Morning light


His bed is warmth. And somewhere between her skin and the soft weight of his blankets, her scent mixes with his deeper scent. While she is still waking up, she realizes he's already awake.

He's sitting on the side of his bed. She yawns and lazily moves her body towards his. She moves an arm around his upper body, her hand lands on his chest. The muscles of his wide chest connect with the palm of her hand. Her mouth is warmth against his back. His skin is salty warmth against her lips.

'You know…you could stay…'

Bass grins at how strong and teasing her voice sounds. Her breasts press against his back. So much has changed between them. But she is still the same Charlie he once met. Strong as hell. Beautiful as fuck. He likes her in his bed. He fucking wants her there, wrapped in his blankets. But then he remembers that a long day of Blanchard and all of his bullshit is waiting for him. And his grin fades.

'Blanchard,' He grumbles. Irritation starts to fills his chest. He knows Blanchard is going to be an asshole and that his meeting with him is going to be fucking boring.

Her hand travels to his stomach. Her breath slowly finds a way from her lips to the skin of his back. 'Just think about all the things I am going to do to you when you would stay…'

And just like that he's hard again. Fuck. 'Not helping Charlotte.'

His voice sounds a bit gruff but all the time she has spent with him makes her see right through it. Bass turns around and pulls her closer. He fucking loves that smart mouth of hers. He kisses her and she soaks up the eager and possessive kiss. He slows her down and looks at her. She follows the line of his jaws with her eyes before the steel blue of his eyes demand her attention again.

Bass moves some hair out of her face. He slowly presses a kiss on her temple, just to see what it does to her and to find out if he can make her blush with what he just did, just like he used to do when he was younger. And hell, stupid pride fills his chest because he can still make a girl he likes blush.

Her eyes find his, and the early morning light plays with the deep blue of her eyes. And just like that, Bass knows she will be there tonight when he comes back for her.