been Avery and Kate or anybody else on my contact list, but I knew it was Derek because he always blows up my phone. You see, Derek doesn't have that great of a life at home. Hell, he's even lucky to be going to this school. Derek is kind of a 'greaser'. He has long, thick, greasy blonde hair and is mostly poor. He lives in a poor neighborhood some people would consider it to be "the hood", which it kind of is. There is a lot of crime that happens there and the houses are tiny. He's going to this school because his parents lied about where they live so that he wouldn't go to school where a lot of bad stuff happens. He's also told me that his father kicked him out of his house because he was bisexual. It truly hurt me when he told me that, seriously it did. Now he has a single mother where she's busting her ass at her job to pay for the mortgage, all the bills, and for Derek to have a good life, which seems to be not doing to well so far. Derek was also severely depressed over the whole summer going into sophomore year. He told me over text that he cut himself many times and that he was close to attempting suicide four or five times. It put a lot of stress on me because I was the one who was keeping him from killing himself. He also had to go to counseling school because of how suicidal he was. Trust me, it hurt. Derek also has severe anger issues as well, so I try my best not to offend him with my jokes and stuff like that.

My train of thoughts were interrupted as the teacher asked me about staring off into space, which I replied back with a simple apology and a straightened posture. There was seriously A TON of jocks in this class, which gave me an uncomfortable feeling considering how annoying and mean they can get at some points. I know that not all jocks are mean and annoying, it's just that all the jocks I've seen throughout my school years were exactly the way I described them. There was some pretty hot girls in the class too. Hey, what can I say, I'm a guy. All of the girls were pretty hot, but definitely not as hot as Kate. Plus, I know Kate VERY well and she is exactly my type. Everything that I want in a girl is all packed into Kate. Avery, Kate's friend, always knew I had a crush on her and she would threaten me that she was going to tell her but of course she never did. Avery was always the type of girl that would threaten to do something, but she never would. I call those type of girls 'pretenders' and you can clearly see why. Once again, I realized I was zoning out again so I shook my head and scanned my surroundings. Thank God the teacher didn't see me zone out again for like the one hundredth time today.

As the teacher was in the middle of explaining what were going to learn this year and what order we were going to learn it, some of the jocks were whispering to each other about some girl that had sex with this guy that she didn't even know. I actually did know the girl. The girl was having fun with her friends and drank a little too much that night, or way too much. Some guy offered to take her home, but the guy turned out to be some asshole. The guy took her to a secluded spot in a vacant parking lot and took advantage of that poor girl. The girl didn't even show up to school today, actually. The girl's name was Jennifer Rose, and she has such a wall of shame surrounding her and pulling her in every second. As the jocks were laughing and joking about it, I began to breath harder than I was a few seconds ago. My muscles around my body, except that one :), were stiffening and my fists were clenching and scratching the skin on my palm. They most likely don't know the true story, which is my their probably joking about it in the first place, but I just couldn't control my anger. I don't have anger issues, so I really have no idea why I couldn't control it. Once I heard one of the jocks call Jennifer a slut, I couldn't stand it anymore. She wasn't a fucking slut, she was taken advantage of you fucking dumbass cunts.

I raised my hand, waved it a little bit to get the teacher to have my attention. "Can I please go to the bathroom, it's an emergency." I lied through my teeth like a fox. I truly hate lying considering I'm a semi-heavy Christian, but sometimes lying is actually the best thing to do. It's hard to admit that, but it's true...

The teacher took a quick glance at the clock and back at me. "You have two minutes, so make it quick!" The teacher told me as she raised her voice a little near the ending of her sentence. That kind of annoyed me, making me let out a sigh through my nose.

I quickly walked out of the classroom and down to the bathroom, taking in the consideration of the limited time I have. Seriously though, why the hell two minutes? What if I had to take a shit? Was I going to have to explain in front of the whole class that I had to go take a shit and ask for a longer amount of minutes? I seriously hope not because that would be VERY embarrassing. Honestly, I really didn't even have to use the bathroom, I just said that to get some 'air' from that terrible classroom. Plus, my anger was pretty high until explosion. I walked over to the sinks and splashed some water onto my face and rubbed my eyes afterward. I took a couple of deep breaths and let out another sigh after the deep breaths. Why does this school even exist? Hell, why does school even exist? It's like a fucking torture chamber for all kids, even kindergarteners, at least that's what I think. I took a glance at my phone and noticed that I had a full minute left. I quickly decided to walk back to class because being earlier than the deadline of time can raise your reputation as a trustworthy student.

I entered the classroom and sat down in my seat and decided to close my eyes, not go to sleep, just close my eyes. There really wasn't a reason why, actually; it just felt pretty comfortable in all honesty. Class ended after about five minutes and everyone piled in the doorway, making it very claustrophobic for some people. I decided to hang back and wait for the doorway to clear up. I look around the classroom and looked at the teacher for like a quick second. She gave me a smile and I gave her smile back just to be polite, I didn't mean anything else other than to be polite. The doorway was finally clear and I walked to my locker to get my things for the next class. Next class was probably going to be the best class of the day considering Kate's going to be in that class with me, which means better company, a nice body to look at, and just to actually have a friend in a class for once. Derek and Avery weren't in any of my classes and I only have one class with Kate. Yeah, hell of a semester this will be, am I right? I collected all of my materials for the next class and leaned on the wall near the classroom and waited for her. She came walking down the hallway with a huge, beautiful, heart-warming smile on her face as she looked at me. It gave me swarming feeling of happiness and nervousness throughout my body when I saw her smile at me. She's smiled at me many times before, but this one was just different for some odd reasons that I couldn't even comprehend.

She walked over to me with her arms stretched out and gave me a hug, I couldn't help but return the generous offer. We hugged for at least five seconds before we broke apart and began talking to each other.

"Funny video you sent me, Humphrey. It made me get in trouble." She said with still the heart-warming smile on her face. Of course I didn't mean to get her in trouble though, I would never.

"Oh, shit. Sorry, Kate. You know I didn't mean to." I said with true honesty. Her smile widened at my comment, which made me even more nervous, yet happy. "But yeah, when they got into an argument, I couldn't help but video it. It was so funny, you have no idea." I said with a little snicker afterward.

"Yeah, I wish I was in the class with you when that happened. It would make me laugh so hard, which what I really need at least now. School is too boring." Kate said, putting some extra O's in the too. I couldn't help but feel the same way she was feeling. I could really need a good laugh, especially after what happened last period.

I was about to say something to Kate before I was cut off by the loud bell of the school. Unfortunately I was right below a bell, which made the sound even more loud and worse to hear that ever before. God, that really damaged my hearing considering I could only hear what seemed like water in my left ear for about a full minute. Kate took a seat and I was about to sit behind her before I saw the seating chart on the active board. I was supposed to sit all the way on the other side of the classroom and Kate was supposed to be on the other. Wow, what a hell of a semester this would be... The teacher walked in with a little 'hello' and pulled up something on his active board, with the title of it being 'Getting To Know Each Other'. Huh, this was semi-different but not entirely for some reasons. It's different because it's not rules and procedures, but it's not that new because this is what most kids at elementary schools would do on the first day. I still remember those good ole days. In elementary school, I had the best teachers ever; middle school, I had some great teachers but also some bitchy ones; freshman year, I had nothing but bitchy teachers. Sophomore so far, I had one pretty cool teacher and two bitchy teachers. Good thing this is the last class of the day, though.

The activity started and everyone went, with me saying that I was really into basketball, which is semi-true. I watch college basketball and some NBA basketball, but I just don't play it for some reason. I'm the type of guy that is into sports, but just doesn't play sports. Weird, huh? The teacher turned the slide with the subtitle being rules. Fucking perfect...

(Time Skip: End of Period)

Class was dismissed and everyone rushed to get out of school and go home for the day, and I couldn't help but feel the same way. I went to my locker and put everything in there and left it. Not one of my teachers assigned homework for me, so i just left everything in my locker for Monday. Kate had only one sheet of homework, which was pretty funny but somewhat annoying. Teachers... I'll never get them... The hallway leading to the rear entrance of the school was packed, but I really didn't care at that moment, I went for it. I really wanted to get out of there, away from the school. I seriously cannot wait for college to start. After about three minutes of struggling to get out of the school, I finally made my way out. Kate wasn't far behind me. We met each other outside.

"Hey, Humphrey." I looked at her. "Me and some of my friends are going to the movies to see Logan, you wanna come?" Kate asked me. It made me very nervous to answer, I really didn't know why.

"S-sure, Kate, what t-time?" I asked her whilst giving me a mentally, fatal slap in the face after saying that. Why am so awkward?

Kate gave me a 'what the hell is up with you' look. "6:40, are you okay?" Kate asked me. That seriously didn't feel good. I really don't want her to worry about me. I'm not depressed or anything, it's just that I was practically shitting myself.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. Why... do y-you ask?" I asked while giving myself another slap mentally slap in the face because of the stupid stuttering.

Kate gave me the 'seriously?' look. Shit... "You stuttered. I know you, Humphrey. You hardly ever stutter." She had me up against a wall here. I had to think of something fast, but just couldn't. But I felt as if my life was saved as my phone rang.

"I'm sorry, Kate. I have to take this." I said as I walked away, quickly. I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could while looking naturally, which I hopefully succeeded at.

"Hey Humphrey, how was your day at school?" My mom asked me with some sort of happy tone.

"Boring, you know I hate first days." I said with honesty and trying not to sound like an asshole.

"Yeah... I did too when I was your age, it's just rules." My mom said while laughing a little afterward.

"So what'd you call me for?" I asked with concern and annoyance. I really don't want to sound like an asshole towards her, she's my mother.

"I was just calling to check up on you." She said while letting out a sigh afterward. Probably stress at work. "Oh! How's Kate?" She asked me with that annoying accent, which kind of annoyed me.

"She was bored out of her mind just like I was. She also asked me to go to the movies with her and some of her friends this weekend too." I said, pleading to God that she wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

"Ooooh, I bet that made you feel good, didn't it." My mom said, making a big deal out of it as usual mothers do.

"It did, but I got nervous and began stuttering. I practically made an ass out of myself." I said with a gloomy tone, upset with myself for being a nervous nelly.

"Humphrey, watch your mouth. And it's okay, sweetie. All boys get nervous." My mom said trying to comfort me, and was actually succeeding surprisingly. Hell, it made my countenance change.

"I guess..." I said, not knowing what else to say.

"Oh, Humphrey. I gotta go, something came up. Love you, sweetie." Mom said while giving a little kiss over the microphone, making me cringe a little.

"Love you too, Mom. Bye." I said.

I hung up the phone and kind of smiled to myself, as my mom kind of made me feel better about the situation with Kate went down. Moms are great. I tapped on my messages app and decided to text Derek back at what he sent me in the middle of the class. I don't really wanna go into detail, it's pretty dark stuff. Once again, I think I saved him, at least I hope I did. Avery texted me asking about the boring day and stuff like that. I replied the casual messages saying that it was shit. She didn't text me back after that text. I put my phone back in my pocket and got on the bus. Since the bus ride was 45 minutes, considering I was the last stop, I decided to listen to the album "Divide" by Ed Sheeran. The album turned out to be pretty good so far, I still have to continue it, though. I walked home and entered my home. I slung my backpack off of my shoulder and threw my shoes off and laid on my bed, taking out my phone as well. YouTube seemed to be the best option for me right now. I watched some gaming videos and some vlogs before I went downstairs and turned on my Xbox. I overheard some people at my school talk about some new Netflix series called "Stranger Things." So I decided to watch the first episode. As soon as it ended, I decided not to watch the second episode. I honestly didn't think it was that good. I went upstairs and back into my bedroom and fell asleep

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