This is it, the epilogue for Injustice: Dragons Among Us. I'm not going to waste any more of your time, let's just get this up

The first thing we see is a bunch of Regime-allied characters being placed in the back of a transport vehicle in handcuffs, Flash and Superman included, being led in by the Guardians minus Ignitus, while Batman is put in a separate vehicle, so he can't harm anyone else.

Next, cut to the Batcave, where Flame has opened the interdimensional gateway to send Joker back home, with Harley Quinn forcing him in via shotgun while Lex Luthor and Deathstroke watching on.

Now, cut to Ferris Aircraft, where Ignitus hands Hal Jordan and Sinestro over to a pair of surviving Green Lanterns to face judgement on Oa.

Superman: The rest of the Regime has either turned themselves in or been captured. Now all that's left to do is restore civil order.

Cut to Themyscira, where Cynder is personally seeing Wonder Woman carted off to a cell, but not before taking the crown off her head and placing it back in it's case, for the next rightful ruler to don when the moment arises.

Spyro: The transitional governments seem overloaded with all this. We can stay if we're needed.

Superman: No. The people need to know that they are in control. Not me, not any of us.

Cut to a graveyard. Ember shows up at a very specific, and fresh, grave. That of Billy Batson, aka Shazam. She lays a lily on his grave and after a moment, leaves the scene.

Spyro: You plead guilty?

Superman: Your friend Cynder managed to show me I was. I'll stand trial, all of us will. Even Batman.

Now we see where this conversation has taken place. Superman's cell, as scene in the last cutscene of Injustice 1.

Spyro: Actually, Batman won't see jail. He'll see a mental hospital first. This has showed the world he's incapable of seeing right from wrong anymore.

Superman: Let's hope he gets the help he needs.

Spyro: That's all we can hope for.

Superman: Yeah.

Spyro: Sorry to cut the visit short, but we've got to get home.

Superman: Before you go. Thanks again, for everything.

Spyro: Not a problem, Clark. Just going where justice needs us to.

Just as they walk away, Spyro remembers something.

Spyro: Clark?

Superman: Yes?

Spyro: You're not alone. There's another Kryptonian on Earth.

Superman: There is?

Spyro: Yeah. Your cousin. Kara Zor-El, but she goes by Supergirl these days.

Superman: I wish her well.

Spyro: She's already establishing a new Justice League. A new generation of heroes. Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Batgirl, and that's just some of the members.

Superman: I hope you're not asking me to tutor them.

Spyro: No. Lex, Harley, and Slade have that covered.

Superman: I wish them all the fortune I can.

Spyro: They know. Clark.

And with that, Spyro and company leave Superman behind and return to the Batcave, prepared to return home.

Spyro: (To Cynder) I still can't believe they let you keep that gear.

Cynder: I guess they really believe I'm Amazon at heart.

Spyro: I always knew you were.

Cynder: Which reminds me. After defeating Diana, a general named Antiope offered me the throne. (Sarcastically) You're going to need a really convincing offer to get me to go back home now!

Spyro: (Laughing, since he gets the joke) Come on, Cynder.

Cynder: Relax. I already turned her down. Antiope would make a better queen than me anyway.

Now the interdimensional gateway is fired up, with a timer on the device set to destroy it once the gateway closes.

Spyro: Hope nobody left anything here, because once we cross through that portal, we can't come back.

Cynder: We all have what we came with, and a bit extra.

Spyro: Well then, let's go home. (Chuckles) Sparx'll never believe this one.

And with that, they step through the interdimensional gateway, destroying the device and leaving this world in good hands.

And that is it. The conclusion of Injustice: Dragons Among Us. It's really sad to see this go. Sure I had it on the back burner for months, but it's still sad. On that note, keep your eyes on the Intros and Endings collection, that's next for completion. But until then, this is Dragon of Mystery, signing off.