Edward and Thomas After Ole Reliable Edward

Note: Please no negative reviews and I'm doing this fanfic because I think people are not respecting Edward so one more fanfic and hopeful in Season 21 an episode focused on Edward.

Three hours after Ole Reliable Edward

Edward was happy Gordon finally thanked him for pushing him up the hill.


"And what do you say?"

"Oh the indignity!"


"I mean thank you thank you Edward."

"You're welcome Gordon anytime."


"I'll have to thank Thomas for his help." smiled Edward he found Edward at Knapford. "Hi Thomas thank you for your help."

"You're welcome." smiled Thomas. "It felt like before Percy, Toby and the rest of our friends came when it was just you and me against Gordon and James."

"You know I see what you mean." smiled Edward. "Gordon and James haven't changed but I hope they will learn a few lessons before the end of time." puffed Edward.

"Me too." smiled Thomas as he shunted three trucks into a siding. "How was that Edward."

"Very well shunted." smiled Edward.

"Thanks I learn from the best." smiled Thomas.

"I have a question: do you still want to see the world?" asked Edward.

"Yeah always." smiled Thomas. "Why'd you ask?"

"Because when I was young there were times I wanted to see the world." replied Edward.

"Let's see the world together." suggested Thomas.

"Good idea old friend." smiled Edward and they shunted trucks together until the sun went down.

The End