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Previously on From Friends to Enemies...

Kate suddenly awakes to the sounds of the microwave downstairs. She knew that her parents weren't home yet, so something had to be up. Kate ends up going to investigate but is shocked to see that it is her sister Lilly. Kate and Lilly end up talking about what has happened and how they are doing until Winston and Eve come home. Lilly hops over the backyard fence and runs off back to the dormitories. The next day, school is in session. While Humphrey was on his way to school, Garth shoots him a text asking if he could give him a ride since he missed the bus. Humphrey accepts. During the ride to school, Garth asks Humphrey some questions about Kate, which ends up awkward. The gang goes through the school day, doing everything the teacher asks. Since Kate didn't get the math homework, she asks Humphrey if he could help her, in which Humphrey decides to be a good friend and accept. When the homework is done, Eve comes home. Kate kind of ruins the moment if Humphrey could join them for dinner, making Humphrey pretty nervous.

Now on From Friends to Enemies...

Chapter 5: Another Day: Part 2

Kate's P.O.V.

Humphrey is hands down the nicest, most caring human being to ever exist on Earth. What he said to me when he was helping me with my homework feel so much better about my capabilities at Math. He helped me realize that there's still light in this world, even though it's shrouded in darkness. I just wanted to lunge forward and just kiss him, but I decided not to. That could probably ruin our friendship, which the number one thing to NOT do. I can't imagine how I would react if I lost him. . . 'Get back into reality, Kate.' After Humphrey helped me out with another problem, I finally started to get the hang of it. It turned out to be pretty simple, actually. I really hated the fact that you had to shade in to get full credit but I just went with the flow. Humphrey just sat there watching over me, probably just seeing if I get something wrong or something similar to that. It was about ten minutes later before I put my pencil down in a sort of celebratory way. I stretched out my arms and shook my hand to get rid of the pain. I never really knew why after holding a pencil and writing stuff down after a while your hand would start to hurt. It's weird, but whatever. Humphrey congratulated me and gave me a high five, which I just absolutely adored. As if on cue, the front door opens and my mom walks in, struggling to hold all of her paper.

"I'M HOME!" Mom yelled as she shut the front door and set her papers down on the countertop. She took off her coat and put it on the arms of a chair where Humphrey and I were sitting. She must've just noticed Humphrey and I just staring at her, waiting what she was gonna say next. "Hi, sweetie." Mom walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the head, making me feel as if I was two years old. She's always done this, which kind of gets annoying at times. I especially didn't like it when she did it around friends but I knew Humphrey wouldn't care. I was about to say something until Mom cut me off. "So what do you have in mind for dinner tonight?" Yeah, I was about to tell her that I was going to go eat with Humphrey somewhere, but I changed my mind because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Would it hurt her feelings, though? She has always had thick skin, but you can never know. . .

For some odd reason, I was getting nervous. I wasn't nervous because of how I missed my homework on like the second day of school, I was nervous because Humphrey was here. Why? I tried thinking of why I was getting nervous over Humphrey but gave up after not thinking of an answer. Weird. . . "Um, well, how about that really good roast chicken that you make?" I suggested since it was the first thing that came to mind. Mom has always made very good chicken, especially barbecue chicken. Wait, I should mention that Humphrey was here. It would be the polite thing to do, right? I have no fucking clue. Right after I thought that the nervous feelings came back. Okay, this is getting annoying. You know what, I'm just gonna go along with it. "Speaking of dinner. . ." I hand motioned to Humphrey. "Is it okay if Humphrey joins us?" Right after I said that I was beginning to get even more nervous. I shook my head in annoyance and just awaited Mom's response.

Mom kind of looked at him funny, making me kind wonder. Why is she looking at him weird? Does she not like him? I swear if she doesn't like him. . . After a couple of seconds, her physiognomy started to lighten up. "Oh my God, of course! Hey, Humphrey. How've you been?" Mom asked as she got some chicken out of the freezer. I felt relieved. For a second there, I thought she was going to lunge towards him and start choking him. Humphrey and I shared a look at each other. He just shrugged his shoulders.

Humphrey seemed to be thinking of what he was going to say. He's either thinking of a better word for expressing his feelings or his mind is just in outer space. I smiled at the thought. "Well, tired because of school. . . but pretty good overall." Humphrey said as if he was trying to crack a joke. That is probably the worst answer but Mom seemed to take it nonetheless. I shook my head a little and just waited for Mom to say something. I'm just excited that I don't get to answer anything, or do anything.

"Well that's good, anyway, Kate, I need you to do me a favor." Well, looks like I spoke too soon. . ., but I was up for it. "I need for you to take all of the garbage around the house and throw all of it away. That includes the bathrooms, my room, and your room." Mom told me as she turned up the stove and waited for it to heat up. I looked over at Humphrey and just shrugged my shoulders. "Good, I would like it if you started now." Mom said sternly as she got something else from the fridge. I walked over to the sink and opened up the cabinet under it to get a garbage bag. I went upstairs immediately after started to collect all of the trash in my room.

Lucky for me, my room barely had any trash in it. I always threw away my garbage in the trash can in the bathroom. There was still some bits here and there because I'm a really lazy person. I went into the bathroom and dumped the whole trash can into my garbage bag. 'It's the quicker way of doing it,' I thought to myself as I left the bathroom and entered my parents' room. There was like only one piece of trash. 'Thanks, Mom. You made my job a whole lot less annoying,' I thought as I exited the room and was about to go downstairs until I heard Mom and Humphrey talking downstairs. I decided to listen in on what they were saying.

I could hear the skillet sizzling as the chicken was cooking on it. Humphrey seemed to be putting up our school supplies because of the sound of a backpack zipper was present. "So, Humphrey. How do you feel about your classes this semester?" Mom asked politely.

I had no idea what Humphrey was doing but I assumed he didn't hear her since there wasn't a response. Mom asked him again and Humphrey said, "Ah, they're just the same boring stuff. The only good class is the one Kate and I have together." I smiled right after he said that. It's nice to know that I make his day lighten up. He does to same to my days...

"Oh, you and Kate have a class together?! That's great! How come Kate doesn't ever tell me these things?" Mom asked herself. You see Mom, you never ask me. Well, you hardly ever ask me.

I just sat there thinking of all those times where Mom asked me how my day went, but never went into detail. Honestly, it doesn't affect me at all. I'm just pointing out that she hardly ever asks me. "Probably because you never ask her? I don't know." Humphrey said as he must've started to move around since the sound of heavy footsteps were echoing throughout the house. Humphrey has always been a heavy walker. Instead of just placing all of his foot on the ground, he goes heel first, which creates a more powerful sound.

Wow, can Humphrey hear what I'm thinking or something? I swear he has the most convenient time ever. I remember this one time where he and I planned to hang out at my house for a while at 3:30 and he didn't show up until like 4:00. When I was starting to think that he wasn't coming, I hear my doorbell ring. It's like we can communicate telepathically sometimes... Since there was now an awkward silence between them, I decided to stop eavesdropping and just go downstairs. Once I reached the bottom of the staircase, I yelled, "Alright, Mom! I got all the trash!" I seemed to get her attention considering she turned around and told me to go put it in the garbage can outside and take it down to the curb for the garbage truck to pick it up.

I sighed in annoyance but did as she requested. Ever since Lilly left for college, the chores have just been stacking up and up. 'Only got two more years, Kate. Two more years.' I thought to myself as I went back inside and sat down at the dining table. Right when I sat down, I started to get that odd nervous feeling again. Why am I feeling so nervous? It was when Dad came through the front door when I found out why. Dad doesn't like it when I have visitors, at least visitors that are guys. After middle school he's just taken it to a new extreme. Hell, it probably won't even matter that it's Humphrey. He'll still be an overprotective father. Right when he entered he yelled out 'Hello, hello' and headed towards the fridge to take a beer out. He put his arm around Mom and kissed her on the cheek and sat down at the dining table. Right when he sat down, he immediately shot a glare towards Humphrey. Dad twisted off his cap and took a sip whilst staring at Humphrey.

Humphrey and I just looked at each other with the 'what the hell' face but just sat down adjacent together. "What happened to him?" Humphrey whispered to me looking at Dad. Since Humphrey last saw him, Dad has gone through some stuff that he probably wouldn't like me to talk about, which I respect. I promised myself that I would never tell anybody, and I don't want to break it.

"I have no idea..." I lied as I just waited for Mom to bring us the food. It was starting to kind of piss me off at the way my Dad was just giving him that glare. How come when a guy has a girl over, the dad is like all "there you go, son" but when a daughter has a boy ever he's like "you better not have sex with him"? It's a double standard, but I'm not complaining about it.

My attention was diverted when my mom placed a full dinner plate right in front of me. I blinked a couple of times to make sure that I was back into reality and started to eat my food. Humphrey started to eat his chicken as well. I don't know if it's a first for him to eat chicken, but I do know it's a first for him to eat Mom's chicken. I can't wait to see his reaction... I took a bite of my chicken and got some mashed potatoes as well. I was eating as if I was from the south-eastern part of the U.S. Humphrey took a bite and seemed satisfied considering he immediately got another piece of chicken. "Wow, Mrs. Williams, this is really good." Humphrey said after he swallowed his food. Good thing he remembers manners because Mom takes it too seriously. One time, Avery came over and Mom told her about manners when she was eating dinner with us. It was embarrassing... at least for me.

Mom smiled and said, "Thank you, Humphrey. You're too kind." Humphrey smiled and just continued to eat Mom's food. I looked over at Dad and he was finishing up his beer. I clenched my fists a little. Let me just put it this way, I really don't like it when my Dad drinks. When he gets drunk, he's a fucking dickhead to the whole family. On the fourth of July a couple of years ago, Lilly and I were hanging out with our friends on the trampoline in the backyard. Dad always gets drunk on the fourth of July, it's like his tradition. We started hearing noises from inside, so being the curious little ones we were, we creeped up to the window and looked through it. We saw Dad throw a bottle at a wall next to Mom and physically put his hands on her. Being the scared, little kids we were, we didn't do anything. Lilly, me, and our friends just let it happen. I regret that decision each day of my life. I must've been stuck in a trance since Mom was waving her hand in front of me.

"Jeez, honey. You need to stop daydreaming." Mom said as she looked at me concerned. Humphrey didn't care, though. He just shrugged his shoulders and continued to eat his food. Dad was starting to concern me, though. He started jamming his fork into plate as if the chicken was too hard for him to stick his fork into. Everybody looked at him.

Humphrey tapped my shoulder and mouthed the words 'is he okay?' I shrugged my shoulders with a face that spoke 'I don't know.' Humphrey gave him another concerned glare but continued to eat his food. After Humphrey swallowed his food he said, "What about you Mr. Williams? How was your day?" Dad seemed like he didn't hear him, but my expectations were wrong.

"Ah, it was terrible. And you're just making it even worse." Dad said as he just gave him a hateful glare. Humphrey seemed to be taken aback by his response. I was too. Even Mom seemed to be as well.

Mom dropped her fork onto her plate and crossed her arms and glared at him. "Excuse me, Winston. Humphrey didn't do anything to you!" Mom sort of shouted at him. Humphrey and I looked at each other and just continued to eat our food in silence. I mouthed to him 'just let it happen. There's nothing we can do.' Humphrey mouthed back 'I know. You want to sleep over at my house tonight since he's acting this way?' I smiled and nodded my head.

Dad banged his hands on the table, making my silverware go into the air for a short amount of time. "Eve, could you shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my meal?" I rolled my eyes at his comment and buried my head into my hand. Humphrey seemed tempted to say something but didn't. Mom started to get angry, and trust me that is not the side you wanna see. Too bad Humphrey has to be here and experience it.

"WINSTON! Why on EARTH are you acting THIS way?!" Mom yelled at him with her fists clenched. I felt like crying, but I held the tears back. Crying in front of Humphrey is one of the things I don't want to ever do.

Winston sprung out of his chair, wobbling around a little bit. "BECAUSE HUMPHREY IS DISRESPECTING ME!" Dad walked over to Humphrey. I started to fear the worst. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? HUH? YOU WANNA FUCK MY DAUGHTER?!" Dad yelled into his face.

"DAD!" I sprung up, yelling at him. Mom got up too. How did this go so wrong so fast?

Dad grabbed Humphrey by the collar of his shirt and put him against a wall. "DON'T YOU EVER COME INTO MY HOUSE EVER AGAIN AND DISRESPECT ME AGAIN! YOU UNDERSTA-.." Dad was cut off when Humphrey pushed him off of him. I just stood there, frozen.

Humphrey stood there, looking like a whole different person. "Don't you ever put your fucking hands on me." Humphrey scolded. All of us just stood there, surprised at Humphrey's actions. "Come on, Kate. Let's go. Thanks, Mrs. Williams, for the delicious meal. I'll see myself out." Humphrey walked over to the front door, I followed his example. I wanted to just get out of here as fast as possible.

Humphrey and I left in the matter of seconds without another word. We got into his car simultaneously and just sat there in disbelief at what just happened. "S-sorry you had to see t-that." I said, almost breaking down into tears. Why couldn't things just go back to the way things were? Ever since that happened to Dad, he's just been a whole different person.

Humphrey sighed, shoved the keys into the slot, and started the car. "I'm sorry too." Humphrey told me as he backed out of the driveway. As we were driving towards his house, I started to remember all of the times Dad did something similar to that. The time when we were kids, a couple of days ago, today... I felt a tear slide slowly down my cheek. All I just wanted was for things to go back to the way things were. Is that too much to ask for?

The rest of the drive was in complete silence, apart from me sniffling and sighing. I looked out the window and saw what would happen if things were the way things were. I wish it was real... We reached Humphrey's house a couple of minutes later, we got out in silence. Humphrey held the door open for me, I thanked him as I entered. "Just take your shoes off right there." He said. I listened.

"Hey, Mom! I'm home!" Humphrey shouted. Humphrey's mom came from the living room and over to us.

Mom walked over to Humphrey's and gave him a hug. I smiled at the sight. "Hey, Humphrey." She gasped at the sight of me. "Oh my gosh, hey, Kate!" She walked over to me and gave me a hug. I smiled and accepted the offer. "Oh, how've you been." Right after she asked that question, I gave Humphrey the 'what should i do?' face. He just waved his hand sideways in front of his neck, signifying no.

I went back to acting and said, "I've been great! What about you?" It kind of hurt telling Humphrey's mom that. I've always hated lying, just in general. Lying to Humphrey's mom just made it even worse. Humphrey's mom has always been nice to me and my sister ever since Humphrey and I met. She treated me like the daughter she never had...

"Oh, well I've been great. Thanks for asking, Kate. How's Eve?" Humphrey's mother asked with a smile on her face.

I kind of just stood there, thinking of what to say. Humphrey just stood there, making his keys fly in a circle around his finger. "Ugh, she's been doing good. She got a new boss who's a complete dic- douchebag." I said, embarrassed that I almost swore in front of her.

Humphrey's mom laughed and clapped her hands together once. "Oh, I can relate! And Kate." I gave her my full attention. "You can cuss, just no F word." She said sternly, sounding a lot like my mom. I smiled and chuckled a little. Humphrey's mom gave us one more hug before she went upstairs to go to bed. I sighed in relief because she didn't ask about my father.

Humphrey's dad must've been upstairs asleep as well. It was kind of late, almost 8 o' clock. I'll probably be the same way when I'm middle-aged. "Well, you want to go watch some Netflix or something?" Humphrey kindly asked. I've always loved that about him. He wasn't afraid to ask anything, at least that's how he is when I'm around.

I smiled and just gave in. I threw my hands up in the air and said, "Sure." Humphrey smiled and led me to the living room. They must've moved the furniture around because the last time I was here the couch was to the right, not in the middle. Humphrey sat down on the couch and I sat right next to him. Humphrey browsed through the movies and TV shows until he landed on something we both thought sounded good. It was a TV show called 'Ozark.'

He turned on the episode and he put his arm around me. I looked up at him and smiled. I moved closer to him so that we could feel each other's warmth. Hell, it was getting kind of chilly, at least for me. Within the first minutes of the show it showed some sex. 'Typical.' I thought to myself as I felt myself drift asleep.

Humphrey's P.O.V.

Right when the first episode of the show ended, I looked at Kate and noticed that she was asleep. 'Welp, looks like I'm going to bed early.' I thought to myself as I put Kate in my arms and carried her upstairs. I carried her into my bedroom and I laid her down on my bed. I pulled the covers over her and just stood there, looking at how beautiful she was when she slept. I smiled and turned to my closet to find some spare blankets. I found one, spread it out on the floor, and put another one above it. 'Now, all I need is a pillow.' I thought to myself as I realized that the only pillow was the one Kate was sleeping on. I sighed and said, "You pillow hogger." Since there wasn't another pillow, I just decided to sleep on the carpet without one. "Today as been one hell of a day..." I said to myself as I drifted into an everlasting slumber.

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