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Pairing: John/Hero

After John apologized to her, everyone seemed content to let things go back to the way things were, back to normal. They were okay with him sitting silently next to them. They were okay with laughing together as he sketched in his art book. They were okay with ignoring him. They were okay with things going back to the way it was in the beginning. The way it was when the whole mess began.

He was slipping back into the shadows and she didn't like it. She saw the pain in his eyes when he apologized to her and she was not going to let him fall back to the shadows. She was the light and he was the darkness to her light. She needed a little bit of darkness and he needed a bit of light. She needed him as much as he needed her. He understood her.

The day he apologized to her she could hear and see the sincerity in his eyes. She could see how tense he was being around everyone, which was why he apologized to her far away from them. He wanted to be focused on her, not worrying about everyone else. She saw the way he smiled when she accepted her apology, it was a smile that made her sigh. She noticed how he sat next to her, after the apology, like she would disappear if he left her side, or that he would be attacked by wolves if she left his.

She touched his knee and she felt his tension slip away. So she made up a lie about being tired and how he was going to be her pillow. That was why she made him lie down on the blanket and she laid down with her head on his stomach. She felt him relax and she then heard his heart speed up under her hand. He began playing with her hair and she ignored the look Meg gave her and his chest moved softly. It was peaceful, being with him was peaceful.

That day the world stood still, just them in a park, full of love and hope. A new beginning.

The next day everyone was hustling and bustling, moving on with their lives. It was like nothing ever happened.

As everyone was busy with graduating and figuring out what comes next in their lives, Hero realized it was going to be her and John. Just the two of them. Just the two of them against the whole school during their last year of school.

She was determined not to let him slip away again. He was never going to be left in the dark as long as she had her way.

It started off small. She started off small, not wanting to scare him. She would sit next to him when they were all gathered together, giving him a soft smile.

She would grab two drinks from the cooler and pass one to him. She would sit down letting her shoulder touch his. She noticed that he wasn't used to that, but she could tell it made him happy, the physical contact. She would smile at him as he laughed and made sure to include him in her conversation.

Then when school started, she made sure that he knew that she had his back. She walked up to him the first day of class and pulled him to his locker, making sure everyone saw their locked hands. The smile he gave her was worth all the slut rumors that people whispered about her.

She started bringing a pencil sharper for whenever his pencil broke. She carried extra paper in case he got inspired and wanted to draw. She would touch his shoulder when she passed him sitting in class. She would leave him little notes when she saw him having bad days. She would hug him wrapping her arms around his waist pressing her head into his back or shoulder.

She always brought an extra chocolate bar for him, for when he got hungry.

She would sit with him in the library or under a tree to study.

She would call him up for no reason at all and they would talk all night long. He would call her just to say hi or when he felt lonely.

Then it started off bigger.

She would call him up for no reason at all and they would talk all night long. He would call her just to say hi or when he felt lonely. They would go watch a movie every weekend, taking turns choosing. She knew how he liked his coffee and he knew how to make her favorite tea. His jacket ended up in her chair and she left her flower crown in his car.

His favorite shirt found a place in her closet and he always had a carton of her favorite ice cream in his house.

Her Instagram slowly began filling up with pictures of them and everyoen loved their twitter talks. They had a streak on Snapchat, and their stories featured both of them, glued at the hip.

He was one of the few, brave enough to go to the bookstore with her.

He had a key to her house and vice versa. She was the only one could drive his car.

She was the subject for many of his art projects. She had no problem posing when he first asked her, and he found

His phone screen was a picture of her blowing a kiss. Hers was him wearing her flower crown, a full blown smile on his face.

He drove her home every day.

In school, people began to notice the two of them. He would carry her books for her and she would kiss his cheek. They sat next to each other in every class they had together and worked on projects as a team. They sat together during lunch, sometimes Dogberry and Verges, (who eventually trusted John) joined them.

She started vlogging again and it wasn't unusual to see him in the background, reading a book or drawing. Sometimes, he would sit on the bed with her, a part of the videos. Despite all he did in the past, fans of their vlogs loved seeing them together. No one mentioned what happened a year ago. They didn't talk about all how they ended up being shipped together.

They would spend days simply together, sometimes they were silent other times they would play games. On bad days, they would curl up under blankets in bed and Hero would read to John. On days when Hero felt like the world was ending they would curl up blankets in bed and he would run his hands through her hair and he would just talk.

He talked about the book he read or of the dreamed he had. He talked about his mother or his brother, or about himself. Sometimes he would just ramble on about her. She loved hearing him talk.

People talked about them. How could they not?

Hero the Virgin Whore and John the Bastard.

The sweetheart who cheated on their beloved sports star and missed school due to a mysterious sickness but was cleared as innocent and the misfit who started the rumors by playing mind games with Messina High's beloved sports stars and then ran away as everything crashed and burned around them but was now forgiven by Hero. Now the two were inseparable.

Most people didn't understand their relationship.

Thier teachers didn't as did their classmates.

Leo would glower and Hero refused to let John anywhere near the football players.

Bea would constantly call worried about Hero, Meg was vocal about her thoughts.

Pedro told his brother this was a bad idea. Even Freddie, who they didn't even know had an opinion about them.

Claudio simply ignored them

The only people on their side was Balth, Ben, and Ursula.

(Eventually, over time, people began to see they came as a unit and began to slowly accept them.)

Hero and John spent a lot of time together. There was nothing more he liked more than driving with her as the wind blew her hair, her singing on the top of her lungs, him tapping out the beat and shooting her looks. Hero likes when it's just them in one of their bedrooms. She likes curling up under blankets with him reading or talking or sleeping. She likes it when he sleeps in her bed because it means that he trusts her. He likes having her in his bed because of the fact that she an angel against dark blue sheets, a reminder of the light in his life.

She likes baking with him. He likes eating her cookies.

If Hero was asked why she spent so much time with John. she would just shrug and smile.

She just liked being with him. He too enjoyed being with her.

It didn't matter what they did as long as they were together. Whether it was having movie nights or drinking tea on rainy days.

He liked doing homework with her and he enjoyed drawing her. He just liked being with his Hero.

She was happy with John, she was happy being his friend, protecting him and him protecting her.

They didn't make sense but then again since her birthday everything had changed, she had changed, he had changed, the situation had changed.

So why didn't the virgin whore and lonely bastard belong together now?

I really like the idea of these two becoming friends if not a couple. Planning to write more about them so stay tuned for that and for other updates with the rest of my works.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Love you Wallflowers.