The Little Girl and the Graboids

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Val and her friends were going with Vida to see the new amber mines but they didn't know that there were creatures called Graboids, lurking under the dirt and other species. They befriended Val and became her friends. But, they didn't know that they were being hunted.

Okay, this takes after the Little Girl and the Mutants (Rewrite) and the Little Girl and the Mythical Creatures.

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Voice Characters:

Val (Age: 5): Sloane Murray
Quinn (Age: 12): Tara Strong
Damien (Age: 12): Diego Velázquez
Mike (Age: 17): Elijah Wood
Jay (Age: 18): Wilmer Valderrama
Vida (Age: 17): Maisie Klompus
Aggie (Age: 12): Maia Mitchell
Gem (Age: 10): Eden Sher
(Age: 16): Keke Palmer
(Age: 17): Chloe Grace Moretz
(Age:18 ): Alexander Rybak
Rocco the ferret (Age: 38): Dana Snyder from Dr. Colosso from Thundermans. Rocco is a talking ferret.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Perfection

Little five year old Val was sleeping at the back of a red VW Bus with Monica, a brown feather female Microraptor, Celestia, a silver dragon with emerald eyes and feathered wings and Pluto the Poro. Vida, the monster huntress, was driving the vehicle at the streets of Nevada's desert. Damien was playing his video game multiplayer with Gray Mitchell. The two were siting on the left side while the girls sits on the right side. Arsenica the Archeopteryx was sleeping on Gem's lap. Rocco was in his cage. He was wearing his sleeepingmask on as he snores really loud. Cuddles the mutant ice borer was sleeping under the left side of the seats. They are going to the new amber mines for a fieldtrip. The kids were excited to go on the fieldtrip mostly Damien since he doesn't want to go to school. Gray was allowed to come since he wants to meet his new friends. He got to know Aggie, Damien, and Gem along with Rocco, Celestia, the dogs, Cuddles, and the new dinsoaurs.

Sasha the sandy brown cane corso, Thumbellina the white Gottiline Razor Pitbull with a black dot on her right eye, Chloe the light brown Chihuahua and Alaska or Ala the timberwolf and husky hybrid that has white fur, a frosty pink nose and icy blue eyes rimmed with sapphire were sleeping at the floor. Above the sky was Summer the Phoenix. She follows them from above the clear blue sky. Val snuggles close to Monica while Celestia was using Pluto as a pillow as they make adorable noises. Flora the mutant plant was wearing a seatbelt on her pot as she moves a bit.

Vida saw a sign that says: Perfection, Nevada. Vida glanced at the gas level and she knew she needs to fill up. "Guys, we're going to have a pit stop before we continue."

"Can we buy some snacks?" Damien asked. "I'm getting hungry."

"Sure, just don't steel, got it?" Vida said, not taking her eyes off the road, "I promise Jay to keep you out of trouble."

"HA!" Rocco, now awake and his sleeping mask off, "Don't keep promises that you can't keep."

Annoyed, Vida hits the breaks all of a sudden. Luckily, the kids were wearing their seatbelts while Val and her little friends were okay but unfortunately Rocco's face was slammed on the cage. "OW!"

"Oops, my bad," Vida said innocently before continued driving.

About few hours, they reach Perfection. Vida turns to the kids, "Okay, buy some snacks and go to the bathroom, I'll fill up the gas."

"Kay!" They, minus Val, said.

Gem went to her cousin and gently shakes her, "Val, wake up, we're taking a pit stop." Val slowly wakes up and yawns before she nodded sleepily. Celestia, Pluto, and Cuddles stayed inside the vehicle to sleep while the others buy snacks and Vida fills up the gas. Summer perched herself on the market's sign and cleans her feathers. The kids rushed in the store while Gem holds a sleepy Val's hand as she guides her sleepy cousin inside. As they got in, they saw two women, an Asian and a blond woman.

The Asian greeted, "Hi, welcome to Chang's market. I'm Jodie and this Nancy Sterngood." Nancy waved at them, "What can I do for you?"

"Snacks!" Damien said before he puts Rocco's cage down and going to the shelves and get some snacks. The dogs came in and sniff around.

Quinn looks at Jodie and said, "Sorry about him, we're just here for pit stop."

"Which reminds me, where's your bathroom?" Gem asked, holding sleepy Val's hand. Jodie pointed the direction and Gem carries her sleepy cousin to the bathroom.

Aggie and Quinn were buying some things that they need. Gray then saw some pottery that looks like worm or grub with a black armored beak. It opens like a grotesque flower. It consists of a wide upper jaw, a thinner lower jaw, and a pair of hooked mandibles. Gray points at it, "What is that?" he asked Nancy.

"Oh, that's our Graboid products." Nancy explains.

"A what?" Damien asked, with his arms full of snacks.

"Graboids," Nancy repeated. "They're underground predators that eat peoples or animals from bellow. They're prehistoric creatures that came from bellow."

"A never heard of them before," Aggie said. Gem and Val came out from the bathroom and the dogs went to them. Val picks up Chloe.

Then Vida gets in with sunglasses on, "Okay, the gas is filled up. How much do I owe?" She asked Jodie. Jodie nodded as Vida took out her wallet and Jodie shows her how much the gas cost.

Gray went over to Nancy, "Can you tell me more about the Graboids?" he asked excitingly.

Nacny smiles and said, "Well, they were-" Nancy was cut off when her wrist watch along with Jodie's started beeping. They became worried and froze.

"What's with-" Damien was cut off when Jodie shushes him.

"Nobody move!" Nancy whispers. Everyone froze as they felt the shop shake. They heard a strange sound like a roar. Few seconds later, the shaking stops. The kids, dogs, and Vida look at Jodie and Nancy.

"What the hell was that?" Vida asked.

"That was El Blanco." Nancy said, "And he's an albino Graboid."

"No wonder he's called El Blanco." Damien said, "It means "The White One"." His friends, the dogs and Vida looked at him. "What? Jay teaches me how to speak Spanish. How else was I supposed to pass my Spanish lessons?"

"Anyways…" Gray looks at Nancy, "Does he come here often? You know El Blanco?"

"Not often, about one or twice a day he comes." Jodie said casually.

They stared at them, "And you girls are okay with that?" Vida asked.

Jodie and Nancy nodded casually, "Pretty much." Jodie said. Damien puts the snacks on the counter as Jodie can tell him how much.

Then a beautiful Spanish woman came in, "Jodie, I need wires for my fence." She said before she saw the kids, "Oh hello there."

Damien and Rocco stared at the pretty Spanish woman in shock while the others looked at her casually. "Hi," Val waves at her with Chloe in her arms.

"Hang on, Rosalita," Jodie said before she went to the back.

Rosalita went towards Val with her Chihuahua, "What's your name, sweetheart?"

"I'm Valentina and this is Chloe, say hi Chloe." Val uses Chloe's paw to wave at Rosalita while the Chihuahua barks at her happily.

Rosalita cooed at them. "Are you going to see the tour?"

"Wait, what tour?" Gem asked.

"The Graboid Tour, our friend Tyler is hosting it." Rosalita said.

Nancy hums, "Yup, many people wanted to see El Blanco up close."

"Did anyone get eaten?" Damien joked before he laughs at his own joke. Gem gave him threatening look and he shuts up, "I'll shut up now."

"Don't worry, no one got eaten." Nancy said.

"Yet," Vida mutters out.

Jodie came back with new wires. "Here you go, Rosalita." Jodie said. Rosalita went to her and got her new wires.

"Thanks, Jodie." Rosalita said before leaving, "Nice meeting you." The kids waved at her as she went out.

Val saw two legged graboid figurines, "What's that?" she points.

"That, sweetheart, is a Shrieker." Nancy said, "Shriekers are born from Graboids and then after that they turn into Assblasters."

"Wow, Nancy." Gem covers Val's ears, "Language."

"Sorry, that's what they are called." Nancy said, "So what brings you all here anyways?"

"A trip in the amber mine," Vida said. "The mine is father away from here and is probably out of Graboid reach."

"Oh so that's why," Jodie said, "Wait, how did you get authority for that?"

"Jurassic World's business," Vida said before paying Jodie for the snacks that Damien bought.

Before Jodie could speak, a male teen came inside, "Hey, guys. I just got cool idea fo-" he was cut off when he saw the kids, "OMG you guys are from the D-Squad!"

"You know them, Larry?" Nancy asked.

"Yeah!" he points at Damien, "You're Damien, adopted brother of Jason Archer the Electric Guitar Player." He points at Quinn and Aggie, "Quinn the drummer and Aggie the tambourine player. Those two are foster sisters and yet they are mistaken as sisters." He looks at Gem and Val, "Gem the Dinosaur Trainer and Val the Dinosaur Princess."

"How do you know them?" Gray asked.

"I saw them on TV, Youtube and the Internet." Larry said. He looks at Vida and his eyes widen at the beautiful girl, "Hi, I'm Larry. Larry Novel, what's your name?"

Vida narrowed her eyes under her shades but spoke, "Vida Dinanve," Before Larry could speak, "Talk to me again and that will be your last." She said threateningly. Larry backs away a bit before Vida walks away and outside the door.

"Ouch," Damien mutters before holding up a Graboid, figurine, "So how much for the Graboid, Shrieker and the Flaming butt?"

"They're twenty dollars each and the last on is called Assblaster." Nancy said.

"Yeah, but I don't want to say it." Damien said before buying the stuff and walks away, "Gray, get Rooco." Gray nodded and picks up Rocco's cage and went outside. Gem carries the snacks with the helps of Quinn and Aggie before they went out. Val soon joins them with the dogs while saying bye to Jodie and Nancy. As they went outside, they saw a man with mustache and pair of sunglasses. He has an army truck and he wears some type of hunting clothes.

"Who the heck is he?" Damien whispers to Gray. Gray shrugs before they got in the bus. The girls got in as well as the dogs. Vida went to the man and said, "Can I help you?"

"Mam, you should be careful driving on the streets." He said.

Vida stared at him and said, "I'm careful on the streets, sir."

"Burt," the man spoke, "Burt Gummer, survivalist and game hunter." He said proudly, "And it can be dangerous at night. You have kids to watch over."

"Right…listen, Mr. Gummer, as much as I appreciate your concern towards people. I can assure you I can handle myself." Vida said, "Now, if you excuse me, I have to take these kids to their destination." Vida said before going to bus but stops when she saw another man wearing a blue baseball hat. He was talking with Gray and Damien from the window. He was explaining to them about El Blanco.

"And when he feels vibration, he comes out from the ground and gobbles the person or animal making the vibration."

Damien and Gray awed in amazement. Vida went to them, "Boys, get ready. We're about to leave."

Damien and Gray went inside before Gray said, "Thanks for the explanation, Tyler."

Tyler said, "No problemo." He looks at Vida, "So, you must be their sister?"

"I am not their sister, aunt nor mother. I am their bodyguard." Vida said.

Tyler looks at her. Her body is an hourglass shape and she looks like a model then a bodyguard, "Look, I don't want to say this but you look like a mo-" he was cut off when Vida stomps on his foot, then she elbows him on the gut before she judo flips him. He lands roughly on his back as the kids, watching everything from the windows, winced in sympathy but were amaze to see what Vida can do.

Vida kneels down at Tyler and said, "I told you I can take care of myself." She gets up and walks to the bus. She started the engines and drives away, leaving a shock Burt and hurt Tyler.

As Vida drives, the kids were playing. Aggie reads her spell book, Quinn is researching about weapons in her laptop, Damien and Gray are playing multiplayer, Gem looks out the window and Val takes a nap at the back of the bus with Celestia, Pluto, Monica and Chloe. Summer decided to stay inside with them to rest up as she enjoyed the ride.

Vida glanced at the kids before taking out her phone and calls someone. She puts the phone in her ear as she heard ringing. Few seconds later, she heard someone answering it. "Vida to base," Vida whispers, "What do you know about Perfection's history."

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