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Previously on From Friends to Enemies...

Kate, Humphrey, Avery, and Derek all get up in the terrible morning to go spend three hours of their lives at school on opening school day. They all despised going, but they were all forced to by their parents. They all meet up at school and get their schedules, you know the usual routine. Humphrey only has one class with Kate and not any with Derek and Avery; the same went for Kate. They get through all of the classes, even though Humphrey had some trouble dealing with the terrible jocks and with Derek's depression. Kate got through them, even though she got in trouble a few times when she was on her phone and for just dealing with extreme boredom. Once the school session ended, Kate and Humphrey were sent home but before Humphrey got on the bus, Kate pulled him into a conversation, asking if he wanted to go to the movies with her and some of her friends. Humphrey couldn't help but be nervous. Soon enough, Humphrey made it home and decided to do his own thing before he was sentenced to an eight-hour conviction of sleep.

Now on From Friends to Enemies...

Chapter 2: Family Troubles

Humphrey's P.O.V.

Today was the day, today was the day I finally get to go out on a date with Kate, the girl of my dreams for a long time. If you know guy signals, when a girl say her and some of her friends, she really means just you and me, but hey, sometimes girls can be confusing as hell, so I really don't think about the "Bro Code Signals" that much. Hell, sometimes the codes can be wrong and sometimes they can be right all thanks to the female brain. I'll never get it, and girls will probably never get the guy's mind. Oh well, it's the world all of us humans live in after all. My sudden rush of thoughts were interrupted as my phone on my nightstand vibrated and lit up the screen, making a rectangular shape of light on the ceiling and walls of my room. The text was sent from Derek, asking how I was doing and everything. Wait, hold on a second. Did he seriously just ask me how I was doing? What about him? He's been the depressed one here, not me. Wow, that sounded really rude... sorry, Derek, it's just that it hurts me just as much as it hurts you to see you with your eyes being bloodshot red from tiredness, seeing scars on your wrists, getting angry easily, being secluded from your family, and many other things that I could list. It honestly is a heart-breaking state to see you in these depressing conditions, it really is. I shook my head to get those thoughts out of my head and began to text him back, saying how he's doing. He replied saying that he was tired as hell, in which I replied with laughing emoji. Always gotta send the boys emojis. Wow, that sounded weird...

The texting conversation pretty much ended there, but I couldn't help just worry for Derek. He's talked to me about committing suicide a few times and I was the one there to support him and everything. If he ever did actually take his own life, I wouldn't even be going to school anymore, and I would devastated. And if I finally decided to go to school, I would have my head down all day in all of my classes pretending that I was asleep, but really hiding all of my tears and heart-break. For guys, it's kind of embarrassing to cry in public because men are subjected to be stone cold, emotionless, broad people there to defend their girl and have very good manners toward the other gender. I'm not saying that guys go through more problems than girls, I'm just giving that example because it just seemed good to use in the moment. I'm not a sexist, believe me, I'm not. Even if I was, I wouldn't be for long because of all the feminist and male-supporters and what not, so the only option is to not be a sexist. My train of thoughts subsided as there was a pretty loud bang on my bedroom door. My Dad entered and sat down at the foot of my bed with some odd look on his face. Must be serious...

Dad held up his wrist to his mouth, cleared his throat and rested his arm again. "Do you remember your great grandmother, Helen?" He asked me with a tad bit of water forming in his eyes. I knew instantly that this conversation wasn't going to be a good one, but I had nothing else to talk about right now. I was kind of cornered here...

"Yeah... why do you ask? Did something happen to her?" I asked, growing more concerned every second that drifted away into history. He wiped his eyes a little bit as a couple of tears formed streams on his left and right cheeks.

"Y-.." He sniffled a little until speaking again. "Yeah... s-something happened to her. She w-.." He sniffled again, with more tears streaming down his cheeks. He could really use a companion right now, so I decided to put my hand on his knee. He formed a little smile. "S-she was in a car accident last night. She's in the hospital, and the doctors are unsure if she'll m-m-make i-it." He broke down crying immediately afterward. Hell, it made my heart sink into the Mariana Trench as well when he said that. I can see why he was emotional right now, though. His grandmother might die, how can he not be upset? How can't anyone?

I didn't say anything after he said that. I just felt my heart sink and sat there, trying not to cry, comforting my dad, and thinking about all of the memories I had with her.


It was in the middle of summer, school was almost back in session, but every year before Humphrey would go back to school, he and his whole family would go down to Hazard, Kentucky and meet all of his family. Humphrey didn't really life going because of how boring it could be, but he liked how he was spending quality time with his family members that he didn't even know existed. Also, the food there was amazing, so that was also a plus. Every time they went, Humphrey would get smothered with hugs and kisses from each and every one of his cousins, grandmothers, grandfathers, great grandmothers, great grandfathers, he could go on. Humphrey was sitting in the back seat of Mom's mini-van and was playing on his Nintendo DS to pass the time. It was usually a two-and-a-half hour drive there, so he had to get something or else he would be bored out of his mind. Humphrey was playing one of his favorite games on the DS (New Super Mario Brothers) and was just about to go into World 6 before his mother said to him that they were only two minutes away. Humphrey was going over to his father's side of the family's reunion. Mom's family reunion is usually near the end of the year, near Winter Break. Every time that Humphrey went to a family reunion on Mom's side of the family, he would have to wear a hoodie and a coat over it because of how freezing cold it usually was up in Minnesota.

Two minutes passed and before Humphrey even knew it, he was getting taken down a hole where two houses were located. His great aunt's house used to be a trailer, but she and her husband (who sadly passed away before Humphrey was even born) built some extra bedrooms and a porch to make it seem like a house; they did a pretty darn good job too. Humphrey looked through the window to see that they were driving down the little inclined plane towards a huge backyard to park their car. He turned off his DS and unbuckled his seatbelt and straightened out his posture, getting ready to get smothered in all the hugs and kisses from each of his family members. All of the kisses would annoy Humphrey, but he just didn't show it and just went with the flow because who would want to be a jerk to their cousins and grandmothers etc.? Humphrey's mother parked the car and Humphrey's father got out of the car and ran down and gave his mother, grandmother, everyone else a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Humphrey took a deep breath, getting ready for all of the hugs and kisses, and gallantly exited the car. He walked down to where his father was sitting and every one around him got up and walked over to him. All of the men and women gave the little boy the hugs and kisses he deserved and sat back down. You could see lipstick stains on Humphrey's cheek as well...

(End of Flashback)

As I came back into the real world and collected everything that happened before the flashback, I could see my father was still sitting on the foot of the bed crying up a storm. I could still feel the heat of his leg as my hand must've been on it for about five minutes now. It hurt to see my father like this. Hell, it was kind of surprising, actually. Dad was never really the type of man to cry over anything. He always had a stone-cold, emotionless face every time when he heard about something happen to one of his friends or something like that. I couldn't just let him sit there without a hug, so I brought him into a hug and rested my head on his shoulder, as he did the same thing for me. I could feel my shoulder getting wet from all of the sobs coming from him, but I didn't let him go. He needed this. He needed someone right now, and that someone was me, so I had to do something and be nice rather than being an asshole and just leaving him there like this. Eventually, the hug was broken and Dad got up and apologized. I really had no idea why he was apologizing. There was really no need for the apology, but I just replied with the usual 'it's okay' and just sent him away.

As soon as he closed my door, I couldn't help but let out all the tears that I've been storing behind a figurative dam in my eyes. Helen was so cool! She always had that Eastern Kentucky girl attitude, you know all tough, but funny. Yeah, I remember this one story she told me about a group of teenage boys messing around with her plants on her property. She went out there with her gun and fired six bullets in the air and yelled at them to get off her property. The next day she went to the laundry mat and noticed that the teenage boys' mother was there working. Helen decided to ring up a conversation with her and tell her that if she ever saw those boys on her property again, she wouldn't miss. I was only about 13 years old when she told me that story, and boy did it make me quiver in laughter. If you ever step on that woman's property it's not the man you should be worrying about, you better worry about that old women, she'll shoot you!

Instead of crying about all of the good memories I've had with Helen, I decided to smile, because they were good memories, weren't they? All of the memories I had with Helen were drifting away from my mind as I started to remember about the day's outing with my dear friend, and crush, Kate. I didn't want to switch my focus over to Kate, but for some reason, I just couldn't just switch my focus back over to Helen. Maybe because Kate has preoccupied more of my time more than Helen? So many questions were flooding my mind, so I just shook my head a couple of times to get the questions out and focus on getting ready for Kate. If I remember correctly, we're supposed to go see the movie 'Logan'. It kind of sounded like a Wolverine movie, considering the name Logan. Plus, the movie poster had metal blades on it, so yeah, definitely a Wolverine movie.

I wanted to look nice for Kate, considering this is probably the first outing I've had with Kate ever. A madras shirt and jeans sounded like a good outfit, so that's what I decided to put on for the "date." I walked out of my room and walked passed my parent's bedroom, where I could hear indistinct, muffled sobs coming from my father with his face planted into his pillow. It made me stop in my tracks when I heard him cry and say some rude things to everyone's Father. I let out a scared sigh and prayed for my father to get through this and for Helen to get better. Like I said before, I'm a Christian, I'm just not a heavy Christian, meaning that I don't go to church that often and I don't pray before I eat. These things are what I should be doing, but just not doing. I cleared my head and entered the bathroom to look spick and clean for Kate on this day. I was thinking about changing my hair style a little and putting on some strong aftershave to smell nice. I already took a shower last night so I'm fine with that. I spiked up my hair a little and put on some aftershave and decided to wear my Vans for today. Like I'm going to wear freaking Nike shoes with a madras shirt and some jeans...

My phone suddenly vibrated and I pulled it out to see who decided to text me at this hour. It was Kate. I took a deep breath and exhaled before I read what the text said.

K: sorry to wake u but i just needed to tell you that avery couldn't make it so it's going to be me and you for the movie.
H: no worries, i didn't really expect her to come anyway
K: oh really why do u say that?
H: because she is SO irresponsible, kate.
K: your right about that, anyway 2:30 is when the movie shows can't wait to see u there :)
H: can't wait! :D

I exhaled some air that I was holding for quite some time. Maybe the "bro code" thing actually was right after all. Wow, that's a first. Maybe today is just my lucky day. Kate's text message said 2:30 and it was only noon. Since I had A TON of time to spare, I decided to go downstairs into the basement and play some Ghost Recon: Wildlands on my Xbox One. I was actually almost done beating the game, so why not play it?

Kate's P.O.V

After Humphrey and I's little conversation over the phone, I couldn't help but smile and giggle. I've had a crush on Humphrey for years now and this is the first time that ONLY him and me are going to spend time together without any interruptions; at least I hope there's not any interruptions, you can never really tell these days. Everybody was raving about the new movie 'Logan' so what other movie could we go see while staying up-to-date on the world's media. Like the problem with us girls is that if we don't get the brand new heels that came out that everybody gets and you're the one that doesn't have them yet, you're gonna get laughed at most likely. It's fucking stupid. Like why does it matter what shoes we wear? Sometimes I don't get the way the female brain functions. God, guys can be assholes but girls can be evil. (Yes, I got that from 13 Reasons Why) I cleared my mind and started to think about Humphrey. He's so hot in my head but he's even hotter in person. Honestly, it makes me nervous when I talk to him, and maybe it does for him, I don't know. The boy's brain is hella confusing.

As time drifted away, I got caught up in my music because the music just takes over your brain. It's like I know I'm on a tight schedule, but sometimes i just forget about everything and just focus on what's blasting my eardrums. Yeah, that actually happens to me a lot. I was about to play another song off of Drake's new album 'More Life' until I saw the time. It was 1:30.

My eyes widened and my mind went all into rush mode, "Holy Shit!" I sprang off of my bed and into the bathroom and stripped off all of my clothes. I got into the shower and took only like a six minute shower. I got out of the shower, dried myself off, put on my underwear and started to do my make-up, taking my time wisely. I don't know why but I can actually do my make-up pretty good when I'm in a rush, hell it worked yesterday. Once that was over with, I put my eye-shadow and ran back into my room. The clock was ticking. It was already 2:06 last time I checked it as well. I put on some random outfit, that I thought was cute, of course, and swiftly made my out the door. I heard Mom ask me where I was going, but I was already out the door. I texted her what I was going to do, and ran to Humphrey's house.

Everything that was playing in my mind were just 'tick-tocks' coming from the imaginary clock inside of my brain. I was running out of breath so fast it was as if I was a fish flopping around on a dock. 'I really need to work out more,' I thought. The clock read 2:23 now, and I was about three blocks away from Humphrey's house. I could see it in my eyes. I stopped for a second to regain my oxygen and started to run again. It was a whole minute later before I reached his house. The doorbell was rung, and Humphrey answers to door. Oh my... He looked so hot I just wanted to open the door, grab him, and pull him into a kiss, but I couldn't do that right now.

He looked at me kind of funny, maybe wondering why I was breathing so heavily. "Kate? Are you okay?" I looked at him, still taking in deep inhales and deep exhales. I coughed a little and looked back up at him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just out of breath, that's all." I told him, still inhaling and exhaling deeply and checking my phone for the time. 2:26.

He chuckled a little. Scratched the back of his head and checked the time. "Well, how about you come inside and get a drink of water; you look like you can need it." That was pretty nice of him to offer me a drink, really it was. It made me smile.

I entered his house and the kitchen and leaned on the countertop, still trying to relax my breathing. Humphrey followed close behind. He opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water and handed me the drink. I immediately took the drink from him and chugged the whole bottle. Humphrey just stood there with his mouth open, surprised by my actions. "Damn, you really must've been thirsty then." Humphrey chuckled to himself a little after his comment.

His comment kind of made me giggle a little too. He is such a funny guy. God, I just wish we were dating already. I cleared my throat. "So do you think we should be heading out just about now?" Humphrey pulled out his phone and took a glance at the time. He replied with a casual yeah and we both walked out the front door simultaneously.

Humphrey got in his parent's car, same with me, and pulled out of the driveway and were off to the movie theater, going a little too fast, but I didn't care; I love cheap thrills. As we were driving to the movie theater, a song named "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars was playing on the radio, I couldn't help but sing along; it's one of my favorite songs to date. "Cool jewel be shining so bright, strawberry champagne on ice, lucky for you that's what I like, that's what I like, lucky for you that's what I like, that's what I like, sex by the fire at night, silk sheets and diamonds all white, lucky for you that's what I like." I stopped singing as I realized that Humphrey was with me. God, that was a mistake.

I looked over at Humphrey, who was still just looking at the road. Did he think that I wasn't good? Does he not like my singing? Ugh, why does this always happen to me? Maybe he did like my singing, he was just paying attention to the road because he was driving. The time read 2:29, good. I can't wait to get out of this car. Boys are confusing... But as I looked at him again, he had a smile on his face, so maybe he did like my singing, right? Oh Lord help me... We pulled up to the movie theater and got out of the car in complete silence. That was very, very unusual. Humphrey and I usually talk all the time, but this time it was different. I had so many questions right now, but I decided not to ask them, not even in my head. We entered the movie theater and stood in line for tickets, which didn't take that long considering there was only one women in front of us. The time was now 2:34. Movies usually show commercials before they show the actual movie anyway, so we still got some time. After we collected the tickets, we stood in line for some popcorn and drinks, you know the usual.

I got a little antsy as I really had to go to the bathroom, but I decided to let Humphrey know anyway. "Hey, Humphrey." He gave all his attention with those heart-throbbing icy blue eyes. "I gotta go to the bathroom, just get me a Diet Coke." He nodded in response and smiled at me, and boy was that smile still amazing. I ran to the bathroom and did my business and came back out to be greeted by Humphrey with my coke and a bucket of popcorn. "Thanks..." I trailed off and just smiled at him, in which he smiled right back at me.

He checked the time and looked back at me. "Ready to go to the movie? Because I know I sure am." Humphrey said whilst taking a sip of drink afterward.

"Let's do it!" I said as I started to enter the theater room.

Honestly, 'Logan' looked like it could be the best movie of the year. If you saw the trailer you would understand. Most Wolverine movies were good, some terrible, but most good. Like the X-Men movies were ok, some good, some decent, then the bad ones. Plus, the actor for the Wolverine character was definitely my celebrity crush, but that crush isn't as powerful as the one I have for Humphrey. It's just something about Humphrey that makes my heart skip beats and make it pound right out of my chest. When Humphrey and I took our seats near the back of the theater room, the opening credits started. Phew, we were close to missing one second of it, which I really didn't want to do. As the opening credits ended, I could already tell that this movie was going to be great.

Humphrey's P.O.V.

Right when the movie was starting to get good, and sad, I looked over at Kate to see her bawling out all of the waters trapped inside of her eyes. It was quite funny when I saw her like this. If she was crying about something that happened to her or me or any of her friends, it would hurt, but this is just a movie and fictional characters, so it wasn't really hurtful to see her crying. I grabbed some napkins that I put in my pocket and handed them to her. She took them out of my hand immediately and wiped her eyes, then she looked back and me and mouthed the words 'thank you.' I just nodded my head in response with my eyes fixated on the giant screen directly in front of me. My eyes still drifted away from the movie and just focused on Kate. I couldn't help but smile. God, now I'm just making myself seem like an asshole.

The movie ended and Kate was just sitting there with a pile of napkins at the feet of her seat, and she was still using a ton of napkins. Man, I didn't know the movie was going to make her cry that much. If I did, I wouldn't have taken her to the movie, but hey, she was the one who asked me in the first place. I grabbed her hand and led her down the stairs and into the hallway. She had wiped all of her tears away and put a smile on her face. That's the Kate I know. I smiled at her and she smiled at me and just looked directly at the floor beneath her, but still had that beautiful smile planted on her face. That was one of the "bro code" signs, but I just shook my head and went to the restroom. When I came back from the bathroom, I saw Kate sitting on the bench with her fingers tapping at random places on her phone. She had some strange look on her face, but I just ignored it and told her to come along.

We exited the movie theater and into the outside world, where our eyes were blinded from the unforgivable light. It seemed as if Kate and I were meeting the brightest object in the known universe. I closed my eyes and held my hands in front of them, but still took little peaks to see if the pain would ever go away. Kate was doing a similar thing I was doing. Eventually, the pain went away and we entered my car and drove off to never-land. Kate turned up the radio and wasn't even doing anything to some really good hip-hop song that was on the radio. The song was "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar. The song wasn't one of my favorites, but I still liked the song nonetheless. "I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances..." Yeah, some of my favorite lyrics from the song. My favorite lyrics were "I'm so sick and tired of the photoshop." K-Dot was just speaking facts right there. I looked back over at Kate who just had some weird look on her face as she was hearing the lyrics to the song. Maybe she didn't like hip-hop, or maybe she did, I don't know. Maybe she was just like 'what the fuck' as she was listening to the lyrics. I personally don't care for lyrics, unless if it's supposed to be a meaningful song, but other than that, nah, I'm a 'beat' kind of guy.

Since there was some good songs playing on the radio and that Kate and I were having fun, I decided to just turn on a road that really does a HUGE circle to where we were now. "What'd you say, Kate? You wanna go for a country drive?" I asked her as my eyes were still fixated on the road ahead of me.

She looked back at me with a huge, gorgeous smile on her face. "Fuck yeah! I'm having fun!" She yelled as he spoke her head out the window and shouted 'whoo.' I just smiled and chuckled a little as Kate seemed to be having the time of her life. I really liked this side of her, and every other side she had, but this side just stroke me right in the heart.

"Humble" eventually ended and another song that I knew very well was beginning to be played. The song was "Young and Unafraid" by The Moth and the Flame, a very underrated band. I was actually very surprised as I realized that the most popular radio station, in this town, was playing a song barely anybody knows. Huh, maybe they just want to sponsor them or something. It was the type of song that could be pretty good for movie montages and it was definitely the type of song to listen to when your driving through a city watching all the blurry lights fly by you. I decided to sing some of the lyrics of the song while we drove down a curvy road. Kate was watching me as I sang, making me feel a little creeped out but also comforted. Mixed feelings all over... Mixed feelings...

After "Young and Unafraid" came "Cold" by Maroon 5. This song was one of my favorite Maroon 5 songs ever, plus it features Future. It seemed as if Kate loved the song as well and she started to yell random things such as 'Oh my god, I absolutely love this song' and that just made me smile again. There's another thing we have in common. Seriously though, we both have A TON in common. I could probably write a three pages with the smallest font listing all of the things Kate and I have in common. Yeah, we have that much in common. Kate was singing along to the song, and I just wanted to listen to her instead of the song. She is such an amazing singer. She should be on The Voice or America's Got Talent or something, hell, she could also win depending on how good the other contestants are.

Eventually, the country drive ended as "Cold" ended and we agreed to drive home, but that all changed when Kate asked me some random question out of the blue. "Hey, Humphrey, do you wanna come over to my house and hang out for a while?" I've been over to her house a couple of times, hell I've even spent the night there at least once or twice before. It's just that when I'm there with Kate, I always seem to be having fun. So how could I not turn that down?

I thought about it for a quick second and was just like 'fuck it.' "Let's do it." I said plainly. I took a left turn and drove up the hills, which was the entrance to her neighborhood. I took a right turn and was there. Yeah, she doesn't live that far away from the main road.

Kate got out of the car and entered her house. I decided to hang back and text my parents to let them know that I was going to be spending some quality time with Kate. I texted my Dad, and he replied with 'that's fine, just wear protection.' I cracked a smile and chuckled a little to myself at his comment. My Dad was still serious at parenting, but he could crack some pretty funny jokes as well. Maybe that's why Kate was always telling me that's where my jokes come from. Maybe it was just something that ran in the family, I don't know and I really don't care anyway. My attention was diverted to a sudden knock on my car window. It turned out to be Kate, maybe concerned to why I was still sitting in the car instead of being inside with her. "Sorry, I just had to text my parents to let them know that I was with you."

Kate just shrugged her shoulders. "That's fine." She put a smile on her face afterward, making my heart sink.

Kate was walking in front of me when we were going up the front steps to enter her door. I'm sorry, but I just couldn't stand it any longer. I had to look down at her ass. I KNOW, I'm a pervert. There, I said it, you happy? As long as Kate didn't seem to notice, I was completely fine with that. We entered the house and I just laid my eyes on the counter because I was too lazy just to keep them in my pocket, plus it would be uncomfortable if I sat down. We sat down on the couch and decided to watch some random show on TV. The show was pretty entertaining to watch. It was followed this guy taking on all of these food challenges across the country. Some of the food challenges on there were fucking insane. There was a hamburger that was twice my size. Jeez, I'm actually happy I wasn't that guy...

Time was drifting away as Kate and I got so caught up in this one show. But it was only 7:00, I still have at least three hours with the hottest girl I have ever seen. As I was watching the show Kate switched the inputs on the TV and turned on her PS4, without bending over. 'Damn,' I thought. She sat back down with me and selected Netflix with her PS4 controller. She was browsing through all of the categories, trying to find a movie that seemed good to watch. Once we hit the horror movie scene, we found a lot of good movies, unfortunately we both have watched them before. We just kept scrolling through all of the horror movies until we landed on 'Don't Breath.' I've seen the trailer of the movie and it looked it pretty good and even Kate agreed to watch it. Wow, we're just watching a lot of movies today... Before the movie was about to start, Kate paused the movie and walked over to the kitchen and decided to make some popcorn. I was just sitting on the couch, waiting for her to come back and sit down next to me. When she sits next to me, it makes me feel nervous but I just try to ignore the feeling and focus on her instead of my feelings. I heard some distinct *beeps* from the microwave and footsteps approaching from behind me and to my side. Kate sat right back down next to me and un-paused and leaned back. I smiled at her and looked back at the TV.

About two minutes into the movie the microwave blared its noises. Kate paused the movie, got the popcorn and poured it into a bowl, and sat right back down right where I wanted her. She un-paused the movie once again and we were focused on the movie, sometimes reaching for popcorn while watching the movie. As we were watching the movie, right when the three enter the blind old man's home I reached to grab some popcorn, but was stopped by a soft, gentle hand. I quickly pulled my hand back as I had just realized that I have accidentally touched Kate's hand. 'Wow, that was awkward,' I thought to myself. Kate was smiling and laughing to herself silently from the accidental hand-touch. 'God, Humphrey. Why do you have to be so god damn weird?' My consciousness asked me. I really can't answer that question because I really am weird, at least that's what some people say.

As the movie progressed to the ending of its story, I haven't reached for popcorn since. All of a sudden, there was a scary scene and Kate and I jumped simultaneously. As we jumped, my hand moved over to Kate and wrapped it around her. My eyes widened. This can't be happening, could it? My arm was around Kate. 'Here comes the slap,' I was thinking this until Kate moved over and leaned on me. Oh... My... God... This was perhaps the most happy I've been in a long time and this is probably the most nervous that I've been ever. Kate and looked up and I looked down to her. Her head was resting on my shoulder and her hand was attached to my hand. Her skin was so smooth, soft, and gentle, it made me have the feeling of comfort. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. What was I supposed to do, say something? If I did I probably would've made it awkward, so hell no. Girls have always complemented me about my smile throughout middle and elementary school, but that was different. This is fucking high school. 'Ugh, why am I so nervous? She's accepting this, why am I still nervous?' I kept thinking to myself.

I couldn't even watch the movie because of how many question I have stored in my head right. Ugh... why do girls have to be so confusing? The movie ended, without me even watching a single but before the accidental "arm-around-her" incident. I've just been thinking and asking myself stupid questions. 'Stop panicking, Humphrey. She is accepting the fact that you have your arm around her. Just calm down...' My consciousness kept telling me this. I cleared my head and was about to get off the couch to put the bowl in the sink before I noticed that Kate had fallen asleep on my shoulder. Damn... she was so adorable when she slept. She looked like an angel has descended down from Heaven and had decided to rest on my shoulder. I smiled as I saw her eyes twitch a little. Suddenly, my phone vibrated in my pocket, with just a silent sound. 'Thank God. I don't want to see her awake right now.' I thought to myself as I pulled out my phone to see who texted me. Turns out it was my father, asking me to come on home for dinner. I took a quick glance at the clock to see that it was only 9:14. Yeah, that seems about right.

I replied to him that I would be there. Man, this sucks, this really fucking sucks. Kate has fallen asleep on my shoulder and now I have to leave her here. 'Dammit, like sometimes sucks...' I thought. I slowly moved my shoulder and wrapped my arms around Kate's torso and legs and stood up. Man, she was light as a feather. I took her upstairs and laid her inside her bedroom. I took her phone, put it on silent and hopped scotch out of there as quickly as I could. I texted Kate that I had to leave to go eat dinner with my family and drove off into the night. I drove all the way to my house while listening to some weird song on the radio. I couldn't even understand what the girl was singing; it sounded as if she was singing in a language other than English. Huh, strange... I drove to my house and parked my car. I took out my phone to see what the time was and immediately shoved it right into my pocket. I entered my house and was greeted by everyone at the table: Mom and Dad.

I gave them a smile and set my keys on the counter and sat in my chair. "Hey, guys." I was about to eat before my Mom and Dad decided to ask me questions... Oh Lord, they're probably gonna ask what I did with Kate and everything like that. Welp, I'm in for a treat.

"Soooo... How was you and Kate's day out together?" My mom asked me while taking a bite of the grilled chicken she had cooked for everybody.

I secretly rolled my eyes and was starting to get annoyed. Seriously though, I hate it when my mom does this... "It was fun, we went to go see 'Logan' and I went back to her house and we just watched Netflix." I said as I took a bite of the chicken. Wow, it was very good.

"Is that all that happened?" My mom asked while giving me a little smirk.

I dropped my fork on the table and was beginning to get really annoyed. Why do moms have to do this? Don't they understand how annoying it is? "Yes, mom. That is all that happened." I put a little emphasis on Mom for her to see my point to stop asking these questions because it was getting so annoying it was making me angry. I jammed my fork into the chicken as another sign to stop asking questions.

My mom looked at me kind of funny and kind of angrily. I hope she knows that the 'momma-glare' doesn't work on me anymore and especially not right now. "You better watch your attitude, son."

I was fuming. I was about to explode any second, one more question then the world will end. "Well then how about you stop asking me questions." I said with a very mean tone and a 'fuck you' tone.

My mom paused for a second, probably thinking about what to say. I swear if she asks me one more fucking question I swear to fucking God I will... I trailed off, not wanting to think of anything violent. "Did you wear protection?"

There it was. There it fucking was... I exploded. I picked up my plate and slammed it onto the floor, even picking up pieces and smashing them as well. I walked over to where I put my keys and grabbed them "HUMPHREY JAECAR!" My mom shouted at me as I was about to head out the door.

I turned around and yelled something I never would've yelled at her in my life. "FUCK YOU, BITCH!" I slammed the door, probably knocking down a picture on the wall as I heard some more glass break. I headed towards my car in a heart-beat. I put the keys in the slot, turned it, and started the car. I was gonna spend the night somewhere else, I really don't think I can spend the night there, at least not after what had just happened. As I was about to drive away, I saw my Mom open the garage door and begin running towards me. I rolled down the window and flipped her off and drove away.

I didn't even feel any guilt at what had just happened. I didn't give a shit about anything right now. I just wanted to get out of there and just run away. It was only a matter of seconds before I began to realize where the hell was I going to sleep. The answer immediately came to my head in seconds. Kate's house. Kate's parents weren't going to be home until tomorrow night and her sister, Lilly, was out of town as well. I took a left turn into her neighborhood and another right and drove into her driveway. I closed my car door, still breathing heavily from the anger that was stored inside of me. I walked into Kate's house and up the stairs into her bedroom where I found her still sound asleep. I smiled at the sight of that, which made my anger cool a little. I decided to leave her alone for now. I walked back downstairs and laid down on the couch. I set my keys and phone down on the table and tried to go to sleep before I heard my phone vibrate.

I looked to see who decided to text me at this hour and really wasn't surprised to see that it was my Mom. She texted for me to please come home and that we could talk about it. Like hell I would go back home after what had just happened. Really dumb... I just turned off my phone and rested it back on the table. I laid back my head and kicked my shoes off. I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep. I really can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me.

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