Stood Up

Prompt: Hero gets stood up. Cue knight in shining armor.

Hero tapped her fingers on the table, eyes on the door. She was waiting for Claudio. The soccer player had asked her out a few days before and she had agreed, mostly because he had asked her out in front of a lot of people. He was cute with blonde hair and green eyes. He was one of the most popular boys in school so why he would ask out her, shy quiet, sweet her she had no idea but here she was.

On a date with Claudio.

Well, she was in a restaurant waiting for Claudio.

For 30 minutes.

She had been here for about 30 minutes and the waitress, a girl named Freddie, was giving her pity looks. A lot of people were giving her the pity look.

"A little bit longer. He'll be here soon."

Freddie nodded and she went to pour coffee two tables down.

Hero bit her lip as her fingers began tapping faster.

She could see her friend Meg and her boyfriend Robbie arguing in one corner of the restaurant.

Her brother Leo was sitting with some of the soccer team.

The restaurant was full of people and come tomorrow, they would be gossiping about how she got stood up.

Under the table, her leg was twitching.

Forty minutes had passed, and Freddie had refilled her water and Pedro and Balth had come in for dinner. Balth blushed when he saw her because she winked at him. She as happy to see her friend on a date with the most popular boy in school.

But she could see him frowning as he watched her sit there alone. Pedro had gotten up to talk to Leo and Balth looked really worried. He pulled out his phone and Hero sighed.

She began twirling her straw.

It had been an hour.

She sighed and she could feel Meg and Balth and everyone else looking at her.

It was official, she had been bloody stood up, by Claudio, the most popular boy in school, the golden boy. By a boy who she didn't really like but still, being stood up was horrible.

She looked down, trying to blink back tears.

She had gotten dressed up and excited for nothing. She had not been on a date since Balth had asked her and didn't even count because Balth was gay and only asked her to be his wedding date to appease his uncle. She had a great time but that was her first and last date.

Because of that, she got dolled up. While maybe Claudio wasn't the type of guy she was attracted to, he was cute, and she liked getting dolled up. So, she had curled her hair and worn her new blue dress with a pair of black heels. She had even worn red lipstick instead of the pink she usually had. She had even worn her favorite daisy flower crown, for luck.

She sighed and decided that there was no use in waiting. She might as well take the walk of shame towards the door

She squared her shoulders ready to walk when a black clothed person slid into the seat across from her.

She froze and looked up to meet dark grey eyes.

"I'm so sorry I'm late, Hero! I was drawing and lost track of time and on my way here, I bumped into Verges, who had a bike flat so I waited until Dogberry arrived to pick her up."

Hero looked wide-eyed at the boy across from here.

"You have every right to walk way since I am over an hour late but please Hero, let me make it up to you."

He was speaking loud so everyone could hear him and she could feel everyone looking at them. They were not making it obvious that they all wanted to see what was going to happen so they could be the ones to tell someone else.

Then he handed her a bouquet of daisies. Her uneasiness dropped at the unexpected gift. "They're beautiful."

"They're beautiful."

She accepted the bouquet and held it up to her nose.

She placed the flowers on the side of the table and smiled. She would play along. She trusted him and the flowers were sweet.

"Better late than never."

He frowned and reached across to take her hand.

"No, Hero. You deserve nothing but the best and I can't give you what you deserve but I'll try. You are worth it."

She wanted to laugh. He was laying it on a bit thick. She withdrew her hand.

"Thank you for the flowers and you can make it up to me by buying me a…"


Freddie appeared with a milkshake, two straws.

Hero giggled impressed with her timing.

Freddie gave the dark haired boy a look and he raised an eyebrow at Freddie.

"Freddie, be a dear and tell my brother to focus on his date instead of worrying about mine. Otherwise, Balthy might wise up and move on."

She bristled and walked away as Hero gave him a look.

He smirked at her.

"Don't look at me like that darling. I did just save your reputation, at the risk of mine. Guess I was the knight in shining armor coming to the rescue of the fair maiden princess"

"Oh yes, because when I think of John Donaldson, the first thing that comes to mind is you on the back of a horse, all knight like."

He smirked.

"A horse. Oh, princess. I think you mean a Harley."

He leaned back, please with himself and Hero took the time to look him over.

He had a blue t-shirt under his black leather jacket and his hair had been windswept from riding in his car or bike. A silver chain hung around his neck and he had a nasty scar on the corner of his lip

He smiled as caught her checking him out and she blushed.

He gestured for her to take a sip of the milkshake and she did so as he took as sip, the result was a cute couple picture that was most likely making its through the gossip chain of Messina High.

They locked eye over the milkshake and Hero blushed as John laughed. He loved it when her cheek went that dusty pink color.

He called Freddie over to order a side of fries.

"So, gorgeous, why would someone like you say yes to a jerk like Claudio?"

She bristled.

"I'm not gorgeous. And Claudio isn't a jerk."

He sighed and held out one finger.

"One: Claudio stood you up"

Second finger rose.

"Two: You are the prettiest girl at Messina High and one of the sweetest and smartest."

"Thank you."

He leaned over nad brushed a curl out of her face as his finger went down her cheek.

Seh shivered.

"And three: Claudio is a fool to pass you up and I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

She sighed.

"I haven't been asked out ever and he asked me out in front of a bunch of people so I said yes."

He paused and then shrugged.

"His loss because I'm sitting with the prettiest girl in this side of the country.

She rolled her eyes at his flirting. John looked around the restaurant and smiled at Balthy and his brother gave him a warning look.

He then locked eyes with Leo.

"Your brother is glaring at me."

"He can't stand you."

"Most people can't."

He seemed pleased at this.

Freddie came with the fries and he pushed the towards her.


She took a fry, too hungry to argue with him about buying her food.

They ate in silence as she took quick glances at him.

He sighed and tapped her nose, after several minutes of this.

"What is it, princess?"

She took a sip of the milkshake.


He froze not expecting that. "Why what?"

She sighed frustrated.

"Why did you show up and pretend to be my date. You don't exactly come here often and as far as I now, you don't even like me. Why did you come here and risk your bad boy reparation for me? Why did you get me daisies? Why.."

He sighed.

"I overheard Claudio bragging to some guys about how he wanted to get into your pants which is why he made a date in the first place but the Nicole called him to tell him her parents aren't home so he decided to stand you up and reschedule with you making it into you two hanging out at his house where he would have sex with you. Now I couldn't let him to that so I might have spilled the beans to Balth who told me that you were still here waiting. I felt bad because I know how gossip at school can be so I picked up some daisies and came here. You know I don't care what people think of me so why should I care about what happens to my reputation after this date. And you are worth it. Actually, I like you a lot, Hero Duke. I like you so much that I tried to avoid you so I don't destroy you the way I destroy everything good in my life. "

Hero opened her mouth but he was still talking.

"I love your smile and your pretty blue eyes. I like how sweet you are to everyone, even me when I act like I don't' care. You see right through me and that scares me but I like it anyway. I like your giggle. I like how I don't scare you. I like you Hero Duke, and I would love it if we could go out on a real date."

He froze and it seemed to hit him all that he had just said.

"Oh fuck me."

They looked each other stunned and then Freddie came by with the check.

Joh automatically passed her twenty books and told her to keep the change.

Then he and Hero stood up. He removed his leather jacket and gently draped it over Hero's shoulders and grabbed her daisies in one hand as the other hand grabbed hers.

They walked out with everyone whispering and looking at them. They had no doubt they would be seeing pictures later.

They walked to his motorcycle and he froze.

Hero froze as she stared at the machine.

"I trust you, John."

He looked at her and smiled and placed a quick kiss on her hand and then let it go to grab her a helmet. He helped her put it on and she fixed the jacket and then she wrapped her arms tightly around him.

He was riding safely and Hero enjoyed the ride. She loved the wind and the feeling of being free and the smell of his leather jacket and his scent, a mixture of charcoal and old books.

When they got to her house, he helped her remove her helmet.

"Thanks for a good time tonight."

John smiled softly,

"Thank you, Hero."

He watched her walked away and Hero's heart was beating loudly. She thought of her evening and how he saved her and his smile and the way he looked at her and how he accidentally confessed to her.

Then she turned around and dropped the flowers on the ground and she ran to him.

She grabbed his shirt and stood on tip toes and she pressed her lips against John Donaldson, Messina's High bad boy.

He was shocked for about a second before his hands wrapped around her waist and he was kissing. Her hands ran through his arm as he lifted her up and placed her on his motorcycle. She crossed her legs behind his back as they kissed. They broke apart for a few seconds before he was kissing her again.





"On A"




"With me."



He pulled away to look at her a huge smile on his face. She touched his cheek, gently.

"Yes?" He sounded in shock, breathless.

"Yes." She giggled as his eyes light up.

He laughed and swung her around putting her on the sidewalk.

She smiled, loving the sound of his laugh.

Hero entered her house where she was mobbed by her cousin Bea who had been sent photo after photo about the date and was demanding answers.

John went home where Pedro stood waiting for him. He simply kissed his brother's head and teased him about Balth.

When he entered his room, he sent a quick text out to three people.

Thanks for the help, Meg. By the way, what is Hero's favorite tea?

Balth, I love you. My brother is unaware of how lucky he is. Thanks for the heads up about Claudio and Hero. I owe you one.

Hero, can I pick you up tomorrow at noon?

I'm in love with these two.

Let me know what you think.