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/Parseltongue or snake talking /

'Thoughts/Mind Speak'

/Snake Thoughts/

Chapter 1:

Divine Interference

If you were to ask Mr and Mrs Dursley of No. 4 Privet Drive who the strange child that lived with them was, you more than likely would get the response, "Our no good trouble maker of a nephew." Harry James Potter was seen as the pariah of the neighbourhood, with strange things happening all the time around him. Whether it was because he did not talk to anyone or maybe because of his strange piercing green eyes that many believed could see through you, young Harry was either hated or avoided by everyone that met him. At only 4 years old, he had experienced things a child should have never experienced. His Uncle Vernon would beat him in fits of anger, blaming all the misfortune in his life on the 'freakish devil spawn' that had darkened his doorstep on the morning of All-Saints Day 3 years ago.

Harry's Aunt Petunia, even while being the only living blood he had, did nothing to stop the abuse and even partook when poor Harry did not do something right, at least in her eyes. Burning the food, dropping dishes too heavy for him and spilling cleaning equipment earned him a hit over the head with a rolling pin. Messing up the gardening or dropping tools too loudly got him a wack with a frying pan and no food for a week. All of this did not go unnoticed by the youngest Dursley, Dudley. As they say, monkey see monkey do, Dudley had picked up his parents traits regarding Harry, throwing toys and other unfavourable items at Harry when possible.

Suffice to say, Harry's life was horrible.

Harry was currently walking to the park 3 streets across from Privet Drive in the cold of November and although it was not winter yet, this is England we are talking about. His relatives had gone out to a business party for the company Vernon worked for, Grunnings, and they did not want Harry to stay inside as a continuation of his 'punishment'. What would deserve such punishment you may ask? In this case, simply "existing and doing freakish things in front of Dudley." What great relatives Harry had. He was dressed in thread bare clothes and worn shoes. Having not been able to bathe, he had grime on his shirt and on his cheek from the oven he had cleaned earlier that day and his hands were red from the oven cleaner he had to use. No gloves were used, of course, as freaks did not need protection from harsh chemicals. He was walking but not truly aware of himself, his mind elsewhere.

Vernon had come home in a rage and had decided to take out his anger on Harry. When Vernon had come in to hit him however, something strange had happened. Vernon's fist had been not even a foot away when everything around him slowed. The fist was still coming, but it was as if it was moving through jelly. Spittle from Vernon's mouth was slowly making its way to the floor, his face coloured what many artists of the time would call Palatinate Purple in rage. But Harry himself could move as if everything was normal. It was then he had heard a soft, melodious voice, whispering into his ear.

"Duck, little one! Duck!" Harry did as the voice told him somehow knowing the voice wished to help him. When time corrected itself and returned to normal, Harry was treated to Vernon Dursley falling through the open door and landing face forward on the porch. This seemed to break Vernon's rage as after he had gotten up, he had grabbed Harry from the back of his shirt and stuffed him into the cupboard under the stairs.

Harry withdraw from his thoughts as he finally reached the park. He rubbed the back of his right hand out of habit. Harry had discovered early on in life that if he was in pain or discomfort, if he rubbed the unique birthmark on his hand, he felt comfort as if a warming embrace from a mother that took his pain away, or in extreme cases of discomfort, made it far more bearable. That is what he thought at least, as his mother and father had died in a drink driving crash, according to his Aunt and he had never felt a loved ones touch.

He took his place on the swing set and looked to the stars, his mind once again on the voice. 'Who was that and why would they help me? No one has ever cared before… Why now?' Harry was asking himself all these questions, half not expecting a response and half hoping for one. His thoughts remained his own however and there was no response from the voice. At least, not the one he was expecting.

/What are you doing out in the cold, child?/

Startled by the sudden voice, Harry responded "Who's there?"

/Down here./

Harry looked to the frosted grass and almost jumped. A white snake with a black pattern running along its 2 meter length was standing and focusing its blood red, slitted eyes on Harry. Its tongue tasting the air around the boy in curiosity.

/Ho-how are you talking to me?/ Harry nervously said. /How can I understand you? Animals are not meant to speak people language!/

/How? You have been blessed by the Great Snake Goddess! I am not speaking the Tongue of Man, it is you speaking the Noble Tongue./ The serpent replied.

Harry looked at the Viper in both wonder and fear. Wonder because he was apparently blessed by a Goddess and Fear because he was doing something freaky, like his relative said he would. Harry then remembered what little he knew about snakes, specifically the parts about venom, bitting, death, strangling and eating small, fluffy, woodland creatures.

/Are you going to bite me Mr. Snake?/ The snake made a movement as if huffing.

/I'm a female, silly human. And no, I would not dare to bite one touched by the Goddess. I simply worry for you. A child should not be away from their parents. Where are your parents child?/

/My mum and dad are dead. They died when I was little-er/

/Then I am sorry for your loss. One should not have lost their parents so young. But you have still yet to tell me why you are outside in this cold./

/My Aunt and Uncle think I will do freak things inside. And I think they were right, 'cos I'm talking to a snake! I'm a freak…/ Harry's face was full of emotion. His emerald eyes on the verge of tears. The snake looked upon Harry in sadness. /What has been done to this child that he despairs so? Why has the Goddess of the Dessert abandoned him? Why must a Child of the Old World suffer?/

The snake and the human spent a while talking to each other, becoming fast friends. The snake, whose name was Melanie Harry discovered, had been following a strange feeling for a few years now which led to the park where Harry was.

/How long have you been following this feeling?/ Harry asked.

/Well, I'm not entirely sure about it in human years, but I started to get this feeling when I found what looked to be a snake man going into a house. For some reason, not even 5 minutes later, there was a loud bang that made me dizzy and then I saw the roof fall in. I fell unconscious and when I woke up, the feeling had moved far away so I went after it again. I traveledfor a while and now, here I am!/

Suddenly, both the snake and Harry heard a voices coming from the entrance of the park. Gruff voices, slurred from alcohol, were coming closer and closer to the duo who sat by the swing set. Although Harry had no experience in the drunk and disorderly, he at least knew to keep away from strangers.

/We have to get away from here Melanie! Those people don't sound very nice./ Harry explained worriedly. The snake silently agreed, not wanting to frighten the boy further with what she could smell on them. Harry told the snake to wrap itself around his arm so they could leave faster and she did, wrapping tight enough to not slip off. Harry took off at a speed, running fast yet silently to the gate of the park. Luck was not on his side though as it was then that Harry bumped into two figures, one of them holding something large over his shoulder. Although it was dark to see, Harry could still smell and the strong metallic smell coming off the bundle made Harry stagger.

The first man was a tall and skinny man, standing at a fair 5 foot 9. He was dressed in casual clothing for the weather; a jumper, long pants and what looked like steel toe boots. His companion, however, could be seen as the exact opposite. He was at least 5 foot 5, but built. Muscles bulging out, anyone stupid enough to get into a fight with this man was sure to get a one way ticket to the ER. Or even the morgue. It was this man that was holding the large package over his shoulder.

"Oi, hoo's this littl' runt? Runin' inta people aint polite ya'know. You gonna 'pologize runt?" The slim one exclaimed, wondering why a kid would be out this late. Harry just stood there, silently looking between the men and the package. He was scared out of his wits at being caught alone at night. He was supposed to just wait for his Uncle and Aunt to get home, but he could not even do that right. He had made friends with a snake by talking to it and now he was the focus of attention to two random strangers that smelt of something that made him feel funny.

Seeing that he was not going to get a response, the slim man turned to the short one and asked, "Wha' we gonna do Charlie, the kids' seen the body, we cant risk 'im speaking to the cops." After a moment's contemplation, the short man replied.

"What do I care 'bout some street rat. I'll go to the site and start digging, just kill the little shit and we can bury them both. No one's gonna miss a street rat."

This broke Harry out of his stupor. He started backing away when a hand grabbed his grimy shirt. He could see a knife in the man's other hand. The shorter man had already walked off, presumably to find a place to bury the body he was holding. The man holding Harry pushed him down onto the frost covered grass. Harry was shivering and crying, thinking he was going to die, his ears deaf to the world around him, only hearing the sound of his rapidly beating heart.

The man raised the knife and prepared to bring it down. Harry closed his wet eyes, expecting Death.


A minuet passes.

Harry opens his eyes as his sound returns.

/-rry! Open your eyes! We are saved! She has not abandoned you!/

Harry looks around. The hand still grasped his shirt, he could still feel the coldness of the ground, but something had happened. Once again, Time itself changed but this time, it had frozen around Harry and his serpentine friend. Harry looks around in wonder, surprised that time had changed for him again.

/Huh? What happened? Everything is stopped!/

/The Great Goddess of the Sea has saved your life! Saved our lives! Thank you for this mercy, She who Guards the Currents of Time!/

A sound like thunder, a flash of white that filled the duos' vision and all went dark.

That Afternoon, Tower of Reflection, Palace of Creation,

Nebula of the Divine.

The Three Golden Goddesses sat once again around each other in a well-lit room, a large pit between the sisters. The pit was a Reflection Pool filled with water. The Eldest and the Youngest were looking at the image of the Pool in Divine fury, a look that did not fit the Youngest 10 year old visage, while the Middle sister had a slight look of sadness on her face, but also one of unbridled anger. The red haired sister, the Eldest, looked positively livid with what was happening. Her Champion, her Chosen, was about to be on the business end of a large meaty fist. As the fist closed in on the boy in the Image, Din saw moment out of the corner of her eye. As she looked up, Nayru, the Middle Sister, stood and placed her palm on the surface of the water and shouted "SLOW!" With a pulse of power, the fist slowed along with everything around it, except for the boy who looked on in wonder and fear. Nayru then projected her voice to the boys mind.

"Duck, little one! Duck!" her voice melodious and kind but which held an undertone of her anger. The boy ducked and moved out of the path of the fist, just as time continued its proper speed. Nayru's sisters looked at her in shock as it was Nayru who was strongly against interfering with the mortal world and yet she not only used her Wisdom over the Machinations of Time to slow it so the boy could move out of the way, but she also made contact with him; something that the Golden Goddesses had not done in eons. Din came out of her shock first.

"What happened to 'Champion or not, we shall not interfere'?"

"As much as I disagree with my own actions, you were right. Hindsight is 20/20, as they say" Nayru conceded pushing her reading glasses up her nose. It is true that Nayru did not want to interfere with Harry's life and let things play out as they were, but even she, who had the patience of a saint, could not stand to watch his continual beatings. "As much as I loath to say it, you were right Din. Harry should not have been placed with those monsters. Once again my judgment has been clouded by my arrogance."

"I'm surprised you would admit that you were wrong in your judgment, 'o Great Divine of Wisdom." Farore responded with a smug smirk.

"At least you can see your mistakes, Nayru. It proves that you're not like Athe-"

"DON'T finish that sentence if you don't want to wake up in a lake, Din. I am nothing like that stupid goddess of wisdom. I, at least, am not filled with hubris! I know when to admit when I am wrong!" Nayru responded with a huff, eyes filled with her previous anger and her current mischief.

"Hm. No need to get so moody Nayru, I'm simply enjoying the rare time in which you admit you are wrong. So I take this as your agreement to Harry's relocation?"

"Yes Din. I agree. But we must do this properly if we are to have an impact on his life." Nayru responded.

"Well, I think we can all agree that he is too old to fix the problems done to him by the Dursleys. His age will need to be reversed, but he needs to keep the experiences and memories, at least, of his time with them. Horrible as they were, what Harry had seen around him and the lessons he learned will help him grow to be nothing like that. If we do this properly, Harry will grow to be a man of honour, humility and generosity." Farore added. As 'She who Keeps the Wind's Secrets', her unique views and experiences were invaluable to the other two sisters who carried dominion over aspects of nature then that of living mortals.

"I agree. He needs the experiences but the damage to his body is too far gone, even in his young age. I will be able to make him one and a half years old at most. Any more and there is a risk of his memories dissipating." As 'She who Guards the Currents of Time' Nayru had the uncanny ability to control time. She could change a person's personal time, making them younger and older, she could see far into the past to witness events long gone, she was often given visions of the future and she could even send others back in time, but never forwards. Strangely, she could also see what could have happened. This ability to see sideways through time allowed her to not only see what would have happened if something was different, but also see alternate events. This ability however was not under her control and would only show itself when truly needed and usually in the form of prophesies.

"So it is settled. My champion shall be turned younger but keep his memories. But who shall care for him? Apart from those bastards, the only other living relative he has lives in America and is a glorified mailman with a name that can be mistaken for herpes. I cannot think of any oth-"

"Look Din!" Exclaimed Farore. "It looks like he has made friends with one of yours! Oh, and I think it might be his familiar!"

Din, 'She who Defends the Forge of Seasons looked to the Pool to see a snake talking to Harry.

"Well, I have to say, that is surprising. I did not expect any Hylian Vipers to survive the Collapse." Did said. "It was rare to see them within of the Desert, rarer even for them to wonder outside of it."

"I think this we can worry about this later sisters. We need to decide where to send Harry and when to do it." Nayru explained.

"That's it!" yelled Farore. Her young voice carrying around the room making the others look at her in curiosity. "What if we do the exact opposite?"

"What do you mean? The opposite would be doing nothing!" exclaimed Din heatedly.

"What I mean is we need to decide when to send Harry and where in that time to leave him."

Nayru stiffened at this, her back straightened and her eyes glowing a deep ocean blue. She looked straight ahead and when she spoke, it was as if there was two people speaking at once.

"A decision has been made that shall change time itself, Hair long and brown and ears of an elf. The Scared boy shall grow, to live and to fight, as the Darkness to Mirror the Twilight hero's Light."

Nayru broke out of her trance and looked at her sisters, telling them "Well, it seems like we have the when and where. Do you think they will be able to take care of Harry?"

"I don't know" replied Farore. "The Royal Family has never had a male to raise. Always daughters. But, I think it will be good for Harry as both reward and experience for his trials yet to come."

"And if the events play out like I believe they will, every one of our mistakes, the Mountain gods, the Collapse, the Curse –" " Our brother." Interupted Nayru. "Yes, even Him, all of it will finally be made right."

"Oh, oh! And maybe my cute little champion will finally find lurv." Giggled Farore. Both Nayru and Din looked at their younger sister in exasperation. Farore had always been a bit peeved that every incarnation of her Chosen had not found love or when they did, they were not truly happy. She hoped that this time around, the Champion of Twilight would finally find true happiness. "At the time, I wondered why Hylia used the last of her power to create Harry's soul and send it forward before she descended. Maybe it was so the soul of the Hero would find love. You know, the Hero's light to Harry's Dark."

"That is beside the point Farore. What makes you think that the inclusion of one person would change who he would end up with? Harry might find someone else, so don't get your hopes up." Replied Din, although she silently hoped that harry would find his true love.

"It is strange though, is it not? A Hylian soul in a Human body? I guess we will have to trust Hylia in this regard. But anyway, if you're so interested in knowing what is going to happen, then you will just have to wait and see like the rest of us. I, personally, am betting on the Imp. Harry's Dark to her Twilight. It melds better I think." Nayru told Farore.

"So when shall we do this?" Din continued, eager to get Harry away from his scum of a family. "When he is asleep or mayb-"

"Din, look!" Exclaimed Farore. While Din was talking, and Nayru reading, the youngest of the trio had not taken her eyes off the Pool and the image reflected in it made her fear the storm she knew was coming. Hearing the urgency in her voice, both Nayru and Din looked to the Pool and was alarmed and the image. Harry was being held down by a tall, thin man who made it clear to the sisters about what he was about to do.

"NO!" Screamed Din, both in anger and worry. Nayru quickly put down her book, placed her palm on the surface of the water once again and yelled "STOP!" The intended effect was immediate. Time all across the world and within the realms of lower divines, stopped at the Goddess of Wisdoms command, halting the knife and saving Harry. Harry and the snake however, was not affected by the freeze. The snake, Melanie, started hissing prayers of thanks to Nayru for saving their lives; the first prayers that any of the three had received in eons.

"Well sisters, I think now is a good a time as any. Both Harry and his new friend will be de-aged and transported accordingly." Decreed Farore, with both sisters agreeing.

"After we do this, we must inform Chaos of our interference so that way she can prepare any changes necessary." Continued Farore. The others nodded in agreement.

"So. Shall we?" asked Din.

"We shall." Replied Nayru

The Golden Goddesses proceeded to place their hands out over the water, concentrating on their specific tasks. Din's Power will create the tare in time to move the mortal duo and de-age them appropriately. Nayru's Wisdom will ensure it is the proper time and place they move to, as well as the proper age they are made. Finally, Farore's Courage will make it so they have the strength to perform such a forbidden task and not to look back.

A sound like thunder, a flash of white that filled the room, and it was done.

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