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They say that life is full of unexpected surprises. It keeps you guessing around every turn. Some surprises are good, and others bring nothing but heartache and pain. Shinichi Kudo was no stranger to surprises.

If you had told Shinichi Kudo two years ago that a surprise in the form of a poison that could shrink you to the size of a child's body existed, he probably would have just laughed in your face. Then of course that little surprise decided to make itself an integral part of his otherwise mundane life. Not to mention of course there are all the dead bodies that just seem to fall in front of him on a daily basis, but that also kind of ceased to be surprising at some point. Now it's just part of the routine.

Still life had for all accounts begun to seem pretty gray for Shinichi. He was still actively seeking a cure for his condition nearly two years after that unexpected event. He would like to say nothing could really surprise him anymore. Of course that wasn't exactly true…


"Surprise!" Shinichi Kudo, currently stuck under the guise of one "Conan Edogawa", blinked at the interior of Agasa's house. He then slowly closed the door behind him, turning around to head back outside. Somehow it seemed his little friends had collectively decided that they were going to hold a surprise party for him on this the eve of his...well it would have been 18th birthday. There was no doubt in his mind that his scheming parents had something to do with this.

This fact was only solidified as a hand grabbed him from behind, opening the door and practically throwing him back inside. He turned around and glared at his traitorous mother, who just beamed at him while while motioning him forward with her hands. He suddenly found himself surrounded by the Tantei-dan, who blew three collective noisemakers in his face and smiled wildly at him. "Happy birthday Conan!" They cheered together.

Conan briefly noted that Ai was standing off to the side, a crooked smirk on her normally serious face. Before he could address her, however, he found himself forcefully being pulled into a hug by Ayumi. He blushed lightly as he shrunk back from the jealous gazes of both Mitsuhiko and Genta.

Ayumi backed off and spun around lightly. "Ne Conan-kun, what do you think of Ayumi's dress?" she smiled a bit of a nervous smile as she continued to twirl, her little pink frilly dress swirling as she moved like a ballerina.

Conan gulped lightly, feeling the dark gazes of his two male friends as he scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. "I think it's cute, Ayumi-chan. It really suits you..." he tried his best to hide his embarrassment. Honestly, what was he supposed to say in a situation like this?

He heard Ai snicker in the background, obviously enjoying this. He turned to her, glaring lightly, but she immediately put on a look of innocence, trotting over to Ayumi and joining the other girl with a bright grin. Conan took note of the fact that Ai herself was wearing a bit of a girly outfit today. Her sky blue dress had frills at both the top of the sleeves as well as the sides of the skirt. Once again, Conan found himself blushing at the sight all the more to Ai's amusement and the other boys annoyance.

Luckily, the Professor choose that moment to appear. "Who wants cake?" he said, smiling down at the group and and diffusing the previous tension in the air. Conan breathed a sigh of relief as the little detectives cheered, running to join the professor. Ai gave him another sideways smirk as she hung back, though she kept a keen eye on the Professor to make sure he didn't steal any of the aforementioned cake.

Conan came up beside her and surreptitiously whispered to her. "So, Haibara, mind explaining whats going on here?" he lowered his eyes at her as she turned to face him, her face carrying a look of practiced innocence.

She shrugged her shoulders.. "What does it look like, Edogawa-kun? I would think a detective like you would be able to put the pieces together quite easily." her tone was low, and rather condescending.

Conan flinched, not sure what to make of that last statement. He recovered quickly, grumbling lightly to himself. "I'm being serious, Haibara," he stated flatly, glancing briefly over at the kids who were laughing as Genta shoved a rather sizeable piece of lemon cake into his mouth, his cheeks filling out like a squirrel's.

Ai shook her head and sighed. "Honestly...not everything has to be some underhanded plot, you know. Did you ever think that maybe the kids just wanted to have a little fun celebrating your birthday with you?" she looked at him, her face completely blank of emotion.

Conan stared at her, speechless, his mouth agape as he searched for the words to reply to her. To be honest, the thought hadn't really crossed his mind. Truth be told even in his "first childhood" he had never really celebrated his birthday. That was part of the reason he often forgot about it whenever it came around. He had almost always been alone on his birthday, even when he and Ran had often spent time together around it.

Ran. Conan felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he thought about how much he wished he could spend his special day with her. Though, somehow, it wouldn't be the same as he was now. He glanced down at his shrunken body, suddenly feeling self conscious. He clenched his small hands in fists staring at them frustratedly.

He was surprised as Ai spoke up once more. "It won't do you any good to think about that right now. I didn't agree to help give you this party so you could throw it back in my face. Do me a favor and try and enjoy yourself?" Conan gazed into her eyes, shocked to see the pleading expression on her face.

Conan nodded quietly. He had to admit he felt a twinge of guilt at the moment. He just wasn't really used to this kind of thing. In his second time spent as a child he had really found himself experiencing quite the change. He found himself easily humbled by the simple kindness and naivete of his young friends. Maybe just this once he really could enjoy this…

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After stuffing his mouth with delicious lemon cake Conan glanced around at his friend's eager faces. "Present time!" they exclaimed as Conan felt himself being dragged into the other room. He took note of how well decorated the Professor's house was. Seemed that whoever had set up this surprise party had truly pulled out all the stops.

He glanced briefly over at Haibara, who had gone back to her regular blank expression, even as she chatted with an animated Ayumi. He wondered briefly if this was her first birthday party as well. Being an ex-organization member, it was more than likely this was the case. He felt a new surge of guilt come over him.

Another surprise awaited him within the living room. His eyes widened as he saw the assorted range of gifts before him. He hadn't really known what to expect in the first place, but certainly not a circle of gifts like this. Agasa leaned down and whispered in his ear. "A lot of your friends couldn't be here for obvious reasons Shinichi, but nonetheless they send their regards. Some of these gifts are from them." Agasa motioned at the pile and Conan nodded still in shock. He glanced over at Ai, who was once again smirking at him her arms crossed in a gesture of pleased silence.

Conan then turned to Genta and Mitsuhiko, who shuffled through the gifts, grabbing the ones they had gotten for him, the former almost shoving it into Conan's open hands. "Open mine first!" Genta insisted as he grinned excitedly at Conan.

Conan stared down at the roughly wrapped package. Honestly it wasn't that hard to deduce what was inside. Knowing Genta, it was probably food related. Most likely a type of chocolate? Conan chuckled to himself, putting on his best kiddie face and ripping open the wrapping paper.

Of course he was spot on. Inside lay a chocolate Kamen Yaiba action figure with working karate chop action! He also found a few holographic foil card packs taped to the package. Conan reacted with a "Wow!", despite the small sweatdrop that formed on the back of his head at the fact he was given such an obvious kiddie gift. "Thanks Genta!" he smiled politely at the boy, who beamed back at him puffing his chest out with pride.

Mitsuhiko looked a bit nervous as he handed Conan his own gift. Conan chuckled a bit as he noticed how well wrapped this package was in comparison to Genta's. Mitsuhiko was known for being noticeably more neat than his larger friend. It was likely he had also gotten some help wrapping the package where Genta had attempted to do so by himself.

Conan noted that Mitsuhiko's gift was significantly heavier than Genta's, ruling out the idea of it being a duplicate of his friend's. Knowing him, it could really be any number of things, though given his personality, it was likely something both useful and entertaining. A book perhaps? Ripping into with the same vigor as the last gift, Conan chuckled to himself. Another correct deduction!

In his hands he now held a copy of a video game encyclopedia. It held numerous descriptions to several of the most popular video game titles both at the current age level he was at and beyond. Despite his distaste for video games Conan couldn't help but appreciate the gesture of his friend as he was often out of the loop of such discussions at school. Mitsuhiko even shyly pointed out that there was an entire section devoted to detective games.

Conan smiled kindly at his friend and thanked him. He would have to hold on to this one. It would be interesting reading material at least. Mitsuhiko and Genta both offered to let him borrow their game systems if he wanted and he nodded at them. He preferred books to video games any day, but perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to at least try something different.

Next was Ayumi's gift. Hmm… he wasn't as sure with this one. When he was younger he had always been reluctant to accept gifts from Ran. After all it wasn't right for a guy to be getting gifts from a girl of all things. Even if said girl was his childhood friend and eventual crush.

Still he watched as Ayumi blushed giving him her gift in a small green bag covered in soccer balls. There was a large amount of tissue paper both inside the bag and wrapped ever so carefully around the gift within. Conan ripped into with a bit more care then he had the previous gifts. Whatever was inside it could very well be fragile.

He was met again with yet another unexpected surprise, as he found himself staring at a meticulously crafted homemade scrapbook album. On the front it read "Me and my Best Friends", and there was a photo of the Detective Boys and Agasa standing in front of Agasa's yellow beetle. Conan felt a bit of warmth rise in his chest as he browsed through the pages. He really had been through a lot these past couple of years.

"Kaa-san and Kobayashi-sensei helped me put it together. Do you like it?" Ayumi continued to stare at the floor still unwilling to meet Conan's gaze. The other detective boys were also surprisingly silent. He glanced at them noting the slight eagerness in their eyes. It was obvious they wanted to have a look at it themselves, but were holding back on Ayumi's command.

Conan went back to browsing through the gift "This is...amazing Ayumi...thank you." he was honestly dumbstruck. He didn't consider himself the sentimental type, but something about this second childhood had really softened his heart. Looking at these photo's really reminded him of how much fun he had managed to have over the past couple of years. Sure these guys were a pain the neck to drag around, but they were his pain in the neck.

Ayumi grinned a bright grin and nodded. Conan chuckled as she noticed Genta and Mitsuhiko taking that as their symbol so that they could move forward and take a look at the book themselves. Conan handed it to Ayumi to hold for a bit so that the others could see it. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit as he watched the three of them battle briefly over it, Ayumi fending the two boys off with a scolding any time they tried to get a hold of it.

Conan nearly jumped when Ai came up beside him and whispered in his ear. "You've got something special there Kudo-kun. I hope you realize that." she stared beyond him at the three actual children who had finally settled into to looking at the pictures together.

Conan nodded his eyes serious and proud. "I know. It makes it harder knowing I have to leave them one day, but I can't stay like this forever. We both know I don't belong here." His eyes held a certain resolve, though if one looked hard enough they could see a sadness there too.

Ai shook her head. Sighing lightly she slipped a small package in his hands. He stared at it unsure what to make of it before it dawned on him what it probably was. "It's still not complete." she said quietly as Conan's eyes widened. "Still this is the best I can give you for now. It will last exactly twenty four hours by my estimates. Make sure to make use of it." Ai was about to walk away when Conan suddenly grabbed her from behind in a hug.

"Thanks Haibara. Really." He grinned at her and hid the package away in his pocket.

"Idiot." Ai said under her breath, as she walked towards the other detective boys who were still absorbed in looking through the scrapbook pointing out how many pictures each of them were in.

Conan shrugged off her comment following shortly behind her grinning. Now he just needed to convince the kids to let him open the rest of his gifts.


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