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After going through the pile of gifts he received from his "grown up friends", Conan was surprised to hear the bell for the door ring.

"Ah, that must be the entertainment!" Agasa said with a bright grin on his face.

Conan stared at him, quirking an eyebrow. "Entertainment?" he glanced around at the other kids who looked just as confused, save for Ai who was wearing a somewhat amused expression. Clearly she knew about this. Conan then turned back to the Professor, who had a slightly mischievous glint in his eyes.

Agasa nodded. "Of course. What's a birthday party without a little entertainment?" he leaned down next to Conan, whispering in his ear. "You're going to love this, Shinichi. This person's an old friend of mine. He studied under the best of the best. If nothing else, it will amuse the kids." Agasa smiled a crooked grin down at Conan.

Conan sat there in confusion, while Agasa chuckled and went to get the door. "Wonder what kind of entertainment it is? Agasa knows I can't stand clowns. He could have possibly talked someone into dressing up like Kamen Yaiba as a joke. Nah, that doesn't seem quite right either…" Shinichi paused in contemplation. "Agasa did mention that this person studied under someone... That would mean it's most likely some other type of performer like a…"

Conan was broken from his thoughts as a cloud of white smoke suddenly appeared in the room. "Ladies and gentleman! Boys and Girls!" a voice called out in perfect accented english. Conan froze. He knew that voice...and that greeting... it couldn't be!

From the puff of white smoke appeared a familiar face. In the end it wasn't quite the one Conan had been expecting. "Kazumi Sanada!"* He stared at him in shock. It had been a while since he and this particular magician had crossed paths. It was odd to see him here, though. Last he heard, Sanada-san had been on a world tour. What a surprise to see him here, of all places.

"I welcome you all to my magic show." he said, a bright smile on his face as he glanced at the children around him. The Tantei-dan were wearing expressions of wonderment and awe at the sight before them. Conan, on the other hand, was still lost in his surprise. He turned to look past the magician at Agasa, who was wearing an admittedly puzzled expression on his face. Was this not who he had been expecting?

Conan lifted a hand to his chin deep in thought. "That's funny...he said he was 'old friends' with this person, and yet Kazumi-san is only 27. Something's not adding up here." Suddenly, he was interrupted by something fluttering in his face. "Gah!" Conan backed up as a dove brushed its wings against his neck before settling on his shoulder and cooing at him.

Kazumi bent down next to him, looking him in the eyes and smiling. "A little birdie told me it was somebody's birthday tomorrow. I just couldn't say no to appearing here." he gave Conan a slight wink before picking up the dove and making it disappear once more in a poof of smoke.

There were cheers of excitement from behind Conan. "Wow! That was amazing, magician-san!" cried Ayumi, her eyes sparkling.

Kazumi smirked before trotting over and leaning down. He then produced a small white flower, which he presented to Ayumi in a movement almost too quick for the eye. "Oh, and what might your name be, ojou-sama?"

Ayumi giggled, admiring the little flower in her hands. "Ayumi!" she said immediately, clearly happy to have been noticed. Conan noticed the envy in the eyes of the two boys behind her. In the back of his mind, he felt a strange sense of suspicion arise. There was something off about this situation. Though, he vaguely recalled the memory of when he first met the magician. Perhaps Ayumi reminded him of Ayano.* The two had spent a lot of time together.

Kazumi smirked once more, offering his hand to Ayumi. "Well, Ayumi-chan every magician needs an assistant. How would you like to help me?" he smiled sweetly down at her and she nodded eagerly.

"Hey, no fair!" cried Genta from behind. He and Mitsuhiko stood with their arms crossed. "We want to help too!" he complained.

Kazumi chuckled. "Very well. You can take turns. I'm sure the birthday boy wouldn't object to that." he turned to Conan, who gave him a skeptical look. Why was he dragging him into this?

Ignoring the look, Kazumi adjusted his suit and walked away. "Come gather 'round stage and see my act!" He smiled back at the kids as they followed behind him, smiling and whispering excitedly.

Ai hung back a bit, but she too seemed interested in the magician's act. Begrudgingly she also followed behind him, shrugging lightly at Conan as if to say "Aren't you coming? This could be interesting."

Try as he may, Conan couldn't shake the uneasy feeling he had watching the magician. It felt almost...nostalgic. Though, that sort of made sense. He had in fact encountered the magician twice now. The second time was aboard that ship when… Conan's eyes widened. If his deduction was correct, than that would explain a lot. Though, of course it also left him with more questions.

He lowered his eyes as he watched the magician take his position in the center of the room. He watched closely looking for any sign that could confirm his suspicions directly. It would be dangerous to confront the matter head on...especially if it turned out his deduction was correct. For now he decided to play his part acting every bit the excited seven year old. Though, he kept his suspicious gaze on the magician whenever his back was turned.

He was actually surprised by the magician's entertaining performance. Keeping to his word, he did several tricks that allowed the kids to act as his "assistants", often with amusing results. Conan was even more surprised to find himself enjoying the performance, even at some of the more groan-inducing simpler tricks.

He even chuckled a bit as he watched Genta stare in shock at the dozen or so 100 yen coins that fell from behind his head into the waiting cupped hand of the magician. It was a simple sleight of hand exercise that Shinichi knew all too well, and yet was somehow intrigued to see in person. It was done so flawlessly, if he hadn't been watching, he wouldn't of seen the switch. *

In the end, the performance lasted for nearly an hour before the magician ended off with a grand finale. A mini indoor fireworks show and a large banner being pulled from his sleeves that read "Happy Birthday" in both English and Japanese.

The group including Conan all applauded as Kazumi Sanada took a bow, grinning at them before turning around to pack up his materials.

Conan had to admit, it was a pretty great performance. Far more than he would have expected from any average magician. Then again, that all the more confirmed what he had thought in the first place. This was no average magician.

He watched as the Tantei-dan chattered animatedly about the show. They argued amongst themselves about which trick had been the most impressive and how "real" the magic had seemed. Even Ai joined in on the conversation, though Conan couldn't be sure if she was being completely honest with her reaction to the show.

Seeing his opportunity, he decided now would be a good time to pull the magician aside and confront him. Wandering silently up to him, he put on his best kiddie act and stared at Kazumi with big eyes. "Ne, Kazumi-san, that was some pretty amazing magic back there. You're really good!" he put every ounce of sugar he could in his words before dropping to his normal register. "But that's to be expected of you, KID-san." he grinned a predatory grin as he watched for a reaction.

To his credit the magician only barely flinched before turning to face Conan. "Mm, oh it's you, boya. Thanks for the compliment, though, comparing me to that thief...it is as I said before I'm an honest magician with a flare for the dramatic and a knack for deception. I won't be beaten by the likes of him." Sanada wore a serious expression, though Conan could see right through it.

Conan snorted, continuing to speak in low tones so as not to be overheard. "Funny. You just gave a pretty accurate description of yourself. Though, the honest part is truly questionable, coming from you." he stared straight into the magician's eyes, feeling a few feet taller than he was at the moment, despite being on uneven ground.

There was a moment's pause before the magician replied, his face still expressionless, though his eyes were filled with something else now. "Oh? Well, is dishonesty all that bad, though?" he began randomly shuffling a deck of cards in his hands. "Sometimes we lie to the people we care about in order to protect them, or to keep them from growing sad." The cards disappeared and with a small puff of smoke, a dove appeared in his hands. Conan recognized it as the same one that had cuddled against him earlier. It once again flew over to Conan landing on his shoulder. Now that he got a closer look at it, the dove reminded him of one he had saved during the Memories Egg incident.*

Conan's eyes widened. There was a hidden meaning behind the words the magician had just spoken. Before he could reply though, the magician spoke up in a clear voice. "Well, I hate to be going, but I really need to be getting back to work. Enjoy the rest of your birthday. I hope I'll see you again soon." With that, just as he appeared, he disappeared in a flash, leaving behind nothing but smoke and a small envelope with "Happy Birthday" written on the front in big, bold letters.

Conan picked it up cautiously. Stupid, overdramatic thief. He opened it and was unsurprised at the contents inside as wads of confetti burst out towards him. He stared at the note in a mix of frustration and amusement. It was written in code of course, but took very little time for him to decipher. He chuckled at the reference to his favorite authors dancing men code. Only KID could be so bold. The letters were small and difficult to read, but his glasses had an enhanced "zoom" function that came in handy in this instance.

"Happy early Birthday, Tantei-kun. I hope you don't mind. I decided to crash your party a bit. When I found out through my sources about it, well, I couldn't help but stop by and give you my best wishes. Allow me to extend to you a similar invitation to a celebration of my own tomorrow night. I know how much you love my impromptu magic shows! I'm sure you can figure out when and where, oh great meitantei~ Until then! Enjoy your childhood while it lasts ;) From one child to another- Kaitou KID"

Conan shook his head at the note and stared at it in disbelief. Honestly, he just didn't understand that guy sometimes. He glanced again at the confetti that burst out of the note and grinned. Miniature soccer balls. He was definitely going to get the thief for this one.

There was a copy of KID's heist note, discreetly written in the same code attached to the back of the envelope. So KID was throwing a heist on his birthday huh? Conan glanced over it, grinning to himself as he worked through the code, figuring out exactly where and when the KID was going to strike. Seemed he was going to make even more use of Ai's gift than he originally planned. Ah, what a surprise it would be for the KID, to show up at his heist as Shinichi Kudo instead of Conan Edogawa.

Conan chuckled to himself. This was going to be fun.

*note in the manga it's written as "Manada" but from the wiki it's "Sanada" strange typo I guess.

**This is a call back to the case where Conan/Kazumi first met. "The Cornered Famous Detective" Ayano was the the daughter of a magician who was murdered. Kazumi was close to the magicians family.
***Okay so this is a personal trick I saw once at a magic show. I can't remember exactly how it was done, but the magician pulled a boy from the audience and had him shake his head so that several coins fell out. It was really humorous/entertaining and I could totally see Kaito pulling a trick like this.

**** Movie 3 is canon here hence why Kaito is aware of Conan/Shinichi's identity and willing to appear here at his party

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