Hush, Hush Fanfiction

Patch POV

Hearing from Nora was by far the highlight of my days. My Angel. So, of course whenever my phone rang and I saw her phone number pop onto the caller ID, I was elated. And dare I say, a bit giddy. That girl brought out emotions in me I didn't even think I was capable of feeling.

"I have a free couple of hours. There's a very private, very secluded barn in Lookout Hill Park behind the carousel. I could be there in fifteen minutes."

A grin spread across my face "You want me bad."

"I need an endorphin boost." My smirk grew larger.

"And making out in an abandoned barn with me will give you one?"

"No, it will probably put me in an endorphin coma, and I'm more than happy to test the theory. I'm leaving Pete's Locker Room now. If the stoplights are in my favor, I might even make it in ten-" Nora's voice cut off abruptly and I had to stop myself from panicking immediately. Maybe she just lost service.

Any hope of that was eradicated as I heard a scream, my Angel's scream. I jumped into action, my heart in my stomach. Snatching my keys from the counter, I was out of the front door and on my motorcycle in an instant. All I could do was pray she was wearing her favorite jean jacket. It'd be just our luck that today would be the day she chose to wear something new. "Dammit!" I couldn't leave until I activated her tracking device and got a general idea of where she was going, no, where she was being taken.

Twenty minutes passed before I was able to get the device activated and I realized she was still on the move. From my house to where she was now would be a solid 45 minute drive. A stream of explicatives left my mouth and I pulled at my hair, close to coming unhinged. If I started driving now then maybe I'd be able to keep up with them. Leaving quickly, I kept an eye on my phone, following every one of Nora's movements. She was moving at a fast rate and I knew that she was in a vehicle. I pushed my motorcycle faster till the engine protested at the speed.

The entire ride all I could think about was Nora. She must be scared. Angel is a fighter though, my little tiger. No matter what she was going through, she wouldn't go down without a struggle. I'd kill the bastards that dared to touch her. If I got there and she was even remotely injured...I shook my head, trying to keep my mind from the murderous thoughts. Another twenty-five minutes passed before Angel stopped moving. Glancing at my location I knew I had another thirty minutes or so before I reached her. Thirty more minutes of unsurity. Thirty more minutes of Nora going through God knows what. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

I'll break every single finger of whomever took her away from me. They'd lose every single limb and I'd cut them to pieces slowly. After they were ready to give up on life, I'd rip their innards out. I'd turn them inside out.

Another ten minutes and I'd be there. I needed a plan, a course of action. I was going in blind, I had no idea how many of them were there, how well armed they were, how much they knew. Nothing. I cursed again. Keeping Nora safe was becoming increasingly more difficult. When I arrived, I'd call out to Nora through mind-speak. My first concern is her safety. Always. Then, I'd ask for a rundown of the situation, and go in. After I retrieved my Angel, it would be awhile before I could let her go.

Coming to a gravel driveway, I saw a cabin in the distance, but more important than the damn cabin, I saw Nora. My Harley came to an abrupt stop and I jumped off, running to her side. She looked okay. Grabbing her beautiful face in my hands, gentle, despite the fury rising within me. "Are you hurt?" She didn't seem to be and before she could respond, I asked the question bubbling with the rage that I felt. "Where are they?"

"There were three of them," her voice shook and her breathing was shallow. Nora was afraid, "all Nephilim. They left about five minutes ago. How did you find me?"

She was going to be pissed. "I activated your tracking device."

"You put a tracking device on me?"

"Sewn into the pocket of your jean jacket. Cheshvan starts with Tuesday's new moon, and you're an unsworn Nephil. You're also the Black Hand's daughter. You've got a premium on your head, and that makes you pretty damn appealing to just about every fallen angel out there. You're not swearing fealty, Angel, end of story. If that means I have to cut into your privacy, deal with it." I didn't mean to be an asshole. I really didn't, but my nerves were shot and even thinking about Cheshvan made me want to lock Nora away until it passed because all I wanted was to know she was safe.

"Deal with it? Excuse me?" I couldn't work to reassure her, and I couldn't bring myself to apologize either because I wasn't sorry. Upsetting her wasn't preferable, but I had to do what I needed to, so I could protect her.

Attempting to dig more information out of Nora was nearly impossible because we kept circling back around to the damn tracking device. Finally, she began telling me things I needed to know. When she mentioned them putting a bag over her head, it took all I had to keep my wits about me. And then the worst news possible came out, the ringleader knew about our relationship. Things became even more uncertain and my stress levels rose again. Before my panic could get out of control, Angel slipped her hand into my own. My muscles relaxed considerably. Her skin was so soft, and her hand fit perfectly in my own. I needed more of her.

I wrapped her in my arms, tucking her against my chest. If I could keep her here forever, she'd be safe. Just the thought made me pull her closer. But there was still the pressing problem of our relationship getting out that needed to be resolved. I suggested staging a fight. Nora wasn't pleased, she didn't argue though. Arguing with her, no matter whether it was real or staged, was unpleasant. It reminded me of darker times in our relationship. Her body was chilling and I ran my hands up and down her arms, trying to warm her and comfort her all in the same motion.

Nora wanted to tell Vee. It wasn't necessarily a good idea, but I'd leave the final decision up to her. Ugh, Vee. While she decided against telling Vee, I knew keeping it from Dante wouldn't be a possibility. I disliked him even more than I disliked Vee. Disliked isn't a good word to describe how I felt about Vee. I just...didn't have much patience for her. Studying Angel, I realized that she needed to get home, sooner rather than later. Tucking my leather jacket over her shoulders, I pulled her under my arm and kissed her head. I thanked God for her.

"Let's get you home."

I wished that when I said home I meant our home. Soon. Soon, Nora would be mine completely and I would be able to take her home. Show her off to the world, and keep her forever. Settling Nora onto the back of my motorcycle, I climbed in front of her. Her hands slipped around my body as she settled against my back, holding on tightly. I pulled her hand up to my lips and kissed her once again. She shivered behind me and I grinned, knowing the shiver had absolutely nothing to do with the cold.

"Hold on tight, Angel."

Her grip tightened and she pressed a kiss into my collarbone. Despite everything, feeling her close to me and knowing she was here made me have hope. There was no way I would ever give up on us. My Angel was here to stay and no one could take her away from me.