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Chapter 6:

Proof of Heritage: The Sea Within his Veins

A few days later, Lynna City, Kingdom of Labrynna,

Hylian Empire, Mortal Realm

Harry was wondering to himself 'What did I do to deserve this' as he trekked along by his father's side. The inspection had sounded quite fun when he first heard about it and what he would be doing – visiting barracks, watching fights, test firing cannons – but now, Harry had a hard time finding fun in 'construction wood quality' and 'the new Cuco egg imports.' Zelda, while more reserved and mature, found it hard to not look like she was dead on her feet. The people of Labrynna had been quite accommodating, but they were incredibly nosey, having not met the young Lady and Lord of Hyrule. For both royal children, the best event of the day was when Rhoam had let them take a break and let them wander around the Bazaar.

/Mini-Flashback, an hour ago./

Harry looked around at all the stalls and shops. This was the first time that Rhoam had allowed the youngest Royals to wander in public, with Ignotus walking at a distance. The two did not know about the score of Shades following them from rooftops and plain sight. Zelda was walking ahead of Harry, far more interested in finding a place that sold books about the history of Labrynna while Harry was looking for a foci shop or a place that can help him learn more magics. What they did NOT expect was to run into a Dementor, woven basket in hand, buying produce for what looked like a fruit salad. There were, naturally, more apples in the basket then other fruits. Having met the Dementors within Hyrule Castle, Harry wanted to speak to one from a different Sovereign State.

"Good morning, Dementor." Harry said, in the proper introduction. The Dementor hummed in question, finally seeing the Royals.

"Good morning, Prince Harrison! Good morning, My Princess!" the Dementor rasped. "I must say, it is a surprise to see you! I was not expecting to meet anyone from the Royal Family. High King Rhoam normally speaks to the Highmaster about the Dementor Collective."

"We were just walking about." Zelda responded. "Our Farther allowed us a break from the inspection for a while but we will probably be called back soon."

"I see. Have you been enjoying Labrynna? There are some truly beautiful sights around, if you know where to look." The Dementor stated.

"We have." Harry responded. "Zelda and I saw the shore and the beach from the ship when we were coming in. It was really clear." The Dementor hummed in agreement.

"That is because the Lady Nayru has chosen this land as her land. We are protected from the sea by strong currents that ward off any evils that might find its way ashore. It's those currents that makes the seas look so pristine."

"Prince Harrison! Milady!" Ignotus said, having to run after the children. "Don't run off like that! Almost gave me a heart attack." He huffed before noticing the Dementor. "Oh! I did not see you there. Good morning Dementor. I hope you are doing well, but I am afraid that we must be going. The High King has asked that the Prince and Princess be returned to the Palace."

The Dementor chucked a wheezy, throaty chuckle.

"I understand. I must be getting back to shopping for the Collective, also." The Dementor replied. "I do hope to see you before you return to Hyrule Proper, Milady and Lord." Parting ways, the Dementor returned to the fruit stall while the young royals grumbled all the way to the Palace.

/End Mini-Flashback/

"Harrison!" The sound of his father's voice woke Harry up from his recollection. He looked towards Rhoam in question.

"Sorry Father. I was distracted. What were you saying?"

"I said that its time for you and Ignotus to go to Eleazar's shop and receive your focus." Harry's eyes lit up. This was the thing that harry was waiting for the whole trip. His very own focus. While he knew that it would come with great responsibilities, rules and restrictions, Harry knew that having a focus would make it easier for him to learn Hylian Magic with Zelda for if Impa or Rhoam were to catch him in Zelda's chambers after dark, he could say that Zelda was teaching him Human magic.

"Yes!" Harry exclaimed excitedly. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of waking Melanie up from her nap. She had fallen asleep while wrapped around Harry's abdomen due to extreme and utter boredom.

/HUH? WHAT? WHERE'ER THE EVIL POE'S!/ She hissed loudly, slithering her head up and out of Harry's shirt collar to see where her 'stalkers' were. Harry laughed and started stepped behind Ignotus as lead Harry away from the 'HIGHLY INTERESTING' timber storage house and in the direction of Lynna City. After a minute of walking, Harry spoke.

"Ignotus, who exactly is Eleazar?" Ignotus looked back to Harry and thought of how to answer.

"Well, he is a genius for one, but quite eccentric." He responded. "He is the best foci creator in Hyrule, the most knowledgeable Alchemist of this century and the most sought-after enchanter that there has ever been. As the story goes, he showed up one day on the steps of Hyrule Castle when your mother's mother was ruling. He apparently demanded that he be granted an audience with Princess Melodia, claiming that he could create anything her heart desired. That he could create her a focus better than the current Court Enchanter could ever hope to create." At this point, Ignotus started to walk Harry away from the city and towards the Forest of Time, the forest that surrounded Lynna City.

"So did Grandmother see him?" Harry asked. Melanie, after waking up properly, was listening with a close ear.

"Eventually. Eleazar went to the Castle steps every day for a week demanding an audience. But the Princess had heard of who the infamous disgraced Sheikah from Impaz, the Chieftain at the time. She told the Princess how Eleazar had decided to learn Alchemy and Enchantments to its fullest. Even the taboos associated with the arts. Eleazar continued to demand an audience every day, regardless, until he finally got fed up. Using his mastery over his arts, he restrained the guards at the steps and calmly made his way into the Castle. Up the stairs, down halls and through hidden passages that only a Sheikah would know about all the while restraining the best trained soldiers with ease. Finally, he arrived at the Sanctum. Surprisingly, the Princess called off the guards that were about to attack him. Witnesses say that the Princess was waiting for Eleazar to get upset and just break into the Castle.

"The Princess was impressed with his skill because while he had heard what Impaz had to say about him, it was Princess Melodia that had authorised his appointment to the Labrynnian Court. The Queen had been sending the Princess letters in secret about the 'great Alchemist who could craft items of the greatest quality'. The Princess told him as much and believed that she wished to see if he had any other skills besides crafting jewels and trinkets. Apparently, she had ordered the guards at the Castle steps to annoy Eleazar on purpose so that way she could test his skills in battle against the best trained guards Hyrule had to offer." Harry interrupted at this point.

"Wait, so it was all planned?! Grandmother planned the whole thing just for a-a test?!" He asked indigently. Melanie was the one to answer.

/She was quite smart, Harry. If your grandmother just allowed Eleazar to show off his skills in the court, then he would have had to be judged by all members of the High Council because he holds a Court position in another Sovereign. You remember what the laws state, right?/ Melanie asked as Harry translated for Ignotus. Harry then answered the question.

"The law states that 'any formal applicant for a Court position within Hyrule Proper must be observed and judged by the heads of the other Sovereigns, or by representatives of the heads, if the applicant already holds a position in the Court of another Sovereign. Henceforth, the appointment to the position in the Hyrule Court must be voted unanimously by the High Council. But what does that have to do-! Oh! Because Impaz was a part of the High Council, she would have voted to not allow Eleazar to become the Court Enchanter! So, by getting him upset to the point of him breaking into the Castle and allowing him to demonstrate his skills during battle, Grandmother could get around that law and appoint him because Eleazar never formally applied for the position!" Harry exclaimed. "That's devious!" Ignotus laughed. "It was, wasn't it! It's said that Eleazar gained great respect for the Princess, because she used her mind instead of just ordering people around like other Sovereigns would have done."

Harry adopted a look of thought. "But Ignotus, what did Eleazar do that caused him to be banished from the Tribe?"

"According to the stories, he delved too fast and too deep into his Alchemy. They say it changed him. Made him mad and unhinged. They say that after a loud thumping noise and a flash of light, his house in Kakariko had caught fire with unquenchable flames. Others say that it was not flames that burned his house but water that burned and that the water was finally stopped by fire that quenched. Whatever the story, at the end of it all 3 houses had burned down due to Eleazar's experiments. Several people were injured and the Elder, Impaz's father, was killed. Impaz revoked him of his heritage, branded him a murderer and banished him from the Sheikah and Kakariko Village, never to return."

Harry, Ignotus and Melanie were now very much within the forest. Harry was listening intently, thinking about the person who would be making him his focus.

"So, he came here to Labrynna where Ambi's mother took him in and allowed him to show off his arts and skills to the court. He was made the Official Labrynnian Enchanter and Alchemist soon after. They say his skills in his Alchemy were so beautiful that the Stone Queen of Labrynna wept. Apparently, all he asked in exchange for his services was to be recognized as a Freeman of the Sovereign and to be allowed to build his workshop out here in the Forest of Time. Said something about there being a strong connection to the energies of the world here. Needless to say, the Queen granted his requests and as they say, the rest is history."

30 minutes later, Forest of Time, Kingdom of Labrynna

Hylian Empire, Mortal Realm

Ignotus and Harry had been walking through the timeless forest for a while, before they happened upon a clearing. A moderate, two-story wooden house stood at the opposite end of the clearing with some vegetable patches in front of the house. To anyone not in the know, such a house would seem perfectly in place for a hermit, but to Harry, who throughout the walk to this place had been told stories about the great and powerful Eleazar Sheikah, the house was very strange.

The duo approached the front door of the house in silence before Ignotus spoke. "My Prince, it would be best for you to mind your manners. Eleazar is quite… unpredictable." To which Harry responded affirmatively. Ignotus knocked and a deep voice responded.

"Enter Ignotus." The voice said. Ignotus opened the door and stepped in, Harry falling in step behind him. Harry looked around the house with a strange expression on his face. The entrance of the house was decorated with small items of intrigue, things he wouldn't expect to be in a house in the woods. Elegant tapestries hung from the walls showing scenes from history in great detail. A small pedestal holding a still glowing Heart Container held in a glass cloche, a sword hanging from the wall.

Ahead of Ignotus and Harry was a room, and inside the room Harry could see a man writing something on his desk. He didn't look up as the two approached. The visitors entered the room and stood before the man, Ignotus standing as if he was before royalty. Harry took a moment to look at the man.

The man was dressed in simple black with gold accents and patterns consisting of a leather jacket and cotton tunic. A symbol was embroidered on the tunic, the Hylian crest but in place of the Triforce was two crossed swords, the Mark of an official of the Hylian Court. He had shiny silver hair and a neatly trimmed goatee with not a spot of grey, which confused Harry as this man was meant to be over five hundred years old. Even if a Sheikah could live that long, they should be looking decrepit and frail, not youthful and young like this man was.

After a minute, the man finally looked up from his work and looked to Ignotus with purple eyes that held wisdom beyond his years, and sorrows that could crush a mountain. He smiled slightly.

"Ignotus Peverell, it's been some time since I last saw you grace my home." He then looked to Harry. "Harrison Hyrule. An honour to meet you." He leaned over to look out the door. "Boy!" he yelled. "We have guests, set two places at the table" A moment later, and a young voice replied "Yes master!"

"You have an apprentice, Master Eleazar?" Ignotus asked. "I do. An orphan boy who was found wandering the Forest. His parents were killed by some River Zora." Eleazar replied. He looked back to the prince. "There are only a few reasons why a Royal would visit me all the way in Labrynna, but only one reason to visit me while said Royal was a child. You're in need of a focus." Eleazar stood from his desk and walked around the table towards the door, gesturing for the two visitors to follow.

The Alchemist walked into a room off to the side of the entrance hall to what was clearly a dining room set with four places. Two places at the ends of each table and one place on the right of each end. Eleazar walked towards the head of the table while Harry and Ignotus walked to the End and right side of the end respectively. As the highest-ranking person in the house, Harry was given the seat opposite the master of the house, while Ignotus, who was Harry's guard, sat to his right. Already in his seat was the boy that Eleazar had called for earlier. The boy appeared younger than Harry, but appeared much more mature. He was dressed in a stylish yet functional black three-piece suit, had piecing blue eyes and curly mousy hair. Harry offered the boy a smile which was reciprocated with a polite nod.

"We shall dine before we get to the main event, I believe." Explained Eleazar. He snapped his fingers and with a flourish, food and drink appeared in the centre of the table.

"Meats, poultry and produce from around the province, fit for a prince I think." Eleazar said as he grabbed a spoonful of potato salad and added it to his plate. With a look to Ignotus, he said "There's no need to taste his food for poisons, Guardian. Nothing at this table is prepared without my… input, shall we say."

Harry looked around the table, deciding what to sample. He settled on some carved Lamb and a simple salad, while Ignotus took some chicken to his plate. The apprentice had already served himself a mix of everything, a gleeful look on his face. Meals of this extravagance must not be common, Harry thought. They all sate and ate in silence for a moment.

"So, tell me, little prince. Why do you desire a focus?" Eleazar asked partway through the meal. Harry thought of his answer before speaking it, remember Ignotus' warning about Eleazar, and responding in an elegant tone, as if speaking to a Nobleman.

"It's my desire to learn the magic available to me so I may complete my duties as prince of the realm." He replied.

"Which duties of yours, exactly, require a way for you to cast spells? It is my understanding that you are to be the prince of the sword, not the prince of the wand." Eleazar waved his fork like it was a wand, inciting a giggle from the apprentice, which was quickly silenced with a sharp look. Harry meanwhile looked confused. This man was meant to have been the Court Enchanter to his grandmother. Surely, he knew that the personal guard needed magics to protect his sovereign.

"I am being trained in all forms of weapons so I can protect my sister as the First Prince, but magic is a weapon which I am unable to be trained in, unless I have a focus. My duty is to protect the High Princess when she ascends the throne. I cannot do that unless I am prepared." Harry responded with slight indignation. Ignotus looked slightly worried at Harry's tone. While Harry formally held the third highest rank in the settled world, Eleazar had a reputation about him, one that afforded no nonsense from anyone, even Royals.

"I see. You say you are untrained in magic, and yet I can sense an incredibly active Core. You must have had such teachings of magic before, and clearly without focus. Why should I waste my time and craft assisting you in something you clearly do not require?" Eleazar had stopped eating in order to look at his prince directly, a knowing glance in his eyes. Harry felt as if he was being judged by the Goddesses themselves. "And don't try to say it's because of your rupture some time back. I know the difference between a magical injury and focused intent, boy." At this, Harry was shocked. He and Zelda had been careful to ensure all of his training in Hylian magics were kept behind illusion or closed door. Melanie took this time to poke her head out of Harry's collar, watching with apt attention.

/This guy's pretty good Harry. He's got a good mind in that head of his./ Melanie stated. Shockingly, Eleazar responded.

"I thank you for the complement, serpent." Harry and Ignotus had their mouths open in shock. It was known only Gerudo could speak to and understand snakes. Seeing the reaction, the Alchemist offered a response. "I've been alive a long time and have ventured to every known province of our kingdom. When you devote as much time to learning the higher mysteries as I do, you pick things up. Like understanding a serpent's speech." He finished with a smirk. "But I digress. You, boy, have been trained in some magics before, and without the use of a focus. I ask again, why should I waste my time crafting things you don't need? And better yet, how can I trust you with my creations, when you would lie to the man who protects you over his own life?"

Harry, who had gotten over his shock for the moment, looked to Ignotus for a moment. His friend and Guardian looked to him with a furrowed brow. Were Harry to answer honestly, he would be revealing to Ignotus that he could cast Hylian magic, something Zelda had specifically stated must be kept quiet. On the other hand, he knew Ignotus was a sly and cunning character, one that could avoid unwanted situations with ease. If someone asked him for the truth, Harry knew he could trust Ignotus to warp the truth to his benefit. With a deep breath, and an apologetic look to Ignotus, Harry answered.

"My injury was caused by me casting Hylian magic." Ignotus was once again shocked, while Eleazar and the boy apprentice looked at Harry with something akin to satisfaction. "I was stupid and wanted to try casting magic like Zelda does, even though I knew I could be hurt. I was able to cast Grand Mist Formation just before Zelda came into the room. When I was hurt and fell unconscious, I was told some truths that I still have trouble believing. But after, Zelda agreed to train me in Hylian magic so long as it's with her supervision, and so long as I make sure my core remains stable. It's why I've been meditating more; I have to continue to balance my Core." With a pleading look to Ignotus, who was now wearing a look of utter disbelief, Harry continued. "Please Ignotus, you can't tell my father or Impa about this. Not yet, not until Zelda believes I'm ready to prove I'm capable."

Ignotus didn't know what to say. He was being asked to keep a secret that was as dangerous as it was impossible. A Human speaking Hylian he could believe. While few and far between, some Humans were quite capable of speaking the true Hylian language spoken by the Hylian race. But for a Human to be able to wield and cast Hylian magic? A veritable impossibility. Raw Hylian magic becomes corrosive when exposed to raw Human magic, and vice versa. To be able to have both within a body of a Human would cause… 'But wait' Ignotus thought. 'Harry DOES have both within his body. A working albeit damaged Human Core, and Hylian magic in his veins. But how?' Ignotus adopted an outward look of thought. 'Hylian magic wasn't active within the blood until a spell is cast, that is well documented, while a Core is active upon birth and slowly fills until it leaks in high emotional states, which causes accidental magic. But Hylian magic is created either by the land itself and absorbed by the Hylian when needed, or is created by their immortal soul channelling it the Nebula of the Goddesses and transferring it the mortal body, and then flows around in blood. But that doesn't explain Harry. Humans absorb Hylian magic ambiently, and its naturally expelled over time. Again, well documented. And medical examination showed that Harry had far too much Hylian magic in his blood for it to have been absorbed naturally, but that was just played off by the Heart Containers, which are still a form of Hylian magic neutral if anything, and by him living in Hyrule Castle, which is a nexus for Hylian magic. But if that's not the case, then what's happ-' Ignotus stopped, and looked at Harry in realisation.

"Your soul isn't that of a Human, is it? You have a Hylian soul!" Harry looked to Ignotus with something akin to pride, happy that his friend had worked it out.

"Indeed, Ignotus." Eleazar replied. "The young prince was born in unique circumstances, but his Soul was born in a unique time. The burden he must now bare is one of difficulty. He must fight for his life every day and night, and he must do this to protect everyone around him. If his control slips, people die. He is a danger to everyone around him, and will be a danger for the rest of his long, long life." Eleazar looked now to Harry.

"A brave thing you did, boy. Had you have lied to Ignotus, I would have denied you a focus. I have no issue with liars, but I do have an issue with children that want to wield a weapon just so they can have feelings of grandeur. Your humbleness at admitting a dark truth about yourself, your willingness to sacrifice your possible learning in Human magics, your loyalty to those you value. All traits I value highly." At this, Eleazar snapped his fingers and the food was replaced with desserts.

Not one to be distracted by sweets, although Melanie had already climbed out from Harry's shirt to attack a moist looking slice of cake, Harry asked Eleazar a question. "How is it that you know such things about me? How do you know what I do with my sister, and how do you know my morals and values? We have never met before, nor have you been in the Citadel while I was there." Eleazar smiled and looked to his apprentice. The apprentice answered.

"My prince, I am a seer. Master Eleazar has been teaching me to hone my gifts while training me in his craft. The Gods have been gifting me with sights of you and you sister, the Princess, practicing the coveted Hylian magics. I have seen how kindly you treat your people, how you refuse a manservant because you don't wish to burden others with duties you believe you should know yourself. I saw you on the ship, receiving permission to visit our humble abode, to be treated at my Master's table. I didn't see if you would pass my Master's test, although I'm happy you did." The Apprentice said with a small blush of embarrassment. It was not every day you got to brag to the prince of the realm.

With a small smile, Harry nodded to the apprentice. Having a seer for a sister, he knew that such people could receive such visions. He looked to Eleazar who was happily feeding himself some Pecan Pie. "Does this mean you'll take my commission?" Harry asked, to which Eleazar nodded.

"Enjoy the dessert first. You can't have a focus made unless you eat dessert." Eleazar said with an almost deranged look in his eye. Harry looked to Ignotus, who just shrugged his shoulders as he enjoyed Lemon slice.

In his mind, Harry was in a state of unease and yet he had the fortitude to keep up a mask of false calm. Ignotus could be trusted, he knew that, but what of his trust to his sister? Zelda knew of their father's orders and witnessed firsthand Harry becoming ill with magic corruption, and she trusted him to ensure that their lessons would never surface until it was time. And yet, at the prompting of a man he hardly knew, one who, although he could not be called a Sheikah still technically was one, should be listening to his orders, and yet Harry had divulged his darkest secret all the same. He would need to tell Zelda when they had a moment alone. Thoughts such as this swirled around Harry's mind as he ate, until some time had passed and Eleazar abruptly stood from his chair, knocking Harry from his stupor.

"Well." Eleazar began. "I believe it's time for the princeling to receive what he came for." He looked to his apprentice. "Go set up my things, and return to your studies, boy. I expect you to be able to transmute wood into metal and back again by nightfall." The apprentice nodded, stood from his chair, bowed his head to Harry, and left to a side room. With a snap of his fingers, Eleazar cleaned the table of the food, replacing the table runner and candelabra that originally sat there. He motioned Harry to follow him.

"We must begin with finding out what your mortal magic aligns to, and while I'm at it, I might as well see what your Hylian magic reveals also." Eleazar explained as he led Harry to the side room the apprentice had entered.

Harry looked around what was presumably the highest quality Alchemical lab in Hyrule Kingdom. The floor, walls and ceiling were all stone flagged instead of the typical hardwood you would expect in a house such as this. The room was large also, at least double the size of the dining room and office combined. Long running bookcases lined two walls, all of them filled with books, tomes, grimoires and scrolls kept in immaculate condition, by hand or by magic Harry didn't know. The theme of intricate tapestries continued in this room also, but of strange circular designs that Harry didn't know, yet clearly not the colours of Lordy Houses. A large Cauldron sat in the Centre of the room, an unknown liquid bubbling in it, heated from a source Harry couldn't see. A benchtop ran alongside another wall, with windows that allowed natural light into the room. The view Harry could see was that of the back garden, alongside what he could assume was a blacksmith setup. Herbs, spices and organic parts hung from hooks along the roof above the bench. Potion ingredients, Harry identified. And lastly, a large chalk circle sat on the floor near the bookcase lined walls, a similar design to the tapestries on the wall, but different nonetheless. Eleazar's apprentice was busying himself by setting out blocks of wood and what looked like to be metal ingots on the benchtop. He bowed to his Master, and left the room.

Harry had grown up wondering the halls of Hyrule Castle. He had seen alchemical labs and libraries in the Capital and while he didn't necessarily understand the craft itself, he still knew enough from his lessons, both magical and mundane, to say that this room was vastly superior to any of the labs of his home. Hearing what Eleazar had stated, he stated "Well, I'm very good at illusions and Zelda is going to be teaching me minor defensive spells."

"Oh, nono. Magical alignment is vastly different to a Magical discipline. It wouldn't surprise me that you don't know this little fact of life, it's only really explored with Battle mages and Arcanum members. But, if you are to be able to do your Prince of the Sword duties, as you say, then I had best explain." At this, Eleazar waved his hand to summon a chair for Harry. Knowing that as the pleasantries that came with dining were over, Ignotus would stand behind Harry to ensure his duty was performed.

"A Magical discipline is a class system designed by the early Force Era sorcerers to categorize spells, and allow the teaching of specific types of disciplines to be made easier, along with the gaining of Masteries in such areas. There are different kinds of magical disciplines, the main schools being Alchemy, Enchantment, Illusion, Offence, Defence, House-Hold and Survival, Warding, Healing, Conjuration, Potion brewing, Divine Studies, Divination, and Arithmancy. Some spells fall into multiple classes, and some classes have branch schools. For example, Transfiguration would fall under Alchemy while Runic magic would fall under Enchantment and Warding, depending on the use." While explaining this, Eleazar was at the benches, inspecting the different materials that the apprentice had placed out.

"Magical Alignment on the other hand, defines what kind of magic type you're capable of using. There are six of those. Black, Dark, Grey, Light, White, and Astral. While the words Dark and Light may seem to have Good or Bad implications, they don't. This scale is a measure of how your magic expresses yourself. For example, you could cast a firebolt spell at something, and if you had a Light Alignment, that spell would hit harder as the spell itself is Light Aligned meaning your nature doesn't have to fight the spell." Eleazar had moved from the bench to his tomes, grabbing one to reference or cross-check something. However, Harry spoke up.

"So, it's like Grand Mist Formation. The spell book said you had to have favour with Goddess Nayru for you to be able to cast it, and if you didn't then you would injure yourself." Eleazar looked up and nodded slowly.

"Very close, princeling. Most books write about that kind of thing, about having favour with various deities or elements of nature, but that's mostly conjecture. Would the goddesses smite you if you attempt a spell in their domain, but have slighted them horribly? Most likely. But there are billions of people in our world, and even criminals are capable of casting spells. What actually is happening, is your Magical alignment shifting to suit the person you are becoming, and match the spells you are using. Eventually when you gain your High Majority at twenty-five years, your alignment will settle.

"Someone with White or Light alignment is more likely to be a priest or a homemaker, someone who doesn't have to use magic for dark reasons, while a sorcerer who seeks knowledge of the Arcane is more likely to have Grey, as befitting someone who uses both sides of the scale. Dark and Black magic aligned people are very rare to come by. The Dark side of the scale is typically found in the Sheikah tribe. We have a duty to preform, no matter how good or terrible it is. We can serve a three-course dinner just as well as we can assassinate a sovereign. We do what must be done. A person with a Dark alignment is someone who is resolute, someone who would follow their goals to the end, someone who wouldn't waver from their motives or desires and the spells that are considered Dark reflect that. Illusions which can warp the mind, but also bring joy to children. Conjurations which can call beings from other realms and the such." Eleazar looked Harry directly in the eye and continued. "Darkness does not mean evil, princeling, but Light does not mean good either. It is never a good thing to judge someone on what their alignment is, nor is it appropriate to ask someone for theirs. It is a personal matter, and is considered as rude as speaking in Hylian in front of a Human.

"Now, that is enough of a magic lesson. Let's do these tests and get your focus made. It's getting late, and I would not deprive you of dinner with your family." Eleazar concluded his explanation with the snap of a closing book. "Ignotus, leave and close the door. Princeling, give your pet to your Guardian. We must be alone for this."

Melanie, who didn't like being separated from her familiar for any length of time naturally rejected, but Harry promised to show her his new focus when they were finished. Reluctantly, Melanie slithered out down Harry's pants leg and out the door, Ignotus following closely behind. The door shut and with a wave of his hand, Eleazar warded the room. Harry stood up and looked at Eleazar in anticipation.

"First is your examination. I am going to cast some diagnostic spells on you, so just hold still." To which Harry did. After a moment of elaborate hand movements, Eleazar stopped, a look of surprise on his face.

"Curious. Very curious indeed." Eleazar stated.

"What's curious?" Harry responded, minorly worried.

"You have a natural occurring Dark alignment. Completely settled, too, which is something that doesn't happen naturally." Eleazar explained. "Tell me, what kind of treatment do you partake in to regulate your illness?"

Harry reached into his pockets, taking out the Crystals of Ghirahim. "I use these while meditating, and my essence, I guess, gets transported to the Silent Realm, and the magic that exists there comes back to my body to regulate my core." Harry explained. Eleazar stared at the crystals for a moment.

"That explains that, then. These crystals hold Black magic in them, but purified. Very strange combination at face value, but if one looks closer, they see the truth. There is life in these crystals." Eleazar held out his hand requestion the crystals, and Harry game them to him.

"We can use these as part of your focus. Now, come to the bench and take a look at these materials." Harry did as instructed. On the benches were wooden blocks and metal ingots, along with what appeared to be some metal shavings and cut-offs. "In front of you are some blocks of Elder, Aldar, Oak, Holly, and Yew along with ingots of Hylian Steel, Gold, Iron, and Mithril. Some foci makers have you hover you hand over the materials and instruct you to 'tell me what feels right'" Eleazar said with a mocking voice. "Stupidity if you ask me. How can you 'feel' dead blocks of wood? No, the real method is by expelling your magic and seeing what material it attaches to, and what material it flows through. The more it attaches it your magic, the worse of a focus it is. The more it flows through, the better. So, when you're ready, hold out your hand and just channel raw magic. Try and do Hylian, you'll have better results, but do not exert yourself. I like my house intact, thank you!" With that, Eleazar stepped back and watched.

Harry closed his eyes. Although his training in Hylian magics was coming along, he still had some struggles channelling it. His human body just wasn't designed for it, and the human magic in his Core always seemed to make such feats worse for him. But focus he did, and soon he opened his eyes to see the veins in his left arm glowing and pulsing as he channelled raw Hylian magic out from his fingertips. He watched as the invisible magic, akin to heat lines, scattered and flowed around the materials in front of him, and with keen eyes, Eleazar noticed that the magic was being channelled to by the small shavings and off-cuts. He told Harry to stop, and to look closely at the shavings.

They were small and glowed slightly with the magic he was channelling threw them with an almost ethereal light. He saw what looked like to be small engravings of letters he didn't know. "Eleazar, what is this material, and what are these letters?" He asked.

"I'm once again not surprised you don't know that language. That, princeling, is Labrynnian Hylanese. It's the native tongue of Labrynna, a heavily diluted and corrupted version of Hylian that humans are quite capable of speaking, and it translates almost as well as Hylian does into Mundane. For example, your name would be turned from Harrison Hyrule into Hali Enda-val-Dolti." Harry looked to Eleazar with interest.

"What would your name become?" He asked.

"Eleazar would be turned into Pontoise."

"You don't have a family name?" Harry enquired.

"I do; however, it was only given to me by Ambi's mother after Sheikah was removed from my name. It's Freeman, quite boring if you ask me. But fully translated my name would turn from Eleazar Freeman, to Pontoise Flamel. Now, you asked about the material. Tell me, princeling, you know of the Master Sword, yes?"

"Yes, it's the blade created and blessed by the Goddess Hylia, and the weapon of the Hero of Time, the Chosen Hero. It currently rests in a secret place known only to specific members of the Counsel and the Royal Family." Harry responded.

"Indeed, in Ordon Provence, in the ruins of the old Temple of Time. But what do you know of its construction? What is it made of?" Harry thought for a moment. As someone who was very much into the history of his family and of the events that surrounded certain members of his ancestry, he knew the answer for this question.

"Hilt is made from Timeshift stone, which reverts the blade to its true form whenever it's in a pedestal, undoing any modifications or damage done to the sword as a whole. The crystals house the life of the blade, a spirit that Hylia placed into it to guide the Hero's Soul. And the blade itself is made of the entire stock of Master Ore that exists." Harry thought for a moment, and picked up on the insinuation. "Wait, this is Master Ore?!" He exclaimed.

"Indeed" Eleazar affirmed. "During the creation of any weapon, sometimes there are shavings and dust that are removed to hone the blade. I spent a good 40 years gathering this small amount from ruins of where the Great Skyloft Islands fell after the Era of the Sky came to its end. These scraps are all that remains of the raw, untreated Master Ore not used in the Master Sword. And they, along with your crystals, shall become your focus." Eleazar concluded, scooping the scraps into his hand. "Now stand back and just watch. You may learn something."

Harry did as he was told, and stood close to the door while Eleazar moved. In a fluid motion, he swept over to the chalk circle on the floor and placed the scraps in the centre, along with the Crystals of Ghirahim. He then went over to the cauldron and gathered a phial full of the liquid in it and placed it into the circle. Finally, Eleazar grabbed a shabby, worn-looking tome, the only tome of such quality, opened the book and ripped out what appeared to be a random page, adding it to the circle. He stood at the edge of the circle and clapped his hands, then bent over and placed them on the edge of the circle. With a sound and flash of blue lightning, the circle lit up. Harry couldn't look away as he watched the materials in the circle meld and shift, the only items not doing so being the crystals. The liquid and even the glass of the phial, the metal scraps, and the page all amalgamated into what looked like a long, thin metallic rope, the crystals being fused with some of the metal. When the light dimmed, Harry could see clearly. A necklace had been formed, the crystals becoming imbedded into some of the metal and turning into a double sided pendent. Along the edges of the crystals, the metal was engraved in the Hylian language which translated to 'The Bone of My Sword'.

Eleazar grabbed the necklace and walked over to Harry. "Your focus is done, princeling." He waved his hand and undid the wards around the door, opening it to allow himself and Harry out. "We shall go to my office to discuss payment."

/Harry! What took you so long! I was BOARD just waiting out here!/ Exclaimed Melanie, as she slithered up his pants leg and wrapped herself around his waist. Her head poked out of his collar. /Where's your focus, I want to see it!/ She demanded.

/We have to pay for it first./ Harry said, as he and Ignotus followed Eleazar to his office. He sat down behind his desk and gestured for Harry to do the same in the chair presented to him.

"So, I would assume the High King has payment for my services?" He asked. Ignotus took out the Writ and gave it to Eleazar.

"A blank writ?" He questioned. With a thought, he called his apprentice. "Boy, come here a moment."

The apprentice entered the room and bowed to his Master, some soot on his face.

"Why do you have soot on your face? No, wait, I don't want to know." Eleazar looked to Harry.

"Your father has given me a blank, pre-signed writ as payment for my services. That means I can ask for anything in return, even someone's life." He explained. Hearing this, Ignotus put his hand on his sword. "However, I'm not a cruel man, and this kind of payment is typical from nobles. Normally, princeling, I request materials or supplies for myself. However, it has come to my attention that within a year's time, I shall need to journey to Hyrule Castle to continue my work. I'll be there for a long, long while. As such, I'll be using this writ to my advantage." Eleazar held out his hands, one holding the writ, the other holding the necklace. "In return for my services, you will pay me by granting me one singular favour, which you cannot deny. But I'll only tell you if you agree to this deal."

Harry looked at this situation in interest. He knew the kind of man Eleazar's reputation purported him to be, and considering he called for his assistant before making this request, Harry guessed it had something to do with that.

"I agree." Harry stated.

"Sire, that is a dangerous agreement! He could ask you for anything!" Ignotus exclaimed.

"No, it isn't." Harry responded with a smile, one returned by Eleazar. "What is your favour?" Harry asked.

"When I arrive in Hyrule, I know I'll be given my own rooms for living and work, and so will my apprentice. My favour, is that you accept him as your manservant." He said with a smirk. The apprentice looked at Eleazar with shock. While the position of Manservant to a normal noble was typically a normal serving job, manservants to royalty lead to squire-ship and then, if requested, knighthoods. Harry, while knowing this but still disliking the idea of having any kind of servant, reluctantly agreed. 'I guess it means ill at least make a new friend.' Harry thought.

"Excellent! Then I would think it is time for you to depart. It's getting late." Eleazar said, giving Harry the necklace. The moment he held it, the veins in his uncovered left arm glowed, pulsing towards the necklace he was holding. He looked to his arm in interest. The red-gold glow of Hylian magic within his veins, the ten, ever-present, pink-coloured, heart-shaped, glowing marks beneath the skin of his left fore-arm showing his currently full Heart Containers, none of it got old for Harry. The mysticism and the wonder always brought joy to him. Once the red-gold glow stopped, leaving only the pink glowing hearts, Harry placed the necklace around his neck, tucking the crystals beneath his shirt. Melanie, who was looking at the necklace, ducked her head so she could see it better.

/Ooh, it's so pretty looking Harry!/ She exclaimed. Harry however was distracted from answering by a voice he heard in his head a while ago, one he now knew wasn't his imagination.

"Oh, this metal is so much more comfortable! Master Ore, oh! So fabulous! My dear boy, you so know how to treat me well!" The voice whispered.

'Who are you?' Harry thought, not expecting an answer.

"Soon, my dear child. Soon." The voice faded with a flamboyant laugh. Harry looked to Eleazar.

"Thank you for your service today, Eleazar. I swear to honour our agreement." Eleazar nodded and Harry and Ignotus took their leave, exiting the house from the door they entered in. A few steps away from the house however, the apprentice came rushing out.

"Prince Harrison, wait!" He exclaimed. Harry turned around. "I'm sorry my Master asked that of you, I know how you feel about servants, but I promise you that I won't be a hindrance to you! I just want to learn anything you have to teach." The boy said with a smile. Harry smiled back.

"On one condition." Harry said, to which the apprentice nodded. "Don't call me Prince or Sire, at least while we are not in a formal setting. If you're going to be working for me, I would rather have you as a friend." At this, Ignotus laughed.

"Harry can be like that." Ignotus said. Harry looked to the apprentice, and held out his hand.

"Hi, I'm Harry Hyrule, and this is my familiar Melanie. It's nice to meet you!" The apprentice took Harry's hand and shook it happily.

"It's nice to meet you, Harry." The apprentice replied.

"I'm Nicholas Flamel."

The Following Day, Lynna City, Kingdom of Labrynna

Hylian Empire, The Silent Realm

The blue-tinted sky of the Silent Realm always brought swung feelings to Harry. On one hand, he felt honoured that he was permitted to wander this plane of the Sacred Realm with the leave of the Goddesses, that he got to explore his world without guards or Shades following him around. On the other hand, this place was a constant reminder that, in his foolish arrogance, he needed to be here to ensure his continued existence. It was also the place where he gained and lost his mother. But regardless of these feelings, he couldn't help but enjoy his time here.

Harry closed his eyes as he walked through the courtyard outside of Ambi's Tower and took a deep breath. The feeling of not-wind blowing through his hair, the sound of leaves rustling, of the not-water filled sea rolling its waves. The silence that filled the realm, or more aptly the lack of the usual hustle and bustle of the city and sounds of animals, it filled Harry with a sense of peace that he wasn't able to achieve within the Mortal Realm.

Opening his eyes and breathing out, he looked around the Silent Realm of Labrynna, noting how different it was compared to that of Hyrule Castle. Some buildings were in a state of being built, the gates to the Great Maku Tree were closed, the tree's extensive branches and leaves being visible from above the gates. Harry had yet to visit the guardian of Labrynna as his father was more focused on his inspection. Ambi's tower was not different in particular, but there was one large difference. Harry had noted on his exploration of the city in the Silent Realm that there appeared to be a large crack or fissure above the tower's turret. When he had used his Hylian vision and stared at the fissure, he saw colour that clearly was not blue. Knowing the history of the Tower and what lay above and beneath it, Harry guessed that this crack above the tower was the "Gateway to the Heavens" that his books referenced. And were that to be true, Harry assumed that the Heavens that were referenced was actually the Silent Realm, or more accurately, the Sacred Realm. Were he to travel to the cavern beneath the tower, Harry assumed he would see a crack of darkness, the one referenced as "Demon's Breach", the assumed location where a great demon emerged and fought his sister's ancestor-Goddess, Hylia.

A feeling of refreshment washed over him, signalling that his body was ready to receive him again. Harry made his way back to the rooms he was given in Lynna Castle, but before he stepped into the circle to return, he looked to a mirror. Since the first time he saw the form he was meant to take, Harry had seemingly grown an ego, one akin to Hylian narcissism, one that every Hylian had in their beings as it was taught that the Hylian race was created as a race higher than the others. A fact that every race, from Gorons to Gerudo to Humans themselves had long accepted. Thankfully, Hylians were always taught politeness and love for the other races, ensuring that the narcissistic tendencies of their subspecies were curtailed and contained to self-admiration. It also helped that, due to the belief of them being a somewhat superior being, they held a strong desire to protect those around them. It was very common to see Hylians take jobs as guards, policemen, warriors and the like to fulfill this desire of protection.

While admiring his tapered Hylian ears, a sudden flash of movement was noticed behind Harry through the mirror. He quickly spun around. A silhouette of a being with glowing red eyes was printed upon the wall, similar to a shadow. "I do wonder when he will be done staring at himself." The shadow sighed. Noticing Harry's sudden interest in the wall it was projected on, the shadow cocked its head to the side. "Can you see me, little prince?" the being said.

Harry responded, a frown marring his features. "I can, shadow. Who are you? How are you here?" He demanded. His hand instinctively went to the small of his back where a dagger would normally be held, but after remembering that weapons did not come with him to the Silent Realm, he pulled back.

"Oh, you can only see my shadow! Well, that's disappointing. But I guess this will have to do then. Tis better than nothing, after all!" The shadow laughed in a way that was very familiar to Harry.

"Wait, I recognize your voice!"

"You do! Oh, that is fabulous! But of course, someone as perfect as I can only be unforgettable!" The shadow bragged.

Harry was getting minorly annoyed with the shadow's tone. He was worse than that Midas fellow in the Castle Town Bazaar! "I asked you a question!" He exclaimed.

"Ah yes, apologies! It has been SOOOOOO LOOOOONG since I actually talked to someone, that I forgot myself!" The shadow did an elaborate bow. "I am the being of your focus! The commander of masses! The sword-spirit to the Gods! I am the Demon Lord Ghirahim! And yes, I do prefer that you use my title of LORD Ghirahim." The shadow paused for a moment. "Well, maybe for others. For you, I must allow an exception. It would not be proper for my new Master to call me Lord, but do not think I'll be calling you Master unless we are in company! I deplore that word; it reminds me too much of my last Master!"

Harry adopted a look of confusion. This being, Ghirahim, was calling him Master, and even though he was a Prince, he would never willingly be a master to anyone. It held negative connotations to him. Thinking to the rest of Ghirahim's statement, he asked. "What exactly do you mean by 'being of my focus' and Demon Lord?"

"Well, eons and Era's ago before your kind dropped from the sky, I was once the leader of the Dark Armies here on the surface. But things changed, I grew a conscious, and I submitted myself to the Royal Family for repentance. I was confined to my crystals and locked away. But now! Oh, now I am free from those bonds thanks to that FABULOUS necklace of yours and shall commit myself to the task given to me! The protection of the Hylian Prince!" Ghirahim exclaimed happily.

"I see." Replied Harry. A thought suddenly came to him. 'Mum knew about Ghirahim, and still instructed me to claim those crystals. "He has repented." That's what she said. Eleazar knew about him too, and still gave me a focus, and clearly enhanced Ghirahim's abilities if he can manifest somewhat in the Silent Realm. I guess he can be trusted then.'

"Well, Ghirahim, if you're going to be with me as part of my focus, and the Goddesses vouch for you, then I guess I made a new friend!" Harry exclaimed in happiness. He loved making new friends.

Ghirahim's shadow cocked again. While Harry didn't know it as the only features of his face visible were his eyes, Ghirahim and a bout of surprise. He had never had a friend before. 'But if I am to be his companion, then I might as well make the most of it. Oh, Hylia, you knew this would happen! You are as devious as you are kind.' "I guess you have, Skyling." He says with a smirk.

"Skyling?" Harry asks, with a small smile.

"Indeed! Hylians come from the sky, and you are the prince of the family that ruled that sky palace, so you are now Skyling!" Ghirahim replied. "Now return to the Mortal plane. We shall talk next time you come here."

Late noon, Lynna City, Kingdom of Labrynna

Hylian Empire, Mortal Realm

The Princess of Hyrule walked one step behind her father Rhoam, who stood beside Queen Ambi. Harry was walking two steps behind his sister, once again playing the part of body guard, and once again Sheikahn Shades followed from a distance to ensure that if danger did find its way to the group, Harry would have backup. He was wearing a simple hard leather outfit designed as an archer's Armour. A short-sword was sheathed at his waist, and a dagger was hidden beneath his right sleeve. His necklace was hidden beneath the Armour, but above his undershirt. While he didn't know any Human spells to effectively use it, his new focus and the crystals embedded in them brought some comfort. Melanie was absent, she was required to stay in the care of Impa and Ignotus in Lynna Castle for this trip. From what she told him, Zelda had convinced her father to bring herself and Harry to the inspection of Ambi's Tower. Naturally, they were both excited.

"What is the matter, Ambi? You are unusually quiet." Rhoam enquired.

"Just lost in thought, Milord. Contemplating some new information I had received. About my informant." Ambi responded, with a smirk that looked very out of place on her.

"I see. We must still have that discussion before I leave, Ambi. I wish to know who this informant is." Ambi nodded her consent, before giving the Prince and Princess an explanation on the tower that they were approaching.

"This tower, the land it sits on, and the sky above it very precious to the people of Labrynna. The people named it after me after my husband passed away. It is also called The Black Tower due to its colour. It is built out of white marble, and is functionally a large focus for the magic that spills out of the Breach and the Gateway. It is the magic of the Breach being channelled by the tower's sorcerers that has burnt the marble black, hence it's nickname." At this, Harry interrupted.

"My lady, Eleazar told me Labrynnians have a different language to Mundane and Hylian. A kind of mix of both."

"Yes, we do." Ambi replied.

"What's the tower's name in Labrynnian?" Harry asked, piquing the interest of Zelda.

"Well, Black Tower translates into Niirah Kah-bin. Niirah being black while Kah-bin is Tower. The proper name of Ambi's Tower translates into Azah Kah-bin. Now, we are nearing the entrance, and it is quite a walk to the top."

Harry followed behind Zelda as the group began their climb up the many flights of stairs. Guards and Dementors roamed and patrolled the many floors and hallways that were within the tower. On some floors, Ambi lead the group to the group of researchers, mages, warlocks, and sorcerers whose works involved a broad range of topics from the war effort with Lorule to normal spell craft. After a long time of climbing and seeing the works of the tower, the group had finally made it to a set of stairs guarded by two Dementors, wielding spears.

"Greetings Dementors. We wish to access the rooftop." Stated Ambi. One of the Dementors nodded and drifted out of the way, allowing the group to climb the last set of stairs.

"The Tower Turret, and especially the roof, is arguably the most important site in the tower." Ambi began, pacing from the group to an altar which sat on a dais in the centre of the tower. She gestured to the pillars around the tower, each one topped with large, spherical crystals. "These pillars allow us to channel magic in either direction, either from the Gateway and into the Breach, or from the Breach and into the Gateway. The Altar in the centre along with these pillars allows us to focus Astral magic into items, weapons, Armour, anything, and enchant them in ways not normally available to use mere mortals. But that is not truly the best part. Come over to the edge." Ambi walked over to the edge of the tower, gesturing the royals to follow. "This tower is the highest point in the world, and from this rooftop, you can see father then anywhere. The view alone is simply magical." Ambi concluded. She stepped back and allowed the royals to peer over the edge, looking towards the ocean, towards Hyrule Proper. Harry noticed something in the distance.

"Father look! You can see the Sanctum Tower from here!" He said, pointing towards the distant castle. Rhoam laughed at his son's antics.

"Indeed, you can. My dear Ambi, you must be proud to claim ownership of the world's greatest view" Rhoam stated, still distracted by the oceanic view.

"Oh, I couldn't possibly claim this view as mine, Hyrule. After all, it belongs to Ambi." Ambi stated darkly. Rhoam, hearing this change in tone, spun around quickly only to see Ambi wave her hand, a ripple of magic causing Harry and Rhoam to be brushed aside into the waiting arms of Dementors, who grabbed them tightly.

"What is the meaning of this!" Rhoam exclaimed, shocked.

"Don't get your robes in a bunch, Hyrule. None of this is personal, just business!" Another wave of her hand, and Ambi's form shifted. Her dress gained darker tones, her skin darkened, the headdress she wore changing into flowing red hair. "Mm, much better." The woman sighed.

"Who are you? What have you done with Ambi!" Rhoam demanded. Harry, attempting to struggle out of the Dementors inhumanly strong grip, drowned out the conversation.

"Ambi is fine, confined in her very own cells. I only got here a day ago, and my glamor requires the subject to be alive. As for who I am? My name is Veran. I am the witch-queen of Labrynna. Lorule's Labrynna." She smiled darkly. "I was sent here by my King to find out which of our citizens was a traitor. It doesn't bode well for our war effort if you disgusting Hylians know of our plans, after all. Just getting my own loyal Dementors here was a struggle!" She slowly raised her hand in a grip, and as she did so, the stunned scared Zelda was slowly lifted up. "Imagine my surprise when I discovered what lied within this girl's veins. What power! I knew my King would love to have that piece of IT in his possession."

"LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!" Harry screamed. Veran paid him no mind, her lust for the power within Zelda caused her to be one tracked in her mind.

"Now I just have to get it out of her. I can't risk killing her, we don't know what IT would do, especially this close to the Gateway. Luckily, I have just the spell in mind." Veran raised her other hand, a deep purple ball of darkness formed in it. Harry, now focused on the threat to his sister, noticed that Veran's veins did not glow when she formed that spell. Veran continued to look at Zelda, ignoring the others.

"This spell is a fantastic little curse. Our research in our tower suggests that your golden power does not like existing in creatures from the Dark World. This curse will emulate the Dark World's effects, permanently transforming you into a creature from that damned realm. And if it doesn't work, I can always just take you with me!"

At that moment, multiple events played out. Behind Veran, Ignotus, Impa, and four Guardians came running up the stairs, the real Ambi following along, sword in hand. Rhoam, with a burst of power, was able to cast the Patronus charm and freed himself and Harry from the Dementor's grip, with Rhoam raising his hand to cast some spell at Veran. Veran herself launched the sphere of Dark power towards Zelda, the spell leaving her hand and shooting over towards the Princess. But Harry, who's only focus was that his sister, his teacher and protector, was about to be cursed, ran towards her. At the last moment, Harry pushed her out of the way, and the spell hit him dead in his chest. Unlike Zelda who was held in place by Veran's confinement spell, Harry took the full force of the spell, which pushed him over the edge of the tower. As the curse began to do its job, Harry just had a singular thought going through his mind as he fell the four thousand feet into the ocean was 'I hope Zelda looks after Melanie for me.' He felt his body beginning to heat up, a sign that he should enter the Silent Realm, but as his current destination was The Land Between, he ignored the feeling.

As Harry closed his eyes, his last sight was of Rhoam and Zelda watching him fall. He hit the water, and all he knew was darkness. He did not hear the voice of his new friend.

"I will not allow this!"

Zora's Domain, Sea of Storms, Kingdom of Labrynna

Hylian Empire, Mortal Realm

He felt cold, dizzy, and hungry as he lay upon what felt like a very wet bed. Having never heard a wet bed, Harry opened his eyes to see exactly what he was laying on. He looked towards the roof of the place he lay in and saw a ceiling made of coral and shells and sea stone. Confused, he brought his hand up to rub the sleep from his eyes, only to have them widen in horror as he saw some THING attached to his arm. His horror turned to full panic as he saw his arm was now black with thin, red swirl-like patterns and white forearms. Looking over himself, he could only continue to panic.

He was completely naked, although his… parts… seemed to have disappeared. His torso was white with black on the sides, and he noted that his necklace remained secured around his neck. Three slits on either side of his chest where his ribs would be marred his skin. Wiggling around, he saw fins around his waist, matching the fins on the side of his arms, and on top of his shoulders he noticed. He felt his head, and it was not spared the change. A tail-thing extended from the top of his head to the back of his neck in a mimicking of hair, but as a single tail. Where his ears would have been, flaplike fins were there in place. His toes, he noticed, were now webbed. Harry took a deep breath to calm himself.

He remembered being hit with a curse that would change him into something, and he remembered falling from the tower. At the thought of the tower, Harry shivered. After falling from such a height, he did not think he could ever be in a high place again without some way of securing himself to the ground. Just the thought of peering over an unsecured ledge like that of the tower's rooftop again caused a large spike of fear through him. 'Aeroacrophobia, then. A fear of open heights.' he pondered. 'Possibly the most normal thing to happen to happen to me today.' It was clear to Harry what had happened. He had been cursed and had become a Zora, a species that clearly was not of the Dark World, he noted.

"Oh, you're awake, my Lord!" A voice exclaimed. A Zora, red and white, swam into the room. "We have been worried about you. You're in a hospital in the Zora Domain, just outside of Lynna City. My name is Sadie, I'm a doctor here." The now named Sadie explained slowly.

"How did I get here?" Harry asked. Surprisingly, talking under water seemed to come natural to him in this new form. He would guess that other Zora-esque activities would also come natural to him, if the curse did what he thought it did.

"One of our traders was delivering stock to a merchant at the docks near the base of the tower and saw you fall. He dove in after you and managed to catch you just after you had hit the water, and watched as you turned into the form you have now. He was quite shocked when it happened to be honest, but the impact with the water caused a lot of internal damaging. Your Heart Containers took care of the broken bones and shattered spine, but you had a dislocated arm, and a punctured lung. A couple of red potions though, and you were right as rain, but still unconscious." Harry contemplated this information. Without those Hearts, he would have died. It seems that once again, his magical mistake had affected his continued existence, but in a beneficial way this time.

"What about my father and sister? How long have I been here?" He asked, calming down moderately.

"They are fine. Worried, but fine. You've been here for four days, but after a short exam, I'll be happy to release you to the King." Sadie replied with a smile. "I should say though, I was informed with your particular circumstance involving your core. I'm not entirely sure if you know this, but Zora don't have any kind of internal magic system. All of our magic comes from enchanted items that we trade or have commissioned, but we ourselves are incapable of magic. It seems that the curse the witch-queen cast on you is a deep one that changed your very essence on a base level. All of my examinations show that you are completely Zora. Meaning, you no longer have an internal magic system."

Harry once again fell into shock, before it bled into anger. This curse, cast by a woman who would kill his sister, had ripped away the one thing he truly wanted to learn. He would no longer be able to practice magic in this Zora body.

"I see." Harry said lowly. "I thank you for your assistance. You have saved my life and I will never forget that, but I need to be with my family."

"Of course. I'll get these tests done and we can swim back to the surface. I'll ask a scout to send word ahead" Sadie finished.

Over the next hour and a half, Harry submitted himself to a slew of tests to ensure his physical wellbeing. Throughout, he questioned the reasoning of the situation he was in. Harry had a deep belief in the Goddesses power and their plan for the people of this world. He had a deep belief, but also a fear, of a predetermined fate. That while everyone had free will, one day everyone had a part to play in the story of the world, the Legend that flowed from the Sky Era to the present. And once their part was played, and their hour upon the stage was complete, they could go back to their lives, knowing that they had contributed to the Story of Hyrule. As he gazed to his right hand, where his triangular birthmark no longer marred his skin, he wondered what part he had to play in the Story that the Goddesses wished for him to take a Zora's form.

Harry was being escorted back to the mainland now. Sadie had declared that he needed a warm meal and a long sleep, but otherwise he was healthy. Harry checked his right forearm. Seven and a half dim glowing hearts, two and a half bright ones. Harry agreed with Sadie's diagnosis. As the escort reached the mainland, Harry popped his head above the water, taking his first breath of air in days, he saw his family standing on the banks. He swam to the beach and stood on the sand for a moment, before slowly walking towards them. Zelda rushed towards Harry and grappled him in a tight hug, crying his name into his shoulder.

"I thought I lost you! You saved me and then you would have died for me, like mother!" She cried. Harry wrapped his arms around his sister and began to cry also. Rhoam slowly approached them, the Zora escort bowing their heads towards the king.

"My son has returned to me, and your people saved him. Know that today, the Royal Family of Hyrule, and the Ancient and Noble House of Daltus are in the debt of the Zora Domain." He bowed his head slightly, before kneeling down to his children. Harry and Zelda turned to their father.

"Prince Harrison, you preformed your duty as First Prince above expectations." He grabbed his son in a strong hug. "But the next time you scare me like this, ill confine you to your rooms and never let you out of my sight. It was my duty to protect you and Zelda that day, and I failed where you succeeded. You have made me so proud of you, my son, and I know your mother would be proud of you too." After a moment, Rhoam let Harry go and gestured to for them to follow him back to the Castle.

"It may take some getting used to, having a Zora son, but you will always be my son." Harry felt very much reassured at this gesture. And he would have commented on it, if he didn't feel a full head to toe tingling sensation.

"Uh, dad? I feel weird" Harry stated before stumbling to his knees. Zelda and Rhoam looked towards Harry and saw his skin shimmer. Harry himself rolled over on his back, the tingling starting to feel like a stomach ache. He brought his right hand to his face to rub his eyes, when he saw the white of his palm beginning to pinken. He looked to the back of his hand and saw the bandage he kept wrapped around his birthmarked hand and up to the middle of his forearm fade and shimmer into view. Soon, the fins on his arms retreated, his human ears reformed, his hair grew, and his feet unwebbed. A second latter, he felt the all too familiar heat of his core rupture returning to him. He stood up, feeling perfectly fine, and patted himself down. He had his leather Armou

r on, a scorch mark where the cursed orb had hit him on the centre of his chest. He was human again.

"Father." Zelda stated with an interested tone. "I think Harry's new curse does more than one thing."

"Indeed." Rhoam responded. "A mystery for tomorrow, however. Harry, I know that look. You must return home and meditate." He said with a smile, one which Harry returned. Harry had never been happier to feel the burn of his core. He had his magic back, and a mystery to solve.

'Melanie is going to be thrilled!'

Evening, Lynna City, Kingdom of Labrynna

Hylian Empire, Mortal Realm

Melanie was not thrilled.


/I'm sorry, Melanie! But Zelda was going to be hurt and I had to protect her!/ Harry responded.

/THAT'S ALL FINE, BUT YOU WERE GOING TO LEAVE ME, HARRY! You were going to be gone!/ Melanie ran out of righteous feminine fury, and slithered over to wrap herself around Harry. /I am never leaving your side again, Harry. I don't care which King, Queen, bloody DIVINE BEING demands it of me. I won't allow you to leave me to be alone again./ A moment passes between the two as they enjoy each other's company. /So, you're a fish now, huh?/ Melanie said jokingly.

/No, well I don't think so. I have a feeling it might be a trigger curse, but I'm not sure how. I'm going to ask Ghirahim when I go back to the Silent Realm./ Harry responded, to which Melanie gave her support.

Harry then stood up from the bed and sat on the floor. He folded his hands in his lap and closed his eyes. He took a couple of deep breaths. Instead of taking the crystals in his hands, as he would normally need to be in physical contact with them, he allowed them to hang around his neck. He spoke allowed some words, an Aria that allowed him to concentrate and help him enter the Silent Realm. With an exhale, Harry breathed out the words, and the feeling of cool metal covered his skin, as a circle and flower pattern spread on the floor.

"I am the Prince of Hyrule…"

Evening, Lynna City, Kingdom of Labrynna

Hylian Empire, Silent Realm

"Well! That was an Adventure and a half!" The shadowy form of Ghirahim formed on the wall as Harry opened his eyes, stood up and walked out of the circle. He took a quick glance at the mirror and he smile slightly. Ghirahim noticed and rolled his eyes, but said nothing. Harry looked to the shadow.

"Would you know anything about what happened?" Harry asked.

"You are in luck, my dear Skyling! That curse was created by my previous master. A curse to grow his army by using kidnapped Humans. A fabulous yet sickening spell." Ghirahim sighed.

"Can it be broken?" Harry asked.

"Of course, it can be broken! Would you like to sacrifice your sister now, or after she has children to continue the bloodline?"

"What? No! No, no, no, I'm not going to kill my sister!" Harry protested.

"Well, the counter curse requires the blood of a recently, um, expired Goddess. So, unless you know of another Hylia decedent, I'm afraid you are out of luck." Ghirahim said with a knowing smirk. "Of course, I could just tell you what I did to you as the curse was taking its hold."

"If you don't mind." Harry deadpanned.

"Hehehe, well you see, it was quite an ingenious albeit backfiring manipulation of mine. You see, while I could not stop the curse, its origins allowed me to alter it slightly. Instead of it turning your form into what It would be if you were to enter the Dark World, I changed it so you would take on the form of the first living creature you touched. I had hoped a human would find you, in which case the curse would be rendered functionally inactive, as you are ALREADY a human, but that pesky Zora touched you first, and alas, you gained a Zora form. And you were right, by the way. It is a trigger induced curse. You shall retain your Human form, unless you enter deep, chest-high water. Fresh, ocean, lake, river, it does not matter. When you do that, the curse will transform you into a Zora. Not my best work, but it is something." He ended with a flourish. "You are welcome, by the way! Now, you will never have to worry about drowning! Plus, that Zora form you have is FABulously ravishing!" Ghirahim began to wave his arms around in a very eccentric fashion. "The patterns! The colour scheme! Oh, my dear boy, if you don't get clothes made that look like that, I shall be severely disappointed!" He stated as he looked at Harry, who's deadpan had deepened. Although, Ghirahim was correct. The form would prove to be useful, and even if he couldn't use magic while in it, it still gave him a reason to train in Zora weaponry and fighting forms, something that he could eventually adapt to use in his Human form. The thought of it made Harry smile brightly.

"Thank you, Ghirahim, for giving me this gift. And don't worry, I may get some clothes made in those styles. For good or ill, that form and this curse is now a part of me, and instead of hiding it, I should embrace it!" Harry exclaimed joyously.

At the same time, Ambi's Personal Study, Lynna City, Kingdom of Labrynna

Hylian Empire, Mortal Realm

Rhoam sat on the seat in front of Ambi's desk, cradling a glass of Lynna Wine, pondering the events of the last few days. After his son had fallen into the sea, a rage had overcome Rhoam and Zelda. For Zelda, it took the form of her Divine heritage waking from its slumber within her. Her veins filled gold instead of the deep red, the mark on the back of her right hand revealing the Wisdom she held, eyes cold looking akin to frozen sapphires, and her movements elegant. Trained from young by the best, her spells, although spoken aloud instead of silent, blasted the witch-queen. Rhoam, who's rage had become nigh-unquenchable, followed suit. Veran's loyal Dementors attempted to protect their dark master, but Ignotus, who went unnoticed until then, reacted in kind. A bright Patronus burst from his gauntlet-fashioned focus and charged at the Dementor swarm, followed quickly by Ambi's. The Dementors became trapped between the two and in a pulse of white light, the Dementors burst into smoke, banished to the Void. Veran had proven her skill at spells, barely holding her own, but being backed up upon the dais. Ambi, who was not sitting idle, ran to one of the pillars and activated the tower's array. Dark magic channel through the tower from the Breach and into the Gateway and in a moment, Veran was shot with lightning raining down from the heavens. When it had cleared, the woman was still alive, but hurt severely. She now awaited sentencing in the dungeons.

Rhoam and the party walked back to the castle, Zelda being held by Impa and she cried, while Rhoam himself was close to crying. Seeing a Zora rushing towards them, all he wanted to do was tell them that he had no time to entertain requests. But when the sea-dweller announced that his son was alive and being treated in the Labrynnian Zora's Domain, hope bloomed anew in his chest. Zelda, having heard the news, tiredly demanded to see her brother. Rhoam knew that there was more to the story, as a Human being treated hundreds of feet below the ocean did not bode well to him. When the Zora had explained the curse's effects on Harry, he closed his eyes and sent a silent prayer to whichever Divine had ensured his son's safety.

Over the next 4 days, Rhoam and Zelda had been making themselves busy, while also keeping updated on Harry's condition. Melanie on the other hand had been attacking anyone that got near here. While no one could understand her hisses, Zelda had spent enough time around the irate serpent to be able to work out her moods, and was the only person Melanie allowed to approach her.

When he had been told to go to the shore to meet his son, both Zelda and Rhoam ran there and waited there until Harry's head poked out of the water. When he saw his son in his Zora form, he had to admit that the boy held a level of elegance about him. The patterns, while unusual, suited him well. And when he fell over only to return Human, Rhoam could not help but wonder if Veran was lying about the curse's effects. But he stood to examine it more when he returned home to Hyrule Proper. And while he may have been born and raised in Labrynna, after hundreds of years standing beside his Princess-wife, it was Hyrule Propper that had become his home. He never forgot his origins, however, but he could not wait for this visit to be over.

So here he sat in a comfortable silence with Ambi sitting behind her desk, a glass of Lynna Wine also in her hands. She had called him to discuss some information she had obtained, but wanted to relax for a moment before they spoke of such matters. She was, after all, just kidnapped and imprisoned in her own dungeon, with a Lolian taking her face and using it to almost kill her High King and his family. With a deep breath, she broke the silence.

"What happened to your son Rhoam, I am genuinely happy he is still with us. He hid is boredom well, but he listened and learned during the inspections. He would make a patient Lord."

"I know, a much patient Lord then I ever could be." Rhoam responded with a smile, taking a sip of the wine.

"Do you plan on granting him a Lordship?" Ambi asked.

"When he is old enough, he will take my old Dukedom of Holodrum, and the seat on the High Council that comes with it. He will still have his duties to preform for Hyrule as First Prince of the Sword, but he can always appoint a trusted regent and make annually visits." Rhoam nodded to himself.

"A worthy position. Our sister Sovereign has been faring well under the regency you set up. Lord Mortimer has been sending me periodic reports, you as well I believe." Rhoam responded with a nod. Ambi sighed slightly and took a deep scull of her drink. "You need to know Rhoam, that I did not keep this information from you for a malicious reason." Ambi looked at Rhoam with a serious face.

"From your tone, your informant on the goings on in Lorule must be higher up then I assumed. A guard perhaps?" Rhoam asked.

"No, nothing like a guard. She will be here soon though and she can explain herself directly to you." Rhoam raised an eyebrow but nodded. A few moments later, a runic array on the desk pulsed lightly. "She is here. Promise me you won't react harshly." Rhoam nodded, wanting to know who it was. Ambi slid her hand over the runes, and a bookcase on the wall slid open.

In the now revealed passage, a short being stood with a cloak and hood covering their features. They walked into the room slowly.

"High King Rhoam, it is an honour to finally meet you. Your kindness and nobility have been spoken in hushed whispers for years in Lorule." The voice was young to Rhoam's ears, very young, and feminine.

"Thank you for coming to see us." Ambi greeted. "Please, remove your hood."

The little girl nodded and did so. Rhoam stood sharply at the face he saw, a face he had seen for seven years, albeit changed slightly with deep purple hair, instead of the brown he was used to seeing.

"Zelda?" Rhoam gasped. He looked to Ambi. "What kind of trickery is this, Ambi?" Rhoam demanded.

The girl shook her head. "I am not your daughter, King Rhoam. Although, from a certain point of view, you could say I am a shadow of her." The girl said with a smile. "I am Queen Ambi's informant, I have been delivering plans and critical information to her when I have been able to in an effort to end this war. I care not for who the winner is, I just wish for the death and destruction to come to an end." She explained. Rhoam, eyes still hard, nodded.

"Who are you then?" Rhoam asked.

"I am the daughter of Emperor Harkinian Lorule. My name is Princess Hilda Lorule." Hilda stated calmly.

Rhoam looked at Ambi sharply, who nodded with a smile. "Tell me Princess, why have you seen fit to betray your people to your enemy?"

"I have not betrayed my people, King Rhoam, and once I sit upon the throne of Lorule, you would not be my enemy." She responded, steeled. "The people, the true sons and daughters of Lorule, make up the majority of my land, and we all wish for the fighting to stop, for this war to stop. We cannot voice this though else my father sentences us to death for treason. But over the last few months, I have been able to talk to some guards into siding with me should our true opinions be voiced. Through this, a small sect of the civilian population along with a majority of my castle's guards have started a rebellion of such. Destroying supplies, feeding assassins and spies bad information, and sabotaging scout parties. We soon will have enough support within Lorule Proper to launch an assault on the palace and dethrone the would-be Emperor."

Rhoam looked at the girl who wore his daughters features. The longer he looked however, the more differences he saw. The purple hair held behind her back, the purple eyes which reflected the horrors of war back at him, but he also saw resolution and drive, the same drive he had to end the war. "I see. You, who are so young, have had to partake in a war that children should not have any part in. You have my respect, princess, and let me tell you that I believe our goals align. I wish to end this war." Rhoam admitted.

"I thank you, King Rhoam." Hilda responded. She continued. "I shall continue passing information to Ambi, who will pass the information to you when she can. Also, on your next incursion into Lorule, you shall find a place within Castle Town where your spies can reside. It is the current headquarters of the resistance in Lorule. I shall ensure your people are welcome and are able to disguise themselves appropriately. However, I have a request."

Rhoam cocked his head. "What request would that be?" He asked.

"When the war is over, I wish to create a lasting peace, and accord. The reason for my father's war is to gain your pieces of the Triforce. Ours are all lost to us, trapped within a sealed Sacred Realm. Unlike your Sacred Realm which can still be entered in the right places, our Realm was sealed, and the loss of the Triforce has caused our realm to deteriorate. Soon, it shall fall into the Dark Realm, and Lorule will be no more. I request that when the war is over and I sit upon the throne, that your people help us not retrieve our Triforce, but just unseal the Sacred Realm so our land can heal." Hilda stated.

"That is a large request, Princess. How can we trust that you will not just access your Sacred Realm and take the Triforce to renew the war effort?"

Hilda smiled slightly. "A small history lesson, King Rhoam. Hylia never existed in Lorule. What you call the Breach and the Gateway here in Labrynna does not exist in Lorule. We never lived upon a Skyloft, we were never besieged by the Great Curse. We have lived a stagnate, but relatively peaceful existence with the knowledge that while we can be as strong as our Hylian counterparts, were we to be called on by the Goddesses to help you, we would be ready and able. When your Hero of Time took up the Master Sword, we stood ready to protect our Hylian counterparts. But we were not needed. So, we stood down and continued our lives. And because we were never needed to stand and help you fight, because Hylia never sent us to the sky, a Goddess made blade was never needed." She paused for a moment. "In return for your assistance in helping us heal our land, the Royal Family of Lorule is willing to give The Realm of Lorule's entire stock of Master Ore to the Royal Family of Hyrule. Enough to create one singular Goddess Blessed blade." She concluded.

Rhoam sharply inhaled. Master Ore did not exist any longer in Hyrule. It was created when Din crafted the world, and the entire world's supply was gathered by Hylia to create the weapon that would become the Master Sword. The shavings that made up Harry's focus were the same shavings that came off the Goddess Sword when Hylia forged it. Scrap metal that was discarded, and only found eons later by someone who actively was looking for them. If Hilda was telling the truth, then Rhoam could interpret what had happened in Lorule's version of the Sky Era. With Hylia not existing in Lorule, the Lolians mined the world's supply of Master Ore and begat them into a singular ingot, and just left them within Lorule's Vault until needed. As Lorule never had need of a Master Sword, the ingot remained unused. Were Rhoam to accept this deal, then Hyrule would be in possession of all the Master Ore in the whole of existence, in every realm.

"I accept your proposal, Princess." Rhoam said with a smile.

A few days later, Lynna City Docks, Lynna City, Kingdom of Labrynna

Hylian Empire, Mortal Realm

The Royal party was standing on the deck of their ship, waving to the crowd below as their supplies and personal effects were being loaded in preparation for the return trip to Hyrule Proper. After finalizing the details of incursion into Lorule, Rhoam had returned to the monotony of the inspection. His son was alive and mostly well, Zelda was coping with the events that had transpired which involved the almost death of her brother, and said boy was coming to terms with his new situation. At his request, Rhoam had allowed Harry to return to the Zora city that lay beneath the sea of Labrynna. He had brought gifts of thanks for Sadie and for the Zora merchant who had saved him, and had given his thanks to the chieftain of that branch of the Zora Domain. Sadie had given him a Zora made dagger for him to use in his future endeavours as First Prince. The dagger was decorated humbly, the only intricacies being the silver-blue Zora inspired motifs on the handle and pommel. The blade itself was in typical Zora design and in a shining silver that gleamed brightly in the sun.

"Ah, there you are Ignotus." Rhoam said. The guard was unusually late from running an errand for the king. Ignotus ran up the gangway to meet with the royals.

"Apologies, your highness. I had a bit of trouble navigating the crowds." Ignotus responded as he took his place behind Harry.

"Well then, I believe it is time to push off." Rhoam gestured to another Guardian. "Tell the captain to make to sea."

"Well, that was an adventure and a half." Zelda said to Harry as they walked to their cabins below deck. Zelda's eyes were downcast as she walked beside Harry. Harry noticed and asked Zelda what was the matter. "I'm just… I almost lost you Harry. You're fine now, but every time I close my eyes, all I see is you falling from the tower."

Harry stopped Zelda and gave her a hug. "I'm here and I'm not falling. I'm not leaving." A moment passes before the siblings' break, a smile on Zelda's face.

"Well, when we get home, I'm going to have to kick up your lessons so that way, you will be able to protect me AND yourself better!" She said enthusiastically. "I'll make sure Impa teaches you more stuff too, and now that you have your focus, you can learn magic from Master Antioch!" As Zelda continued speaking about all the lessons she was going to organize for him, Harry began to pale. Impa already trained him to the point of exhaustion most days in martial weapons, having Zelda take up his nights with an even deeper dive in to Hylian magic sounded just as exhausting, albeit acutely more fun. And he knew from Ignotus how high Antioch's expectations were for any student he was tasked to teach.

Eventually they came to their cabins, Zelda leaving to hers while Harry entered his. It was just as he left it. A desk with scribing tools, some books borrowed from the library on the ship, a training bow and arrows leaning under the window, and a short, dulled, training blade hanging on a stand. A relatively spartan room compared to his personal chambers in Hyrule Castle. Ignotus remained outside to guard the door as it closed.

Harry went to one of the chests that contained his spare clothes and smaller equipment and pulled out the Zora dagger. As he began to feel the movement of the ship setting off, he pulled the dagger from its sheath and admired the craftmanship. The edge was long and sharp, nothing like the training blades he was used to using in Impa's training sessions. He waved it around, parrying blows from an invisible enemy, to get a feel to its balance. 'Perfectly balanced.' He thought. A strange quirk of the blade was the hole that ran down the middle of it in place of where a fuller would be. Sadie had explained that the fuller hole was meant to allow water to pass through the blade without it being buffered by the water pressure, however due to the hole's design, as Harry waved it, the air rushing through the hole caused a whistling sound, like the wind being cut. Harry placed the dagger back in its sheath and placed it on the desk as he sat down at it. He picked up a book and began spending time just studying.

A few hours pass, and there is a knock at Harry's door. He looked up from his book about weapons from the different Sovereigns towards his door. "Enter." He spoke.

"Sire." Ignotus announced. "Your father wishes to speak to you in his state room."

Harry closed his book, stood up, and walked towards the door. He followed Ignotus out the room and down the hall towards the state room. One of his father's personal Guardians along with Impa stood watch at the door. The Guardian saluted to Harry while Impa nodded towards the two as Ignotus opened the door to the room to allow the prince inside. His father sat behind his desk, scribing away at some paperwork.

"Hello Harry, please take a seat." Rhoam said. Harry did so, as Rhoam dismissed Ignotus. "How are you, son? Did you enjoy the visit?" Rhoam enquired casually.

"I did father, although some parts were particularly boring." Harry responded honestly.

"Ha! I have to agree with you about that. But it is a necessary evil. The Council's sovereigns have a duty to preform, and Hyrule has a duty to ensure our sovereign states do their duty, especially in wartime. But hopefully, this war will end soon, and the tedious inspections will come to an end." Harry nodded to show he understood.

"Now Harry, we need to discuss things about your future duties." Rhoam took on a serious look, as did Harry. "You have a focus now, and that means your training in Human magics can proceed. From now on, after dinner, you will meet with Master Antioch in his study along with Zelda to be trained in Human magics. She will leave early to continue her Hylian magic lessons with me." Harry was definitely excited at this, and didn't work to hide that excitement. "You will also be given more of a deep dive into the lessons you already have. You will be given the same lessons Zelda is getting in how to rule Hyrule." Seeing Harry's mouth slowly open, Rhoam elaborated. "Zelda will one day rule this kingdom, and when she marries and has children, those children will rule. However, until such an event happens, you and Zelda make up the entire line of inheritance, outside of any distant relatives. As such, when we get home, Zelda will be naming you her heir until such time that she has children of her own. You will also learn how to act as High Prince regent for when Zelda needs to travel abroad. This will also help you for when you gain your title as Duke of Holodrum at your majority and need to run that sovereign. All in all, you should have two days a week for rest and to spend in your own time." Rhoam finished.

"I promise you Father, I won't let you down! I swear to learn everything my teachers have to show me, and I promise that I won't let Zelda's trust in me be misplaced." Harry responded passionately.

"Heh, I know you will do your duty perfectly Harry. Now go clean up, and go get your sister for dinner. I need to talk to Ignotus for a bit, and I shall meet you there." Rhoam smiled, as Harry jumped up to run to the door. As he opened the door, he paused for a moment, and looked back to Rhoam.

"Um, Father, I have a request."

"Of course, Harry." Rhoam answered.

"Father, I wish to learn smithing."

Rhoam looked at Harry curiously. "For what reason? Any weapons you may want can be crafted by the Goron smiths at your request."

"I know, Father." Harry responded. "But I've seen the sword that Mother once used, the Zora dagger that was given to me, and even my focus, and I'm so exhilarated by the craftmanship that went into creating them! How something that came from Din's earth looking so rough and raw can be turned into something so beautiful! And, I want to learn how to make stuff like that."

Rhoam smiled proudly. "Very well, my son. If you wish to learn the smithing craft, I shall talk to King Ragnuk about organizing a teacher for one of your day's off. However, remember that this will be for your day's off only, a hobby if you wish. It is also a dangerous craft and you can get injured easily."

"Yes Father! And thank you!" Harry ran out the door excitedly and down the hall. Ignotus, who was walking into the room, looked back at Harry, smiling.

"You wished to speak to me, sire?" Ignotus asked, closing the door behind himself.

"Indeed." Rhoam waved his hand at the door, locking it and throwing up a silencing ward. "Did you get what I asked?" Rhoam asked.

Ignotus pulled out a moderately sized pouch and reached into it. He pulled out a vial of glowing green sap, a vial of red dust, and a small round seed. "Mystery seed extract, powdered red Maple potion, and a dwarf Maku tree seed." Ignotus placed them on the desk before the King.

"Perfect. Good work, Guardian. These will do nicely." Rhoam took the items and put them in a drawer in the desk. "I am going to need you to ask your brother to organize lessons for Harry." At Ignotus' oncoming dark look, Rhoam continued. "I am aware of the infamous relationship between the three of you Peverell brothers. However, if you are unable to put your disagreements so you can work on behalf of your king, then the three of you are clearly not capable of working for the royal family in any capacity. Do I make myself clear, Guardian?" Rhoam asked sternly.

Ignotus nodded. "Crystal, Sire."

"Good. Now, for your service in obtaining these items for me, you shall be joining us for dinner. I'm sure Zelda is getting impatient, so we should get going."

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The Black Tower – I feel like this is on the nose, but yall should look at the Labrynnian Hylian translation I gave the Tower. Tell me where its from, and WHO will eventually… escape from there. The Gateway is inspired by Oracle of Ages where the plot has Veran trying to breach the heavens. I basically interpreted it my way. And, I have made the place where Demise originally breached the Dark world and came into Hyrule here also. No real reason, just wanted to give the Black Tower some really cool reason for its existence other then "Ambi wanted a tower so she could find her husband and guide him home" like it is in Canon. I also turned it into Labrynna's Arcanum. Again, just cos, no real story impact. The Breach will be the cause of some… Insanity… later on in the story though. Also, I made the tower 4000 feet, or 1.2 kilometres, in height for a reason. Dubai Tower, the tallest building in the world, stands at 2700 feet. So, the Black Tower is almost 2 times as high as something that exists in real life. I needed a way to showcase how tall this tower is, and this was the best way. To put it in perspective however, Mount Everest is 29,000 feet high! So the black tower is TALL, but not as tall as Everest!

Veran – The main antagonist for Oracle of Ages! In my interpretation of the Adult and Downfall lines, the events are basically "What If?" scenarios. So, because of that, I've made it so Veran is ACTUALLY Ambi's Lolian incarnation. She's dead btw. I killed her off screen. She got her soul sucked out by a dementor. #KissedVeran

The Darkworld Curse – So this is something that inspired this fic, really. It started from a fic where Harry met a Zora and became friends with it, and another fic where Harry went back in time to OoT and saved Hyrule alongside link. Those two fics are the main inspiration for this one. They are called "Zora Scales and Wizard Magic" by HelKat, and "Time to Save the World .., Again" by ZeldinaDreamermoon. Go check them out, they are fantastic Fics, and similar themes from there will appear here! Anyway, the Dark World Curse took many forms in the making of this fic. First it was going to be a Vampire bite and Harry would be a vamp. Then, it was going to be just purely a Majora's Mask curse, and he would be something else, and the most recent form of the curse was Harry actually had Zora blood from his Ancestor. It was going to be Impa and a Zora hook up, and down the line, Lily Evans is born, and that's how the curse affected Harry. Instead, I changed it to what it is now cos it flows better. So now, whenever Harry enters water that covers a majority of his body, he turns into a Zora. Yes, bath water included, but not rain or showering. The style of Zora is that of BotW, and he is White and black, the black has red swirl like patterns that make him look baddass. If I meet an artist who can draw it, or if an artist is willing to try and draw Harry as a Zora, DM me! I'm happy to pay for a commission of high-quality work for an OC! Harry's eventual Princely clothes will also be of a similar style to the Zora form, but all black, red swirly marks, and gold detailing in a fashion style to something similar to what Joffrey wears in Game of Thrones. SIMILAR, not exactly. Also, when Harry has red slitted eyes while in the Silent Realm, the reason is because of his Zora form. The Zora form has Red Slitted eyes, and the curse causes Harry's Hylian body to have a similar eye type. Why did the Hylian form have slitted eyes before the curse even existed? Re-read the "Impa x Zora" thing. Yeah, I switched the Zora form origins half way though this chapter. #BadPlanning.

Master Ore – Inspired from LTTP, Master Ore was used to create the master sword.

I am the Prince of Hyrule – Part of a currently unfinished spell that Harry is working on. It comes from an anime that I really love, and I have adapted the Aria for my fic.

Blacksmithing Harry – Inspired from Deltora Quest, where the king learned to be a blacksmith as a kid, and eventually came to love the craft so much that when he was outed from the kingdom, he became a blacksmith. Harry being a blacksmith is my nod to that, and will be Harry's way of relaxing. All Hylians love music, some love battle, some love magic. Harry will love crafting things with his hands, built to protect the people he loves. And considering I've made him the chosen of the Goddess of Fire, the Earth, and the Dessert, blacksmithing seemed right for Harry. Yes, that's inspired from Percy Jackson. Remember, that series WILL be in this fic. IT'S A THREE-WAY CROSSOVER PEOPLE!

Princess Hilda Lorule – SURPRISE! Bet you didn't expect her here! But yes, she will be a main character, and will be HEVIALLY IMPORTANT in the… creation… of one of Harry's… assets… No clue about this one, but you WON'T expect this one when it comes! Yes, she is the same age as Zelda, and yes, she is leading a silent rebellion against her father to try and stop this needless war. And while she has a lot of Lolians siding with her, they are peasants and commoners mostly, so not enough to really make a full takeover of the throne.

The Silent Realm – This place is reliant to Harry's continuous existence and will show up at least once a chapter. Harry's core will never be healed, and he will always be coming to this place for the rest of his life. As he gets older, it may take more time before required visits, but he WILL be coming back here, and will be using it both as a place of healing, and to train. Remember, he has a Hylian form here, so he will be as strong as one in this place.

Ignotus Peverell – Time to explain this guy and his fam. Ignotus is still Harry's ancestor, that does not change. But the Deathly Hallows origin does change, and so does the Tale of the Three Brothers. Antioch is the arrogant Court Sorcerer, Cadmus is an egotistic Soldier, and Ignotus is the humble royal Guardian. Clue for you here, Ignotus' Talents are Black Magic in origin, and some people theorize this is how the Hallows were created.

The Magic System – the idea of Black to White magic is an old one I have, and Eleazar explains it as best as I can without making, like, a vid on it. General gist of it is, someone Evil can use any of the magic types (Black Dark Grey Light White) and someone Good can use any of the 5. White is TYPICALLY found in someone good, and Black is TYPICALLY found in someone bad, but its not set in stone. When someone reaches their magical Majority, that alignment settles and never changes again. That means something like Crucio, which is a Dark magic aligned spell, can be used by anyone on the scale, but someone with a Dark alignment will have an easier time casting it. The alignments also change with personality swings, but still settle when reaching the majority. Again, re-read that segment for a more thorough explanation. Harry is DARK ALIGHNED, but not evil. That means he WILL KILL, he will MAIM, he will do things that light side would find horrific, but he does it to make the world better, and to protect the people he loves. He is still going to be GOOD though. Again, "The Shadow to Mirror the Hero's Light". Astral is basically the name for what Zelda uses in BotW and OoT. Its divine magic, and only divine beings (and their decedents) can use it. Or more accurately, Hylian divine beings. Three way crossover, the Olympians have a different set of rules.

Melanie – She's Harry's longest friend, and just because she's a snake does not mean I'm going to forget about her like a lot of other stories do. Will Harry get Hedwig? Yes, of course he will, but Hedwig is going to essentially be the same as she is in the book. There, sometimes. Will Harry and Hedwig talk? Uh, yeah. Melanie can speak animal, she can translate. Don't know why fic's don't use a Snake as a translator for Harry and other animals, but I am going to!

Ghirahim – A fan favourite, and a Main Character. I just finished Skyward Sword on my live stream, and noticed that he abandoned Demise just before Demise got sealed into the Master Sword. Thought that was interesting, and expanded on it. Also, He is only as powerful as the item he is imbedded in. As crystals, he is weak. In a Master Ore focus, he can maintain a mental link with Harry, along with a shadow form in the Silent Realm. When he eventually gains his final housing, he will make a full body return. That's around 2, maybe 4, chapters away.

Red Maple Potion – Just so no one gets confused Red, Blue, and Green Maple potions are the potions you can buy from stores for Health, Magic and Stamina. They are called Maple Potions because in Oracle of Ages and Season, the witch Maple makes them. And while Maple is funny and I like her, I needed a way to introduce potions in a way that was less "videogame" and more "story".

THAT'S IT! I'm sorry for taking so long, but LIFE! This story will get finished though, and to make sure u know I'm alive, check my socials! FoolMeHardys on YT and FoolOverride on twitter. It's the fastest and easiest way of getting in contact with me for anything! Welp, I'm going to bed, and then ill start planning the next chapter. THERE WILL BE A TIME JUMP OF A FEW YEARS! We are getting close to Twilight Princess now, and only a little bit more world building needs to be done! And now, it is time to introduce one of the MAIN ANTAGONISTS for the story. Just a small cameo, really, but still!

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