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Catching a Flight

Sunday could NOT come soon enough in my opinion. The days seemed to drag on and every task Samson sent me on seemed even more annoying and tedious than before, like what material feels like "A butterfly taking it's first flight during the first sunrise of spring". I wish I knew because that sounds like an amazing material to work with, but who cares about that now. It's Sunday! Oh beautiful, glorious, magnificent, magical Sunday! Today is the day I get to see the love of my life, Adrien Agreste, for the first time in over two years! I wonder what he looks like now. I bet he's taller, I mean of course he'd be taller guys grow like crazy, he's probably muscular too from all that fencing he does, and maybe he had facial hair now... No in all his modeling pictures he has a perfect, smooth, and chiseled face.

Geez, I've been so excited for today that I barely slept a wink last night. I packed my bag at 5am this morning and checked it at least thirty times since then. I barely ate this morning either since I'm scared I'll end up releasing all the butterflies in my stomach involuntarily, right now I'm surviving off a chocolate chip muffin and some orange. I'm so nervous that I don't even know if that is going to stay down. Oh my god what if I get so nervous I throw up on Adrien? Oh my god! That would be an absolute disaster! Calm down Mari you need to calm down! If you don't You'll loose any chance of being with Adrien!

Adrien should be here soon too, our flight is at one. We would have had a much earlier flight but his father wanted to get in one more photo shoot before he left for a week. It's almost twelve thirty though, maybe he's stuck in traffic. Or maybe he got sick and can't go now! Or maybe he left without me! Or maybe...

My cellphones ringtone suddenly goes off causing me to nearly fall off the couch, but thankfully it derailed my panicked train of thought. I quickly snatch up my phone, my face getting red as I look at the perfectly taken photo of Adrien that I set as his caller ID. Damn hes so perfect... Look at those green eyes, those muscles, that smile... Focus Mari! Answer the phone. I will myself to answer the call and press my phone to my ear, the butterflies in my stomach beginning to swarm at the sound of his heavenly voice.

"Hey Mari, I'm sorry I'm so late. Do you need help with your bags? I'm just outside your building now with my driver." He says sounding so apologetic, but he's not that late. The airport is just down the block from my building. I want to tell him that but instead something else comes out.

"N-no don't sorry be... Don't be sorry I mean! I'll help my bags don't worry! I'll be with you soon... I mean I'll be down soon!" I say and then immediately beginning to bang my head on the arm of my couch, but Adrien lays and it's music to my ears.

"Good thing I bought coffee on the way huh?" He says, taking all my stumbling as me just being sleep deprived. Bless him.

"Yes. Coffee good." I say as if i'm some sort of caveman, "I-I only have two things so I be down real soon. I don't have an elevator.. I mean the building.. the building doesn't have an elevator.. so I'll be a few minutes.. Okay bye!" I say and hang up quickly before I could make myself look like more of a fool.

I put my phone in my purse on my hip and pick up my heavier duffel bag and put it on my shoulder, I definitely over packed it, then I begin to struggle with my suit case's wheel handle for a good thirty seconds before giving up and just picking it up instead. I quickly lock my door and waddle over to the stairs, I'm on the third floor so it really shouldn't take too long, but my bags are heavier than I thought and walking down the stairs with them proves to be quite difficult. By the time I finally made it to the second floor I was panting a little and had to put down my suitcase to let my wrist rest for a second. Just as I'm about to pick up my suitcase and continue on I catch a glimpse of someone with golden blonde locks coming up the stairs. Thinking it was my neighbor, who is a blonde who works at the coffe shop next to my building, I proceed to pick up my suitcase only to have it snatched away.

I yelp, "Hey that's-" I begin and look up to be met with beautiful, worried, emerald eyes and a dazzling smile that could blind the sun. My face get's hot and I could feel my tongue tying itself into a knot as my heart rate rises, "Adrien, Hi, what doing you?... I mean what are you doing!" I say, mentally slapping myself. Come on Mari get a grip.

"You said you had two bags.. I figured you needed help even though you said you didn't. You always try to do things yourself." He says giving me a worried and almost protective look as he easily holds my suitcase at his side, "It's okay to ask for help. I don't mind helping you at all!" He says with a bright, contagious smile that had me smiling too.

"Goes same you to.." I stumble nervously, embarrassed I go to correct myself but instead I giggle a little and say, "I need coffee." Which gets him to laugh along with me. Beautiful save Mari!

"This way to your coffee Princess." He says formally gesturing down the stairs, I know he's referencing to our old nicknames, but I can't help how happy I got hearing him call me Princess. I must be be as red as a tomato right now.

"T-Thank you White Knight." I manage and even give a little courtesy to play along with the joke. He looks happy that I remember the nicknames which makes me smile.

We head down the rest of the stairs and load my bags in the trunk of his drivers car with his. He had more bags than me which I found to be quite amusing. "What's with all the luggage?" I ask normally for once.

"It's a surprise. You'll see when we get there. Now come on, it's almost time for our flight." He says opening the door for me, like the gentleman he is, and I quickly get in and moved to the far seat so Adrien can climb in after me. As soon as he closes the door he leans forward and picks up two cups of coffee and offers me one, "I asked Alya what kind of coffee you like. Two milk three sugar right?" He asks and I can feel my eyes lighting up as I take the cup from him and hold it close to me, taking a deep inhale of the delicious smelling liquid.

"You're perfect..." I say, my eyes closed in bliss before I realize what I said and open my eyes in a panic, "I meant the coffee! it's perfect! I mean I'm not saying you're not perfect but in this situation I was talking about the coffee and and... " I stop and look down at my coffe, "Yes two milk three sugar." I say in a much quieter voice.

I look at Adrien from the corner of my eyes and see he has a hand over his mouth trying to hide the biggest smile, did he find my stumbling funny? Wait are his cheeks red? Before I'm able to ask him about it the car stops and e looks out the window.

"Oh we're here already. Come on, don't worry about our bags Gorilla said he's handle them since we're already late." He says and gets out of the car, holding the door open for me and offering me a hand to help since I'm currently holding a coffee. I accept his help, my face still red from embarrassment and I swear his cheeks are a little red too, but that could also be makeup from his photo shoot that's enhanced in the sun.

We just barely caught our flight, they wouldn't have let us in if it wasn't for Adrien having the last name Agreste. Sometimes it's extremely helpful to have a celebrity friend. Downside? Everyone recognized Adrien as we ran for our flight dock, even now as we sit slumped in our seats panting there are people staring at Adrien and taking pictures of him with their phones while they still can. Meanwhile I'm just trying to hide behind my coffee cup.

"Don't worry, soon they'll be told to put away their phones and we'll be able to enjoy our cold coffees in peace." He says with a smile making me giggle. I've barely touched my coffee so it's a good thing I like cold coffee, then again I could always ask an attendant to heat it up again.

"I don't if it's cold or hot... I just want it in my body." I say, finally feeling the exhaustion from not sleeping. I hear Adrien snort and think for a moment before going red, "I didn't mean to make that sound dirty!" I say, looking completely embarrassed as I sink more in my seat.

Adrien snickers more and pats my shoulder making that whole area heat up from his touch, "Don't worry Mari I know what you mean. I'm tired to." He says and, as if on cue, he yawns which causes me to yawn.

"Did you know... Yawns.. are the most contagious thing in the world?... I mean... besides your smile.." I more yawn than say. My eyelids suddenly feel really heavy as exhaustion hits me all at once. This is what I get for mixing an all nighter with physical activity.

I don't even know what I said anymore, but I think Adrien responded, I don't know. My eyes are closed and I can feel myself drifting off into sleep, but I was uncomfortable. I shift, trying to find a comfier position and to my luck found a very comfy place to lean my head on. "Comfy..." I mumble before giving a soft sigh and letting sleep take me.




My face feels as hot as the sun as I look down at Mari. She fell asleep in the middle of our conversation and right after saying she thinks my smile is one of the most contagious things in the world! Not only that... be she's even cuddled up to my arm now with her head rested on my shoulder. She fell asleep so quickly I don't even think she touched her coffee which I carefully take out of her hands before it spills and set it in a cup holder.

The attendant announces that we're about to take off and we should buckle up, I think about waking Mari, but instead I lean close to her and carefully put her seat belt on for her. I know i shouldn't, but we're suppose to turn our phones off so I reach into her purse to grab her phone. I'm just going to turn it off for her. That's all, but as I press her power button to turn it off I'm greeted by... A picture of me as her lock screen? She works for my dad so maybe she just has the picture for the fashion? Yeah that has to be it. I ignore it and turn her phone off before returning it to her purse.

The plane takes off smoothly and I unbuckle Mari's seat belt for her, but as I lean back she suddenly wraps her arms around my arm and hugs it, nuzzling her face into my shoulder. It's like what Chloe used to do to me all the time in school, but for some reason when Mari does it it makes my heart pound and my face go red. I look at her and I can't help noticing how cute and peaceful she looks in sleep. She doesn't wear pigtails anymore so instead her hair and down and falling in her face. I don't want it to tickle her nose and wake her so I move the strands out of her face and tuck them behind her ear.

"I feel like... we're a couple or something.." I think out loud. I find myself smiling at the thought. I wouldn't mind dating Mari, she's smart, creative, trustworthy, sweet, and one of the most amazing friends I have not to mention beautiful, but she's always so nervous around me. Less so than when we were in school, but she's always stuttering and doesn't quite look me in the eyes. Maybe she's scared of me because I'm a model, or intimidated because my father is her idol. I think that's why we were never able to get very close when were in school, but now we're both adults.

I originally planned this vacation to see all my friends again and catch up, but now that I think about it it's a perfect opportunity to get closer to Mari. I smile to myself as I reach past Mari and recline her seat slightly before doing the same to mine so we're both comfortable. She's still hugging my arm and adorably nuzzling it once in awhile, looking at her only solidifies my goal. I will get closer to Mari.

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