FYI: The only reason why I want the 'Hide helmet' unlock is so that I can toggle my helmets ON.

"I'm going to be sick.

"Sir, please don't-"

"First off, I appreciate the brown. BUT IT'S STILL 40% WHITE ON THERE. Secondly..."

Elara covered her own visor, trying to look away.

"Where the heck did all the helmets go?"

As it turned out, most of the Republic soldiers on Belsavis really did lack any form of head protection. Even those whose heads were covered were very few in comparison.

The Vanguard always seemed to have this problem with the Republic, protection and camouflage. The Jedi were already bad enough with their cloaks and lack of any headgear at all, but sometimes even the army was stupider.

Take Balmorra as an example. The resistance forces were rather well-concealed, and their lack of helmets came with a very good reason (Lack of supplies). But the troops... white all over. Suffice to say, the then-Captain was not the least bit happy.

Then came Hoth. Aurek base really exploded him. One of his comments:

"They should make all the troops on Hoth wear the Balmorran troops' armour, goodness! Who knows how many legshots they'll get like this?!"

And now Belsavis. At least he and Elara could handle themselves. But one thing was for certain.

"If I ever turn Supreme Commander, first thing I do is reorganise every last bit of logistics in the Republic army."

At which, he turned to his XO.


"What is it, sir?"

"Please tell me the Imps aren't any better."

"Oh. Well..."


"Someone please tell me why the Sith here use nothing but RED lightsabers?! Why can't we all just change lightsaber crystals to suit our environment?"

"Maybe 'cuz you're the only one around here with enough such crystals to do exactly that?"

"Point taken, Vette. Urrghh..."