I'm back. After some thinking, I've decided to come out of retirement. I've also been looking into some recent drama that's been going on lately around The Loud House Fandom. Luckily, with solid evidence from Emma, I'll finally have enough proof to bring a certain author down.

Remember how Pink Diamond was revealed to be Rose Quartz? That's how the community felt today when The Loud Author was revealed to be Fallen Pens all along. After a year of confusion, the user Emmaelise401 finally figured out that Fallen Pens old steam name, SorioZorio, matched with The Loud Authors NNID.

After using many of the big community names as his "bitches", Emma essentially became the most powerful member in the community. Everyone, including very big authors bowed where he walked. Emma had also taken up discord raiding, and had a huge group of people following him wanting to cut Fallen's tounge off. Nothing has really happened yet, but Emma plans to rip Fallen apart. In summary, The Loud Author never existed. His parents never died, he never came from Algeria. Whose side are you on? Is Emma going to be justified for taking down pens for manipulating others for attention. Or should he be cut a little slack. Let me know.

For any evidence, please consult Emma.