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~Thirteen Years Later~

As Harry and Ginny started a family his thoughts about Hermione had begun to fade. Not to say she was never on his mind but he thought about her less and less over the years. When he entered Madame Malkin's with his son James and his daughter Lily to get them Hogwarts robes though (it would be James' second year and Lily's first), he crashed right into his past. There stood Hermione Malfoy with a little boy who looked to be Lily's age and was a carbon copy of his father. If you excluded the coloring of his hair. While his hair was the same fine, straight hair that Harry'd come to associate with Draco Malfoy, the boy's hair was a rich brown like his mother's.

The little boy was pouting for his mother, "Mum do I have to?"

"You need new robes for school Scorp," Hermione affectionately scolded him.

"Robes are so uncomfortable though," the little boy frowned. "I prefer my muggle clothes."

"As do I," Hermione said, "but Hogwarts requires robes."

The little boy pouted, "Can't I stay at home? You can teach me."

"Up on the platform Scorp or else we don't go get you those new footy boots you've been wanting," Harry watched Draco Malfoy appear at Hermione's side from looking at a nearby display rack. "And trust me, your mother is stricter than any Hogwarts professor could be. And she gives more homework too."

"Prat," Hermione responded, shoving her husband lightly.

"Lovable prat though," he countered.

"Very," she smiled before kissing him.

"Eww do you have to embarrass me in public?" Scorpius complained, covering his eyes with his hands.

"Be glad your parents love each other," Hermione said. "Or else you wouldn't even be here Scorpius."

"Yuck," the eleven year old made a disgusted face at that but he got on the platform to be measured by Malkin's assistant. "Parents are gross."

Draco's arms wrapped around Hermione's waist and Harry saw the ease with which the couple interacted. "Hogwarts dears?" Madame Malkin gazed at the Potter children, "New robes for both then?"

"Yes please," Harry said. "Go on Lily."

Lily ended up on the platform next to the Malfoys. Harry stood nearby, feeling very awkward. In the preceding years he'd never found himself so close to Hermione. They went to the same events occasionally, but that was a rarity as they were in different social and economic circles. Harry's research into Hermione's life had been found out by Kingsley, who had not been amused at his auror abusing his position and power to violate Hermione Malfoy's privacy. As a result his career had stalled in the auror department and they weren't exactly well-paid to begin with.

Ginny's successful career as a quidditch player for eight years, followed by a career in sports journalism for the Daily Prophet, did put the Potters in the upper middle class bracket. But that was a far cry from the insane wealth of the Malfoys. Even in the few places they were in at the same time, they never spoke or were near one another.

In eighteen years this was the first time they were so close and Harry was content to ignore them but James ruined that as he walked over to Draco Malfoy, "You're Draco Malfoy. You saved Uncle Fred."

"I did," Draco nodded, looking down at the boy.

"I'm James Potter. Thank you," James said. "He's my favorite uncle. Other than Uncle George, of course."

Draco smirked, "You're welcome. This is my wife Hermione and our son Scorpius. He'll be a first year at Hogwarts."

Scorpius looked over at James, "Hi."

"Hello," James nodded politely. "My sister Lily is a first year too. I have a little brother who'll go to Hogwarts in a couple years but he's sick so he's at home with my mum."

A bemused Hermione looked at her son, "Scorpius stop fidgeting. I swear, you're as bad as your father."

"I don't like needles," Draco muttered. She rolled her eyes. She loved her husband, but Draco could be a drama queen and Scorpius was a mini-Draco in many respects.

"James, get back here," Harry scolded.

"I was just being polite," James protested, walking back to Harry's side. "He's a hero! He saved Teddy's parents too. And that's Hermione Malfoy! She took down Bellatrix! She's really cool!"

"You still can't just walk up to strangers," Harry frowned.

"They're not strangers. They're friends with Uncle George and Uncle Fred," James countered. Unseen by Harry, Hermione and Draco were trying to contain a snort of laughter. Harry's son was every bit as stubborn as his parents. James walked back over; this time to Hermione, "Can you sign my chocolate frog card of you please? I always loved my uncles' stories about you."

"Sure James," Hermione took a pen from Draco and used her husband as a writing desk to sign the card, "Here you go."

"Thanks," he beamed.

Scorpius happily hopped off the platform as the seamstress declared him done. "Can we go get my wand now?" He asked his mother.

"Yes," she answered. "Then we're meeting Leo and his parents for lunch."

Scorpius got visibly excited, "Really?! That's awesome!"

"Come on. We have to go pay for your robes," Hermione looked at James, "It was nice to meet you James."

"You too," James politely said. Harry was left baffled by the Malfoys' reactions to his family as they left the store.

Ollivander had trained an apprentice, Icarus Whitehorn, to become a wandmaker before he'd retired. The store that was Ollivander's was now Whitehorn's. Icarus Whitehorn beamed at them as they entered, "Hello! I'm Icarus Whitehorn. Here for your wand?"

"Yes sir. I'm Scorpius Malfoy," Scorpius said, smiling. He'd used his parents' wands before, and even his grandparents' wands. But he was eager for his own. His family always said it was different when it was your own and he was eager to use his own wand.

"Which arm is your wand arm?"

"The right," Scorpius answered.

"Well let's get to work then," Whitehorn looked at the shelf, "How about we start with this? Larch, eleven and a half inches long, unicorn hair."

Scorpius gave it a go but there was no reaction. Hermione and Draco were both reminded of Ollivander as Whitehorn took it from Scorpius after he'd barely touched it. "No, no, that's not it." Whitehorn looked at them, "What are your wands?"

"We both have dragon heartstring," Draco answered. "Mine's elm and Hermione's is vinewood."

"Interesting," Whitehorn said. "Let's see if it's a family trait then."

He walked to the wall of boxes and selected six boxes, "Let's try these then Scorpius. Pick any box. They all have dragon heartstring cores."

Scorpius took one and opened it. Icarus smiled, "Mangrove, fourteen inches, quite springy." That one proved a dud. Scorpius opened the next box, "Hemlock, twelve inches, unyielding." That didn't do anything either. The wandmaker didn't blink though, just watched as Scorpius opened the next box, "Almond wood. Twelve and three-quarter inches long. Very inflexible." That wand felt different than the others but there was nothing to it, either. Onto the next box, "Mahogany, ten inches. Supple." Nope. Number five was next. Scorpius was beginning to wonder if this was a lost cause, "Black walnut, twelve inches long and quite unyielding."

Scorpius felt different when his hand approached the box. He picked it up and felt a warmth through his fingers, "Give it a wave," Whitehorn encouraged him.

Scorpius did to see green sparks as he waved the wand about. "I knew it!" Whitehorn proclaimed. "Oh I knew it! The wand chooses the wizard but some cores call out to us more than others." He looked at the beaming Malfoy parents, "May I ask what his grandparents' wands are?"

"My father has a dragon heartstring wand and my mother's was originally unicorn hair. Her second wand was dragon heartstring," Draco answered, rather amused at how excited his son was that he'd found his wand finally.

Whitehorn put away the other five wands, "All from Ollivander?"

"Yes," Draco answered.

"That's quite interesting," Whitehorn said. "Now then, shall I wrap the wand up?"

"Yes please," Hermione said, counting out seven galleons for the wandmaker.

She handed over the gold and he handed her the bag. "It was a pleasure doing business with you," Whitehorn said. "Black walnut wands are known to seek owners with good instincts and strong insight. It is strongest with those wizards and witches who know themselves and are honest about it. It is incredibly loyal and quite well known for its flair with charmwork."

"Appropriate," Draco smirked, "Charms was your mother's best class in Hogwarts."

Scorpius smiled. He might look like his father and have a similar personality to his father at eleven years old but when it came to magical prowess he was very much like his mother. Hermione ruffled her son's hair, "Let's go get some lunch."

"Thank you for my new wand Mr. Whitehorn," Scorpius said.

"You're quite welcome. Have a good term," Whitehorn waved as they left the shop.

They arrived at Blaise's café and Scorpius grinned, "Leo!"

Leo Krum grinned at Scorpius and the Malfoys walked over to the table. "Hi Scorp," Leo greeted.

Scorpius looked at his aunt and uncle, "Hi Aunt Pansy, Uncle Viktor."

"Hello Scorp," Pansy said, amused at the excitement of her adopted nephew. She and Viktor were both only children so Draco and Hermione had become an aunt and uncle of a sort for Leo; Leo was the same age as Scorpius, actually, and the two boys were the best of friends. "Did you get your wand?"

"We just left Whitehorn's," Draco nodded, leaning down to kiss Pansy's cheek, "How are you?"

"Quite amused at the gawkers who keep ogling my husband," Pansy answered, smirking at the shocked faces as Hermione hugged Viktor and the former quidditch star kissed her cheek. "And now they're shocked Hermione is hugging a friend. Are people stupider these days?"

"Severus would answer yes," Draco smirked.

Hermione hugged Pansy and they sat down, the two boys already talking about their morning. "We ran into Harry in Madame Malkin's," Hermione told her friends.

"How did that go?"

"His son James thanked Draco for saving Fred," Hermione answered.

"That's rather sweet," Pansy mused. "Weird, but sweet."

"Then he asked for Hermione's autograph while Potter looked like a goldfish the whole time," Draco chuckled. "It was quite amusing."

Pansy and Viktor laughed at that. Hermione shook her head, a smirk on her lips. She did find Harry's shock at her being civil and giving his son an autograph rather amusing but also quite sad. Did he expect her to be hung up on him and Ron tossing her aside still?

Even when she'd first chosen Draco over them, she'd not been upset. She'd quite honestly expected it when she had become involved with Draco way back in fifth year. It was why she'd not told them sooner. Draco had been so great for her that year. And her for him. They made it through the war and their roughest two years at Hogwarts together, and it had only affirmed to her that she loved Draco more than words could express. Ron's abandonment and Harry's apathy on the Hunt had told her what she needed to know. She could live without the both of them. But having experienced that year without Draco, Hermione knew she couldn't live without him.

She'd made her decision and never looked back. Her life without Harry and Ron was pretty extraordinary. She hadn't even been angry with them for making her choose; she was rather resigned to it by the time they'd demanded she make her choice. In fact, if they had instead been accepting of her relationship with Draco that would have outright shocked Hermione.

So when the twins told her how Harry, Ron, and Ginny all thought she'd fled England in shame after being tossed aside by Malfoy because Harry and Ron didn't actually read articles, just saw headlines about 'Malfoy Heir Gets Engaged!' and presumed they were right, she'd not been surprised at the anger from Ron that her life wasn't a horrible, miserable affair that had ended in shame and rejection. And that Harry had been shocked at how she'd never left England at all and was married and happy. It smacked of the arrogance she'd come to expect of them and while she'd figured they'd eventually outgrow it, she wasn't surprised that they hadn't.

Hermione smiled as Leo and Scorpius talked about their mornings. Leo would be attending Hogwarts as well, as Viktor had moved to England shortly before he and Pansy had been married. Viktor had actually been quite dissatisfied with Durmstrang and was hopeful that Hogwarts would be better for his children.

Pansy brought her out of her thoughts, "So how do you think Lucius and Troy are doing babysitting today?" The Krums and Malfoys had left their younger children with Lucius Malfoy and Troy Granger as Narcissa and Helen were having a day out together in muggle London.

Hermione laughed, "Probably better than the kids would like." When Hermione was pregnant with Scorpius everyone was worried about what could happen but, just as the healers said, she was fine. Other than some morning sickness early in her pregnancy she was perfectly healthy and Scorpius was born healthy and quite loud. Because things had gone so well, the couple had agreed to have another child. Instead they'd had twins.

Of course, Draco was right. Malfoys had boys. The twins were both male and the couple had taken their names from the Greek myths Hermione's name came from. Ares Troy and Apollo Lucius. The couple had agreed upon learning that they were having twins that they'd be named after their grandparents; but they had not told anyone of their decision. The looks on Lucius and Troy's faces at being namesakes for their grandsons had amused a tired Hermione and Draco to no end.

The twins were incredibly sneaky and underhanded, even at the age of nine. But to his credit, Lucius was sneakier and even more underhanded and he was always able to keep up with them much to their displeasure. Troy might be muggle but the twins couldn't get one over on him either. He had the advantage of raising a cunning, devious, magical little girl and the twins were as a result in safe hands with their grandfathers.

The two families enjoyed lunch together before they decided to finish their shopping together. In the bookstore Hermione was immediately set upon by the shopkeeper and she internally groaned. She might be a celebrity because she was such a successful author but that didn't mean she liked the fame. Fortunately the Malfoy name was frightening enough (and her father-in-law was intimidating enough) to keep the paparazzi at bay.

"Today I'm just a mum making sure her son is prepared for Hogwarts," Hermione informed Mr. Blott, who backed off after that.

Draco shook his head, "Idiot," he muttered under his breath.

"Behave," Hermione gently scolded.

"I don't like it when people make presumptions about you," he frowned. "Your new book isn't even out yet."

"I can speak up for myself love," she squeezed his hand before turning her attention back to her son, who had already gathered up all the books he needed. "That was fast."

"I want my new footy boots," Scorpius responded. Draco laughed and took his son's books from him to pay for them.

~August 31~

Daphne Nott placed the cake on the table, "Is there anything else I can help with?"

"Just that," Hermione answered. "The elves went a bit overboard what with Scorp going to Hogwarts tomorrow."

"Will you be okay?" Daphne asked, her eyes filled with concern. While the twins were only 9 and would still be home for two more years, Daphne knew just how important Scorpius' birth had been for her friends. When Hermione had been in labor even the Weasley twins had been somber as they waited for news from Draco or a mediwitch. Even over eleven years later she could remember the way the waiting room had collectively held its breath until Draco had emerged with a massive grin to declare that Scorpius was born healthy and Hermione was perfectly fine.

Scorpius held a special place in his parents' lives because of what had happened in that first pregnancy and Daphne knew that had to add to the stress of him going to Hogwarts.

Hermione sighed, "I am going to miss him. But the twins are still here so that will help me stay calm and not freak out. When they leave I don't know what I'll do."

"Knowing Draco he'll whisk you off to an island for a romantic week away," Pansy snorted. The other two women laughed.

"You'll hate it at first but after a week you'll start to get used to it," Angelina Weasley informed Hermione and Pansy as she walked over to them. A party to send the kids off to Hogwarts had become a tradition, starting with Teddy Lupin, and Hermione and Draco's extended group of friends always showed up to be supportive. Or to savor the attention. When the twins' children had started Hogwarts they too had been given a party. Throughout the years Fred, George, Percy, Bill, and Charlie had never wavered in their support of Hermione but attending every little event wasn't always an option.

"Do you need any help Aunt Hermione?" Hermione smiled as Teddy approached her. She opened her arms and he hugged her, "You seem calm considering Scorp is off to school tomorrow."

"Well I have you and the twins to keep me occupied don't I?" She asked, kissing him on the cheek, "are your parents here?"

"They should be soon," he answered. "I can remember when he was born you know. I climbed up into the hospital bed and cuddled up against you and you showed me how to hold him."

Hermione smiled at the memory. Teddy had been too young to understand Hermione had had a miscarriage when it had occurred, but when she and Draco had finally tried again he'd been old enough to remember everything. And he'd been at the hospital with everyone else, eagerly awaiting the baby even though he'd had no clue how close she'd been to death just a few years prior.

"Are you glad to be done with Hogwarts?" Hermione asked the man she'd long seen as her nephew. At eighteen, Teddy had just graduated Hogwarts in June, doing quite well on his NEWTs. Although he was struggling with what he wanted to do, much like his beloved godmother had.

"Extremely," he nodded. "Uncle Draco said I could come work at any of the Malfoy companies to figure out what I want to do."

"That's a good idea," Hermione smiled her approval. "You'll figure it out Teddy. I did and I struggled for years over what to do."

Teddy smiled, "I will. Now, what do you need help with?"

"I think the elves have everything in here covered. Let's go outside and see what they're all getting up to." Teddy offered his godmother his arm as he'd seen Draco do so many times. Hermione accepted and he led her outside to the gardens of Malfoy Manor.

A bemused Draco was watching Evelyn Nott inform Scorpius that he would be sitting with her on the train and that was that. Scorpius and Leo took exception to that and for Draco, it was quite amusing watching the little witch attempt to boss the two boys around. Evelyn was actually very close to her twelfth birthday; like Hermione, Evelyn had been born after September first and so she'd had to wait an extra year to go to Hogwarts. Although Draco suspected his friends were happy their daughter would have friends to go to school with, rather than arrive knowing no one.

"Grandpa!" Draco looked up to see Troy Granger being set upon by a gang of children ranging from ages 6 to 11. For only having one daughter, Troy Granger had many grandchildren. And only three were biologically his. With Viktor's family staying in Bulgaria and Pansy cutting herself off from hers, Troy and Helen Granger had become grandparents to Leo and Pansy's other children, Ivan (age 8), and Zak (age 6). With Theo's father locked up in Azkaban for life and Daphne despising her parents, the Grangers had become de facto grandparents to their three daughters as well- Evelyn (age 11), Artemis (age 10), and Cora (age 8). And of course there were Blaise's kids. After years of fucking his way through Europe, Blaise had finally settled down with an Italian witch, Maia. And he'd subsequently been cursed with twin girls (Draco had a bet with Theo that the first boyfriend would either give Blaise a heart attack or end up sending him to Azkaban for murder): Carmela and Astraea (age 6).

Draco smiled as the muggle laughed as the kids took turns getting in their hugs. When Pansy had got married she'd nervously asked Troy to walk her down the aisle and he'd happily accepted (Hermione had already told Pansy she'd be fine with Troy walking her down the aisle to give her away). "I don't know what I'll do when Cora goes to Hogwarts," Theo said.

"You'll cope better than Blaise," Draco informed him with a smirk. Theo chuckled. That was true. Blaise had liked teasing Theo about being wrapped around Evelyn's finger when she was born. But just five years later Theo got to savor watching Blaise prove to be even worse than Theo when it came to indulging his daughters.

Frankly, Draco thought he'd dodged a bullet not having a daughter. He was quite certain that between himself, Troy, and Lucius any daughter of his would never be able to get a date. Lucius and Draco both still had their Death Eater masks and they could prove to be quite intimidating. "Are you worried about Scorp going to Hogwarts?" Theo asked his friend.

"They know all about the war. About the lack of choice in picking our side, even if I still chose Hermione and fed her information," Draco shrugged, "I'm sure some kids will open their mouths. But our kids are smart and know the truth. That's all that matters. And they have each other for support if they need it."

"You do realize your daughter is a mini-Hermione, right Theo?" Helen asked as she accepted a drink from her son-in-law. "She's tougher than you think she is."

"Like her mother," Narcissa agreed, kissing her son on the cheek, "Daphne never acted the part at Evelyn's age but she certainly has always had that fire in her. It's just her parents' stamping down on that that hid it. Being around Hermione has brought that out of her and now out of her daughters."

Draco had to agree with Narcissa and Helen. There had always been this 'inner-Hermione' (as Daphne called it) in Daphne, but she'd never been allowed to draw it out. Once she did, she was still more reserved than Draco's beloved wife in public but from what Draco knew and heard, she was much more like Hermione than it appeared. Daphne's daughters were raised much more in the style of the Grangers than the Greengrasses. Hence Evelyn bossing Scorpius and Leo around. It was honestly a very common sight at gatherings.

Late that evening as they put the kids to bed Hermione enjoyed the moment. She was going to miss Scorpius, but the twins would certainly keep her on her toes. Ares and Apollo reminded her so much of Fred and George it was scary. Although her twins weren't pranksters. They could be, but it was usually an idea put into their head by their honorary uncles Fred & George. The twins did have the uncanny ability to finish one another's sentences though and while both had the Malfoy blonde hair, their eyes were Hermione's chocolate brown. Draco lamented that Hermione's eyes made them look innocent. "Is the Hogwarts library bigger than our library Mum?" Apollo asked his mother.

Hermione shook her head, "It's not bigger than Malfoy Manor's library," she answered. More often than not her boys were flying on their brooms or reading books. According to Narcissa and Lucius, they were just like their father in that regard.

"Can Scorp play footy at Hogwarts?" Ares asked. When Scorpius turned five, Troy had suggested signing him up for a youth footy team just to keep him active. Draco had never heard of such a program as there was no magical equivalent so after pleading with Hermione to let Scorp play footy (so long as it wasn't quidditch she'd happily endorse it), he'd gone with his father-in-law to sign Scorpius up.

Her son had fallen in love with the sport. Pansy and Viktor had decided to sign Leo up as well and the two boys would attend together, their whole family attending. The twins had been signed up too when they were old enough as had the other kids in the group. Daphne said her sister Astoria had once dreamed of being a quidditch player but their parents had insisted that 'proper ladies' did no such thing. Astoria had been forced to give up her dreams as a result and Daphne wanted her daughters to know from a very young age that they could be anything they wanted to be and Daphne and Theo would support them in it.

"Hogwarts doesn't have a football pitch," Hermione answered. "But I'm sure Scorp and Leo will find some muggleborns or half-bloods to play with if they want," she assured her sons. She didn't want the twins changing their minds about Hogwarts.

Hermione had always intended for her children to attend muggle school just as she had until they went to Hogwarts and Draco had been happy to go along with that plan. It turned out that Viktor had done the same in Bulgaria and he insisted that Leo do the same. Daphne and Theo were the ones who homeschooled. Theo was possessive of his family after losing his mother at such a young age.

"Can we have Scorp's room?" Ares asked.

"Absolutely not," she answered, kissing her son on the forehead, "Go to sleep. We have to get up early to see Scorp off."

"I'm going to miss him," Apollo said as she moved to kiss him good night too.

"We all will," she smiled sadly, "But we'll see him at Christmas and you can tell him all about your footy matches and your trips to game days with your grandfathers in letters."

"Good," the twins said together.

Hermione turned off the light, "Good night Ares, Apollo. I love you."

"Love you too Mum," was heard as she pulled the door closed.

She checked on Scorpius, who was sitting up with Draco. "What's the Slytherin dorm like?"

"A bit cold in the winter," Draco admitted. "But seeing into the Black Lake is pretty cool. The dorms are bigger than the other houses."

"You never saw any other dorms but the Slytherin ones," Hermione interrupted.

"Blaise told me the other dorms were smaller," Draco countered. "So there," he stuck his tongue out petulantly at his wife. Hermione rolled her eyes but said nothing. Knowing Blaise, her husband was probably right.

Ignoring his bickering parents Scorpius settled back into bed, "Good night Mum, Dad."

"Good night sweetheart," Hermione kissed the top of his head and walked to the door. "I love you."

"Love you too," he muttered, closing his eyes. Draco smirked and tugged his wife out into the hall.

In their bedroom after their usual wards went up Draco smirked, "He's going to rule Slytherin."

"Just like you did," Hermione nodded.

"I pity the others," he snickered.

"I pity the professors," Hermione sighed. "If anyone is going to get a letter about their child correcting his professors, it'd be us."

Draco laughed and pulled his wife into his arms, "That's what happens when two superior intellects procreate," he said before kissing her.

Hermione didn't bother to retort as clothes began to come off and the couple slowly made their way to the bed. He was right. They'd known that their children would be mentally superior and without any filter to keep it quiet. Although she found it made life rather interesting.

Harry Potter stood on Platform 9 ¾, watching the crowd. Occasionally he still got wide-eyed stares, but the fame he'd never wanted had finally faded about eight years after the war. Conversely, Hermione's star had risen. War heroine, successful author; for several years recently there were rumors about her running for Minister of Magic no matter her denials of such ambitions. Ron's fame had fizzled out much faster than Harry's. Harry knew it irked his best friend that he'd finally achieved fame only for it to vanish quickly. But then again, Ron hadn't really done anything to build on his fame after the war. He'd taken a job in the ministry as an auror but that had quickly proved to be the wrong idea. Ron had never been a good duelist, and he'd never made it out of auror training as a result.

For the alleged 'war hero' that was a punch in the gut. He'd decided to try out for the Cannons but he'd not made the team. He'd tried to get a job at WWW but his brothers had told him no. When the twins needed a cash infusion to buy Zonko's, Draco Malfoy had offered them the gold and the twins knew Ron would be an idiot if Draco ever stopped by the shop. Being an idiot to an investor was not something they wanted so they'd told him point blank not a chance.

Ultimately Ron worked at the ministry in the Department of Sports & Games. He was an underling, but at least it kept him interested. Eventually Ron had settled down with a witch that Percy called 'Twit of the Century'. Harsh, but not inaccurate in Harry's opinion. She really was an airhead. She'd learned who Ron was and immediately glommed onto him, making him dizzy with all the attention and the way she doted on him.

Of course, while Harry didn't like her he had to concede that she'd shown that Ron had never been in love with Hermione. Just the ease with which he'd have been able to court her (in his own mind, anyway). Harry knew that if Hermione had humored Ron's attraction to her, she'd have ended up miserable and he had to begrudgingly admit that she was very happy with Malfoy.

The Malfoys passed through the barrier and Harry had to admit, they were a very good looking family. Some people pointed and he heard whispers of parents to their children about who Hermione was. He'd followed her life in the papers since learning about her marriage and he bought every book she released. To mark the tenth anniversary of the war she'd released an autobiography about her relationship with Draco and the war. While she answered the question of why she was no longer friends with Harry and Ron, she'd not been vindictive in the book. She'd been succinct and quoted them exactly. She'd even made it clear that she'd not told them how long she'd been with Draco or that he'd offered up information during the war to help their cause.

After reading the book, Harry understood why she'd not hesitated in making her decision. Why she hadn't even argued with them about it. Hell, in her place he'd have made the same one. He'd often thought about just writing her but frankly, he thought she deserved an apology in person. He'd just never had the courage to do it.

Feeling stupid for letting it go this long, and figuring he'd not get another chance without Ron around since his oldest, Hugo, was going to Hogwarts next year, Harry took a deep breath and approached the Malfoy, Krum, and Greengrass families. "Hermione?"

She turned at her name and took in his nervous stance. She'd certainly seen that often enough. "Yes?" She responded, her head tilting slightly to the side.

"I'm sorry for how I reacted to you dating Malfoy. I should have at the very least heard you out but really I should have just trusted you. You stood by me through everything and when it came time for me to step up, I instead turned my back on you. I'm really sorry about all of that and I'm sure it doesn't matter to you at this late date but I just wanted you to know that I am aware of what a thickheaded git I was and that I ruined the best friendship I ever had because of stupidity and prejudice."

Hermione felt Draco's hand on her back, which pulled her out of her shock at Harry's sudden apology, eighteen years after the fact. "Thank you Harry. I appreciate that."

"You have a very handsome family Mal-Draco," Harry added, slightly stumbling over Draco's room.

"Thanks Potter. Your son seems like a good lad," Draco nodded.

"Somehow he got Arthur's temperament which I think is a good thing," Harry admitted. "He framed that Chocolate Frog you signed," he told Hermione, who smiled at that. Harry and Ginny had infamous tempers. Harry looked at the three Malfoy boys, "Your mother is the most brilliant, wonderful person I've ever known. Without her, I'd have died many times over and the war would have been lost. And your father put himself at great risk to protect her and do the right thing. Anyone who ever calls him a Death Eater is an idiot."

"Thanks," Scorpius said, unaware that his parents were shocked that Harry Potter had just said something good about Draco.

Harry looked back toward his family, "I should get back," he said. "I just needed to say that."

"Thank you Harry," Hermione said.

Harry walked back to his family, feeling like the weight of his guilt over his treatment of Hermione had finally vanished. No matter what the future held, or how big of an arse Ron made of himself in the future should he run into Hermione, Harry had made his peace with Hermione and even her husband. He knelt to reassure a nervous Lily about going to Hogwarts. He was going to miss his daughter so much.

A/N- And because it was so often requested, here's Daphne & Theo from the previous chapter. It didn't fit before this chapter as it is so small but after writing it I thought you should at least see Daphne get what she wants. So consider this a fun little extra:

Daphne Greengrass steeled her nerve. Merlin help her make this work. She was confident she could give Theo a very good time. But he had to let her and she found that the biggest hurdle to overcome. But then, that was what was so great about having Hermione as a best friend. She was good at solving problems.

She'd taken Daphne to a lingerie shop earlier that day after she'd worked out what Draco said intrigued Theo the most and based their shopping on that. Now in a green and silver bustier with matching knickers she was hopeful that Hermione and Pansy were right. That Theo had her on a pedestal of purity and she simply needed to shatter that delusion.

When she exited the bathroom Theo, who was on the bed, turned his head to look at her and his jaw dropped. His brown eyes got even darker and Daphne smiled. It seemed her plan was working. "D-Daphne…wow," he breathed.

"You approve?" She asked, a coy smile on her lips. Theo could only nod as the blonde witch straddled him. Daphne leaned close to whisper into his ear, "Tonight I'm in charge."

Theo could only stare as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, placing open-mouthed kisses on his chest as she made her way toward his waist. Theo was in awe as Daphne exuded confidence and sex appeal. She was gorgeous. He'd never seen her display such sexual power before. He was completely enthralled with her as he obediently shrugged out of his shirt once the buttons were completely undone.

His pants quickly followed his shirt to the floor and Daphne took his cock in her small hand. Theo's mouth went dry as she leaned toward him and he got a very nice view of her cleavage. Bloody hell she was sexy. He didn't think he'd ever been so hard in his life as she teasingly stroked him. Theo groaned and Daphne gave him a predatory smile. Her plan was working perfectly.

Draco Malfoy pulled his wife to him, "So do you think Daphne can yank Theo out of his delusion?"

"I would never underestimate Daphne Greengrass," Hermione smiled. "She reminds me of your mother. She appears sweet and innocent and ever so proper but that's only what she wants you to see. In reality she's none of those things. She's kind to those she loves, sure, but she's powerful and strong in her own right."

Draco nodded. That was true. His friend wasn't one to cross or doubt. Daphne could surprise you. "I wonder how Theo will react," he mused.

"If he's anything like you, he'll have a very good time," Hermione laughed. "And we'll not hear from Daphne until the day after tomorrow."

Draco rather liked the sound of that. Though instead it'd be him and Hermione not talking to anyone as they stole away for a private weekend. "Maybe we should give that a go next weekend," he suggested.

Hermione looked at him, "Are you ever not up for a shag?"

"Nope," Draco smirked, "I'm a horny bastard, love, and you're irresistible. And by now I'd think you would know this." Hermione smiled and kissed him. "The line's finally moving," he nudged her. Hermione turned in front of him and walked forward, tugging him along with her. Draco had developed a taste for muggle films and so trips to the cinema were quite common for the couple. It was a nice and casual date night activity.

Sunday evening they had their weekly dinner with their friends, this time at Hermione and Draco's home. Pansy and Viktor arrived first, then Blaise. Draco was just pouring Pansy her second glass of wine when Daphne and Theo finally arrived; together. "Someone's been fucking all weekend," Blaise declared.

It was Hermione who choked on her wine that time. Viktor cast the spell to clear her airways, "Thank you Viktor," Hermione smiled at him before whacking Blaise on the back of the head, "Idiot."

"What? I'm just stating the obvious," Blaise responded, frowning.

Blaise had a point. Theo and Daphne had a glow about them and in case you didn't notice that there were the beaming smiles to see. "I see you two had fun this weekend," Draco said, pouring two more glasses.

"No comment," Theo grinned, accepting his glass. Daphne shot Hermione a grateful smile. Mission accomplished.