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An Invitation

"Urrrgghhhh! Home at last!" I groaned as I entered my small apartment, it wasn't much and I knew that, but it was cozy and the best I could afford on an intern's salary. It had been two years since I'd lived with my parents above the bakery. Two years since I'd graduated from College Francoise Dupont and a whole year since I'd last seen my friends. Since I'd last seen the love of my life, Adrien.

Alya went off to Columbia University in New York City for journalism, Nino obviously went with her, the two had become inseparable since Alya got them both locked in an empty zoo cage while looking for her next big scoop. A funny story they'll have to tell their children when they have them. Adrien? He still working as a model for his father and from what I'd heard he's always very busy. It was hard to accept it at first, my friends moving away and never being able to see my crush again, but I eventually moved on. Besides I still Skyped Alya and Nino every week so it wasn't like we're weren't friends anymore. As for me, I've become an intern at Gabriel Agreste's company which had been dream come true! Sure it was hard work and all I really did was run around and help everyone, but Gabriel himself said I had potential and if I work really hard there's a chance for me to work with Adrien one day.

I had moved into a small apartment building, one small bedroom, bathroom, and a living room with an itty bitty balcony where I usually sat and looked down at the bustling city below. It had become one of my favorite spots for inspiration pretty quickly which is why I haven't even considered moving. Sure I don't get much hot water, and the stove is really old, and I have really noisy and rude neighbors, but it's what gave the place charm. I don't get lonely either since I bought myself a pet hamster! I named her Tikki, she's a sweet little thing with burgundy fur that almost looks red with little black spots. I thought it was a good idea to get a pet since it gave me something to look after, I had heard it was really good for mental health and with my stressful line of work I could really use all the help I could get.

It was already sundown by the time I got home, I spent the whole day running around for one designer in particular. His name is Samson I believe, he's the snobby type and is always saying stuff like "Being an errand girl is all you'll every be doing for this company so you should just accept it" It got to me at first, but being negative wouldn't make me a designer so I slowly learned to ignore things like that. Samson really likes to abuse his power over me so he's always sending me on ridiculous errands to find the oddest things. Like fabric that feels like a "Deer frolicking through the forest" whatever that means. It's hard work, but I'm surviving. Mostly.

I lean against my front door, leaning my head back on the worn wood as I turn the lock and wiggle the handle to make sure it locked properly, another flaw with my apartment was that it liked to not lock sometimes. It's always good for a panic attack. I then push myself away from the door and trudg over to Tikki's cage by the balcony, my room doesn't have windows so Tikki's cage is in the living room so she can get some sunlight while I was gone.

"Hey girl, Mama's home. You hungry?" I ask as I open the cage and take her gently in the palm of my hands. She squeaks at me and nuzzles against my thumb making me smile and giggle, "Who needs a boyfriend when I have the unconditional love of a pet huh?" I ask her as I move Tikki into one hand, using my now free hand to refill Tikki's empty food container.

As I'm putting the food container back in Tikki's cage, the loud ringtone of a Skype call begins to go off in my purse on my hip. The sudden sound makes me to jump and drop the bowl of food, I'm pretty sure there was a scream in there too, but luckily I didn't drop Tikki. I only startled her and made her squirm in fear so I quickly put her back in her cage. "Sorry Tikki." I say to her apologetically before fumbling in my purse for my phone.

"Oh it's Alya!" I say excitedly accepting her call, we usually reserve our calls for Saturday and Sunday since we're both busy, but I could never say no to a call from Alya on a weekday. Unless I'm at work, I don't want to look like bad employee of course.

"OMG Girl guess what!" Alya's energetic voice blares through my phones speakers, it was obvious she was excited about something.

"Hello to you too Alya, How was your day?" I ask calmly, sticking my tongue out playfully at her image on my screen.

She rolls her eyes and smiles at me, "Hi, it's great and yours will be too once you hear my news! I mean... Unless you don't want the chance to see the love of your life again. I could always hang up and just let you continue being a strange lonely hamster person." She says teasingly holding out her finger like she was going to hang up on me.

"WHAT?! WAIT! For one I'm not strange or lonely... But two... WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN SEE ADRIEN AGAIN?" I yell, bouncing up and down on the spot. Okay maybe I wasn't over my crush on Adrien and maybe I was lonely without him and my friends.

"Oooo does that mean you want to hear my news now?" She asks with a smirk plastered on her face.

"OF COURSE! SPILL GIRL!" I shriek, shaking my phone as if I'm shaking the information out of her.

"Dude chill! You look like a vertically filmed horror movie." Nino laughs as he enters the video, still wearing that red baseball cap from high school. It's good luck according to him.

"Okay okay! I'm calm." I say as I run over to my couch and jump onto it, quickly trying to sit as calmly and normally as I could, but my leg is shaking with excitement and I can't stop smiling.

They're making me wait, both of them just smiling at me and laughing at my lack of control, but then they both look at each other and smile before looking back to me. "You better take a week off from work Marinette because we're all going on vacation! Me, Nino, you, and your White knight!" Alya says excitedly. I'm shocked, absolutely ecstatic to the point that I don't even comment on the old nickname for Adrien. When we were in high school everybody used to call Adrien White knight and me Princess since Adrien was always rescuing me from falling. Adrien didn't seem to mind the nicknames, though I think he was just happy his friends were giving him a nickname.

"What?! Seriously?! You're not joking right? This isn't April fools is it? A prank? Did Adrien already agree?! He's been so busy I don't even see him at work!" I say, dumbfounded and doubtful. Nothing that good has happened to me in these two years so of course I'm doubtful.

Alya laughs, "Of course it's true! I miss you girl! And it was Adrien's idea so of course he'll be there! He says he's gonna take us all to a really fancy spa hotel in Tokyo! Isn't that great?! Adrien wanted to see you again!" she says grinning from ear to ear, she was even bouncing in her own seat while Nino grins and nods in agreement to her statement.

"He wanted us to make sure you could go too Marinette!" He adds making me squeal. Adrien had thought about me! He wants to make sure I can go too!

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Is this really happening?! Oh my god! I have to call work! I have to pack! I have to go swim suit shopping! Oh my god! When is it?! When are we going?! I need someone to pinch me!" I began pacing around the room, tugging on my hair and bouncing on my feet. I became a half and half mixture of excitement and anxiety. On one hand I got the chance to see Adrien again, on the other I have another chance to make a huge fool of myself and continue my life in the friend zone. It's a wonderful and stressful situation.

"Calm down girl! I got your swim suit covered, picked out a real sexy one that is sure to catch Adrien's attention," She says with a wink, she's always one step a head of me, "And we're leaving next week so I hope it's not too late for you to book a vacation, you could always just say you're going on a trip with Adrien." She says with a big smirk.

Her words, the whole converstaion, hadn't totally sunk it, but when it did I could feel my face begin to heat up until it was as hot as the fires of hell, "I'M GOING ON VACATION WITH ADRIEN FUCKKING AGRESTE!" I shriek, falling back onto my couch with my mouth agape in shock.

Alya and Nino laugh, leaning on each other and laughing until their faces became as red as mine, "That. Was. great!" Alya giggles.

"Best Marinette reaction ever!" Nino agrees between fits of his own laughter.

By then I had recovered from my shock, sorta, sitting there and pouting as I watch the two laughing. "You guys are so mean to me." I say, looking away and jutting out my bottom lip.

"We love you though and because we love you we should warn you that we're giving Adrien your number so he can call you and tell you when he's picking you up. You guys are gonna have a nice flight together now go call work and get packed! Love ya bye!" Alya spoke so fast I barely understood what she said and ,by the time I did decipher it, she had already hung up leaving me in shock all over again.

"ADRIEN FUCKKING AGRESTE IS GOING TO HAVE MY NUMBER?! HE'S GOING TO CALL ME?! I'M GOING TO BE ON A PLANE WITH ADRIEN FUCKKING AGRESTE FOR ALMOST 12 HOURS?!" I yell, gripping my phone tightly with a semi-permanent look of shock on my face.

"Will you shut up in there?! Some of us are trying to sleep!" My neighbor yells, banging on my wall. I quickly slap my hand over my mouth with a gasp, whispering an apology behind my hand, which he probably didn't hear. I sit like that for what feels like hours, fearing that if I move the dream would be over and I would wake up in my bed or if I spoke my neighbor would come crashing through the wall. Both seemed like very bad scenarios. I'm pretty sure I would have sat there a lot longer if it wasn't for my phone going off again.

I shriek behind my hand, throwing my phone into the air out of surprise. I jump to my feet, trying to catch my phone only to fumble with it for a good minute before proceeding to drop it anyways. I swiftly snatch it up, checking it for cracks, but instead noticing the unknown number displayed on the screen. Thinking it might be someone at work wanting me to make a late night errand I answer it.

"Hello, Marinette speaking." I answer as I sit myself back down on the couch.

"Hey Mari, long time no talk." I was just beginning to recover from all the shock too, but the sound of Adrien's deep yet soft voice coming through my phone's speakers just sent me spiraling all over again.

" A-a-adiren? Uh yeah long no time talk... I mean yeah long time no talk!" I say quickly, then face palm. One call from Adrien and I'm reduced to fifteen year old Marinette again. I need to get a grip.

"Yeah... I heard you're working at my fathers company as an intern. How's that going?" He asks, sweetly ignoring my horrible, ridiculous mistake. What a gentleman.

"I-it's going good. Great actually. Real great. I-it's hard, but good experience." I literally gave myself a pat on the back from how well that sentence came out.

"That's good! I think my father should just hire you as a designer already honestly. You're talent is wasted as an intern." His words sounded so genuine it made my face light up like Christmas. My heart was pounding from such a sincere compliment.

"T-thank you! I... Thank you! So.. what about you Adrien? W-what have you been up to?" I ask, nervously twirling my hair around my finger. I don't wear it in pigtails anymore, usually it's down or in a nice braid or ponytail.

"Oh.. Modeling.." he say, sounding almost drained. Like even the thought of his job made him upset, he really doesn't seem to enjoy his job. "It's been busy... I only just realized a few days ago that it's been two whole years since I've seen you guys. So I wanted us to go on a trip. I hope it's not too sudden and I heard you can go so I already called work for you. They can't say no to me and I wanted to make sure you could go. Is that okay? " He asks, sounding concerned and nervous like he thought he did something bad.

"No no! Actually that helps a lot. I don't think they would have let an intern like me take a week off on such short notice anyways. That was... r-really sweet of you Adrien." I say in a softer voice, my face felt so hot. He was making me melt into a puddle of goo from all his sweetness.

"Oh good! I'm really glad you can come Marinette, it wouldn't be the same without you. So... I'll pick you up at 7 am Sunday?" He asks.

"7 am? Y-yeah sounds good! S-see you then Adrien... I'm really happy you invited me." I say, nervously squirming in my spot even though I'm only talking on the phone.

"I'm really happy too. See you Sunday Mari." He says in a soft, gentle voice that made the butterflies in my stomach swarm.

"See you Sunday Adrien." I reply in almost a whisper. Neither of us hang up right away, we just sat there on the phone in silence until eventually Adrien hangs up, but I continue to sit there with the phone to my ear. Just thinking about our conversation and all that happened in the span of less than twenty minutes.

Slowly I lower my phone away from my ear, throw my arms above my head and yell at the top of my lungs, "YESSSSS!" as I flop back onto my couch. I ignore the screams and curses of my neighbor, too caught up in my happiness to care.

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