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Nightclub Terror!

When people go to nightclubs, they expect to have fun, get drunk, and do a bit dancing, not necessarily in that order. However, in the early morning hours, just today, a brutal fight took place between wanted criminal and terrorist Roman Torchwick, and our own alien resident, Lord Darth Vader. He, along with a detachment of his personal military force, descended upon the Midnight Club, owned by Hei 'Junior' Xong, who is now in custody, charged with aiding and abetting criminals and terrorists. The reason? Recently escaped convict Roman Torchwick had been spotted at the nightclub, attempting to capture Vader's personal apprentice and kill his two proteges. The sight that awaited our own Lisa Lavender was something out of a gore and horror movie. This reporter will not go into detail, as it is far to gruesome. However, when asked for the reason why he went to such lengths to kill the known terrorist, and now suspected pedophile, Lord Vader claimed to be carrying out the justice that Headmaster Ozpin failed to deliver. One has to wonder why the Headmaster of our most prestigious combat academy could have made such an egregious mistake in securing justice for one of Vale's most wanted criminals. Lord Darth Vader, Beacon Academy's newest combat instructor, seems to be making waves in more ways than one. What will our mysterious visitor from the stars do next? And when will his Galactic Empire arrive? Will they bring their gifts from the stars, or take their ship and leader and leave us? This reporter certainly cannot wait to find out.

For more information concerning Ozpin's rather shady dealings with foreign powers, turn to Page 5.

For an exclusive account of Lord Vader's combat effectiveness, turn to Page 8.

Vader smirked ever so slightly as he folded the paper, tossing it to the side as he watched the first students trickled into his classroom. He had told Ozpin that there would be consequences if he failed to deliver upon any promises. He had let the transgression with the Rebellion slide, as it ended up being beneficial for himself. However, his failure to contain and punish the criminal and terrorist Roman Torchwick was something that could not be overlooked. He gestured for one of his personal detail to come forward, picking up a sealed envelope and handing it over, "Deliver this to the Vale Police Station, posthaste. You are cleared to use a personal transport. You will be retrieving Hei Xong from their custody. Deliver him back to his nightclub, where my protégés will inform him why he is being released. Afterwards, contact me for more instructions."

"Yes, general."

Vader nodded as the trooper gave a quick salute, hurrying to get out of the classroom and deliver Vader's message. Several students gave the trooper odd looks as he left, though didn't say anything. Most knew by now that Professor Vader wouldn't answer questions that didn't need to be asked. He sighed as they found their places. With the Executor now in orbit around the planet, Vader had begun remodelling the classroom more to his liking. It was very similar to an Imperial Classroom now, at least in the way the seats and desks looked, while the main arena area was redesigned to look more like the Temple's padawan classrooms. Vader couldn't for the life of him understand why he had decided upon that particular look, especially when it would usually clash so harshly with the strict and pristine appearance of the Imperial designs. However, it felt… right.

With a sigh, he stood up from his rather thronelike desk chair, specially made to hold the Sith's rather considerable bulk, "Place your weapons on your desks, children, and come down to the arena floor. You will not require them today."

The students murmured amongst themselves as they rushed to do as the professor instructed. No weapons? In a combat class? Neo was the only one not to question the order, though she didn't actually place her saber on the desk. She didn't trust her master not to pull some sort of test on her for leaving the precious weapon unattended. Vader waited for all of them to gather around the arena floor, wisely keeping their distance from the formidable Combat Instructor. He glanced up as his eyes caught some movement, noticing Arc and Nikkos about to leave, "Mr. Arc, Miss Nikkos, you will remain here today. Mr. Arc's evaluation will take place tomorrow, so you will both rest today."

The two students looked down in surprise, before hurriedly joining the class in the arena. Vader silently inspected them, his mechanical breathing serving as the only sign that he was actually alive, and not some sort of robot. After a moment, his baritone synthesiser rumbled out, "Sit…"

The students looked around in confusion, with a few looking towards Neo for some indicator of what he meant. Weiss was the first to catch on when she saw the pint sized girl in a meditative position, and the rest quickly followed suit. Most of them were unable to effectively achieve the usual Lotus Position, and simply crossed their legs. Vader nodded, slowly sitting down himself, though it required a bit of Force to do so. He waited for everyone to settle down before beginning his lesson.

"Tell me… what is the most important part of a warrior?"

The class remained silent, confused by the question. The most important part of a warrior? Cadrin was the first to respond, "It's their weapon, of course. If you have a blunt or broken weapon, you're dead meat."

Vader remained silent, ignoring the teen's triumphant teen as he waited for other people to speak up. When they realized that he wasn't bereting Cardin for speaking without being called upon, more of them began to speak up. Surprisingly, it was Jaune Arc who spoke next, raising his hand nervously, "Is it their armour, sir? Or their aura?"

The students began to whisper amongst themselves, trying not to draw the professor's attention too much. However, Vader seemed rather docile today. Lie Rin was the next to put forth a suggestion, "The body is very important to the warrior. One cannot fight if they do not have the strength and physical discipline."

More suggestions began trickling in, ranging from one's upbringing and morals, to equipment and teammates. Vader waited for a bit, before raising a hand to silence them, "I suppose those are all good answers. However, the answer I was looking for is the mind. When your equipment and weapons are broken and useless, and your team and strength have fled, the last thing you will ever have, is your mind. And without a sound mind, even the most powerful of weapons can become useless."

Most of the students seemed more than a little confused by the revelation, while a few seemed rather thoughtful, and a handful found themselves nodding in agreement. Vader continued, his low baritone rumbling out ominously, "Emotions, they can bring you strength. Hatred… Anger… Fear… Powerful and potent emotions that can lend you strength, and yet can consume even the most battle hardened warriors. And for those that prefer a cool head in battle, they can hinder and restrict your thoughts."

He could see that some of them were beginning to glance at Vader's life support control panel, realizing that he was speaking from experience. He sighed mentally, glancing at Neo, who's eyes widened. She nodded imperceptibly, slowly gathering the Force around her and feeding it to Vader. The Sith Lord shifted slightly, raising his hands to the mask and helmet that hid his face and slowly unsealing it. Many students gasped in horror, and more than a few looked green at the sight of Vader's burned and scarred visage. Almost immediately, he could feel the pain of the unfiltered air brushing against his raw skin. However, his apprentice helped ease the pain though her own Force powers. He waited for the shock of seeing his face die down, before forging ahead, "As a Sith, my power comes from emotion, specifically Anger and Rage. I focus it, and channel it into my blows, using my strength to overwhelm my opponents. However, at one point, years ago, I lost myself to the power. To the anger. My former Master, a man I considered to be a brother… betrayed the Empire. We fought, and I lost everything. He dismembered me in one movement, leaving me with one arm, which was prosthetic and unable to effectively drag me without the ground crumbling under the strength I created in panic.

"He left me there to burn next to a river of molten lava, left me there to die because he couldn't kill me himself. Darth Sideous, the master I had gained in the struggle, saved my life, though at a terrible cost. This suit keeps me alive, allows me to breath, to speak, and to see properly. And yet… it is my prison. A reminder of what I lost that day, of what the cost of losing control is and can be. Do not let this happen to you, children. Do not lose yourself to that which can consume even the strongest of individuals."

Finally unable to stand the unbearable pain, he placed his mask and helmet back on, slumping slightly in relief. Now that the pain was gone, he finally noticed a second Force presence in the room, and looked up to see his former apprentice standing at the edge of the arena. He nodded slowly, acknowledging her presence, "Ahsoka… What are you doing here?"

The Togruta shrugged, giving the old man a wan smile, "Miss Goodwitch's class ended already, so I decided to see what your class was like. I'm er… sorry to hear about what happened."

Vader merely dipped his head, rumbling in response, "It happened long ago, Ahsoka. Had I not lost control, then it might have been a different story. But I did, and now this is my punishment."

The former padawan smirked slightly, rolling her eyes as she approached the group. She ignored the stares, crossing her arms, "Ever the dramatic one, Skyguy. I guess age only made it worse."

"And I see you never learned to respect authority. Whatever happened to wisdom coming with age?"

Ahsoka shrugged, gesturing to Vader, "I had you as a master, so… where do you think I got it from?"

There was a strange, dull rumble from the Sith, and a few students realized with terror that the cybernetic behemoth was laughing. Nora interrupted the strange banter between the two former comrades, raising her hand eagerly, "Hey, Professor Vader! Can I ask a question?"

"I believe you just did, Miss Valkyrie."

Ahsoka snorted, trying to muffle it with one hand as Nora forged ahead without any indication that she had heard anything, "I was wondering who your girlfriend was, and if she had the same sort of laser sword that you did. It would be awesome if we got to see you dueling or something!"

Ahsoka began sputtering, while Vader's dull rumble of a laugh grew louder. The hammer wielding girl never failed to make his day, "Ahsoka Tano is most definitely not my significant other, Miss Valkyrie. She is a former apprentice of mine, from before I became a Sith. She left the Jedi Order, several years prior to them attempting to overthrow the government, and has been a thorn in my side ever since then. However, we are… allies now."

Tano nodded vehemently in agreement, jumping in quickly before anything else could be said, "Yes, what he said. And I highly doubt Professor Vader would actually want to do anything of the sort, as he must be terribly busy with his troops and whatn-"

"Actually, Ahsoka, I believe a duel is an excellent idea. Our last two duels were rather rudely interrupted."

Ahsoka stiffened, her eyes slowly sliding towards Darth Vader with a tremor of fear as he drew his saber from his belt. However, she relaxed ever so slightly upon seeing him place the limiter ring on it. Hesitantly, she drew her own hilts, adjusting the power output to their training setting, "Are you sure about this, Skyguy? I mean, I'm pretty sure I would have won our last duel."

Vader shrugged the best he could, quietly gesturing for the students to clear the arena floor, "If you so believe, Ahsoka. However, I do not believe that you are the master just yet."

Ahsoka gave the man a lopsided grin, feeling just a tiny bit more comfortable as they began moving to opposite sides of the arena, "Well, you did teach me everything I know, Vader."

Vader dipped his head slightly, his saber blazing to life with an ominous snap-hiss, "You are correct, young one… However, it was not everything that I know."

Ahsoka ignited her blades, her grin gaining a somewhat savage gleam as she switched her hilts to a reverse grip. There were several seconds of tense silence, and then she made the first move. The alien girl rushed ahead in an orange and white blur, throwing one saber ahead of her while lunging at her former master. Vader casually redirected the blade with the Force, blocking the follow up slash with his blood red saber. However, the lock didn't last long, as Ahsoka launched herself over the hulking man, recalling her second blade back to her hand and attempting a double overhand blow. Vader twisted around faster than one would expect someone of his size, deflecting the blow to one side and retaliating with a brutal horizontal slash. Ahsoka rolled under it, avoiding the first blow, and having to continue the roll to dodge a second overhand strike. She came back up out of his reach, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Vader watched her warily, the bloodshine of his saber lighting up his mask with its insidious glow, "Impressive, my former padawan. It seems that time has not affected your skill."

Ahsoka made a small face, shuddering slightly as she responded, "You know I would say thanks, but that just reminded me of your Inquisitors. Are all of you Dark Lords so dramatic?"

Vader raised an eyebrow, lunging forwards with an overhand blow, "I believe it comes with the territory, my former apprentice. Even young Neo shows a flair for the dramatic at times, though that might be due to her difficulty communicating."

The Togruta sidestepped the blow, trying to stab the Sith while he was distracted, only to get blown over by a wave of Force Power. She tumbled to a stop, managing to roll to her feet and glare at the Sith, "Okay, now that was uncalled for."

"Treachery is the Way of the Sith, my dear…"

Ahsoka blinked in surprise, grinning at how Vader made the usually dark statement sound lighthearted, "Yeah, well, all's fair in love and war!"

Ahsoka thrust her hand forwards, tossing Vader's desk at him with a grunt of effort. The Sith had to roll out of the way of the attack, moving a bit stiffly due to the pain he had just put himself through. He went on the attack this time, darting forwards in a dark blur and raining down heavy blows upon his smaller opponent. The two continued to trade blows, with him being a towering pillar of strength, and his former apprentice darting around with speed and agility. Ahsoka had sweat pouring down her face as she pushed herself to keep up with her old master, while Vader looked unflappable as always. The air was filled with the smell of ozone and the clashing of sabers as the two powerful Force users fought across the arena floor. Vader was the first one to land a blow, his blade glancing off Ahsoka's hip and causing her to cry out, wincing as she quickly leapt away. However, she didn't let her guard down for a second, managing to block the follow up blow aimed at her neck.

Vader received the next blow, as Ahsoka used the Force to pull his ever present cape over his head, before sending him tumbling to the ground with a second push. There were several chuckles around the arena at the display, though Vader certainly wasn't laughing as he rolled to his feet. He glowered at the former padawan, who swallowed nervously. With slow, methodical movements, her removed the cape, tossing it to the side. It seemed that Vader was taking the fight seriously now. Ahsoka braced herself as Vader suddenly attacked, and she was barely able to keep her defenses up as he changed his fighting style, switching from powerful, heavy movements, to rapid fire, almost fencing type movements. However, his strength remained, and it was quickly wearing the Togruta down. Her arms felt like jelly by the time Vader made his real move, suddenly sliding back and flinging a bright blue ball at her. On instinct, she sliced into the strange object, only for pain to hit her as the polished dust crystal exploded in a blast of lightning. She was thrown into a wall with a scream, sparks of electricity running along her limbs. Her sabers went skittering in opposite directions, and she fell to the floor, smoking slightly.

"Impressive…" Vader loomed over her, his saber flicking up to her chest. They remained like that for several seconds, Sith looking ready to skewer the Jedi, tension building up in the air. It was dispelled as he suddenly changed his target, and tapped the nape of her neck with the saber, causing her to yelp again as a dark welt appeared on her skin. "But not impressive enough."

Vader summoned the girl's sabers into his free hand, disabling his own blade so that he could help her up. Ahsoka grimaced in pain, "By the Force, that hurt. What was that thing?"

Vader handed the blades back to her, before looking at the scorch mark left by the detonation, "A simple experiment. I wanted to test the use of Dust in my own combat, and I am pleased to say that I will most certainly be using it in my future here on this planet."

"Well, next time give me a heads up before you throw a lightning bomb in my face!"

"To be fair, I had no idea what would happen if you hit it with your saber."

She opened her mouth to retort, but stopped as applause broke in. They looked up to see that the arena was completely packed with students and teachers, with Ozpin and Glynda watching them with wide eyes. They were both equally impressed and horrified, because they knew that there was no aura used in any of that fight. Ozpin walked down to the arena floor, sipping from his ever present mug of tea, "Well, I must say that was certainly impressive General Vader. You and your… friend have incredible skill, though I must say that using that dust in such an unorthodox method was rather risky. You could have hit yourself instead of your intended target. Might I ask what started this altercation?"

Vader looked around the arena, surprised at the audience their duel had attracted, "I shall keep that in mind, Headmaster. However, this was merely a sort of practice duel and exhibition for my class. Miss Tano finished assisting Professor Goodwitch, and came to observe my own students. A duel was suggested, and I'm sure you can piece together the rest."

Ozpin peered at the arena floor around them. Vader's upturned table and chair, several scorch marks, and more than a few impacts from when Vader took a spill, "Yes… I suppose I can. For future reference, it would be wise to take your particular style of fighting to the outdoor arenas. Those are much cheaper to repair."

Vader shrugged slightly, putting his work area back together with a few short gestures. He picked up a shattered datascroll, frowning slightly before tossing it in a garbage bin, "I have more than enough materials to maintain my classroom, Headmaster, do not worry about that. However, I would like to know what Mr. Winchester is doing back in my class after he insulted Miss Tano, refused to follow my orders, and attacked both my apprentice and protégés."

Ozpin sighed, obviously having expected this question to come up at some point, "Mr. Winchester is a young man, General, and is still growing. He has not yet wised up as it were, and will make mistakes. That is not a reason to remove him from your class permanently."

"And attempting to murder my girls isn't a reason either!?" Vader's voice thundered in the arena, causing Ozpin to back away with a look of mild alarm.

"Now, General, you don't un-"

"No!" Vader cut the man off with a gesture, ever so slightly gripping his throat through the Force and lifting him up. Not enough to strangle him, but enough to make it difficult to breath as he struggled to reign in his considerable temper. "You do not get to speak here, Headmaster. This is no longer about your school, but rather the safety of my students. Do you realize that Mr. Winchester has been accused several times of battery and assault, as well as numerous hate crimes against Faunus in his own village? A village, might I add, that was founded by his own family at the end of your last pitiful war?"

Glynda stepped forwards to help her boss, only to be stopped by a look from Ahsoka, who gestured meaningfully towards her still healing hand.

"The Winchester… The settlement was g-given at the end of the last war… because of their contributions!"

Ozpin was struggling to remain calm as Vader lowered his hand, though he remained hovering in the air. He idly wondered if Vader's Force Powers would keep him from reincarnating, and terror followed that thought.

"Oh, yes, and now they run around their city without any regards to the laws put in placed by their charter! I sent one of my intelligence officers to inspect the town, and was told that there isn't a single faunus family there. In fact, the faunus avoid the settlement like the plague, and any time one of them chances upon it, they are set upon by some of the most violent examples of racism on this planet. In fact, my intelligence division discovered that Cardin Winchester's father leads an Pro-Humanist movement known as the Sons of Man, ever heard of it?"

Ozpin's eyes widened, as he most certainly had heard of it. While the White Fang was more well known due to their ferocity and infamy, the Sons of Man were twice as brutal, and could even be considered downright sadistic in their methods of 'keeping humanity pure of filth.' If he was leading such a movement, then not only would he be arrested for terrorism, but his family would lose rights to the settlement's charter. He fell to his rear as Vader suddenly dropped him, pacing back and forth. He glanced at Ozpin ever few seconds, but remained wholly silent for some time. After a moment, when he had calmed down enough to speak evenly, he turned to Ozpin, "I will give Mr. Winchester _one_ more chance. And that is all. However, I expect punishment for his actions, severe punishment. He already has his detention with me tomorrow, however after that it is up to you to discipline him properly. I expect it to be done right this time. Do not fail me again, Headmaster."

Vader turned away from the man, heading back to his own desk. Ozpin and Glynda wisely determined that he was through talking, and got the hell out of the arena.

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